Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Narnia) A Dramatiques Tour Performance

1-30-11 Narnia-Dramatiques
sarahelisebeth Brenham as Lucy

Ok folks, this is a MUST SEE show!
My good friend, Kathy Nikolaidis, invited me to see a show that another of her friends, Sarahelisebeth Brenham, is in. I was provided some information and had to make a reservation for the free show date/time I chose for today at the beautiful Jewell Theatre. The reservation replied with some information and indication they requested formal black/white attire at the show. I was busy RL, so dropped in at the last minute but was instantly impressed with the starting set and dancers on stage.

The Dramatiques, a dance performance troupe, are presently touring their adaptation of The lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The dance troupe will continue this performance through March followed by a short break then present Alice in Wonderland. Their dancing is all done on huds and I'd have to say is one of the most impressive shows I've seen in SL yet. The choreography was outstanding. The show is relatively short at approximately 45 minutes followed by a reception to meet the troupe, mingle, and today there was a violinist for the reception. Their next show is Wednesday at Costa Rica, but check out their full calendar for show times. The sets were beautiful, the costumes equally impressive, and there were huge scene props that seemed to magically show up in and around the audience at various times lending to the story. Toward the beginning snow showed up all around us in the audience that later turned to green grass. The lovely music was mixed with verbal narrative along with occasional story boards between scenes. The effects were wonderful. I was very impressed with the entire production.

Their note card reads: "The Dramatiques Performance Troupe was founded in early December 2010. We are a new group of dance enthusiasts who have come together to take performance to another level in Second Life!

Our performances will include Broadway musicals, ballets, acrobatics and much more! With the many different elements including stage effects, enthralling music and enchanting costumes, we are guaranteed to leave the crowd in awe!

Narnia- In Production. Tour Starts January 5th , 2011

This production was adapted from the series of seven fantasy novels for children written by C. S. Lewis. It is considered a classic of children's literature and is the author's best-known work, having sold over 100 million copies in 47 languages. Written by Lewis between 1949 and 1954, illustrated by Pauline Baynes and published in London between October 1950 and March 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia has been adapted several times, complete or in part, for radio, television, stage, and cinema and now for SL theatre."
1-30-11 Narnia-Dramatiques
Dancers in the background, audience in seats and some of the large prop pics that magically showed up during the show at times.

Team Members:
Founders: Wolf Silverpath, Lulu Aristocrat(played violin at reception), Victoria Sugarplum

Head Choreographer - Victoria Sugarplum

Dancers - sarahelisebeth Brenham (Lucy), Donivan Blackrain, Ariel Laks, Ewa Aska, Gisselle Lisa, Ninalilly Resident, Giovanni Wyx (Lion), Myles Sperber (Faun), Victoria Sugarplum (White Witch), and Missy Ember.

Set designer - Wolf Silverpath

Machinima Artists - Hadji Ling, Veronika Garzo

Scripter - Perse Paine

Costume Director- Lulu Aristocrat

Music Director - Mya Drascol

Waitress - Bibi Greymoon/Hostess
Waitress - Marian Sapphire/Hostess

The Dramatiques have a blog that can be viewed here: or direct link here: DramatiquesHere.
Here is a trailer, but I'd have to say experiencing this show is even better. direct link here: DramatiquesYoutubeHere.

Their SL office is located here: or direct link here: DramatiquesHere.

1-30-11 Narnia-Dramatiques
Victoria Sugarplum as the White Witch

Friday, January 28, 2011

Split Screen Hosts Misprint Thursday and oona Eiren

Split Screen is re-opening this weekend with its February installations. Split screen North hosts Misprint Thursday's "White Shirt". Location: or direct link here: WhiteShirtsHere.
Split Screen South is currently host to oona Eiren's, "Live" at or direct link here: LiveHere.

"White Shirt is a site specific installation dealing with the personification of a white shirt," states Misprint's info. card.

Oona's note says, "Live!........was created while I was building some vintage Hi Fi record players and TVs. As with most of my work the piece emerged from a series of unconnected ideas. These may have come from a sound, or a drawing, something someone said, an image from a film or the tv ... it could have come while out walking, listening on headphones to my current favourite sound works."

>>> Both installations use MEDIA and other settings -- please read the notecards!

Dividni Shostakovich's note says, :"The Split Screen Installation Space is part of a sim where artists and builders develop and exhibit a large installation. In general, one or two artists will use the space for two months (give or take), and then another artist will take over. The space is meant for large builds that utilize the possibilities of Second Life as an artistic or immersive medium, such as works that are impossible in real life."

Be sure to visit both installations. There is a teleport on the Split Screen kiosk near the landing point. There is also a store for the artists (who receive all proceeds).

Strange Gallery

A cool new gallery just opened in SL featuring the works of RL artist and relative newcomer to the SL art scene, Bacchus Quixote. The current primary feature in the gallery is a huge balloon poodle sculpture inspired by RL artist Jeff Koons. Mr. Quixote's works will be available for viewing, sales and customs per request-fees listed in store. Various sizes and colors are available. The art will rotate approximately monthly, so check it out here: or direct link here: StrangeHere.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Explore Picklesong, Pickleflower, Picklemoon, and Picklefish

Direct links to the sims located at the bottom of this post. For more photos including the snail and dragon check out my Flickr here: or direct link here: KTFickrHere.

The Pickles are here. Hurry over to explore these wonderful sims. I first found Picklesong thanks to the Photohunt group on Wednesday, as this was the location for their hunt. There is so much to see and do, such as ride the giant snail around, dance and pose on the many poseballs, explore gorgeous caves filled with magical flowers, mushrooms, trees and dragons, exclusive fish/ing, Unicorns, watch the flying gargoyles soar overhead, and roam the pretty impressive haunted house. Picklesong seems to be the darkest themed of them all. There are magic doors if needed but I enjoy walking and seeing all the sites. From there I found links to the also impressive associated Pickelflower and Pickelfish sims. Check them out if you enjoy a good fantasy sim, like to take cool pictures, enjoy playing on things, or just want to enjoy a scenic dance with a friend. Picklefish Island is home to the Secret Squirrel Cafe, a shooting gallery, an aquarium, and many other cool things mostly set into a winter themed island. All have many wonderful poses, dances, and nooks and crannies. Each is very unique to the others and very worth checking out.
Tiny Fairy direct link here: PSongHere. direct link here: PFlowerHere. direct link here: PMoonHere. direct link here: PSongHere. direct link here: FishHere.

I can't emphasize enough how much there is to play on if you look closely. Enjoy!

Firestorm Preview Build out Jan. 31st

Virtual Humor

A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born?'

The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, and googled each other. There your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:

.................."You've got Male"

Roche-A Very Cool Sim to Explore or direct link here; RocheHere. Check out this cute sim by ddSm2 Mathy. Lots to discover and enjoy.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Metaverse Live-Music Expo

Get out your calendar folks as something big is coming. Second Life Musicians Expo will run April 23, 24 and 25, 2011 in several sims so far including Rockcliff University who will be hosting the musicians, Calas Galedhon for special events, and Aero Pines and Moonacy for other things.

Project directors are Lillith Siamendes and Patrick Thorkveld. There will be booths for the musician's promotional goods. The event is to simply celebrate and recognize Second Life professional musicians. The residents organizing the Expo are purely volunteer and not for profit. Several bands and singers have alread signed up for this event, including Pmann and the Dark Brothers Band, Paul Nowles and the PNG Band, Bowie Bravin, and Samm Quendra to name a few.

Stay tuned for more details..... ! : )

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Viewer Changes Coming up for Kara

I was about to panic when I learned that LL is wanting to do away with all non- sanctioned viewers and 1x code viewers that includes my beloved Phoenix, as they have big plans for V2 and would like people to be on that. The rumor is that within three to four months LL is removing the "search" feature from these other viewers which would in essence kill the use-ablity and make everyone have to switch. But I was told by a friend who seems to know all, that we are not to worry. Phoenix is working on Firestorm which will have as many features of Phoenix as possible including the radar that I love and need for exploring with slow friends. It's his understanding Firestorm should be ready for release by the time LL makes the changes.

Another friend provided me this link to video on the subject specifically around 4:00 and 27:00times. January 11th Rezzed.TV held a taped interview with Jessica Lyon of Phoenix, on "The Phoenix Hour"-check it out here: or PhoenixIntvHere.

Firestorm will try to keep us happy and even add some nice features such as media on a prim and others. So I am not going to panic and just be mentally prepared for more changes.

BUT ...I would like LL to know that I would love to be able to use their viewer and would actually feel more protected on it, but can they PLEASE make it more user friendly and have some of the special features I love that seem to be missing from V2 but Phoenix and some others have? I could make them a list. I even ran into a noob not very old saying they had to switch to Phoenix as V2 was too hard to learn. Anyway.. be prepared for more changes soon if you are not a V2 user.

Teen Sim Hits the Main Grid or direct link here: TeenSimHere.

As I'm writing this I am dancing in club Eros in sim Eros, The Eros Project, a teen made sim. The teens I ran into were very polite and helpful answering my many questions. The sim was fully made by teens in the teen grid and transferred over here to the main grid with the closing of the teen grid. This sim boasts 20 stores, 1 club, 1 competition/class area, 1 game area and 1 park.

(Photo: Kathy Nikolaidis, Heatherr Vespucciano, and Kara)
I first met Heatherr Vespucciano who showed me her clothing and original tattoo store, Vee Ehs. Heatherr will also be modeling outfits from /tee/ by tallie ems touche by KARISSA! silversmith in the BOSL teen fashion show the 29th.

Next I went to the club for dancing and socializing a little. The large club rivals any adult club I've seen in SL. Eros Foehammer explained he put this sim together, brought over three dozen teens together... "the sim is supposed to be a showcase for TG talent, the best representation of what teens have to offer the main grid." I was impressed. He was very polite and answered my million questions. I told him I was excited to see what the teens had to offer and he stated, "I've found that age doesn't define much, and I'm thankful creativity doesn't begin or ends at a certain age. I know a lot of adults are negative about the merge, but it's just a fear of change. When the dust settles, I think the teen community will assimilate well into the main grid and contribute just as much as anyone else" Well stated and I totally agree. He provided some additional information about some more teen areas, "There's Eutopia, Epic which are full commercial/residential privately owned sims and Eden a park homestead sim. There are only 4 privately owned sims... Eros is one of them, I rent it from the Estate owner, and I'm GM of her other sims,...all teen, except Eutopia and Epic is open to rent for anyone. Then there's the mainland from the teen grid which still has PG rating, and all PG rated sims on the main grid."

I know there is some concern youth as young as 15 could be exposed to the SL darker side of the main grid, but lets face it, if they wanted that they could have found it anyway and LL has the sims rated so the youngsters can't access the adult and mature sims unless they do it illegally, which some did before anyway. The group of youth I met today were a polite, mature, very talented group, and I hope the teens and adults can all enjoy SL and what each has to offer together.

(Photo: Club Eros, Eros on far right)

She Comes in Color-Betty Tureaud Exhibit

Today is the grand opening of Betty's exhibit, "She Comes in Color". The exhibit will run January 22 through February 22, 2011, Today's grand opening event at 2pm SLT will be held at the Nordan Art Gallery here: or direct link here: BettyHere.
I've visited already and the exhibit is very impressive. Be sure not to miss a thing. I especially enjoyed riding inside the color ball on the side of the gallery.

Friday, January 21, 2011

SFL League Games -Get Your Tickets Now!

The SFL (Second Football League) was off to a great start last weekend after a somewhat lengthy pre-season. If you have been following my blog you will know that my original co-owners split and eventually disbanded following a merg. Our original team has kind of scattered to the wind but I think that was not uncommon as pre-season sorted out. The remaining 13 teams have worked hard and their time and practice should show that.

(Quick snap I took in my new "away" uniform!)

Recently I joined up with the BOSL Browns cheer squad. I actually write monthly for "The Best Of Second Life" magazine covering events and fashion... check that out here: or direct link here: BOSLHere. So the BOSL Browns seems a good fit for me at this time. Plus the ladies have very classy uniforms and I'm very excited to be joining them.

Last weekend was the league opening games and Sunday even held a surprising tie between the Patriots and Packers for a sudden death ending. Some of the games, or maybe all, are televised so you can also watch online or reruns later here: or direct link here: MetaTVHere.

This weekend game schedule:
Friday @ 6pm - SFL Stadium: Polano Chargers v. TGF Dolphins
Sat. @ 3pm - SFL Stadium: Heartland Cardinals v. GC Redskins
Sun. @ 6pm - SFL Stadium: BOSL Browns vs. DC Giants

The BOSL Browns first league game is this Sunday so be sure to get your tickets on the marketplace here: or direct link here: TicketsHere.

Sunday I will be dressed out in squad uniform on sideline cheering the game on with a group of cheerleaders while some of the the cheerleaders present their half time dance show they have prepared. If you want to watch the game or see me up close cheering be sure to get your tickets!

SFL Players Club Opening
SFL Player's Club Party

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Linden Labs- It's All About ME! & my toes

One of my favorite bloggers, Chestnut Rau, recently blogged about the things she'd like to see improved in SL via an open letter to Linden Labs. I'm just going to link here because she pretty much covered what I'd have to say to LL, and no sense in me wasting my space. But she makes some other good points besides her requests including her belief that we/avatars in SL should be considered customers not "residents". Or at least that is my interpretation of what she was sort of saying. Residents sounds all sweet and touchy feely, but SL is a product we use and many people pay for. That being the case I think we do have the right or responsibility to let LL know when they need to fix something but ultimately they are in charge.

Chestnut makes some very fair requests such as customer service issues, tier costs, platform stability, IP Infringement controls, marketing, and a biggy VIEWER 2, among others. I'd like to add one of my own to her list though and that would be SL feet. OMGosh!!!! Why can't LL make better feet after all this time? They can't be harder to make than fingers which are somewhat normal in SL. Maybe this is more of a skin issue, but if so why are not any of the skin makers fixing this problem? My SL toes look horrible in their natural state and so do YOURS and everyone Else's. Everyone knows we all go to the beach in SL. We must have decent feet for this and other times. It seems like a simple request. I have tried prim feet of course and first of all some are not that easy to match with different skin tones. I own various types such as Stiletto Moodys with toes, toe sandals from Cream Shop, Jay's, and naked prim feet from Slink plus quite a few various others. They are actually all wonderful UNTIL I tp to another sim or change windlight settings. I used to have a set that seemed consistent wherever I went, but maybe that was before I used light setting adjustments so much because they don't work well now when I move around. I still love them for pictures and when settled but anyone who knows me knows I don't sitl still in any one sim for long. Anyway, I digress.

I'm generally a supporter of LL overall, as it is a business and they do have the right to decide how to run it and we as the customers can take it or leave it. Plus it is second life, not first life, so some things I've heard people rage on about LL have been so trivial in the scope of life. I think we should pick our battles, and Chestnut has put together a very fair list of requests. I hear with some new admin, they maybe are trying to be receptive to consumer feedback for improvements. Sounds good to me. Many people do spend a great deal of money in SL, and overall there is huge business in SL, but there are also a good number of people running around enjoying things for free including a lot of alts. Chestnut makes a good point in suggesting LL look at their big spenders and see what they like/want.

Anyway, I guess in the scope of things my toes are small potatoes and if I am going to pick my battles I should live with crappy feet until some other things are improved in SL.

Check out Chestnut's list and blog here (she's also a great explorer so can get exploring tips and locations too): or direct link ChestnutHere.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Explore SL Some More-XIV in Dignity

Zachh Cale, a SL musician, joined me for some piano music to go with my cello or direct link here: XIVHere.

Chouchou background sim music plays in a beautiful area that includes a cello and piano you can pose in. There is a gorgeous carousel, and wonderful stray lights all about. There is also much beautiful seating with optional poses. You will find an area about books you can sit in with multiple poses at the table (or even under the table) that all floats in the air surrounded by stacks of books. There are written words around the sim with quotes on time, music, books, etc and so much more inside and outside a domed area.

Some of the words upon entering the main area through a circular light portal declares:
"XIV Time Will Tell...Dedicated to Kizer Fallen
I probably won't even keep this land if not for his encouragement Thanks : ) "Time Will Tell" reflects about me and like a friend said, "This is like looking at your soul and also cafe mocha" He just might be correct, Enjoy xoxo Vix.y"

Piper also joined me
My RL/SL sis Piper also joined me

It all appears to be owned by Vixsilver Yoshiak. Check it out. It is fast becoming a SL Flickr photographer's favorite.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kolor Studio 2011-Grand opening show tonight or direct link here KolorHere.

Kolor Fall is at it again with a whole new set up in his sim and this time it's multi- level and takes a while to see it all because it is very large, interactive, and so impressive you want to see it all and absorb it. This is 4 levels of fun. No wonder I haven't been seeing him around or hearing from him lately, he must have been very busy. A ground level hosts Blue Angel, Pete's Dive a lounge, there is a underwater level with much glowing sea life by Glyph Graves and art, there is a level with lights and colors all over the place and in one section there is a grouping of Kolor's RL art but it is interactive. I was so pleased to have one of his works slowly begin to float blocks of it out in the air out and around me when I clicked on it. There is a grand opening tonight at 6SLT. Be sure to click everything as many of the works of art hold gifts and surprises.
Their note card in part here.... "Kolor Studio 2011
Thanks to all the many people that worked and helped on the sim, for 2011.
(This sim is a Filming zone, where people do Machinima, so don't do anything your not comfortable having a million people see)

A lot will be happening in the Kolor Studio in 2011, we have just completed a two sim wide build, but that's just the start of things

Main Level:
Kolor Install's, Glyph Graves Underwater Area, Puddles of Light Sim
Most things are interactive at this level. Back by popular demand, the Dance Cubes - just sit on them, height controller is a pink stick.
To Draw, just mouse click over the paintings.
Who Knows what the other stuff does(and some things even give gifts when u click on them).

Puddles of Light Install - new 2011 Sim Wide "Art Game"
Also on the main level, but a Sim level interactive piece.
Fly into the "puddle movers" to modify the land -
Walk next to puddle light to start building structure -
Puddles is a interactive piece, run by differential equations that simulate life and neural networks, that interact with avatars.
The ground (which is modifiable), defines a chaotic field which the equations play with (moving puddles light).
The structure that moves up into the sky, slowly changes over days, as people play with the light.
[note there is a 6 avatar limit in that sim, due to performance reasons]
you can view where the puddles are going ... by looking over the waterfall's from the main sim.

Sim wide Structure & benches by Scarp Godenought with my collection of White Lebed's Sculptures (I have most of her major pieces that cover this level of the sim).

Blue Angel Poet's Dive
Poetry group meets every sunday at 5 pm. Park and install done by various artists (Hyapatia Pickens, Taylor Danick, Kolor ).
Park and Blue Angel Building Done by Nickola Martynov and Nestra Careless"

Kolor Fall-sim opening party tonight
Here's how Kolor looks today

Side Show Freaks Hunt-fun explores, shops, and prizes to find

Ok, I don't really like to do too much SL hunting because it is time consuming BUT, I found another hunt that is also one for finding good explores and some great shops, and exploring is my thing. So one more hunt post then I'll move on to something else. Today I was told I should try the "Side Show Freaks Hunt" by "'Ol Dirty Bastards". Along the way one of the hunts led me to a very cute shop - direct link here: PostHere", with a side show tent and some other things outside. The whole area was cute and they have another hunt item easily found there too, but my main objective was the circus tent. Inside I found a two headed cow. My hunt item (look for the black and white swirly lollypop) was in the cow general area kinda "buried" so I'm not really giving away the hunt find totally. This hunt runs Jan. 13, 2011 through Feb, 13. Check it out on their blog site for start and hints or direct link here: ODBHuntBlogHere. Their official starting point is here: or direct link here: ODBHere.

Some great stores are involved including: .::ODB::.
Razorblade Jacket, Jabberwocky, Soulless Productions, [A.R.C.+F.N.]], Pie Hole, Grim Bros., Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko, Hot Dolphin Love Animations, *Bad Juju*, aMuse, DetriMental, hEaDcAsE, .:It's Cake:., #Before Sleep#, []ρσℓє[], Blurred, Fire GOOD!!!,MiChIGaN's ShAcK, Yellow JesteR, FacTs, Weather! or not?, Dels Odd Shop, V TATTOO STORE, Embody Shapes & Poses, FlufferNutterz, GUHL, hooligan streetwear, Violent Seduction, ::Gehenna::, Tacky Star, *sweet*B*, *.::[NV]::.*, Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia, [BAIT], SUGABEANS, ::POP::,DommEcile, October Alchemy, ## CI ##
*diavolicious*, [BedlaM], Vels Boutique, P.pop, Noctis, Ello Poppet, !! BrickWerkz !!, The Happy Hat, POST. ALI COUTURE, AIDORU, Janzoe Designs, *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*,Eye Candi, Devil's Trade, !WhAtEvR!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beyond the Beyond -new cool shape shop

Today a buddy, Lowe Runo, showed me a great new shape shop owned by one of his friends Aeonflux Nexen. Aeon, who is from England, offers a selection of female and male shapes some that verge on cyber/anime, well check the pics I snapped for a better idea. They are pretty cool. She and her friend model two of the shapes while Lowe and I on the left check them out.

Beyond the Beyond-cool new shape shop

Visit here: or direct link here: BeyondHere.
Aeonflux Nexen

Current sale so run on over!

Friday, January 14, 2011

42 Groups Enabled in SL!!

Word is out all over the net that LL opened up the group max to 42. Rumor has been around that this was going to happen in 2011 and while many of us were patiently awaiting this it seems it has taken forever. I went inworld for a moment this morning to try to clear things up a bit as I tend to cap and didn't notice any 42 group option, but then I may have been half asleep. I'd heard only V2 was going to have the 42 groups, but now I am reading all over the internet that most viewers are allowing the 42. I'll check in tonight and find out for sure.
(Apparently you have to enable this option in some viewers-see below)
One good source I found from my current fav viewer site (Phoenix Viewer): or direct link here: 42GrouphPhoenixHere.

"42 group limit is officially live on the grid!Fri, 14 Jan 2011
Linden Lab has now officially announced that they have indeed enabled 42 group max on the server. In their blog post they also discuss some other exciting changes current and in the near future.
Read the blog here:
In expectation of this 40 group limit, Phoenix Viewers 725 and 818 already have support for them, however you have to enable it in the debug menu first. Here is how...
1. If you do not already have the advanced menu open, click on the Phoenix Menu, next to help at the top and click "Show Advanced"
2. Click the advanced menu, look down to the 4th from bottom and click Debug Settings...
3. Type in phoenix40GroupsSupport
4. Set the drop down below that too TRUE.
5. Relog.

Now early on Linden Lab had announced they would increase group limits to 40 originally, so we set it to 40, however Oskar Linden convinced them to increase it to 42 groups<3. While phoenix will say you have a 40 group limit, you can actually join 42. The next version of Phoenix will have this addressed.

Many have asked what will happen if Linden Lab reduces this number down the road.

I've been assured that the result of such a decision would not cause you to lose any groups you belong too. However to join a new group, you will need to leave groups to 1 below the changed limit. For example, if you join 42 groups and Linden Lab reduces the max to 40 later, you will need to leave 3 groups, to open a slot to join a new group.

Enjoy the additional groups!

Jessica Lyon
Phoenix Viewer Project Inc."

I'm really going to love this, but now I will be capping out constantly. If you want me and I'm offline, be sure to send a note card.

Woot! 42 enabled.. but I did have to follow the Phoenix instructions above to enable it for myself. Yay! ; )

ProPoser's Hunt


Let the hunt begin! I just love the Pro Poser's Hunt, and hunt 3 start tomorrow January 15, 2011 running through February 15.

The hunt is circular and you can get a starting point and see pictures of the poses, get hunt locations and hints at the official blog spot listed below OR you can start in the shop of my friend Brody Muircastle with his partner Trinidad Anatine, On Stage Poses, Props, poses, and photography. I first met Brody while out exploring and he taught me to use windlight. His partner Trin, is an exceptional photographer who I greatly admire for her impressive photos and talented photoshop skills that creatively enhance the integrity of a shot w/out overdoing it. Brody now makes poses and is also a photographer with a keen imagination lending to his creative photo ideas and poses. They make a great team. Check out their shop while grabbing your Poser Hunt gift: or direct link here: OnStageHere.

Their notecard reads in part "... On Stage Poses.. Props, Poses, Photography and studio of Brody Mercastle and Trinadad. The amazing talent and abilities of Trinidad Anatine will capture your thoughts and imagination within your pictures. On Stage Studios and Trin make every picture your memory. Visit the Gallery and Studio for a taste of what she can do. A Master PhotoLife Photographer with years of fashion, modeling, portrait, and landscape experience. Trin makes everyone feel center stage......On Stage.

THE HUNT! or direct link here: PoseHuntBlogHere.

The Proposer Hunt Information in part :

This hunt is created to let you have some fun, find poses, discover new stores and enjoy the ones you already know. You will have the possibility to get tons of poses in this first New Year hunt! (The hunt is for..)
Anyone who loves poses or is crazy about photography...better... anyone who loves being in SL can join us :)

Very important------> Join our PROPOSER GROUP. It will be the only way for you to get the gifts; so during the hunt don't forget to wear our group tag.

- Take a look in our blog to find the hints :
- Ask in our group chat ---> please don't ask for the location of the gift, It's still a hunt!!!

Group Mission Statement
Pro Poser was created to bring unity between all pose makers and the people of SL. This group is here to help YOU capture your perfect moment whether it is a moment of love, a personal emotion of happyness or sadness, or being fierce on the runway. The pose makers of Pro Poser want to be apart of that and help you find a way to express your moment. So join this group and be a Pro Poser in SL."

Look for the glowing hand symbol! See you posers around the hunt!

Update info:
The ProPoser Hunt3 begins today January 15th. Here are a list of the stores and start location.

Essential Soul =official start point

For Hints visit the official hunt blog

1- Essential Soul
2- BeScene Poses
3- Lost World
4- NLimbo
5- Amacci
6- .:S:. Stance
7- aDORKable Poses
8- Morgane Batista Poses Shop
10- Studio Sidhe
11- Props-N-Poses
13- Kabuki Creations
14- ::WetCat::
15- {Just A Pose}
16- Olive Juice
17- *EverGlow*
18- oOo Studio
19- Bound & Bitten
20- EmmePose
21- Diesel Works Poses & Animations
23- P.pop{Pose&Pop}
24- Razmataz
25- Body Talking
26- *~*HopScotch*~*
27- I s2 Posey
28- Miamai
29- ::eXpression:: Poses
30- Eternal Dream
31- WDK
32- TeaSoup
33- Hot Dolphin Love Animations
34- Just In The Nick Of Time
35- { P.S. PoseWorks}
36- agapee
37- AyYaiYai
39- AAA Poses
40- Slash Me Poses
41- BehaviorBody
42- Di's Opera
43- ChereeMotion
44- HelaMiyo
45- [Lyndz-Matic] Poses
46- hate me and eat me
47- beemann
49- Atooly
50- gesticulate
51- On Stage Studios

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ms Mohna Lisa Couture 2011

I attended the Mohna Lisa Couture 2011 finals Sunday. Seleena Hax was crowned Ms Mohna Lisa Couture 2011, Frederica Galtier was first runner up and Annie Zorric took 2nd runner up. I snapped quite a few shots of the show held in the Patch Thibaud Auditorium so made a little slide show below of the event.

My friend Burly and I did a little Mohna Lisa'ng lately for some fun and made some pics here:
Just Kara

Bonnie & Clyde
Brian and I playing Bonnie & Clyde in Mohna Lisa his/hers outfits

Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2011 from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

Monday, January 10, 2011

SFL Tickets on Sale Now!

Get your league opener tickets to the Diamond City Giants Vs. Wicked Cowboys football game this Saturday at 3SLT. The tickets run 300L on the SL Marketplace here: or direct link here: SFLTicketsHere.

When you purchase an SFL ticket, you will be sent a generic ticket. Simply IM SFLTicketMaster Resident saying which team’s section you want to sit in: Diamond City Giants or Wicked Cowboys.

There will be three sections total: one for the DC Giants which is where their cheerleaders will be, one for the Wicked Cowboys where their cheerleaders will be, and a neutral section. Once the team’s sections are filled, everyone will be overflowed into the neutral section. This is on a first come, first serve basis.

You need to IM SFLTicketMaster Resident with what section you’d like to be in NO LATER THAN 12 NOON SLT ON FRIDAY. Do not worry if this avatar is offline as all offlines have been set to go to e-mail as well.

If you have questions, please IM Rachel Carstensz

SFL Players Club Opening
Photo of the Player's Club opening party this past weekend.

Extend a Helping Hand

Extend A Helping Hand

January 11-January 31st, 2011-- for more information see Tamzin Xigalia's Flickr Direct link: ExtendAHandHere.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1,000 Avatar Project by Gracie Kendal

Can you find the lavender winged fairy that is Kara? Start in the upper left corner and move right 5.

When I was at an event talking with a fellow Flickrite and SL fashion blogger she mentioned she is kind of burned out on blogging fashion as it seems all the avatars/models are starting to look the same. Now I know the models work very hard to create a unique and attractive look and style themselves so this doesn't happen, but it reminded me to blog about something I participated in not long ago that exhibits the uniqueness of avatars.

A few weeks or more ago I visited Gracie to have my photo taken front and back for her 1,000 Avatar project. The idea again is about identity. I was to to dress and pose however I want for my SL avatar picture, and so I was a fairy with one of my fairy poses. The wait was a line of only a couple of people, but I hear Gracie has been very busy lately and is nearing her goal and may even go beyond. A wonderful variety of avatars are exhibited. Head on over to Gracie's to have your place in this project. She has set times she photographs so you might want to stop in and grab a note card from her place for details. Here is an excerpt from her note card about the project:

"****Dedicated to Delinda Dyrssen who passed away much too soon!!!!!****

Come celebrate your ‘fabulousness!’
I would love for you to be part of my project on online identity/anonymity.
... come on by and hang out, chat and be part of my project. I have over 905 portraits so far of some of the most amazing people I know.
My goal is at least 1000.

IM Gracie Kendal

“We are all beautiful. We are all fabulous” – An Interview With Gracie Kendal by Lacewing Mesmeriser

"You, too, can be a Usual Suspect" by Lou Netizen

"Batting 1000 Avatars" by Harpers Ganesvoort

"Gracie Kendal's 1000 Avatar project" by Senban Babii

"1000 Avatars, an installation in Second Life" by Jenn Frank

Visiting The 1000 Avatars Project by Daniel Voyager

If you want to keep up on where this project is going, where I'll be showing it in SL and what I'll be doing with it in RL. Please click on the Kiosk at my studio and join my mailing list :))

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support!!!
If you would like to be part of this project, please IM me inworld- Gracie Kendal... I’d love to shoot ya!!”

My First installation of the 1000 Avatars project is now on view at Pirats Art Gallery at Omega."

And that in part is her release about the project and public invite for SL avatars to be included. Check it out.

Direct Link to see her project at the current work area here: 1000AvHere.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Magic Moments in SL-explore story

Once upon a time a long time ago there lived a young lady who loved to chase butterflies and rainbows as she believed they hold great beauty and hope and promises of wonderful things.

On this particular day, the young lady, Miss Kara, was barefoot and happily splashing in small warm puddles left by a fast spring rain in the woods next to her back yard. Suddenly a huge rainbow seemed to appear out of nowhere and Kara ran to meet the end of it. She was surprised to actually see the end of the rainbow in the woods as usually she looked but never quite found where a rainbow stopped.

Kara ran over to the bottom of the rainbow and stood looking up at the dazzling bright colors that shot straight into the air until they began a slight arch and faded into the clouds. She looked carefully and noticed some small steps in the side of the rainbow and found that her feet were just a bit too large for the steps, yet still small enough to climb the stairs. She'd never heard about stairs in a rainbow, not even in fairy tales. Now, Kara was a very curious person and she couldn't resist climbing at least part way up that rainbow staircase. When Kara was about half way up she glance down to see the ground was a long way away and the arch of the rainbow in the clouds was closer. The beautiful colors of the rainbow seemed to be calling her to the top. She touched nearby clouds that spread out around her hand, but couldn't see very far in and so continued to climb into and through the clouds until she was almost at the top of the arch of the rainbow. She had to lean slightly forward to maintain good balance when her head swept through the top of the clouds and she saw a beautiful white unicorn beckoning her to him.

Explore the sim here: or direct link here: MagicHere.

( Dress from Angelwing)

Kara stepped forward and as the majestic unicorn leaned down Kara felt him say to her in her mind that she was welcome to mount. As Kara gingerly climbed upon the unicorn's back she suddenly felt a swirl of cloth being wrapped around her and once mounted was excited to see she was transformed into a fairy with wings and gown. The unicorn flew Kara to a magical place where the rainbow swirled around creating colors, shapes, lights and the most glorious beauty, as calming music softly played in the background. Again the unicorn spoke to Kara's mind saying....."This land is beautiful but it is not real for you yet and will not last long for you this time... soon I will drop you into a forest where you can play with and learn from the butterflies who have just emerged from their cocoons to a new freer and more beautiful life, then you must go home. Always remember your visit in the rainbow, your time as a fairy, and tell others of our existence for the world needs the hope peace and beauty that we have here and others may have the chance to visit if they just believe. Learn to make new beginnings for yourself in your world like the butterflies, enjoy life and remember what we have here for you. Although this place is ever changing it will always hold beauty and peace and you will return one day."

A New Year.. New Beginnings! Welcome 2011 (dress: Romantic Black Butterfly, Agnes dress and Lyrique, Joy by Precious hair. Nose "flutterbye" is by Awesome Blossom.)

With that, the unicorn disappeard and Kara was falling falling until she landed in a thick, soft pile of green moss in Chakryn Forest (ChakrynHere.)where to her delight the butterflies immediate surrounded her. They formed a dress around her and landed in her hair and on her face all the while their soft wings fluttering and whispering in Kara's ear, repeating what the unicorn had told her to enjoy her time here but upon return home to make new beginnings, enjoy life, and to share her experiences with others. Kara closed her eyes feeling the brush of many soft wings upon her suddenly vanish, and once again she was in the forest adjacent to her backyard wearing her old clothes. Try as she might she could no longer see one butterfly, fairy, unicorn or even the rainbow. As first she was sad for this loss but remembered their words of hope and ran to her house to begin telling others.
The beginning.

(Ok, I know this is the longest most boring post ever, but it just seemed like there was a story with these places and SL items, so I had to do it. I'll try not to again)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Props and Poses Fair in Second LIfe

Today this poser visited the Props and Poses Fair in Cheese direct link here: PoseHere. This fair runs from January 1st through January 8th, so there is not a lot of time left to check out some cute poses from various stores, benefitting "Out of the Shadows" for the epilepsy foundation. I found many cute poses and freebies along with sled rides and visiting fellow Flickrites. Hurry and visit before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amaretto Received a Temporary DMCA Immunity From Linden Lab.

Well I guess LL is not all powerful after all. There has been an ongoing virtual animal copyright dispute regarding breedables in SL, specifically the Amaretto Breedables (horses) I previously blogged about (here: NeedToBreedHere) and Ozimals (bunnies)I've also mentioned. I've tried them both and am ready to move on to a new breedable, as I like the experiences but don't want the "work" or monotony of breeding a pixel animal for profit. At this point any potential new breedable businesses should keep an eye on this dispute which could greatly impact the business and there are many implications for other content creators and Second Life in general as well.

The latest turn of events is that in this virtual animal copyright dispute, Amaretto gained temporary DMCA Immunity From Linden Lab meaning a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Linden Lab fom filing DMCA notices against Amaretto (Linden Lab is the one who carries out any DMCA takedown notice filed against one SL)or otherwise removing its content from Second Life lasting until January 11, when the judge will rule on Amaretto's request for an injunction. Some bigger issues involved include how courts may rule in controlling LL general practices, whether SL should be considered a publisher vs. a host, and in cases of content disputes if LL or the businesses should be the ones the courts should be ordering i.e. does Second Life have the First Amendment right to decide what to publish and what not to publish w/out court involvement? I guess this could be a heads up for all content creators.

My bunnies are hibernating in the inventory abyss. Remington and Char have been given to a friend and 4 baby horse bales, a ton of food, my stable, and a few other items are all packed safely away in inventory. I've visited friends breeding everything from turtles to dragons and breedables have really become big business. (Note: the horses run from $200L like mine up to $80,000L each---seriously!) I'm sure regardless of this current dispute there will be more breedables to come one way or another, but I'm interested to see how the court and LL along with the breedable businesses work this out as it seems this issue is really much bigger than the breedables.

The court order can be viewed here: CourtOrderHere.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crotches in Second Life

This is probably not the most appropriate post to start my blog in the new year with (btw happy new year), but it is what it is.

After seeing some interesting and some disturbing crotch coverings in SL I thought I'd blog about it. I asked my good friend Burly Tigerpaw, for some assistance since unfortunately I have not actually taken any pictures of the unusual crotch coverings I have seen along my SL travels and figured he'd be in the know. I have a few of my own that go with costumes and some undies that are just "interesting" (must have been freebies) but wanted a guy's perspective on this subject and I figured with his SL modeling experience and many outfits he might even have something to model for me.

When I discussed this issue with Burly he advised me of the following: "A codpiece (from Middle English: cod, meaning "scrotum") is a covering flap or pouch that attaches to the front of the crotch of men's trousers and usually accentuates the genital area. It was held closed by string ties, buttons, or other methods. It was an important item of European clothing in the 15th and 16th centuries, and is still worn in the modern era in performance costumes for rock music and metal musicians and in the leather subculture." I assume he got this off the web definitions. Thanks for that but I wasn't really going for the technical.. but rather the "unusual" that seems to be more usual in SL than RL.. at least in the conservative Bible Belt area I reside in RL.

Some of our dialogue was as follows:
"[22:37] Kara Trapdoor: yeah : ) but I mean .. SL crotches can be funny at times... whether a cod piece or just a funky covering.. guy or girls
[22:38] Burly Tigerpaw: yes, but we also have jocks with adjustable sized bulges for them too
[22:39] Kara Trapdoor: hahah good to know"
Clearly we are good friends, but as I told him I have a guy alt for pictures and am aware of how that section can be adjusted as well and that I know there are adjustable coverings but wanted to see if he had anything unusual like things I've seen around. He came out with his Diabolicus from Rising Silks. I also modeled my spider woman outfit by Shouted Couture that has a spider crotch covering.. but these are costumes. My mind went more to the sometimes bejeweled look of Philip Linden's crotch area and also of the many maladjusted skirt pieces, and other unusual crotches.

I really wanted to see some of the normal (non-costume) coverings that I sometimes run across. I went to the Internet for this and Lo and behold I surprisingly found while researching this subject *cough* hehe.. a whole entire blog dedicated to SL crotches direct link here: CrotchBlogHere.
This blog is a MUST SEE blog IMHO. After viewing their "history" on SL crotches be sure to hit their home and check out the various crotches they have highlighted. They cover everything from parasite coverings to labeling their photos with funny notes. I was pleased to find I am not the only one finding some amusement in this.

Ironically when I initially asked Brian if he had any cool crotches he could model for my blog he showed me a Flickr pic that has some reference to SL crotches (or lack thereof) he had just commented on. See here: BarbieHere.

: ) Enjoy your SL crotches.