Sunday, July 29, 2018

District 18, Cyberpunk Roleplay

Visit District 18 here:

Adult rated District 18 Cyberpunk Roleplay sim info. states: "Dark and gritty cyberpunk rp sim where crime, justice, mega corporations. high tech, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence blends together to fit into a noir film like experience Cyberpunk high tech noir Cybercity space cyberspace scifi future roleplay science fiction rp dystopia blade runner dark techno dystopian robot android droid  technologic city technopunk" and appares to be owned by, "Skula" Skula Van Nexus.

The 4 Roleplay race options to chose from include Human, Varient, Synth and Echo. Factions include police, wing cutters, downsiders,and equalists. The soft opening began July 27th after a sim and redesign.  I went in totally OOC.  It appears at least one faction is still under development.  The sim is amazing looking. There were some individual apartments, several club and bar type places, an Ecopark, stores, a hotel, theater, numerous eating places., a great shopping district, etc. I might have gone into a few private residences.  Anyway, the setting is 3082.  Great place to explore and if you roleplay maybe a fund place to live, shop, or hang out with others. If you visit be sure to cam all the way out or get outside the city and explore too.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another Planet, by Cica Ghost- Opened July 4th

Visit Another Planet here:

Cica just keeps putting out quirky fun sim builds that I love, and her latest opened today.  When you land you can get a free alien avatar, but since I broke out my old male alt avatar, Malt, who hasn't seen the light of day since I updated him to mesh and he's so cute, I just decided to stay as-is for the tour.

Malt entered the sim under a bridge of what seemed like tangled gnarly tree roots.  I noted Cica says this about the sim in her profile and land info., "'Find out if you're still human, observe yourself from another planet'. Benny Bellamacina opening 4th July 2018". There are various vehicles you can fly around the sim on or walk over the odd terrain that bulges or seemingly belches out things n places. Some of the aliens move around.  Some of the armless, legless, antenna'd aliens are lined up trying to watch TV with a temporarily blocked view that appears to agitate them based on some of their expressions, while others are just standing around. There are also slugish/caterpillar type aliens on this world too.

This is a fun immersive experience and I'd recommend just keeping Cica's set windlight, as she always does a great job with lighting.  Of course I took a million photos and am posting a few here.

Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost Another World, by Cica Ghost
and... Malt, says bye bye for probably another year or so LOL. Back to Kara.

SL15B Finale

I logged in to SL last week and my friend, August West, reminded me it was the official final day of SL15B. He tp'd me and the huge cake stage was literally imploding or maybe exploding is the right way to describe what was going on, following a show.  I was lucky enough to see so many pieces of the cake stage falling from the sky onto the spectators, bouncing around in all its beautiful, lit, colorful glory.  There are many videos of it out on Flickr and Youtube coming down, with pieces dropping and bouncing around the avatars.  Afterward we visited his friend Bridget's crystal tree exhibit then took the pod tour for a last look at the exhibits. I had to grab a few final pictures to save on my blog.  This is an annual Second Life birthday party/community convention, with many exhibits by residents, some huge special exhibits and tons of events, music, etc. The shopping area closed July 2nd and I was able to get my free 500L Blueberry shopping gift card they gave out to all visitors, which was a nice treat especially considering the whole event was totally free.   If you've never been to one of the past SLB events, be sure to keep your eyes open for next year's, as its a annual must see event.


 and after...

Bridget's crystal tree exhibit

 The pod tour
  SL15BSL15B SL15B

Various exhibits we passed on our tour

  SL15BSL15B SL15B SL15B SL15B
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