Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Invisible Cities-LEA15-Explore Second Life

Visit here: or direct link here: LEAHere.
LEA 15
(The entrance by Cherry Manga)

Invisible Cities at LEA 15 openened Feb. 25th and when I was there I ran into fellow blogger Ziki Questi. We discussed that we both planned to blog this very impressive exhibit and since she did such an amazing job blogging it and I couldn't begin to top her post I'm just going to post my pics here, say a few words, and direct any interested reader to her blog for more details. She did a great job providing information about this multi-level explore/art exhibit based on Italian novelist Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (Le città invisibili), published in 1972. The various levels are by the following 13 SL artists: Cherry Manga, Marcus Inkpen, Fuschia Nightfire, Romy Nayar, Ux Hax, Hypatia Pickens, Lanjran Choche, NicoleX Moonwall, Rebeca Bashly, Spiral SilverStar, Leona80 Mhia and Nadiemekiere Adamczyk.

(Emeralda Floor 5 by Rebeca Bashly)
LEA 15

Visit Ziki's Blog here: or direct link here: Zikisbloghere.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prism Spring Mesh Dress Release and Sale

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Prism Has Mesh--Mesh Moves!Saturday Night by Prism

Today I picked up the new mesh dress "Adele" by Journey at Prism. It comes in 6 colors/designs and I chose this cute dotted spring dress. Her ad reads, "This slinky early spring dress features a banded waistline and a minimized balloon hemline. And for this week only, Adele is 25% off so you can get it for just 320L." One of the beauties of mesh is that is moves with the body and Journey has included 2 sizes in the folder to fit my av when Kara is larger or when I make her a little more petite. I also picked up the 60L weekend special, "Saturday Night" which will be a great outfit for play time or Saturday nights with this sassy little corset, vest, and skirt set.: )

While in the Prism area check out the great furniture by Lilly Juno who has placed a 60L weekend special fireplace in the main store and in the square they also include a pose/animation store and a discount shop. There is also a very sweet group gift outfit and this will be the last week for this one, so hurry on in.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ms. Frolic Mills Auctioned at Grand Auction for Autism

Did you ever wonder what Mr. Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, would look like if he were female? Well now we know.
Autism Auction
(Frolic Mills)
I missed most of the event but popped back in to SL just in time to see MVW Anna Sahhpire (4 hours private modeling session) go for 25K L to Hezabel Blackheart. CottonCandy Teardrop was the hostess who then announced the next "item" up for auction was none other that Ms Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, herself (original female avatar) in a original skin, dress and styling with a one hour private styling session with Mr. Mills, up for grabs. The red dress is a one of a kind Gizza. The bidding was fierce back and forth all the way up to the winning bid by Draakje Dailey For 65K. That is about 262.40$ RL where I come from and all for a good cause. I'm not sure the total raised for the Autism benefit, but this was a great boost. It was fun to see the bidder's comments and fun of course to see Mr. Mills as a Ms. : ) I took a bunch of pics.

(He even provided a hair change to vary the look)

(CC and Frolic)
autism auction at bosl cc and anna_001

(winning bidder, Draakje)

Michiel Bechier at Fedef Castle

Visit here: or direct link here: MichielHere.
Today my friend Michiel Bechier tp'd me to his latest exhibit. Michiel is well known in Flickr and has had many gallery showings. He is best known for his beautiful landscapes. This exposition is at Fedef Castle.
He has some beautiful pictures in this wonderful old castle. Check it out some time.


This one's for my friend Kathy! She told me I got to go to the SFL Superbowl last year and this year it's her turn. Congrats and good luck!

Congrats Immortal Buccaneers and good luck!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inside Art Gallery

Visit here: or direct link here: InsideArtHere.

(I'm my pink Petite fairy here inside the art)
My friend Roiben Sweetwater showed me this very cool place that has art by Ginger Lorakeet. I LOVE this place. It's beautiful art, which of course I love to see, AND it's interactive in that you can get INSIDE the art on built in poses, dances and animations to become one with the art. Some of the works have extensions like stray lights, docks, etc., that even come out from the picture too. So fun! After I posed in all the art I even got my petite fairy on for more fun in the art. The poses work for full size avatars and petites. To top it off the works are for sale too and really relatively inexpensive. They run about $500L to $900L each.
Inside Art Gallery
Inside Art Gallery
(Ginger Lorakeet, artist and owner)

(Roiben and I checking it all out)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rez Day Decorating

Someone turned 4 this past week and had a great party at Club Eclectricity. So a couple of girls (names not provided to protect the guilty) felt his home needed to be decorated for the occasion. Dividni Shostakovich, the rez day boy, is owner/curator of Split Screen art sim. (note to self.. tp'ing in SL feels almost as fun as doing it in RL)

Mardi Gras with BOSL and Opium Fashion Agency Tuesday 2-21-12

Visit here: or direct link here: MardiGrasHere.

mardi gras_047
BOSL and Opium Fashion Agency presented the first half of their Mardi Gras show today with the second part being Tuesday the 21st at 4pm SLT (Fat Tues, so indulge). I really enjoyed this show set in a 2 sim area designed like decorated streets that attendees stood around on watching the parade floats go by. At one point I think the visitor count was at 178. The float models tossed some of us beads and roses. Most of the guests were also in Mardi Gras costumes. The floats were very impressive and I felt a great way to showcase the models who danced aboard elaborate floats that moved down the streets in parade like fashion. In the end Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO was crowned Mardi Gras parade queen while King was Opium owner Anastacia Markova in a bit of a gender switcharoo. It seemed like great fun was had by all and when I rezzed back in many many hours later in the evening some people were still there dancing saying they had stayed since the parade just enjoying the party-like atmosphere. Today's show was great but they will do it all up again in grand style on Tuesday and I heard them say there will be prizes and partying then too.

Mardi Gras...
mardi gras_041
mardi gras_046

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alien Abduction

Visit here: or direct link here: HelamiyoHere.

alien abduction_002
Cute free group gift alien abduction pose/prop. Miyoko Magic was on hand while we grabbed up these very cute gifts.. go check out the great pose and props and get your shelf full of freebies including this one.

Festival of Sin Now Open through March 3rd

Visit here: or direct link here: FestivalOfSinhere.

festival of sin
I heard there are some awesome new releases and a pose prop I am dying to get.
(Can't wait till I can get in *sigh* )

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DJ Drake Huet at Smokes

Visit Here: or direct link here: SmokesHere
DJ  Drake Huet at Smokes
My good friend Drake Huet is a DJ now at Smokes jazz and blues club. Drake is doing a great set tonight at Smokes and this is the first time I have had a chance to hear him DJ. He's got a great voice and personality to match and apparently has a lot of music to chose from as he spun the tunes to themes attendees requested. His lovely wife Molly Michabo served as a friendly hostess. The club owner Smoke Dreamscape was also around with the rest of us to enjoy the evening. This is a nice place with some theme nights and an art gallery in the back room. Check it out some time for a friendly fun time.

Petite Avatars at Petite Avatar Kingdom

Visit here: or direct link here: PetitesHere.
cane sutter maker of petite avatar things_019
I am loving the new petite mesh avatars. My favs are fairies of course that work with any AO (especially fun with my fairy AO)or animations. I also love the cyber and elves.. well actually I love them all. I found a store that sort of caters to petites and it's called Petite Avatar Kingdom. They have all kinds of outfits, hair and accessories. Some of your regular things you can also size down and one petite was riding a unicorn she had sized down herself. Skin can be tinted and there are various facial expressions you can change to. One of the creators, Cane Sutter was hanging out a lot and she said she will have her petite mermaid things out this Friday also. The details are great especially being so small. Check it out some time.

cane sutter maker of petite avatar things_007

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

Some weekend things to do:

-Now, 10am SLT-Opening of ProPosers Expo to benefit Autism -BOSL streaming live, auction, etc.-- (I previously blogged-see past for more)

-Today noon SLT-"Spirit" exhibit by claudia222Jewel offical opening at Art Screamer-see next post for direct link and info. (previously blogged)

-Today & tomorrow Vaneesa Blaylock performance art-FULL DETAILS:

-The Resort at Bear Paw grand opening tonight 6pm slt:

-Tomorrow 2-11-12 Split Screen art exhibit opening party 1pm SLT: (previously blogged)

-Tomorrow club Eclectricity party 5pm SLT at : (much in the club previously blogged)

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Spirit" by claudia222Jewell In Art Screamer now-Official Opening Noon February 11th, 2012

Visit here: or direct link here: SpiritHere.

Official opening of Art Screamer's "Spirit" by claudia222jewell is tomrrow at noon slt. I went in tonight with bloggers and was very impressed. From the lady head moths and slugs to the flying tour fly rider and the free avatars it was all almost overwhelming. I spent hours in and kept finding more cool amazing things to look at. It's mostly mesh. I wont' write a bunch, as seems every blogger was there and I'm already seeing it blogged a lot but the best thing to do is just visit yourself and see.
(me in the free av outfit riding the fly rider)

(claudia, artist)

(me in free avatar given out in the flower near landing)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

LEA11, The Sea of Aley, Nemo's Treasure Hunt

Visit here: or direct link here: LEANemoHere.

I traveled to LEA this time to find the "You Chose" exhibit where you form your own destiny by the travel choices you make that can change on each visit. This exhibit has been been blogged and talked about a lot so I wanted to see for myself and while it was very cool and what I had heard, I cammed around as usual, which is sort of cheating really but as I did so I got distracted like I tend to do in LEA with so many cool exhibits around in one area. (wow, what a run-on sentence, but yeah, I'm leaving it) I popped over to a hobo-like area then settled in a Nemo Treasure hunt. I'd have to recommend this as it's very steampunky and cute and you hop into a tube going underwater to find treasure boxes full of cool free stuff. I mean some fun stuff, not just junk. Anyway.. check it out.