Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair it is!!! The Latest in Hair Trends... Roots.


Ok, I can honestly say I've never dyed my hair in RL and even in SL I stick primarily to dark hair like I have in RL, but occasionally switch up for fun. Having said that I could not resist the new hair out at Analog Dog that has roots! I did buy the new release "level" hair in the light blondes pack because honestly it's an overall good hair with nice length, flexi, several blond colors and THEN the roots. With a touch you can have no roots or roots in one of 16 color options. I am not sure why this appeals to me, as generally I think most ppl try to hide their growing-in roots in RL, but after all I hear the latest RL trend is also to let the roots show in color, so it's happening in SL now too. While I was there I also picked up their new "tavern" hair that has a lower longer length additional attachment option and I think is pretty cute too. Each pack is 275L. If you want to check these out here is the link: direct link here: ADHairHere.

Weekend Events

A summary of events this weekened that I want to check out:
-July 29-31 Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival
-July 30th Derezzed store opening
-July 31st-2pm slt Split Screen art exhibits opening party
-July 31st 3-9pt slt Music Benefit for Norway
For SLurls and more details scroll below from this weeks blog posts. I'll prob add more here later so I don't forget what I want to see this weeked.

I know, I know.. not SL related.. and this is Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures. But whatever.. it's my blog. I'm saving stuff here.
“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.” --- Kahlil Gibran

Dear Diary,

Dear Diary,
I was roaming around the net today and found a few quotes that seem to kind of sum up things lately. I used to always think I was very much a "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" type person. For me a certain amount of that is true, but more than a few days of absence is frustrating and disappointing and so the absence should not be very long to work for me. But lately I'm finding that for others this saying is much more true; "Absence makes the heart go wander".
frog again

On another note I've found my pond of frogs out back is getting way too full and it seems it's time to let them all go. Maybe I just need to up and move leaving them all behind and to deal with their own messes. It's not that I need a LOT of frogs, just the right one would do. There is another quote, "If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." Sadly, I'm quite sure my frogs would never miss me a bit. They don't even visit any more unless I skip myself down to the water's edge and beg them to play. I usually even bring along the ball. Perhaps they sense I have high expectations from that kiss I one day hope to sneak and rather like their current existence of hopping freely around the pond and forest with no cares or obligations. Or maybe I'm too slow in trying to get that kiss and thus never find that one special frog for me. After all I don't think it's appropriate to sneak or force a kiss really, isn't it supposed to come naturally? Or, maybe they just worry they can't live up to the storybook ending so won't even give it a try.

So Dear Diary, when are you going to answer back? I have too many mixed messages to really know how to behave anymore. I do even go out in search of finding new frogs once in a while, but seems when I bring them home they quickly tire of playing ball and tend to like the other frogs better than me. Perhaps that says something about me I'd rather not think more about. Once in a while the frogs come up to play, but seem more interested in the ball than me. We are getting to know each other somewhat, but all in are are still mostly strangers in the yard. Do I continue to give the frogs a pond and visit regularly in hopes of one day having someone to play more than just ball with, perhaps a game of croquet or badmitton, or do I move into a new neighborhood free of any cute frogs and learn to live with the normal snakes in the grass for companions? I guess since you are not helping I'll just go find my fairy forest where all is well at least temporarily. But, Dear Diary, keep it in mind, as I'm sure I'll get back with you on this. KT

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 31st Opening of Split Screen Exhibits: Selavy Oh and Kolor Fall

Visit here: direct link here: SplitScreenHere.

"Inverted Paths" by Kolor Fall
(Inverted Paths)

"Split Screen will have an opening party *this Sunday* for its newest installations: "Random Walk" by Selavy Oh, and "Inverted Paths" by Kolor Fall. The installations open to the public on Sunday, 31 July, and run through 31 Aug. >>> OPENING PARTY <<< will be Sunday, 31 July, at 2:00 PM SLT. The DJ will be the fantastic Isabelle Mavendorf" states curator Dividni Shostakovich.

July 31st opens the Split Screen exhibits "Random Walk" by Selavy Oh and "Inverted Paths" by Kolor Fall. Miso Susanowa still has "Time as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" on the sky platform as well. (See prior blog post with machinima)
"Random Walk" by Selavy Oh
(Random Walk)
I dropped into Split Screen early to chat with Divi and have a sneak peek before the official opening on July 31st. The only problem with coming early is that the note cards are not available yet and Kolor's works are sometimes deep, often mathematical, and have meanings I don't always easily understand without him explaining what he is intending. From what I could see Kolor's "Inverted Paths" is a darker area of shapes that to me resemble some sorts of sea life, inverted 3d triangles, bubbles, and parts that seem to follow me when I walk. It does look cool and I guess it's ok to run around in it as it's parts move all over and his works are usually designed like that to play in. Selavy's "Random Walk" on the other hand is a light area in the air, of "continuously changing algorithmic installation belonging to a series of permutative spatiotemporal works. visitors can actively influence the evolution of the installation by flying through it or can incorporate the avatar into the work by 'sitting' on one of the elements." V2 with shadows is recommended but I just can't bear it so I apologize if my photo is not up to snuff really. It still looked cool to me on Phoenix. OK, so that was a direct quote from Selavy's blog about it. I assume Kolor's would sound similar. To me that means its fun to play in, stuff moves around you and kind of interacts with you. Yeah I admit my explanation is like the "Art appreciation for Dummies" blog. But hey, it works for me. At any rate these two exhibits are very cool and fun so check them out when you get a chance.
Split Screen

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 29-31 Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival

Music and Arts Festival

Visit here: MusicandArtsFestivalHere.

My good buddy Patrick Thorkveld handed me this press release for an upcoming event that promises to be very entertaining. I can't wait to check it out and ran over last night to grab the SLurl for this blog. The place is beautiful and I'll have to get some good photos later, but am saving the info. here now for me and to share with readers. The press release is written in such a cute and fitting manner that I have just quoted it here... check it out:

"Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture Presents the 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival July 29-31


The Duche de Coeur’s Academies Royale de Musique and Peinture are proud to present the Music and Arts Festival for the second year. The Music and Arts Festival is jammed pack with Second Life’s most amazing musicians and artists. This year’s musical itinerary opens Friday, July 29th at 1PM with Sheela Nagy’s LabGraal Celtic Group (performing at (Isla Pequena per noted SLurl above) and will include some of the Musique Academie’s regular performers like Lady Champagne Rain, Waltkeys Faith, Miles Eleventhauer, Lady SaraMarie Philly, Lady Yuki Hutchinson, Tip Corbett, Lady Miriam Forsythe, Trowser Boa and many, many more. The Academie welcomes many new artists such as Tukso Okey, Noma Falta, and Nadine Morani, to name just a few. Over 20 artists will be performing throughout the festival! For more information and full schedule, contact Director Baharat Atlas or Lady SkyeRyder Varriale or Bedrich Panacek.

The Academie’s upcoming season will feature breathe taking theatrical productions. During the festival, Lady Maria (Pet) Karu will perform liturgical dance with her incredibly talented dance troupe. This performance is but a small sample of shows yet to come during the full season.

The Academie Royale de Peinture will host the grand opening of the Duche de Coeur’s Art Gallery which will feature many of Second Life’s most talented artists such as Masako and Lady Fae Varriale. Contact Director Pekel Panacek or Lady SkyeRyder Varriale or Bedrich Panacek.

The Music and Arts Festival is in appreciation for the continued support of our audience. It also provides an opportunity to showcase new talent who will perform during our next season starting in September. The Academies Royale de Music and Peinture are dedicated in their mission to supporting and showcasing fine music and art in Second Life.

The Music and Arts Festival is a true crowd pleaser with so many talented musicians, artists, dancers and bands. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting event – mark your calendars for July 29-31, bring your friends and come along for what is sure to be Second Life’s most popular event of the year!

Duché de Coeur is a ficticious name for the area of western France, that is made up of the real life names Provence, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Poitou, and further to the north, Normandie and Touraine, and to the far east, Franca Contea. It is an accurate depiction of a world of friendship and romance as it might have been around the Age of Enlightenment. We prefer to think of this as a real life environment with real people, but 225 years ago in an idealistic world where all classes live together in harmony. For more information about the sim, contact Bedrich Panacek or SkyeRyder Varriale.

Duche de Coeur's 2nd Annual Arts and Music Festival - July 29 - 31 - Press Release"

Friday 29 July
1:00 PM LabGraal - Sheela Nagy
2:00 PM Ceci Dover - Art Gallery Grand Opening
3:00 PM Joozz Magic
4:00 PM Tip Corbet
5:00 PM Tukso Okey
6:00 PM Noma Falta
Saturday, 30 July
10:00 AM WaltKeys Faith
11:00 AM Heath Elvehjem
12:00 PM Russell Eponym
1:00 PM Ichie Kamachi
2:00 PM Seba Sideways
3:00 PM Christopher135 Quan
4:00 PM (no performance scheduled)
5:00 PM SaraMarie Philly
6:00 PM Adevina Citron
7:00 PM Miles Eleventhauer
8:00 PM Pmann Sands
9:00 PM Criss Fredriksson (Covers)
10:00 PM Yuki Hutchinson
Sunday, 31 July
7:00 AM Miriam Forsythe
8:00 AM Gabryel Nyoki
9:00 AM Isabella Rumsford
10:00 AM (no performance scheduled)
11:00 AM Beth Odets
12:00 PM Unity Productions/Pet Karu
1:00 PM Nadine Morani
2:00 PM Champagne Rain

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Explore SL

For fear of my blog appearing to be all ads.. which it's not at all, but I do like to post about upcoming cool events, products, and entertainers, etc., so sometimes looks that way, I'm posting up a couple of quick SLurls for cute explores I've seen recently. The places are not new, but seem to get better and bigger over time.

Visit here: direct link here: AndromedaHere. Obviously Sci Fi themed. My friend Kathy and I dressed for a shot and there are a ton of pose balls and things to do in this large spaceship area. Maybe better to go with a partner to fully appreciate it all or just for protection from the aliens. Just saying.
Plages Des Graniers Aioku Lifestyle Shop
Visit: or direct link: PlagesDesGraniersAiokuLifestyleShopHere. The drop in lands on a dock with a hatted seagull, old docked fishing boat and a store entrance. The attached stores have great textures and sells things from furniture, shapes, surfboards and skateboards to plants, poses, animations and other things. Beyond the shops there is cute scenery and outbuildings and a little burlesque club that has adorable detail. Check it out sometime.

Visit here: or direct link here: SteampunkHere. Ok, yeah and this one is clearly steampunk. I'm not clear on what this area is about other than it is LOADED with steampunk things to play on. The next sim over is owned by the same person and fun too. Check it out if you like steampunk.

July 31st Music Benefit for Norway

Location: The Funny Farm Club- direct link: NorwayBenefitHere.
I received some reading in part:

"JULY 31, 2011 @ 3pm-9:00pmslt
NCRAFT & WHite Heat Productions is organizing a BENEFIT to help support those who lost famlily and friends in the attacks on Norway. In doing so, show your disgust over terror attacks no matter where it happens in the world. The THE FUN CLUB Live Music Venue is providing the stage to host the event. All funds raised will be given to support the families of those who have lost their loved ones in this otherwise peaceful country through the Norwegian Embassy in Sweden. Many have lost their lives in this senseless attack in Norway, many of them teenagers on the island camp. At least 91 people died in Norway.
Let Us All make a stand against terrorism around the world by showing your support for the victims of there heinous attacks."

The club owners are adamsky Draconia and Jennifer Gravois and this event contact person is Iga Claawtooth and can each be contacted for more information.
Some of the musicians include: Suzan Littlething, Hellig Melson, Sunrise Rhapsody, Morgan Canare, Karma Auer, Mr.jonze, Rocky Toocool, Samm Qendra, clay Harsley, VERONICA WEKSLER, Sid Slade, Premium Composer, Dallas Winslet, Justme Carlucci, Lesther Osterham, Henry Goodiffe, Toxic Darkmatter, Jasher Faith, Zed Essex, OneSummer Oh, JavaJoe Macintyre, CHIP TAKCAS, and others.

When checking out the club/event info. I spoke with Cleopatra Carfield who confirmed the details. She herself has lost 5 loved ones in the tragedy and has a goddaughter fighting for her life. This in a country know for peacekeeping and the Noble Peace Prize. This is a event for a good cause, check it out if you are able.

(Cleopatra's profile has a section that reads, "July 22nd 2011 Norway had its worst day since the 2'nd World War...
In a VISCIOUS AND CRUEL ATTACK our country lost a lot of wonderful human beings....
We will NEVER forget this terrible attack on our people!!!!
My very good friend, Iga, has put out a donation place at his shop... and everything that comes in goes directly to the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm... You can also get a norwegiag flag here and teeshirt.
Thank you so much, my friend, for reaching out like this - As a norwegian I love you for it...") Iga is Sweedish but took initiative to set up the memorial area reportedly via the Norwegian embassy and has also lost a good friend.

There is an associated "Friends of Norway" group to join if interested.

The memorial area is located here: direct link here: NorwayMemorialInfoHere.

Make Him Over

make him over

Saturday, July 23, 2011



An awesome new store, Derezzed, is opening July 30th but there is already a smaller shop currently open inworld and Derezzed products are available for sale on the marketplace now. This new place is "Out of this World" made up in "Portal" style and containing great sci fi/cyber, and similar style avatar shapes, costumes (armour), collars, and gestures, with female cyber shoes coming soon., etc by a young designer Aeonflux Nexen. Suggested lighting in the store is midnight, but really looks great with all lights. Aeon is very talented and put together this Portal style store herself too. Be sure to turn on your media as there are some screens showing Portal. The shop alone is a fun place to play or pose for photos and is fitting for her style. Aeon has a great blog and takes fantastic pictures as well. She keeps her prices unbelievably low too, so invite your friends. I anticipate this young designer will do very well with all her SL endeavors.
Derezzed or direct link here: DerezzedHere


Aeon's blog here: or direct link here: AeonblogHere.


My friend Aeon told me about this clearance sale at Magika today... 99L fat packs, 49L single color packs, and other stacks of packs for 29L of good quality hair and tons of cute varieties to chose from. I have no idea how long the sale lasts. This wall shown and much more. Check it out here: or direct link here: MagikaHairSaleHere.

LEA Avatar Games

Bryn Oh's brainchild... LEA Avatar Games art obstacle course race. As color commentator Crap Mairner said, Filthy's time was about..."5 years, 15 days, 44 hours, & 13 seconds & 5 minutes & a fortnight & a nanosecond & 14 parsecs." Honour, the other color commentator, said Filthy had such good upper body strength it was a shame he wasn't putting it to good use, but then she seemed a bit disturbed by his Speedo. He did seem to enjoy the cesspool, pulled off some beautiful triple salchows and with one hand forward tiptoed beautifully through some of the course,... eventually....before disappearing. I about peed my pants watching and listening and shooting and having fun. Check it out some Monday.

(Note: Don't let this scare you off from competing, as the commentators are usually VERY nice and encouraging to runners and the course is not this difficult, interesting to maneuver yes, but Filthy was a special case for sure. Sign up and give it a try. I did it, and had a blast!)


My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mesh, Music and Dance

Just making notes here of some things I need to think about or check out this weekend. If interested check them out yourself.

1) MESH -- Yesterday LL rolled out the mesh for us all to stroll down that path which can be found by hitting the Mesh Enablement functionality tab in the My Account section of your Account screen. Creators will need to review a short tutorial, have payment info. on file and join the group. There are reasons for this and more information can be found here: or direct link here: MeshHere.
2)MUSIC --Shivers Unleashed 2011
3 day event starting today.. visit here: or direct link here: ShiversHere.
23 Jul 8:15am to 5:30pm and July 23 8:15 am to 5:30 pm and
24 Jul 9:45am to 5:00pm July 24 9:45 am to 5:00 pm
Featuring some of the best troupes in SL including Viva La Glam - Virtual Burlesque Dancers! (Ellie and Slappy)
**Sunday @ 2:45pm – 3:30pm… **
Visit here: or direct link here: DanceHere.
10-02-10 E&S Burlesque Factory

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MyANIMATION Video on How Animations Are Made

Original Youtube stream here: direct here: MyANIMATIONYoutubeHere. Embed/copied to Kara's Korner with permission. I thought this was pretty cool to see in action. Check it out.

MyANIMATION has AMAZING animations/dances and I have a ton of them. The store is HUGE.. check it out in SL here: direct link here: MyANIMATIONHere.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Relay For Life Closing Ceremony 2011- $369,069 USD Raised!

RFL BOSL Campsite-Best Camptsite Award Winners
(BOSL campsite, Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, Irishgent Resident, Mimi Juneau, Blackbarbie Bravin)
RFL has been blogged, Flickr'd and talked about for months, actually year round in SL, as this is an annual HUGE fundraiser. But I decided to go ahead and blog it one more time since it's such an amazing fundraiser that helps so many people in real life plus they said there were over 178 people in the area of the closing ceremony. They had 24 hours of entertainment at the RFL general track area, amazing builds, inspirational volunteers and today the closing ceremony. Thank yous were made and shout outs given to the main supporters. Team campsite awards were given out.
rfl 178 ppl at closing ceremony_003
There were 42 sims and many builds on the sims and track area. BOSL won first place in one of the best campsite build categories. Most laps award went to jerrazia Lowel. (I'm sure I totally spelled that name wrong and they didn't say how many laps which I wonder about) MamaP Beerbaum and Dwen Dooly, organizers spoke along with others. There was a table onstage with an empty chair representing the lost ones. Honor was giving to their struggles and memory. The 2011 theme was "Seasons of Hope" and at the close of the ceremony it was stated 369,062 USD was raised by the close. Fantastic SL people.. who says we are just gamers... we are people with heart!

(track runners-Purple Power)
MammP at RFL
(MammaP, event organizer)
It's not too late to see and dontate: direct link here: RFLHere.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me and Roo Festival

Visit here: or direct link here: MeerooFestivalHere.
The Me and Roo Festival is a cute area filled with products to appeal to Meeroo owners but I think some things would be cute for anyone such as the new outfits by Evie's Closet, some poses, etc. I walked away with some cute tattoos, Meeroo shoes, ears and tail, this t-shirt,and a few other things and o yeah.. look at my first photo close. They have burgers.. made out of.... um.. gulp.. look real close. Never mind, it's a fake burger : ) So anyway, check it out if you like to see fun stuff.

Congratulations Mr. Virtual World, Jax Aster

Mr. Virtual World
(Jax, Mr. Virtual World)
Jax Aster, Mr. U.S.A., was named Mr. Virtual World today and I headed over for the afterparty. Cutting Edge Concerts presented a Beyonce tribute concert show that was full of impressive lights, sounds props and stars that had the large crowd hopping.

(Lapiscean Liberty, Cutting Edge Concerts)

SoliDea FoliEs Show Today

Awesome *SoliDea FoliEs* Escapes! video by Colemarie for this show today at 2 pm SLt in SaliMar or direct link here: SaliMarHere.

Blog Info. here for all the details: direct link here: ColeHere.

Music is a song from Obsidia called "Falling" which you can listen to here in full -->

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nymphetamine Boutique

Visit here- NymphetamineHere.

(me on the right standing by the costumes)

Tonight I visited a beautiful store and walked away with a ton of great clothes ranging from costume type, burlesque, some a little steampunk, gorgeous bridal and other gowns, some casual and sexy, and much more, all set in a large scenic sim. While there I was greeted by and had a nice conversation with the owner/designer, Paeoti Pomeray. I actually tried on a couple of my purchases while in the store and found them to fit well and look great. I'm happy to have found this shop that has been around since 2005 and know I'll be going back. Check it out some time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Explore Second Life

Here we go again. There are a lot of new or remodeled and amazing sims around so here are a few I've visited recently.

The Looking Glass, Horizon Dream The Looking Glass Sim: The Looking Glass, Horizon Dream. This is an impressive sim that has been here for a while, but new things are often found from a fairy circle in a beautiful glowing garden to tunnels that house crystals and caverns under the city and so much more. Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee Visit here: direct link here: TheLookingGlassHere.
Ice Gallery by Rebeca BashleyUTSA Art Space Sim: UTSA Art Space ice sculpture exhibit by Rebeca Bashly. There is a direct tp to Snowcrash from here which is also worth a nice long explore. Visit here: or direct link here: UTSAIceHere.
MetaLAS Sim: MetaLAS, "Papermakis" by Romy Nayar,Sit on the chair by the giant newsprint girl to get inside her dress where one holding a box will give you the free avatar and instruction to further the journey. : ) Be sure to click everything. Don't miss the sound area way up in the sky. Visit here: or direct link here: MetaLASHere.
The Realm of Mystara Sim: The Realm of Mystara. This is a large impressive fantasy role play sim that includes beautiful areas perfect for mermaids, fairys, and all natural types, plus underground caverns and tunnels filled with ornately decorated rooms, bars, and locked areas for stranger darker beasts. Check it out here: or direct link here: RealmofMystaraHere.
Alice Madness Returns Alice Madness Returns Sim: Alice Madness Returns. This is a cute sim with some "darker" Alice in Wonderland areas and shopping for adult rated products. Very scenic for photos though too. Visit here: direct link here: AliceHere.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feed the Good Wolf

Dear Diary,
Yes, here I am writing to you about basically the same whiny ass stuff I usually do. It comes from the singularly SL bipolarity that sometimes sets in. In my RL I think I'm ok. But I've noticed a fellow blogger that I love to follow has had some good recent posts about such things as well and the comments were reassuring that I'm not alone. I suppose some of the higher profile people such as herself get more negative blog or inworld feedback too on top of the positive, as there are always going to be party poopers somewhere. I had to comment back that I do think some of the insecurities come from the fact that SL is a online game set designed to conceal RL identifies if desired and being as such it's very easy for people to hide, play on alts and otherwise misbehave and no one can find out. After a while of this it's easy to be suspicious and read more into things that often probably should be. Then again I know avatars who tell me they time and time again fall for partners who cheat on them with alts, hit up on their best friends etc. and they fall hard every time over and over. I don't know what is worse being guarded having ongoing suspicions, jealousies and imagining things that may or may not be true or going with the flow until things come to light causing major heart aches and breaks in huge chunks.

Anyway, so this fellow blogger was doing some positive self talk which I think is a great idea. Then today the BOSL group drop down sent by Mr. Mills labeled "A Nice Story" came through saying this:

One evening a man of many years told his grandson about a battle inside people.

He said, "The battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment...

The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy..."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and asked:

"Which one wins grandfather?"

Grandfather replied...."The one we feed."

And so Dear Diary, that little anecdote is a nice reminder for myself and apparently others to feed the Good wolf. I'll try. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute Vid

On a lighter note I thought this was cute: Check out the youtube of gk2gk here

Kara Trapdoor Is Real

What will happen July 31st? Kara is not a "fake" account, I am real. I have a "real" life home and a "Second Life" home and live in both places and am on the internet almost daily for hours, I spend my money, support causes, and help others in various ways through this online activity as Kara who is a very real part of me. I am known to many as Kara. I don't cause Google or anyone else any real problems that I know of. I am Kara, hear me roar! I am real Google.Thanks
Read about it from Google here: or direct link here: GoogleHere

Rumors abound and quite frankly I don't know what this means for me, as my blogger account is under g-mail, a Google profile account. I have to say this has me a bit worried and since I first read about it in New World Notes here: direct link here: NewWorldNotesHere Hamlet Au, (or James Wagner if Google prefers) keeps us up to date. One Avatar's recent experience got me thinking, as his account was already recently suspended.. direct link here: OpensourceblogsHere. The gist of the concern if you don't want to take the links is similar to the Facebook issue in that they want or will require the profiles to list "real" names and information but additional names or aliases can be added. Personally I like to keep my "real" life and my "Second Life" separate to all but my closest SL and RL friends. There are many reasons for and against each side of the argument here and I "get" them all, but I still think there needs to be some privacy protection here. One very good blog with great comments was done on the subject by Miso here: direct link here: MisoHere. Another by Botgirl here: direct link here: BotgirlHere. If you look to the sidebar under blogs I follow my friend Divi just joined Facebook and talks a bit about this Google business as he made a FB "page" vs. the regular account to avoid being poof'd, with that no one can friend him and it has very limited functions. **sigh** What is this all coming to? I've actually waited a while to blog on this subject, as I just wasn't clear what if anything to worry about or do. I did lose some Facebook avatar friends to the FB poofing of seemingly random SL avatar accounts a couple of weeks ago for the apparent similar reason.

So here are some things I've scrounged up on the subject and my two cents worth. And God help me if I'm drawing Google attention to myself due to blogging the subject because really I'm juat a harmless nobody wanting to blog my fun here. I'd hate to lose my saved memories here on blogger. If people don’t like that my blog is under my Second Life name they don’t need to read it. I fully expect many people have no interest in second life, myself or any of this.. that is totally ok. Leave me and my SL identity in peace then. I am very sure some of my own relatives would have no interest in this blog … that’s ok and a good thing in some cases, they can find my real life stuff elsewhere. No one is forced to look here. Sure some people are using pseudonyms for public comments in other areas, but there are so many like myself.. many many people who are non-controversial using Google services. I guess that is not really their point but rather they want to be able to link everyone and connect them to all their information. Why is that necessary? We make up Google too.. don’t leave us out.

Some arguments for allowing online pseudonyms:
(not the same as fake names)

-So much for online security if "real" names are required… are movie stars or famous people going to stop utilizing social networks, Google or Facebook, in the anonyomity of their pseudonyms? Alternate names serve a purpose including online security, as most people don’t want to be stalked, harassed, etc. How about some security for whistle blowers, people exposing wrongdoings or expressing themselves in a way some zealots don’t appreciate that could allow them exposure to retaliation by "bad" people. YES there will always be bad people doing bad things but most likely the really bad ones are better able to disguise their fake identity to look like a real one anyway than the many normal people just using alternate names. What about all the many avatars who do bring a great deal of information, entertainment and business for Google and the economy via Internet experiences w/out a mean streak or intent at all? Does everyone want their relatives or grandchildren to eventually be able to track their every Internet move some day? I can't believe the majority of people using alternate profile names are misbehaving online and many using real names are misbehaving just like some with pseudonyms. I've seen some horrible comments by so called "real" names. Personally I have nothing to hide, but enjoy the anonymity of my SL av and so I have a RL and SL identifies. Both are very real to me and are me. My SL one just gets way more internet attention and that is great, my RL one is pretty normal and basically boring.

Read here many interesting comments about this and Kudos to SL CodeBastard Redgrave for the comment in this link: direct link here: IdentityCommentsHere.

Other related info here: direct here: newshere. "Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages"

And from Wiki on Pseudonmyns: direct link here: WikiHere.

"A pseudonym (literally, "false name") is a name that a person (or, sometimes, a group) assumes for a particular purpose and that differs from his or her original orthonym (or 'true name').[1] They include stage names, noms de plume, aliases, gamer identification, anagrams, Graecisms, Latinisations, mystifications, nicknames, and names or orders or popes.[2]

Pseudonyms are often used to hide an individual's real identity, as with writers' pen names, graffiti artists' tags, resistance fighters' or terrorists' noms de guerre, and computer hackers' handles. Actors, musicians, and other performers sometimes use stage names, for example, to mask their ethnic backgrounds. Employers sometimes require employees to use assigned names to help sell products; for example, a company that does business mostly in one country but locates a call center in another country may require its employees to assume names common in the former country in an effort to draw a more positive or less negative reaction from current and/or prospective customers.

...In some cases, pseudonyms are adopted because they are part of a cultural or organizational tradition. This has been the case of devotional names used by members of some religious orders, and "cadre names" used by Communist party leaders such as Trotsky and Stalin.

...A collective name or collective pseudonym is one shared by two or more persons. This is sometimes used by the co-authors of a work, such as Ellery Queen, or Bourbaki.

…A pen name (or "nom de plume") is a pseudonym adopted by authors or their publishers, often to conceal their identity. One famous example of this is Samuel Clemens' writing under the pen name Mark Twain. A pen name may be used if a writer's real name is likely to be confused with the name of another writer or notable individual, or if their real name is deemed to be unsuitable. Authors who write in fiction and non-fiction, or in different genres, may use pen names to avoid confusing their readers, as in the case of mathematician Charles Dodgson, who wrote fantasy novels under the pen name Lewis Carroll. Some authors, such as Harold Robbins, use several noms de plume..

…Aliases, fictitious business names, and dummy corporations in criminal activityCriminals may use aliases, fictitious business names, and dummy corporations (corporate shells) to hide their identity, or to impersonate other persons or entities in order to commit fraud. Aliases and fictitious business names used for dummy corporations may become so complex, that in the words of the Washington Post newspaper, "getting to the truth requires a walk down a bizarre labyrinth", and multiple government agencies may become involved to uncover the truth.[6]

...Individuals using a computer online may adopt or be required to use a form of pseudonym known as a "handle", "user name", "login name", "avatar", or, sometimes, "screen name" or "nickname" (or "nick"). On the Internet, pseudonymous remailers utilise cryptography that achieves persistent pseudonymity, so that two-way communication can be achieved, and reputations can be established, without linking physical identities to their respective pseudonyms.[citation needed] Aliasing is the use of multiple names for the same data location.

...More sophisticated cryptographic systems, such as Anonymous Digital credentials, enable users to communicate pseudonymously (i.e., by identifying themselves by means of pseudonyms). In well-defined abuse cases, a designated authority may be able to revoke the pseudonyms and reveal the individuals' real identity.

...Establishment of identityThe patrilineal and matrilineal practices of assigning names to offspring for the purpose of tracing ancestry or determining inheritance and other relationships may be giving way to a 21st century preference for self-assigned or quality-assigned names as replacements for birth given names. A common practice of many indigenous peoples was to assign a clan or shamanic name to members in puberty and post-puberty rituals. It is becoming more common for modern authors and others to elect to take names better suited to their own tastes, characters, or other aspects of personal description or preference. "In most legal systems, a name assumed for a non-fraudulent purpose is a legal name and usable as the person's true name...".[citation needed] This is quite distinct from, though not exclusive of, employing a pseudonym for the purpose of concealment.

...Musicians and singers can use pseudonyms to allow artists to collaborate with artists on other labels while avoiding the need to gain permission from their own labels, such as the artist Jerry Samuels, who made songs under Napoleon XIV. Rock singer-guitarist George Harrison, for example, played guitar on Cream's song "Badge" using a pseudonym. Another member from The Beatles was Ringo Starr, the drummer, whose real name is Richard Starkey. In classical music, some record companies issued recordings under a nom de disque

...Noms de guerre
...Business sales
...writing to agony columns in newspapers and magazines may use pseudonyms
...Stage namesMain article: Stage name
[edit] Film, theatre, and related activities
...In many cultures, people go by several different nicknames over the course of their lives, to reflect important parts of their lives. In some cases, a rite of passage or puberty marks the transition from a "milk name" to an adult name. Enrollment in school is another occasion where a child's formal or legal name would begin to be used.
...[edit] Monarchies
...Cadre names
...Political articles
...Famous pseudonyms of people who were neither authors nor actors include the architect Le Corbusier (né Charles Édouard Jeanneret); and the statistician Student (né William Sealey Gosset), discoverer of Student's t-distribution in statistics (the latter's employer prohibited publication by employees to prevent trade secrets being revealed.)" Wiki information at above link.

That's about it... I guess we'll see.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rod Humble (LL CEO), "The Mark" Interview

Rod Humble's, (LL CEO) very interesting interview on "The Mark", seen here today: or direct link here: TheMarkRodHere. Plus win your dream second life contest there as well. Everyone is talking about Rod's interview so I won't copy/quote anything, just head to the link if you haven't seen it yet.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Fun Dress-"Minnie" by Fellini Couture

I've said before I don't really blog fashion much... but here I go again. I found something cute.

I couldn't resist this adorable "Minnie" dress by Fellini Couture that has working TV's running old Mickey Mouse cartoons. Love it! : )

Dress: Fellini Couture "Minnie": firect link here: FelliniCoutureHere.

Hair: Zero Style "Bice": or direct link here: ZeroStyleHere.

Location: Sarah's Magic Kingdom, Disney Museum and more sim here: or direct link here: DisneyHere.

Shoes: Pixel Mode, "Baby T's" or direct link here: PixelModeBabyT'sHere.

Minnie Minnie

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Visit here: or direct link here: JosieJOCOHere.
Talk about versatility.. My friend Josie Anderton seems to do it all. Anyone who knows me knows I love the variety in SL and I think my blog reflects that. Well today I learned Josie has yet another talent to add to her repertoire. We all know Josie for her friendly, sweet and humorous personality and her great voice when she sings live around the grid, but she also blogs, is an amazing photographer and makes machinima. Today I noticed she has opened a shop with clothes she makes. I rode in on my balloon pony that I just got at the Community thrift event, and chatted with Josie about this her latest venture and took a couple of quick snaps of her at her shop for this blog post. She said she is making clothes for her store but may add a few other types of things soon. In the past I commented on some super cute jeans she was wearing and being the person Josie is, she immediately gave me a copy telling me then that she made them herself. I should have anticipated she would be making more clothes soon. Check out her store when you get a chance.. and don't forget to pop into her shows from time to time.

Josie Josie
Josie Clothes Josie sent me this tank with my "It's A Trap" (my group titler) on the front and my name on the back and these are also some of the jeans she makes. Very cute stuff... Thanks Josie!

Summer On The Boardwalk, Adopt A Family Summer Fundraiser July 8 through 6pm SLT July 10

ⒶⒶⒻ3 Day Extravaganza Raising Funds for Adopt a Family ⒶⒶⒻ

Date: July 8, 9, and 10th

Opening ceremonies on Friday, July 8 at 7:30 am slt ... closing on July10 at 6 pm slt
Adopt A Family
This event is fun for the whole family and for a good cause. I stopped in this morning to ride a few rides and enjoy some sites including a huge water tube water slide type ride, roller coaster, ferris wheels, bumper cars, fun house, gorgeous carousal, THE BIG DROP,(fun!), hot dogs, cotton candy, games and tons of prizes and much more. They also have a celebrity dunk tank that seems to be the big crowd pleaser. Some of the dunkees include: Frolic Mills, Dousa Dragonash of Metaverse Television, Supermodel Wicca Merlin, BlackBarbie Braven, Kay Fairey, Ji Nirvana, Yula Finesmith, Jessica Lyon, Honeybear Lillihook, Fauve Beaumont, Miaa Rebane, Edi Clarity, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane, and many more.

The area has a staged fashion show area featuring Miss Virtual World 2011 Serene Faith, 2010 Miaa Rebane, and 2009 Mimmi Boa modeling exclusive gowns by Hox that are up for auction, gorgeous jewels by Finesmith, hair by 3636 and bathing suits by Shan SL.
Adopt A Family
Sunday is live music day beginning with Avantguard Frequency and ending with the amazing Miss Katia Keres ! Many mre to fill up in between .... so don't miss this weekend of fun to raise money for needy families this coming holiday season!

And like I said.. all this fun for a good cause. AAF (Adopt A Family) is hosting the Summer on the Boardwalk fundraiser benefit. Organized by Lacie Beninborough, AAF began in November of 2009, when it was brought to her attention that a family was in very dire need that year. They were in jeopardy of losing everything, the husband had just lost his job and the mother had two chronically ill children. The information note card states, "This is where AAF comes in. Our sole purpose is to help those that are struggling financially get through the holiday season. We have fundraisers throughout the year and raise money to be given out at the beginning of December.
We do our very best to ensure that the people we help are truly in need." There is a large Christmas fundraiser planned for This year to take place at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium at BOSL on December 19,2011 @ 4 pm slt. "Do not miss this spectacular show with gorgeous gowns by HOX. Hosted by Lacie Beningborough and Mr. Frolic Mills, this is an event that you do not want to miss!"

Visit the carnival today at: or direct link here: AAFCarnivalHere in teh Snickerdoodle sim.

Adopt A Family

organized by: Lacie Beningborough