Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goodbye Second Life

Thanks to everyone who followed here and all my SL friends.  I have been in SL for over 3 years now and need to spend more time in my first life.  I am leaving SL indefinitely and pulled up everything today, so I am out.  I may add more information and special thank yous etc., here later but for now.. goodbye.  I will miss you.  I loved my SL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hHNUVo9eEM  MySecondLifeSongHere

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 19-28 Home and Garden Expo and Prism Furniture

It's the 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo time!  I thought I'd show some of the items Prism Furniture has to offer. Prism Furniture by Lilly Juno is so realistic looking.  The garden seating comes with at least 10 very cute animated poses, some singles and some for couples. The Peace Fountain has 3 small fountains in the middle of the display that produces a relaxing trickling waterfall sound.  The Dashwood desk set is very classy and looked amazing in my home.  Great job Lilly.  Check out the expo, share in the RFL fundraiser, and see some cool home and garden items.  Also visit the Prism area for Lilly's furniture, poses, an outlet store and clothes including the latest mesh fashions by Journey McLaglen. Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bal%20Harbour/55/104/22 or direct link here: PrismHere.

(Lilly Juno)
 (Dashwood Desk, lamp and chair) 

(Garden Seating and Peace Fountain)

The expo press release reads: "This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Home & Garden Expo benefiting Relay For Life of Second Life.  2012′s Expo, will run from Saturday, May 19th through the 28th .  This year’s extravaganza will span 14 Second Life sims, with more than 100 exhibits, Entertainment and lots of fun activities including the RFL Breedables Fair.

The expo will cover all areas of home and land decor in SL. It gathers together many of SL’s greatest architects, furniture makers, gardeners and landscapers, some well-known and some not so well-known, in a grand display to Second Life shoppers and visitors.

There will be ten days of musical entertainment, including favorite DJ's, Tribute Shows and Live Musicians at the Main Stage Entertainment Area. Builder's Brewery is returning to host this year's Expo Classroom with lots of fun classes.

Each Exhibitor will be selling two items which make their debut at the Expo and those sales will go to benefit Relay For Life, along with all proceeds from this year's, always popular Expo Hunt, Silent Auction and GRIDWIDE Raffle For Relay.

To see a full itinerary of the scheduled events, the WONDERFUL sponsors, and Exhibitors plus lots and lots of additional info, visit the website at: http://slhomeandgardenexpo.wordpress.com/"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nashville Music Row SL

Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nashville%20Music%20Row/166/130/26 or direct link here: NashvilleHere.
Nashville Music Row SL
A cool place for a variety of shopping from retro to steampunk to current, Willie on the sidewalk with his guitar, 50's diner, clubs and events.

Monday, May 14, 2012

THORANUA Clothing -Great New Mesh

Visit SL Marketplace here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/115084?id=115084 or direct link hee: THORANUAhere.

Anua Final
(Anua Difazzio, designer)

Today my friend Belinda Barnes introduced me to her friend Anua who is a designer of many things including this great mesh skirt Bel loves to wear and showed me today.  Anua sells her mesh clothes at THORANUA Clothing on the marketplace, but is looking for a new perfect inworld location for her clothing line. The short skirts fall just right and are a great length in a wide variety of colors.  Anua was wearing a pretty shirt she made today along with one of Bel's favorite skirts so I took a snap and told her I'd blog it as it really does look great.  Bel said she has this particular skirt in almost all the colors and I can see why as it really does hang beautifully.   She is multi talented and makes many other things so keep an eye on this one. 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Machinima Book Launch Party Friday

 All Invited

Welcome to the official virtual book launch party regarding the recently published book by Lowe Runo and Sonicity Fitzroy, "Machinima:  The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking"   (McFarland, 2012)."

                US: Friday May 11, 6PM-9:00 PM SLT (7PM Short Presentation)
                EUR: Sat. May 12, 12PM to 3:30PM SLT (1PM Short Presentation)

                                 Steampunk themed at NeoVictoria Sky Club!

Launch Party Here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/NeoVictoria/17/128/1001 or direct link here: LaunchHere.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Butterfly Gallery

Butterfly Gallery Final

SFL Football -Cowboys Game Friday May 11th

Pre-season games are about to come to a close followed by regualr scheduled season league games.  The team I cheer for, the Lone Star Cowboys, will have their final pre-season game Friday May11 at 6pm SLT.  For tickets go to the SL Marketpalce here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SFL-S3-Patriots-vs-Cowboys-for-511126PMCowboys-SideBOXED/3438701 or direct link here: CowboysTicketsHere.
Kara Cheer Final

Saturday, May 5, 2012

138th Kentucky Derby in RL and SL

Visit here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Equus/92/239/29 or direct link here: KentuckyDerbyHere.

                                            Its the 138th KENTUCKY DERBY!
Experience "The Run for the Roses" Live Coverage from Churchill Downs to Aero Pines Park. This is a live streaming media event.
SATURDAY MAY 5    All Day LIVE Coverage of the 138th Kentucky Derby
                                  8am-8pmSLT      ***   POST TIME 3:24pm SLT ***
Sunday May 6           All Day  "The Derby Post Show"
                                  Recaps & Highlights of the Race
                                   Best Hat Prizes - Male & Female 
(Photo by Cindy Bolero)

Ashraya Project

 Ashraya project

“Giving hope and love to the children of India”     May 5th - June 4th 2012
May 5, 2012 is the KICKOFF CELEBRATION PARTY and two FASHION SHOWS featuring a live showcase of exclusive items which will be available at the FASHION FAIR running from May 6 until June 4. Each vendor participating in the fair has agreed to offer at least one exclusive item, and the full proceeds for these exclusive items will be donated to Ashraya. The press release stats Ashraya is an organization based in India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects.

Sat. May 5th:
10.00 am SLT: 1st Fashion Show featuring the exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair
12.00 pm SLT:  Interview to Virginia Lupindo “How Ashraya changed my life”
12.30 pm SLT: Celebration Party with Djs
6.00 pm SLT: 2nd Fashion Show featuring the exclusive creations of the Fashion Fair

• Sun. May 6th: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Fashion Fair

• Sat. May 12th, 10.00 am SLT: Ga-Go SL Ver. Concert

• Fri. May 18th, 2.00 pm SLT: Mankind Tracer Concert

• Mon. May 28th, 12.00 pm SLT: Official Opening of The Ashraya Project Art Expo

• Mon. June 4th, 12.00 pm SLT: Closing Party and Auctions

Any much more-various landmarks so check events

For more information, please visit the following sites:
The Ashraya Project

Neva River-Explore

Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Neva%20River/83/55/21 or direct link here: NevaRiverHere

Neva River

Another beautiful sim owned by Atteris Amarth & Neva Crystall, sim design by talented Wendy Xeno (owner of HuMaNoiD sim), interior design by Neva Crystall. The sim opened last night.  At first it doesn't appear to be as large as Humaoid as I didn't find any of the magic doors leading to others worlds to explore, but it's impressively filled with small pockets of wonderment throughout. It seems great care was taken with each selection of things in the sim that I literally wanted to photograph everything I could find.  The longer I stayed the more I found I just wanted to absorb every inch and save with pictures.. so here goes.  A string of photos.  And there is sooo much more than what I will post here.  Also mentionable is the very cool rock sound garden area where when you step on different stones you get a different sound, a music box you can wind up and dance on,  pose and cuddle areas, and also simply the way the windlights offer varying experiences as they work so well.  I mostly stuck on a pinkish tone but on landing they changed to sort of an orange glow that also worked well.  I experiemented with others and all were so fun there. Check it out.
 Neva River

Neva River
 Well I have a ton more pics, guess they were just fun to make and will stay in my computer... but go and enjoy for yourself. : )

LEA Full Sim Art Series-Fae's Wonderlands

Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA6/201/135/602 or direct link here: LEAFaesWonderlandsHere.
May's contribution by Fae Varriale's, "Wonderlands" is very fun.  At the landing are the beginning of the magic doors and the start of the story with instructions. It is a beautiful, crazy, surreal experience that follows the path of Ellie through different worlds along the trail of her sister and missing father, but you can enjoy the experience yourself.  Here are a few pics to get your interested.  It's located at LEA6 and the grand opening was yesterday May 4th. Check it out for an awesome explore and when done look at all the other impressive LEA exhibits around.

Culture Shock 2012-May 4th-26th

Visit Here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/150/121/6 or direct link here: CultureShockHere.

Chic management is hosting Culture Shock 2012 sponsored by MODAVIA Productions and the sims are packed.  I popped in for a few minnutes last night, grabbled a couple of photos and had a quick glance but I had to go real life and now I can't seem to get back in for anything.  I guess the busy sims are good for business and the charity, and lines will clear up later since it lasts until may 26th so there is plenty of time to get back.  When visiting keep the prims down as they have a barrier where you have to drop prim until you meet their level which I forget what it was.  I had on a mesh dress and hair and was able to walk through, but I know art skins are fun and keep the lag down too.
 Culture Shock
The events boasts 184 store spaces with a minnimum of one new and one exclusive item each.  The choosen charity for this event is Médecins Sans Frontières (for the second year).
For a list of vendors and all the details check out the chick management web site here: http://www.chic-management.com/?page_id=1231 or direct link here: CultureShockHere.
Culture Shock

Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Launch Party May 11-12-Machinima Book

Machinima Book Party Invite

From the press release: "Welcome to the Official Virtual Book Launch of our recently published Machinima:  The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking   (McFarland, 2012)."

                US: Friday May 11, 6PM-9:00 PM SLT (7PM Short Presentation)
                EUR: Sat. May 12, 12PM to 3:30PM SLT (1PM Short Presentation)

                                 Steampunk themed at NeoVictoria Sky Club!
"Adult verification is necessary to enter the estate, which is crafted for mature roleplayers.  Our event is taking place on the skylevel, where there is no roleplay."
Launch Party Here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/NeoVictoria/17/128/1001 or direct link here: LaunchHere.

                                        Hosts:  Sonicity Fitzroy & Lowe Runo
"We appreciate all those involved in this project  and we consider it a collaborative effort among numerous people inside SL as well as those looking in from the outside.   This book is not intended to promote SL, but we seriously view it as a major platform for the creation of innovative machinima.

This is not the definitive voice in machinima, but a collective voice within the virtual filmmaking community that represents many perspectives.   The machinima story will continue to evolve, and we are pleased to document this point in history, as well as to encourage so many to experiment with this medium through this book."
soni machinima book cover

Book Availability -


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shop, Dance, Explore Second Life-A few more cool finds

PRAVDA Visit here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tenth%20Rua/66/195/1272 or direct link here PRAVDAHere. So much here to explore I really cant say enough about it, it's really a "must visit" area with mulitple related places to tp to.  The terra cotta warriors has been a place of huge interest though.  Check out the Youtube doc on it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsUE-ZtcUFg

Yome Shoujo visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cloncurry/207/211/66 or direct link here: SHOUJOHere.
This is an adorable shop Yome Shoujo of brightly colored fun clothes and a enviornment as exciting.  Worth a visit to shop or explore. I actually found out about this in the May edition of the BOSL magazine.
LEA Visit Here:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA1/165/96/66 or direct link here: LEAHere. Really a huge variety of exceptional art to explore most of which is interactive and immersive for a ton of fun.  That place makes me SL ADHD though but in a good way I guess.  So much to see and do. Divi, Split Screen Art Installation Curator and I ran into Ziki Questi who was building on her designated area that is very cool so I took a few pics of her at work.  We also found this tiny tiny Bryn Oh build that you really have to cam into to fully appreciate.  Look very very close to read ....."I woke last night from the sweetest dream...", I'll leave the rest for you to find : )  Enjoy!
Industrial Grind visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Isis%20Cove/56/179/23 or direct link here: IndustrialGrindHere. Cool trance club.
industrial grind