Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 20th Anniversary of the 1992 LA Riots...April 29th-May 4th. SL Machinima

Magnum The Machinima Review here: or direct link here: MagnumHere.

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy was a RL DJ back in the day and conducted interviews during the 1992 LA riots and also wrote the RL book,  KJLH-FM and the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.  She made a machinima to commemorate and remember this event and wrote an excellent reveiw on the Magnum Blog. She gave me permission to quote some from her post and copy her machinima here.  Be sure to check out her Youtube site too.

In her post she says, " I produced a machinima - Voices in The Dark -  based on my research and interviews, and sound archives. ......To my amazement, I found a station that reminded me of KJLH-FM located in District 8 of Second Life.  The sole character portrays myself, as a virtual journalist (which I am), looking back as I encounter this vacated station 10 years in the future...."  Read the rest on her blog directly linked above.

Burn in Deep Hole

Visit Here: or direct link here" BurnHere.
Burnning Man held their weekend at Deep Hole ending later tonight.  I checked it out with my friend Emma.  The BURN2 team in Second Life held their Occuplaya 2012 which is a SL supported community event and is one of the precompresson events leading up to the big BURN2 events coming up  = 174 days left until BURN2 2012. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dual Stream for Relay for Life Today

Sunday continues until 9pm SLT
 Visit Here: or direct link here: KeyWestHereRFL.

☆★One Weekend☆One Team☆One Cause★☆
    ☆★Two Days☆Two Streams☆Two Artists★☆
 ☆★Relay for Life★☆SL Music Race for a Cure★☆

All donations in support of Relay For Life in Second Life

April 28th

12 PM Anek Fuchs & Quantamis Navarathna
1 PM Lexus Melodie & Raspbury Rearwin
2 PM Phemie Alcott & KevinMThomas Carpool
3 PM Lisa Brune & FunkyFreddy Republic
4 PM Starrfish Ohmai & Beth Odets
5 PM Voodoo Shilton & Mulder Watts
6 PM Kinagree-Smith Band (Lexie Luan & Zorch Boomhauer)
7 PM Gina Stella & Christopher135 Quan
8 PM The Sploders (Ictus Belford, Lyndon Heart, Thunder Lexington)
9 PM Savannah Coronet & Hogan Bailey

Schedule subject to change, because life happens :) or direct link here: RFLEventHere
 AmForte and Gab
(AMForte and Gabryel Nyoki)
 TerryLynn Melody
(TerryLynn Melody)

Pandoria Mindgardens, The Magic Within at Magic Valley and BOSL Radio

Visit here: or direct link here:  PandoriaHere.

Pandoria The Magic Within Mindgardens in Magic Valley

Pandoria The Magic Within Mindgardens in Magic Valley-Dancing with the BOSL radio crew and great explore

BOSL Radio is streaming live  right now from Pandoria Mindgardens, The Magic Within at Magic Valley until 4pm SLT today.  That's plenty of time to catch some tunes and mingle with the BOSL crew as well as explore this exceptional sim.  I've visited this sim before and honestly can't remember if I've blogged it before but it's a great sim to explore loaded with spacey, cybery, planet sorta areas with lots of glowy foliage about.  The last time here I found a media sphere to dance in at one of the sky planet type areas and there are plenty of fun pose spots for great photos.  All in all is a very cool explore.  So even if you can't make it out today, check it out any time.  It's so awesome it's even been featured in the BOSL magazine in the past.  

Pandoria The Magic Within Mindgardens in Magic Valley

Pandoria The Magic Within Mindgardens in Magic Valley_008
(DJ Thorn)

Pandoria The Magic Within Mindgardens in Magic Valley

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Just some of the highlights from my weekend

Bowling at Pando Lanes:
Mongo Koko (giant gorilla) New Monkeymoon:
Giant Mesh Avatar: Ceri Quixote's Dream:
Fantasy Faire:
Song "Friends" by
Aura Dione

Blueberry Main Store-Just Opened

Visit here: or direct link here: BlueberryMainStoreHere.

(Blueberryxx Resident)
Frolic Mills sent out the word about a new store.. and it includes over the knee mesh boots which are great because they fit and move naturally when dancing or sitting, among other cute clothes.  Blueberry was on hand and Mr. Mills started dancing which ended up in a dance and shop exerience.  Check out this brand new store. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012-April 21-29

It's OPen Now!
Visit here: or direct link here: FantasyFaireHere.
This is one of my fav SL events.  Everyone just has to visit as I can't express how fun it it.  I ran into Flickr friend Bouncer Criss and he looked amazing so we took a pic at the entrance.  Check it out. 

Fantasy Faire

A Benefit for Relay for Life. The Story Starts Now. With You...
Visit their official web site for more information: or direct link here: FantasyFaireWebHere.

Their site states, "This year’s Fantasy Faire will include eight lavishly landscaped shopping sims created by some of the top designers in Second Life. While each sim with have a unique feel to it, they will be connected as one Fairelands, a Fantasy continent. Whether your style be steampunk or fae, mer or gothic you will find yourself at home on several, if not all, the sims and enjoy exploring them all."

 Fantasy Faire

OMG Loving It!
Never Leaving
I'm so living here until it's done

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Titanic, A Night to Remember--And That it Was!

(Isabelle Mavendorf, Karin, Emma Portilo and myself)
Emery,events manager for The Grove, and Umberto Giano organized a special event "A Night To Remember" aboard the Titanic. This event coincided with the anniversary of the RL Titanic. Umberto's Flickr has all the details worth a read, because it really was a super impressive build and event. Check it out here: or direct link here: UmbertoHereTitanic.
(Umberto Host, organizer and Captain)
(Emery, Host, organizer and museum creator)
Emery Milneaux put together a very cool Titanic museum where guests landed and could browse and learn a bit about the Titanic before taking a random boarding pass that provided each guest a individual boarding pass replica of a real life individual that was aboard the RL ship. The pass provided the individuals' name, age, class and later we learned our individuals fate that night. The party was not specifically role play but guests were asked to dress for the era and night. And everyone complied and then some. Guests dressed in period for the event that just added even more to the ambiance. The amazing ship was donated for the event and will be on marketplace soon.
(Me, Kara, on the grand staircase trying to make a grand entrance)
(Samm Qendra-with a beautiful voice)
(Me and Emma Portilo)
(Belinda Barnes & Sonicity Fitzroy)
Once the party started many guests took seats on top deck to listen to some life music entertainment by Samm Qendra with a beautiful voice and songs to match the event, followed by dj Clark Bowenform, and dancing. About an hour into the event many or maybe even all of us "crashed" hard. I had a few friends on skype at the time and they had crashed and another friend I went with also crashed. I did tp back and many people were there dancing. My friend Emma also went back and we took a few more photos as there was less lag then. Later we went to another Titanic event and both ended up under the water at the same time.. so we figured that was our second sinking or crash of the night and just called it a night and went our separate ways. Ironically both our boarding pass identities did not survive the Titanic. But it sure was a fun and interesting evening. Check out the party pics and you can tell how great it was. Unfortunately the museum and Titanic are no longer in place, so it will have to be on of those ... nights to remember.
(Dar and Toni)


(Emma and I went down with the ship... but we looked good. I'm wearing a pink Donna Flora dress and jewelry in case anyone cares)
I checked out this web site for 1912 Titanic fashion to see the style and I think the clothes are pretty cool so have a look if interested : or direct link here: 1912TitanicFashionsHere. Emma actually found a dress inworld designed just like Rose's dress from the Titanic movie)

Wiskey A GoGo

Visit here: or direct link here: WiskeyAGoGoHere.

I visited this cool new club last night for some great live music and dj. I arrived very early but the place filled quick. I really like the atmosphere. Check it out some time.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pose Fair 2012 -April 15 through 30

Visit Here: or direct link here: PoseFairHere.
pose fair
pose fair_001

BOSL Radio's 2nd Birthday Party -24 hour stream and party!

Visit Here at 10am SLT: or direct link here: BOSLRadioFrolicHere.
BOSL Radio
Frolic Millso CEO of BOSL will host the final 2 hours of the 24 hours BOSL Radio 2nd birthday party radio stream event this weekend. The dj's have been having a blast with this 24 hours party in various locations around the grid and the final 2 hours will be located at the above SLurl Frolic's special place all set up for guests. I popped in early for a few pics and it looks like it will be a lot of fun, as the entire weekend has been.
(BOSL CEO Frolic Mills)
(The tables are set up for the grand finale)

I took a few party pics along the way:
(CottonCandy Teardrop, DJ and BOSL Radio Exec. on location for the party at Egoisme)

(DJ Sonicity Fitzroy)
(BlairBond performed following DJ Soni)
Crowd Shots:
(Ariel view at Egoisme)
(Belinda Barnes)
(Ramses, Sweetvincent and Jakub)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Fight, Otherwise Known as The Cookie Video

My friend Da5id and I donned our zombie hunter outfits, but one thing led to another and this is the result.....

'Bet you didn't expect THAT ending did ya? : ) See ya around SL! O, and someone please bake some more cookies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Visit here: or direct link here: SpiritfireHere.

spiritfire musice isle_003

Tonight I caught a show by Mandoaa Dragonash at the SPIRITEFIRE Entertainment Music Isle. The venue is a very cool place with a large stage and dance area, tropical isle shaped like a guitar and the 2nd half housing small islands for the artists Spiritfire represents. Sher Salmson is the brainchild of this and said it's something she's wanted to do for a while now. She aquired the land in October 2011, but the grand opening will be soon. She said there are little islands, each a listening area for her artists. She also has 3 residential rental parcels.

Mandoaa was great and there were close to 50 people for the show. He was described as "Mandoaa Dragonash is an energetic and hilarious acoustic guitar player/singer/songwriter. More than just a musician, he is a true performer.
His shows include an eclectic mix of covers, from Billy Joel to Seether, Allison Krauss to Outcast and his own original compositions. He may even invent a song on the fly during the show.” He wore his tail and ears for his Nekoback show.
spiritfire musice isle_004