Thursday, April 28, 2016

Entrophy III, Quantum Satis at LEA 16, by NaTaS Janus

Visit here: Entropy III, Quantum Satis , LEA16 (66, 42, 665) - Moderate

LEA12 Entrophy

So in following my blog you know I have LEA14 Wish You Were Here.  I know, I know, I need to blog it some more, and I plan to.  But in the mean time I wanted to blog my friend NaTaS Janus's sim LEA16 because it's super cool.  I'm glad to have him in the same 4 sim region right next door to mine because it's been fun watching him build (fast) and with expertise I can only stand in awe of.  The teleport area is magical leading to the many areas in his sim.  I don't know how he got so many things in the sim.  He also offers free avatars/freebies too! I've been over many times and there is always more to to see and do.

I'm going to copy some of the sim info. here as it's prob said best by the artist:

"Hello, and welcome to 'Entropy II'
I was sitting here, trying to think of some fancy way to introduce you to the sim and art or whatever.  But instead I'm just going to tell you to have fun, and how to move around the sim.
This room you are in now Is the sim landing point. If you get lost or want to come back here to get to another area, use this landmark:
(see linke above)
And that will bring you back to the beginning.
Also, there is a teleport kiosk to the other destinations at the landing point of each area..

We have NINE (9) different areas.
Which can all be reached in the main teleport room ahead.
Here are Landmarks to each area:  Street/gift shop  meat mountain Peep O-RAMA FLATLAND Coffee Land Modern Art Gallery Vote for Nobody Escher Area   Tlazoterotl's Grotto

And there are different areas, rooms and doors to take you to secret places hidden all around the place.
Each area has TONS of it's own freebies stashed around it.
So take your time and look around.  Hopefully you'll find an area that you enjoy.  I tried to make sure there was something for every taste.

Thanks again for coming.
                                              ~ cordially yours,
                                                     NaTaS Janus

If you like fun, quirky, whimsical, then this is the place to explore.  The teleport area alone with it's magic walkways is pretty cool.  The ground level is a fully immersive meaty, red, googly eye'd landscape filled with all kinds of candy cane lane type things, candy for children and adults alike, there is a boat ride around, freebies, games, a carnival, and so much more. There really are more than 9 main areas.   This sim warrants numerous visits. After you are done checking it out please be sure to visit LEA14 next door which appears to be an airport but it's so much more once you enter the airport and teleport to the many areas in that sim as well.  But be sure to check out all the current LEA sims as there is a lot of fun to be had.   LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy LEA12 Entrophy

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fantasy Faire Sims

The Fantasy Faire Sims are Open. I'm just posting some sim pics this time.  They don't do the areas justice as my computer is not wanting to cooperate with taking pics and I'm on low to mid graphics these days, but you can get an idea.  Each of the sims has their own windlight presets so some of these are taken from long cams using my selected lighting but most are with the lights they set for each sim all untouched.  I have many more pics on my blogging Flickr. There are 14 sims this year: 10 shopping sims, one quest sim, one Arts and Entertainment sim, one Literary Festival sim and then the Junction that also has the Memorial and Silent Auction areas from 4-21-16 through May 1st.
For more info, schedule of events, sponsors, etc check out their website:
Here are just a couple of the sim direct links:
by The Looking Glass
by Epic Toy Factory
See my prior post:

Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016 Fantasy Faire 2016

Happy Earth Day Second Life, Join the Lindens and Residents at Calas Galahdon

Visit Calas Galahdon here:
Visit SL Destination Guide Earth Day Events here:

Tomorrow on Earth Day - April 22, 2016, from 10 am to 12 pm SLT - you can meet up with some of the Lindens and other residents at the community meet up at Calas Galadhon in Second Life. (not me, as I'll be at work RL)

Calas Galadhon Community Meetup Friday

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Fantasy Faire 2016 Opens Tomorrow, 4-21-16

My favorite annual SL event opens to the public tomorrow April 21 and runs through May 1!   I have some preview items and would like to show you the Jinx poseable unicorns that come in both wearable and rezzable styles with many poses and they are low prim.  They come in a variety of magical colors.  I'm wearing last year's FF Azul fairy outfit.  I took a couple of pictures with two of them in the LEA14 sim fantasy skybox since the Fantasy Faire sims are not open yet... but soon! There are 14 sims this year: 10 shopping sims, one quest sim, one Arts & Entertainment sim, one Literary Festival sim and then the Junction that also has the Memorial and Silent Auction areas.
The Faire offers a quest "The Tale of the Exiles" this year:

Fantasy Faire Jinx Pose Unicorns
Fantasy Faire Unicorns by Jinx

You can visit the official Fantasy Faire website here for tons of great info. calendar of events, more info. on products, sponsors, the quest, etc:

* * Fantasy Faire 2016, April 21 – May 1* *
A Benefit for the American Cancer SocietyCelebrating its eighth year, Fantasy Faire 2016 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 21 to Sunday May 1, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer........(read more at their link)

Other links include:
RFL in SL:
American Cancer Society SLurl:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Join Kara the Candle Maker on Era Island Where Bryn Oh Presides as Mayor

Visit here for details:

I'm moving to Era Island with Bryn Oh who is the mayor and a few other SL avies. If anyone wants to join us there is room for more residents, or come visit -please join us. I've taken up candle making as it's often dark and cold in the area and not only are they decorative but functional in this region. Please be sure to stop by my place for all your candle supplies. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Moonlight by Cica Ghost

Visit here:  Moonlight by Cica Ghost at Lost Isle 128,128, 41.

It seems everyone has posted on Facebook, Flickr, and blogs already about this really cool sim that Cica has put together but I didn't want to miss showcasing/documenting on my blog too.  As usual her unique style shows through.
The sim says:
" And if you're ever
feeling lonely
just look at the
is looking right at it too.
- unknown"
There is a lot that can be said about this build but I think it's been said before. But most of all it looks cool and is very Cica, so have a visit.  There are flying wire wheel based beds you can ride and the houses have sleeping/sleepwalking? children atop them.  It seems to remind me of a childhood dreamlike idea of waking at night and flying off to magical PeterPan type places only to arrive back home in time for morning.  At least that's what the rooftop moon children might be thinking about.  One roof is empty and that's most likely the girl who has made it to the moon and sits there with her cat.  Good night moon. 

Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight Cica Ghost Moonlight

Fantasy Faire, April 21-May 1, 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016

This is prob my fav annual SL event, and it's always amazing.... 4 more days until it opens!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The White Affair This Evening


Music is in the air, and the bubbly is flowing at The Inner Room Lounge RIGHT NOW! Throw on your best sexy whites for a themed steamy musical affair you don't want to miss! Let's get this party started!
 Visionary Isle (42,46,3992)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo

Visit here:

Tonight I headed over to Nordan Art at Jorden to see the new Igor Ballyhoo build "MECHANISMUS".  Igor is one of my long time fav SL artistic builders of immersive art.  His builds are creative and thoughtful as well as aesthetically interesting. I was lucky enough to meet with him there.  There is a notecard at the landing of the build which explains things in detail and everyone knows I'm always grateful for the artist's interpretation of their work once I've had a look.  But he also provided me a summary for my blog that differs from the detailed sim note on the build. 

MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo (above promo pic-not by me, below pics I took at the sim)

He explained: "MECHANISMUS is a metaphorical story about symbiosis of human and technology from the beginning of both entities till the present day.

Since the moment when primates grabbed rocks and sticks to fight for their survival till today, both entities grew, one pushing another and being pulled to advance by other one. 

Present day is culmination of that symbiosis and it brings merging of this two in to completely new entity, some would say unnatural but… is it?

We all lean on technology so much this days that we would not be able even to survive without it which without doubt proves merging with it to some degree.

Often in talks with other people I sense repulsion and even disgust at idea of us and technology becoming one being and it reminds me how much humans need this “stick to your kind” behavior. I find that way of thinking racist.

Face it, superhuman is coming, like it or not.
Igor Ballyhoo"

I took a few pics but be sure to head over and see for yourself as it's very cool and grab the note as the concept is as interesting as the build.  Plus who can resist babies right?

MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo MECHANISMUS by Igor Ballyhoo (final above pic is of myself visiting with the artist, Igor Ballyhoo, at his build)

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Gathering Fantasy Gacha

Visit here:

The Gathering 2016, not to be confused with Bry Oh's The Gathering, is a fantasy gacha event that runs March 26th-April 10th, 2016.  The build is pretty cool and the products are fun fantasy items.

The Gathering Gacha The Gathering Gacha The Gathering GachaThe Gathering Gacha