Saturday, March 31, 2012

Burn2 Today -Playa is Open!

Visit here: or direct link here: Burn2Here. Check their web here: or direct link here: BurnwebHere.
50 512 plots of Burn art to explore. MiniBurn open today and tomorrow through April 1st.

bel split screen_024
(Bel & I hanging out in the welcome tent)
bel split screen_027
(We each rezzed our choice of transportation)
bel split screen_022
(Ariel view)
bel split screen_016
(Artists everywhere and wonderful sites to see)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Military Expo-Last Day Friday March 30th

Visit here: or direct link here: MilitaryexpoHere.

The March military expo started March 25 and runs though the 30th. The remaining schedule of events is as follows:
FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2012
-10am to 12pm slt Amelia's Pilot Lounge Event
-12pm to 130 pm slt - Metallica Tribute Band Concert
-TBA -Commander closes the Expo = GOLDEN TIGERS flyover

The expo event press release reads: "Join the fun at the WW2 Pacific sim on March 25-30 for special events — including flying lessons, tribute band concerts, contests, and a week-long military expo featuring military content and items by various creators in Second Life. Check out the blog for specific times and events:" So to visit their web site visit here:

Butterfly Gallery, Kaleidoscope Gallery, & The Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery

Some friends have galleries in Second Life with new exhibits and they really have done a great job with them!
Visit here: or direct link here: ButterflyHere.
Butterfly Gallery

The Butterfly Gallery
By Bloomy Miles and Michiel Bechir
Featured Artists:
1. Annomis Devaux (Anna)
2. Babydoll Tracy
3. Bloomy Miles
4. Elorac Paule
5. Fanette Crystal
6. Ilanit Orsini
7. Link Bressig
8. Lisa Klaber
9. Michiel Bechir
10. Sharonatje Romano
11. Toogie Restless
Owners and curators, Bloomy and Michiel have done a beautiful job with The Butterfly Gallery which will feature different rotating artists and themes. They celebrated their grand opening in March and I had fun seeing a lot of Flickr friends at the opening. The gallery is a beautiful build by Drake Huet (Smiles in Flickr)with some texture selections by Bloomy.

Bloomy at Gallery
bloomy at gallery_003 (Bloomy & Michiel)
Visit here: or direct link here: KaleidoscopeGalleryHere.
Enchanted Elven Realm not only has this amazing fantasy art display featuring various artists it is also a great explore that I have previously blogged. I can't emphasize enough how fun it is to experience the magic of this sim. Natalie Montagn is the sim and gallery owner and curator. She has associated Flickr contests. Special featured artist is currently Patricie Sapphire, but her exhibit is about to end so hurry on over. There are regular artist works and a new featured artist will probably be added soon.
Kaleidoscope Gallery
butterfly gallery_005
butterfly gallery_004
Visit here: or direct link here: PatronHere
And last but certainly not least is The Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery at Patron by the ever impressive Eliza Wierwight who I have previously blogged here. Eliza's Petron sim hosts amazing art, exclusive design retail & recreation. Harbor Galaxy is the currently featured artist. This whole place is just gorgeous and a must see.
butterfly gallery_009

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


March 31st, visit here: or direct link here: RonaldMcDonaldEventBOSLHere.

To see the official Ronald McDonald House web site go here: or direct link here: RonaldMcDonaldHouseHere.

For 37 years The Ronald McDonald House has been providing a stable environment to families of children in need of medical treatments. Second life residents can show their support through this event and it's hoped everyone will give generously to this world wide charity. SL is hosting a fashion show that will include one of a kind designs and other items to be auctioned. Auction boards will be open for 5 hours from the opening time to allow everyone a chance to bid.
Event organizer, Michela Benazzi, had a personal experience with Ronald McDonald House services in 2009 when her 2 year old neice, Libby Claire, fell and was injured and the family utilized the RMH.

She states, "Our family learned the value of RMH personally, July 10, 2009. My niece, Libby Claire not even two years of age, took a very bad fall while on vacation. If you would like to read the story, Caringbridge holds it all.
Go to the journal and read oldest to newest.

One thing I remember from that time is the call, saying Libby may not make it. Over time I am happy to say Libby has bloomed into quite a beautiful girl. During the battle, RMH opened their doors, hearts, and love to her parents and siblings. They were able to be with Libby through it all. I will never be able to tell you what a blessing that was. RMH will always remain precious to our family, and during the recent opening of the new Charlotte, NC RMH Libby was even asked to be a spokes model Shes appeared on billboards and a variety of advertisements.

(Michela's niece Libby)
It is by far an honor to give back to RMH in any method we can. If you have ever had the need for RMH, you too will know they are there when you need them. No questions asked. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to give back. No child should have to battle any illness or treatment alone. That hug, touch or smile from family is healing too!"
Since I'm on the blog list I received information about the auction items. There are over 40 quality items and services to bid on in addition to the "Secret Boxes" that are loaded with some amazing prizes. A few of the items for auction are as follows:

*Essential Soul X-Poser Converter 2.0 donated by Steven Dean that can be seen inworld here: or direct link here: ESHere.

*One of my favorite designers, Mami Jewell is offering this beautiful one of a kind color AZUL dress, Annelisie.

*Another gorgeous gown up for auction will be ANIELLE Alex Lapis by Dani Plassitz

*There is also this stunning J&W Jewelers Mans Rolex Ring Diamonds

*Finally there are two surprise boxes for auction that are sure to please. The "Model McDonald" boxes hold surprise items to help a model get a head start. There will be one for the men to bid on and one for the ladies.

Full list:


001. Magissa Denver Studios 2 photo - Gift Certificate a $5500L Value

002. RMH - Gift Certificate - Aster Photography (There are four of these to be auctioned!!!)

003. YouTube Portfolio by BigJohn Troglodite (see an example here: There are 4 of these to be auctioned

004. CKDexter Howley Photo Gift Certificate by CKDexter Howley

005. Here Kitty Kitty- Full Face Mask and lips 1 of a Kind Tattoo by Madrid Solo?

006. Wavelength- Full Face Makeup, eyes, blush and lips 1 of a Kind Tattoo by Madrid Solo

007. Gift Card Silver Photoshoot 2012 by Skip Staheli 1 portrait value 3000 LS

008. TenderLove 5.0 Gift Voucher Value $3,500. If you are not familiar with this hud, please read here:
Donated by Kizmet Kidd. There are four of these?

009. The Gothicmuse Faberge Ruby Egg by BroganCael Resident of Brogan Cael Design (plays music when opened)

010. Draakje Dailey MISS V♛Netherlands 2012 --Service: 2 hours worth of personal styling, tips and tricks, or shopping to find that one special look that will make you stand out.

011. Silver mans band with ruby inlay by BroganCael Resident of Brogan Cael Design 1 OF A KIND ?

012. Womens Gift (Gold neck cuff with stars, Gold cuff with Stars) by BroganCael Resident of Brogan Cael Design 1 OF A KIND



CF01. *Bliss Couture* Alethia Feather Gown (One of a kind Color)

CF02. (C)PRIESTESS Silver by Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparkling Couture 1 of a Kind

CF03. GizzA - All The Shades of Blue by Giz Seron of Gizza 1 of a Kind

C04. MLC Kerasia Blackberry exclusive by Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture 1 of a Kind in color

C05. PM_LuciainGold by Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon Creations 1 of a Kind in color

C06. !!! L+N Signature - Bloody Poppy Dress !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

C07. !!! L+N Signature - Habergeon Female Outfit !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

C08. !!! L+N Signature -Gift of Beauty Dress RED !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

C09. !!! L+N Signature -Lily Madness Dress Spacial !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

C10. Utopia YVONNE



CM01. DANIELLE Moni Graphite from Dani Plassitz of DANIELLE

CM02 *MLC* Massimo Blue NEW RELEASE by Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture

CM03. *MLC* Sebastion Spice NEW RELEASE by Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture

CM04. L+N Signature - Habergeon Male Outfit !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

CM05. L+N Signature - STEAM-GEAR-FLY Man Black !!! by Love Fiertze of L+N Designs NOT YET RELEASED

CM06. SHIKI-Caribbean Holiday-MEN(for models) by Shinichi Mathy of Shiki

CM07. SHIKI-WALK IN THE PARK outfit-MEN(for models) by Shinichi Mathy of Shiki


Model McDonald is an idea by Michela Benazzi. Two boxes will be auctioned off. One labeled Male, One labeled Female. Whats in these boxes? Well there is the suprise! Inside you will find quite a wonderful foundation and start out for a new aspiring model!! Models can spend 100s of thousands of lindens getting established. Yet here we hope to help out one male and one female mode out.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle-LL Premium Explore

Visit Here: or direct link here: WildernessPremiumHere.
The welcome note card says: "Welcome to the Jungle! Feel free to explore at your leisure." The wilderness is made up of six sims: Gecko, Caiman, Piranha, Tapir, Capybara, and Leech. The area is a dense rain forest filled with abandoned ruins, tombs, caves, games, animals, and hangouts, plus hidden surprises and prizes in Wilderness, Second Life's newest exclusive destination for premium members.

When I first landed at the dock there was a nice rat filled hut, a banana throwing monkey, small guinea pig looking creatures running around (which turned out to be a capybara herding game for various prizes depending on the amount you herd into a fenced area, where I herded one before I wanted to move on but won a shoulder parrot for my efforts), a fishing area with free 7 Seas fishing rods and I almost immediately caught a rare bat fish, then a t-shirt, lots of brightly colored parrots, and some beautiful jungle type scenery around.

You can travel about on unicycles, inner tubes, canoes, double ram riders, or boats. I tried them all but chose to mostly walk the trails and I did try to venture off the beaten paths. The foresty/jungle sounds were cool. In some areas there were whack a mole games, darts, etc to play for prizes and other things to do like Tahr racing and many little hang out areas.

I'm not sure my graphics were working the greatest in there though and whenever I snapped a pic the water color turned darker for my photos until I turned on atmospheric shaders and graphics up to ultra, so guess that was just me but their welcome note card does tell you to adjust your settings up this way so I should have paid attention. Another person I met said he could not move until he bumped his graphics down low though. Their note also suggests region default, but after a while of too much yellow I did change mine.
I started a little pied piper pan flute type hunt in some ruins for a prize, but since I, like most SL players, have an attention span of a 3 year old in there, I moved on before I completed that mini-game. It was pretty cool though and I enjoyed this a lot more than the premium Linden Realms gem collection game areas that were a little too cartoon looking and gamey for me, although I have a female friend my age who tends to like many of the things I do and she absolutely loved Linden Realms.

I'm still not convinced of the reason LL has created these areas, but I guess it is to entice people to go premium and provide added incentives through the mini-game prize winnings. I'm not exactly in SL for gaming so I'm sure this appeals to others more than me, but I am curious and did enjoy the graphics and seeing the area, although still, there are many other places in SL that are even more visually appealing. I ran across other avatars expressing their great delight over the area though, so maybe my expectations are exceptionally high after seeing so many fantastic sims over time. Call me spoiled.

Anyway, I did venture off the main paths and found the water is mostly filled with fish and watery weeds/plant life, and some cool frogs and alligators, etc. are around the river banks. I felt LL could have put more cool things to explore in the water and maybe more hidden ares like caves or walk in waterfalls to make it more challenging and mysterious for explorers. I also think some of the animals could be improved as well. Considering the amount of work that must have gone in to this the alligators and monkeys at least should have been of much better quality. This area is not meant to look cartoony, but some of the animals were not realistic looking at all vs much of what I have seen elsewhere in SL.

While trapped inside the flute/rat game ruins I completed this blog post. I'd say overall it's an interesting explore. I wouldn't sign up for premium membership just for this, but then again I already have premium membership, so that's easy for me to say and as curious I am it would tempt me if I saw photos and a positive blog post about it. I'm sure it's much more fun to go with a friend too. It's pretty cool. Well worth a visit if one already has premium membership. And of course I'm grateful for the many fun places to explore in my SL.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Adventures of Bel and Soni Teaser

Some of my friends over at Lowe Runo Productions have been making cool stories in SL and they just released this great machinima teaser. The story is the continuing saga of steampunk friends Soni and Bel, Sonicity Fitzroy and Belinda Barnes in SL. The author/writer Sonicity Fitzroy, who is a published RL author, is writing the series monthly for Retropolitan magazine that can be found inworld and also online. Lowe Runo, well known machinimist and also a RL published author on machinima, is producer and Belinda Barnes is co-producer and director. Check out the Retropolitan magazine online here: or direct link here: RetropolitanHere. Just click on the current issue tab upper right or use their link to visit them in-world and grab copies there.

The Adventures of Bel and Soni (Series Teaser) from Belinda Barnes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buddy Walk Event -March 21st

Visit here: or direct link here: BuddyWalkHere.

Buddy Walk

March 21, 2012 is
World Down Syndrome Day


*Prism* is proud to be supporting the 4th Annual SL Buddy Walk!

This year the event will be held on 2 regions side by side

The Second Life Buddy Walk is done in conjunction with the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society,
All donations collected from this event are given directly to the NDSS. They will be used for supporting the National Down Syndrome Society's education, research and advocacy efforts on behalf of the more than 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome in the United States.
For more about Down syndrome visit,
For more on the Buddy Walk go to
For more information on the SL Buddy Walk:

Remaining music schedule:
-4PM SLT FrankLee Anatra
-5 Maximillion Kleene
-6 The Follow
-7 Guitar Zane
-8 DirtyDee Sweetwater
-9 DJ Splash
-10 Edward Kyomoon

Lauren's Place

Visit here: or direct link here: LaurensHere.

(Lauren onstage)Lauren's Place
Lauren and SecondLie onstage
(Lauren and SecondLie onstage)
Lauren's Place.. Tuesday night comedy and entertainment.. woot! Tonight I popped in to Lauren's place again for a little entertaining comedy. This place is a great little pub with relaxed seating and a regular crowd that keeps the banter going while comedians take turns at the mic. Tonight filmed this great lineup that included: Lauren Weyland, Pooky Amsterdam, Whitequeen, Bubblepop Unplugged, SecondLie Scribe, & Catfish String followed up with live music by JWheels Presenting Barbie Horsley(Sassy Nitely).

(Pooky onstage)
Lauren is always very funny (female av with male voice doing comedy, gotta love it) and Pooky Amsterdam was as dynamic and funny as she is on her regular Sunday night game she The 1st Question. She was followed up by the always funny Queen, then Bubblepop and SecondLie (a fav) then Catfish finished up the comedy ending it by losing his bladder on stage.. yes.. he's a cat today, but forgot his litterbox. Lots of RL and SL jokes were thrown around and as usual some of the best response lines came from the audience members who are on voice. Thinkerer Melville watched on from the rafters as usual. Great show all around-55 people in attendance cant be wrong. Check it out each Tuesday evening at 6SLT.
lauren's place_003
lauren's place_020 (Thinkerer)
Lexusguy Resident and Jwheels Carver
(Lexusguy Resident and Jwheels Carver)
Lauren and Pooky Amsterdam

Monday, March 19, 2012

Explore & More, Second Life

Visit here: or direct link here: AnitaHere.
Anita Witt Photography with "Magic Frogs" by Romy Nayar. This place has a lot of cool art plus I thoroughly enjoyed the Magic Frogs exhibit outside that features some interactive spots where you can get trapped in a jar by a giant frog, read with another, ride snails in a snail race or sit back and watch the frogs with umbrellas fling high into the air. There is also a story and game you can play having something to do with finding hats, but I didn't get to that so check it out for yourself.


Visit Realm of Mystara here: or direct link here: RealmHere.

Realm Of Mysteria
So, yeah, I have blogged this place before but it is just so cool and I found this area I never saw before, so set a SLurl here. Its loaded with all kinds of fantasy creatures and scenery to RP in, or like me, take pics. : )
Visit here: or a direct link here: LonlinessHere


So maybe I WAS feeling a bit lonely and decided to go exploring for a while again. I popped into Ian Pahute's "The Lonliness of Being" to check it out and actually there were a LOT of people there. Ian, the sim owner and creator, was around and I asked him how long this sim had been up to which he replied, "It's been here a couple of years", but just got featured on destination guide. "Its normally quite quiet and contemplative here. But having lots of visitors is nice."

Upon landing you can't help but notice a large mountain beyond some water that has words all around in multi-colored lettering then notice on the base in front it says, " The Loneliness of Being is a contemplative and live installation by artist Ian Pahute. The cloud compromises a thousand ever-changing words. Drawn live from the Internet (Twitter and Newsfeeds), the could is always evolving, always reflecting the now. Some see nothing more than foggy letters. Others see hidden meaning and personal insight. Come. Contemplate"
Ian Pahute
I visited BoHo Hobo to see the cool colored lamp sewers. I was just there shopping for awesome Boho clothes not long ago so it was fun to run around in the sewers this time. I even ran into the owner/designer, Trill Zapatero. Visit here: or direct link here: BoHoHoboHere.
bunny face_009
bunny face_002

bunny face_003bunny face_006
Here is a link to the start of a Steampunk hunt: Visit here: or direct link here: SteamHuntHere.

And finally, gearing up for Easter, I found a cute little bunny face tattoo for free. There are numerous freebies at this shop and a Easter egg hunt too. Check it out here: or direct link here: DirtylittleSecretHere.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Have fun with all the RL and SL events and don't forget to visit one of my fav SL holiday sims decorated for the seasons.. "St. Patrick's Day Town" by Laura Liberty for some super fun things to see and play on and great shopping too. Visit here: or direct link here: StPatricksTownHere.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Are Invited! Grand Opening This Thursday, 3-15-12 at 8PM SLT, AE Sings Live, Come Early and Explore and Play

You Are Invited! Grand Opening This Thursday, 3-15-12 at 8PM SLT, AE Sings Live, Come Early and Explore and Play -see next pic for more
Visit here: or direct link here: KarasKornerPartyHere

Emma made this invite for the party tonight. Everyone is invited!
Please Join myself and Emma Portilo for a Rez Day bash this Thursday. Her rez day is actually the 14th and mine the 18th but the party will be in conjunction with the grand opening of the drive in rec area I've just finished up. The area includes a drive in including stage for performers, a cute ice cream parlor with lots of free refreshments and dancing to the oldies, a skating rink/roller derby with skates and snack area, a special area with seating and play area for petite avatars in the enchanted forest area, lots of dances and cuddles, fantasy area for full size avs too, hot air balloon rides, vespa rezzer to tour the area, a fun playground for those who are children at heart and lots of good fun with friends. Please join us for the opening and our rez day. No presents please, just your presence requested.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Opening of New Rec Area & My Rez Day Party! Thursday March 15th

Visit here: or direct link here: KarasKornerPartyHere for a party this Thursday March 15th starting around 7:30 pm SLT with entertainment by AcousticEnergy Nitely singing at 8pm SLT.

This celebration will feature the opening of my drive-in rec area that includes:
A large screen drive in area with lots of cars and seating, ice cream parlor, multiple dance areas, skating rink/roller derby, enchanted forest for petite avatars with many sits and props, hot air balloon rides, fantasy area for full size avatars too, vespa rezzer to tour the scenic area, cuddles, and more for a fun time with friends.

This party also will be to celebrate the 3rd rez day of myself and also good friend Emma Portilo. Her actual rez date is March 14th and mine is the 18th. We'd love to have everyone join us for some fun but please no presents, just your presence requested.

Here are a few sneak peak pics of some of the area.
Grand Opening This Thursday, 3-15-12 at 8PM SLT, AE Sings Live, Come Early and Explore and Play -see next pic for more