Sunday, February 27, 2011

Originalia Opening Today, 2-27-11 at 3pm SLT

red hot chili pipers_015 or direct link here: OriginaliaHere. This is the starting point of a wonderful artistic adventure that will hold a grand opening today 2-27-11 at 3pm slt. My friend, Scottius Polke, gave me an invite so I showed up early to take some pics and to be able to blog it before the opening. It is as impressive as I was hoping based on some of his past works I've seen. The note card explains and says it all best so I will just quote it here. Be sure to visit for a great time and amazing artistic display.

"Opening of Originalia, Amase Levasseur's sim, dedicated to art in SL
New Installations by Em Larsson, Scottius Polke, RAG Randt & Eliza Wierwight

Time: Sunday February 27th 3 pm slt. Please not sim is not open until Sunday

Originalia, Amase Levasseur's sim dedicated to art in SL, will have its grand opening on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 3 pm SLT. The debut exhibit, Reverie, features new installations by Em Larsson, Scottius Polke, RAG Randt and Eliza Wierwight.

Reverie begins in the gallery with RAG Randt's new show "Doggie Dreams." RAG's new work started from an unpublished children's book he wrote called The ABCs of AL. RAG submitted the completed manuscript and drawings to numerous publishers to no avail. The book went into the archives.

RAG says, "I thought it would be a fun exercise to deconstruct the characters and drawings from the book into new Second Life 3D constructions. The result is a series of art boxes incorporating RL and SL textures, scripting and particles proving that there is life after RL rejection!" To view the book please go to:

Across the bridge in front of the gallery, Em Larsson has created an art walk amid the island's tropical plants. In "Temporal Dreams," Em says "I decided to layer several images of varying opacities to create a feeling of unreality, images that represent that trance-like state we may find ourselves in when we dream. Asleep, our minds may blend odd elements, some mundane and some fantastical in a strange and implausible mélange that we somehow still manage to credit."

As you cross the bridge to begin your stroll through the installation, be sure to set your viewer to midnight. As you follow the stepping-stones, images will gradually appear out of the mist before you. Be sure to stand on the one that glows to be able to see most clearly. Sweet dreams!

From a midnight stroll through the garden to the blue dome, "The Docks." This latest build by Scottius Polke, creator of mushROOM and Lunamaruna, is a quarter sim build which once again is entirely created using his own illustrations and drawings. Scottius amazes us yet again by creating a new and entirely different mood from his past two builds using a color palette that is more muted, yet strongly makes the observer feel like they are stepping into an uneasy dream, a different reality.

Eliza Wierwight muses once again with "Aria," a whimsical nocturne engraved with all the aesthetic & charm of the River Styx." She states, "I don't have the answers. I don't write essays. I create what I love. It's instinctual."

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Amase Levasseur or, or any of the artists"

The Artists on a show now/just prior to the sim opening.
Scottius Polk-artist
Artist Scottius showing me the way into the exhibit
I have to add, as I entered Scottius' exhibit I was totally blown away... super super cool place. Be sure to visit, as you wont' want to miss this!

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Red Hot Chilli Pipers
I was just tp'd by a friend to catch the end of a show that was soooo cute! This was the first time I've seen The Red Hot Chilli Pipers and it couldn't have been in a better setting for it at the Ayrshire Scotland sim here: or direct link here: AyrshireHere. Brielle Coronet is the co-coordinator and booking agent for the SL band. Thom Gravois is the band leader and manager and I took this info. from his profile: "RHCP, and the ultimate Scottish rock band Albarnach. The two and only original bands founded by lacy217 McLuhan. The SL Bagpipe and Drum Core, founded by Lacy217 McLuhan. IM, Lacy217 McLuhan or Thom gravois for bookings for all Scottish related music bands."

The SL Red Hot Chilli Pipers have permission to perform to songs by the RL original group whose web site can be found here: or direct link here: RHCPWebHere. The web site states: "You've felt the heat now come closer to the fire!
Bagpipes with attitude. Drums with a Scottish accent. A blazing rock band and a show so hot it carries its own health warning. The Red Hot Chilli Pipers have been rocking the world from New York to Beijing with musicianship of the highest order and a passion for pipes that will leave you breathless."

Check out this SL group for some super great tunes and an entertaining show. The music is impressive and they even did a ACDC song with bagpipe rendition that was awesome! Don't miss this performance, as I anticipate they will soon become a red hot, sought after group in SL.

As a side note there apparently is a separate similar group in SL called Albannach that includes some of the same SL performers and it is also based on the RL group Albannach as seen here:, or direct link here: AlbannachHere.
Red Hot Chilli PIpers

The Blogger's Office

I'm not in a habit of blogging products unless it's something I really love because there are so many other bloggers doing that to help people find cool clothes and things, but this is something I really want to save and share as it's just too cute. My blogger's office. A friend, Kathy Nikolaidis, gave me this "Blogger's Office" for Christmas and I love it. The detail is amazing and you can see from the photo the computer has my own blog picture in it, I've added a photo to the bulletin board, there are shadows, computer laptop or desktop options,the bookshelf w/contents, a working lamp, the chair is fully animated with many options including typing on the computer, and all that you see in the photo plus more (minus Kara of course). It's all copy/mod too, so I can use as much or as little as I like and even color things. When looking at this set it says it's made by Winter Thorn, so I went to check out what else Winter might be making for SL. I found her store called, "What Next" and her profile describes the places like this: "An eclectic collection of home accessories, stylish and affordable furniture and garden decor to enhance your virtual spaces. Collections range from vintage to rustic, modern to contemporary. •As featured in the Second Life Destination Guide". The store is loaded with very cute things I like. The Marketplace also carries some of their items here: or direct link here: WhatNextMarketplaceHere.
You can visit the store inworld here: or direct tp here: WhatNextHere. The store sim location is also loaded with other very cool shops. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AcousticEnergy Nitely & ItFactor Resident-Like Father, Like Son

(AE on left & IT on right)
ItFactor Resident recently broke into the SL music scene and it should come as no surprise to us, as his real/first life father, AcousticEnergy Nitely, has been performing around the grid for quite some time now. AcousticEnergy Nitely has been wooing the women (and men too for that matter) with his smooth voice and adorable personality for longer than I've been in SL, but his 19 year old son, ItFactor has recently been joining him onstage and then on his own, for some fun entertainment for all of us to enjoy. I caught them at the beautiful Sweet Whisper, Magnolia Designs sim, (owned by Jessica Gabardini and Isabelle Brucato) and thought about switching on my Fraps to record a little just about the time IT was finishing, but I did happen to catch a little snip of a song and gained permissions to post from all associated parties later. I'm glad I did, as now I can show all my blog friends how cute the father son duo is. AE and IT are managed by SpiritFire Entertainment/Sher Salmson, a wonderful company managing many high profile SL musicians including ACOUSTICENERGY NITELY, BLUERON CLYBURN, CHRISTOPHER135 QUAN,DIGBY SMALLS,GABRYEL NYOKI, ITFACTOR, LIGHTHOUSE MIXMASTER,LOUIS VOLARE,& ZERBIE MAGIC. In the past I made a little video of Gab here: GabHereDirect. He's since improved his sound and he suggested I remake this video with a new soundtrack, but I have to say I love how he sounds in this. Check them all out some time. CONTACT SHER SALMSON for bookings:

Pando-A Very Fun Place to Play

I've recently made a few trips to the Pando sim for some very fun times. It's been advertised quite a bit lately in some of my groups, so I decided to give the bowling a try first. There are a lot of entertaining free things to do in this area and it makes for a great date or fun time with friends. They just put out a "Top Ten Reasons Pando is the best place for FREE FUN!" and I've highlighted my three favorite here, #1, #3 and #4.

10. Radio Pando 24/7 custom stream
9. Mam Lamba's Voodoo & Tarot House
8. Over 24 Carnival rides and attractions
7. The Pando Chess Club with 4 pro tables
6. G&H Cinema Theater with 9 channels of Movies!
5. Ochs American Diner
4. Pando Paintball Arena with 16K sqm of combat space
3. Pando Lanes Bowling Alley-the best bowling in SL!

2. The Bottom Line Cabaret with great dancing and live music every Sunday
Grab a friend or 7 and check it out here: or direct link here: PandoHere.
Bowling at Pando

Their February newsletter states in part (remainder of the month's schedule): "PANDO February Newsletter
We hit our stride with our second year offering the usual suspects of fantastic performers and events!

(Remember, you can always stay up to date with the happenings here in Pando by joining the PANDOMONIUM group, or clicking on one of the subscribers around the sim, or by hooking up with us on Facebook at - so many options, no excuses!)

First, the music schedule:
The Bottom Line Cabaret is the place to be on Sunday!

2/26 - Our resident Poet Laureate, that foxy lady Radegund Bracken, will be reciting poetry, telling stories and singing songs as only she can, at the Red Witch Cafe. Rade's shows are always a treat, and we're very happy to have her here to represent all that Pando stands for in supporting the arts.

And on January 23rd, Buckley Moonwall (aka Gordon Vincent in rl) graces the Bottom Line stage once again, always a huge treat and a genuine pleasure. Gordon's hot off the release of his new CD "Confessions of a Hummingbird Farmer" ( - Billboard called him one of the top independent artists in the USA, and for good reason. We just love listening to this guy. You will too!

And now, just in case you've never been here... our usual "what's here" list:

Here's your official welcome to Pando, where we hope you'll have fun just hanging out and enjoying what we offer.

For starters, check out our Pandomonium Arcade and the Carnival Amusement Park around it. Play games of skill, thrill to more than TWENTY exciting rides and atractions (some found nowhere else in Second Life), have at each other on the bumper cars, and more!

There are more arcade games, and 24-hour FREE bowling on SIX lanes with NIGHTLY and SCORE MILESTONE CASH PRIZES, at the marvelous and unique Pando Lanes Bowling Alley!

Walk through the door and step upstairs to our new 16,000 sqm PAINTBALL ARENA! A full quarter-sim of combat, featuring one of the best paintball play systems on the grid, with scorekeeping and team play!

The Pando Chess Club offers four professional-grade chess tables, along with checkers for the more light-hearted gaming experience, available for casual or championship competition any time of day. The club meets officially every Saturday at 1PM SLT.

Check out the G&H Cinema, where movies are running 24 hours a day. Drama, mystery, science fiction, cartoons - you name it, it's on the big screen for your individual or group viewing pleasure!

And Pando is proud to be the home of the Marceau Gallery, celebrating the life and accomplishments of one of the real world's most beloved entertainers. Come and see the interactive display, where clicking on each image will reveal something new about Marcel Marceau!

We are also proud to now host Laval Photography, displaying and offering the artistic excellence of Bobbi Laval, one of the most innovative visual minds in Second Life. What this woman does with a snapshot has to be seen to be believed.

For your style and fashion, check out the Primagine main store! Jewelry and gifts of fine quality await you there! Since 2007, Primagine has been providing items that add a little something extra to your Second Life.

Looking for dancing and entertainment? We offer the Bottom Line Cabaret and the Red Witch Cafe. These two hallowed venues are in their third years in Second Life, and offer weekly shows - join the Pandomonium group or click on one of the subscribers located around the sim to keep up to date with the events, as well as get freebies and updates from Primagine. The Bottom Line features some of the best dancing available in *any* world, with over 75 of the finest couples and solo animations to keep your avatar boogying to the beat.

When we're not streaming live, Radio Pando ( is running our unique blend of alternative and classic rock, popular, dance - you name it! - music throughout the region, 24/7 to accompany you! Radio Pando was honored to run in the streets throughout the Second Life Seventh Birthday Party, and was the official stream of the SL7B Cake Sims and performance venues.

All for free, all the time.

And that's just for starters - we are constantly upgrading and refining the experience here, so come back often!"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dr. Nax-Naxhibition

Visit: or direct link here: SeraphineHere.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skin Fair

The 3rd international Second Life Skin Fair begins February 20th at 3pm SLT and continues until March 6th 2011. The participating designers are listed below along with any gifts under L$50. Have fun, and remember this is a laggy event so dress appropriately!
skin fair poster

Location: VANITY UNIVERSE (175, 119, 49)
Good luck getting in any time soon though : )
Skinfair 2011 Designers
X1 Redgrave
X3 Curio
X4 lelutka
X5 Redqueen
X6 Tuli
X7 League
X8 Glam Affair
X9 DeeTaleZ
10 Mynerva (L$20 makeups)
X11 Lion Skins
X12 Mojo
X13 Dream Ink
14 PXL Creations (L$1 Teeth Braces)
X15 Belleza
16 UNIQUE (L$0 Eyes)
X17 Tellaq
18 Idiosyncrasy
X19 AtomicBambi
20 Adam n Eve (L$0 Eyes, Nails, Makeup)
21 ROZENA (L$0 - Makeups)
X23 Glance
X24 Baiastice
X25 CheerNo
26 Chaisuki (L$0 Male/Female Tattoo Hand Prints)
27 Cupcakes (L$0 Eyebrows Tattoo Layers)
28 ALEIDA (L$0 Makeups)
X29 IrEn
31 *JeSyLiLO* (L$0 - 3 skins)
X33 Lara Hurley
X34 NIkita Fride
35 *YS&YS* (L$0 Skin & Brows)
36 ( R E D ) M I N T (L$0 Nails & Makeup)
X37 *X*plosion
X38 Grixdale (L$30 Ouch Bandages)
X39 P I C O Skins
X40 JM:Mai Skin
X41 CandyDoll
X42 hsh
44 MD Maverick (L$0 Shape & Skin)
45 Al Vulo! (L$0 Eyes & Skin)
Floor Plan
skin fair floor plan

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BOSL Candies and Kisses Hunt

The note reads:

"* * * BOSL Candies and Kisses 2011 Hunt * * *

The BOSL 2011 Candies and Kisses Hunt will be from: Feburary 14th through Feburary 28th

There are two items to find at each location:
- A vendor showing a 50L symbol marked down to 50L for this hunt only
- A free prize hidden in the store

Below is the starting point for your clues. or direct link here: BOSLHuntHere.

Happy Hunting from The BOSL Team!"

Naxos Party!


Friday 2-18-11 1PM SLT at Seraphine or direct link here: NaxHere.
Dr. Nax or Naxos is having a party on this wonderfully cool sim. Everyone is invited. There is also some amazing art by Afhton. Check it out!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day-Explore the Grid for Extra Valentine Fun

The grid is loaded with Valentine specials this week. 2-14-11 SL offers many clothing and novelty freebies, sales, sim specials, and Valentine entertainment specials. One of my favorite annual Valentine things to do is visit the Isle of View 1 & 2 to kiss the Lindens and get their free Linden bears from them and cute photos. Visit here: or direct link here: KissHere.
Kiss a Linden-Isle of View

Isle of View 1 and 2

A friend of mine, Patrick Thorkveld compiled a list of some of his favorite SL places to visit for Valentines day and gave me a copy to share here. Have fun!

Romantic Dancing and Beautiful Landscapes:

Romantic Gardens: (note-not nude)


Art Galleries:





Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Virtual Events Calendar

Check this out: EventsHere.
"It's All Virtual" blog put up this calendar that anyone can add to as long as it's a virtual event, appropriate and not spam. This is somewhat interesting to me even though I'll prob never participate in any of this kind of stuff RL. It seems it is the wave of the future. It's not SL, it's RL virtual events all over. I'm posting it here because I want to keep a half an eye on it to see what is going on and maybe others would to. It sounds like it will be moderated, but free to use. Here's how: VirtualBlogHere.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

83,466 Inventory and Climbing-"Confessions of a Second Life Hoarder"

Ok, my inventory peaked over 100,000 a few weeks ago, but for some odd reason it's back down to 83,466 at the moment. I call my inventory the abyss.. what goes in might not necessarily come back out or see the light of day again or even ever get unboxed, but I might NEED things later, so in they go. I mean who can pass up a good deal or sale? I'm not sure if missing inventory will resurface after a relog or if things are gone for good. Did I need the missing items if I don't even know what is missing? I know I didn't delete anything.. at least not that much. So friends tell me to clean up so my inventory rezzes faster and I don't have to stand nakie waiting for an outfit to rez. I don't take the time to do that..and I need to shop and hunt, and get all the freebies etc. My friend Kathy showed me this video by Veronicakenya. Three words... RINGS A BELL.

VeronicaKenya Youtube stream: or direct link here: VeronicaKenyaHere.