Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

The next one comes along in 2015, so I commemorated this one tonight with a SL snap of me on my SL island.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The PATRON House-New Release

Visit here:

"When an Artist designs a home..."

 Eliza Wierwight, a well known SL artist, has just released her latest masterpiece, this time in the form of the PATRON house.   Not only is Eliza an exceptional artist, she is an exceptional builder and she has some of the loveliest things available in SL.  Her eye for style and detail is reflected in her works, and I know people line up to get her new releases.  Line up is not exactly the word, maybe nag is more fitting. (yes, I've witnessed some nagging.... even participated in some naggin myself last Christmas when I wanted some of her gorgeous garland she used for decoration then put for sale after so many people begged to buy it) It amuses but doesn't surprise me to learn people pre-order her products sight-unseen.  Eliza has a huge showroom full of  a variety of beautiful items,  a large outdoor gallery and several homes available for sale, so you would think that would satisfy, but the problem is her products are so good many people buy most of it and hunger for more including this lastest "Patron" work of art.

The newly released PATRON House is sold with copy and modify permissions and is a quality 748 prims with furniture available for sale separately.  The footprint is 115x115 in a rezbox with surrounding landscaping and water features included plus a small retreat island.   Eliza did include some special items such as wall seating, outdoor BBQ kitchen bank, fire pit, sculptures, art, etc.

(above photos taken by Eliza)

The price is L$16,500 and well worth it for this kind of quality and style. The warm woods, all the details, the special sounds and impressive textures add to the class of the home. Some of the various rooms and build areas include the Entry with sculptures, the main room with fireplace etc., and 4 amazing looping sound files that can be turned on or off.   There is a beautiful dining area, butler pantry, and an outdoor kitchen bank.  The home has a spa area with animations, a gorgeous master bedroom and one of the most impressive rooms in the house, the master bathroom.  I have some photos because as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and I'd need a lot of words to do this place justice. There are steps leading down into the sea and off to the island retreat with a variety of animations, a separate set of environmental sounds,  and a fire pit on slabs.  This really has to be seen to be fully appreciated but Eliza took some pictures for me and I snapped a few candids while on a sneak peek tour.  (my pics below)

                                                                    (Gotta love the details)
My friend Emma and I received a sneak peek prior to release and we all oogled the spacious bathroom with his and hers sinks, stone tub and I was really impressed by the thick stone tiling in the shower stall and on the tub shelf.  It looks so real and damp or "wetish" as Eliza said and when I asked agreed  I could quote her on that impression of the flooring.  I hope she wasn't joking.  Then  she fell out on the floor and I took a photo asking if she is finally resting after making such a beautiful house.  She said it did take her 3 months to build but she had a huge laundry list of SL and RL obligations and interruptions that took time away from building this too.  In the end it's something she can truly be proud of and SL patrons can thoroughly enjoy.  
(Here is  Eliza all worn out on her bedroom floor after working so hard on this labor of love house rushing to meet everyone's demands. I bet she didn't think I'd post this one. .hehe)  Anyway .. be sure to see this house, even if you aren't in the market right now as it's a great build to visit.  Fantastic job again Eliza!

Magnolioidead Palace

Visit here:

Today Kathy showed me ths super HUGE cool Magnolioidead Palace in SL.  It has so many rooms and I just kept saying WOW (and a few other things I wont type here) over and over while she laughed at me running through the place. It's an Angelpocolypse build using 3700 prim and is 200x100 meters.  The palace was inspired by  the real life palace in Mozana, Poland.  90% of the textures were photoshopped with the help of many photos the creator took in the real palace.  According to the note card it took over 2 years to complete a selling version.  There are so so many doors and rooms, I'll admit it, I got lost.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swing Times USO

There is something about the 1940s wartime life and music that is so appealing to me. I'm not sure why, if it is the mix of a more simple innocent time rocked by war and the changes that brought or what exactly but I found this adorable RP sim and instantly loved it's. charm. It's filled with entertainment and shopping and some rentals still available.  Tomorrow night they are having a dance with djs event then Saturday they are hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed event.  Check it all out here:

Go back in time with us to the fabulous forties as we dance at the Swing Times USO Club!  Wednesday 8/29 from 6-8 pm SLT. Swing Times is a great 1940's themed Role Play sim.  Come join DL Stormy (Storm Munforth), as she leads us in some swinging dances.  DJ Jaymes will be spinning lots of great Classic Swing music, as well as more contemporary Swing hits!  If you have a period costume or military uniform, great!  Otherwise come as you are!

Happy Birthday Brandy ... In Brandy Land

Happy Birthday Brandy. 

Most people in SL know Brandy (AKA: Kalli Birman) and Mankind Tracer in SL and tonight a huge crowd showed up to help Brandy celebrate her birthday in an adorable BrandyLand (Think Candy Land) setting above their regular venue, "The Village".  It was so cute I took some pics and wished her well while listening to Mankind sing.  Actually he's still singing  and Max is singing next so if you can get into the sim check it out here:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coldlogic Pre-Labor Day 1/2 off Mesh Sale Now Through 8-29

Coldlogic Pre-Labor Day Sale 1/2 off.  Visit here:
Direct link here:

Fellow blogger Dido Haas blogged another of the outfits I love (& it's red/my fav) For more info and pics check out her blog here:
I liked everything in the store.. so I'm broke now... nuff said.  

Zooby's Mesh Avatar Cat

(Cat: ME, Girl: Kathy, Dog: pet)
I'm not hugely into blogging products mostly because I like so much and it's hard to pick what to put up here, but I have to say I love this mesh avatar cat.  It has some fun moves on the hud besides just walking, wonderful realistic sounds, various eye colors to change into, and the body looks and moves great. Check it out here:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cyberstar-New Sim and Club-A Must See!

Visit here:

A couple of weeks ago I found this completely awesome new sim under construction but already very much ready for partying and exploring.  There is a group that is quite large and they've had some underground parties with a grand opening coming up soon.  I was lucky enough to meet the creator and owner, TAO Cyberstar, who gave me an airship tour of the place.  The club alone is worth a visit and many return visits but the whole sim is special.  It's a cyber / sci-fi looking area filled with the large club Cyberstar, a street area housing stores including a cute lemon juice and coffee bar, a radio station, an artsy paint splattered furry hangout, an internet cafe, an amphitheater/presentation/lecture area,  a petrol station, a night beach and pool areas, a large full auditorium with stage and runway, an upper level with tubed walkways and it's all surrounded by tall lighted city buildings and flowing colored waterways. This sim is set up to host just about anything SL needs. 

The owner TAO, who is Australian, was very gracious and friendly during the tour. He has still been working on a web site and tweaking things, yet every times I've visited he's taken time to answer my many questions. He's been making clubs for 2 years.  GemmaSparkle Beaumont who owns Music Music Music group also helped Cyberstar with themes, floors and colors. My computer didn't want to render video for over a week so I worked on it today and got a little of the footage to render but it really does not do this place justice.  I filmed a while back and one of the already regulars, Jazmine77 joined me in the club.  This is a must see sim.  I expect many shows and parties and happenings here in the future.

(Lounge area of the main club)
(Me hanging out in the DJ booth in the club -red & black body glove by Egoisme)
TAO has experience with sims and planned this one out well.  It's a level 5 sim.  They plan to have a magazine "The Daily Cyber".  There are 7 houses for rent at various levels that have amazing views and come fully furnished including a flying car and VIP passes to all the sim amenities.  They are building a community of creative people and their theme is "Live, Learn and Grow".  My friend Kathy Nikolaidis joined me in the club and then exploring one of the places for rent.
(Kathy and I enjoying one of the homes for rent)

(Mr Frolic Mills, BOSL CEO, came for a starship tour)

(TAO Cyberstar)
This is a "must see" sim.  I expect many shows, parties, and events here in the future.  Check it out!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Party At My Place 9pm SLT Tonight

After party pic of the last of the group.  Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate.  So sorry to those who couldnt get in due to a full sim. 

Visit here:

Tonight at 9pm SLT I'll host a little informal get-together at my place in celebration of the RL birthday of 3 friends Burly Tigerpaw, Bloomy Miles and Renee Parkes this weekend.  We can hang out, dance, watch fireworks, play pictionary, sand volleyball, jet ski, explore, watch movies etc and eat cake!  Everyone is welcome.   If you can't make the party time feel free to visit any time you like this weekend whether I'm around or not.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Circle Loon Origami Editions at LOL-Explore this beautiful and fun sim

Visit here:
Direct link here:

This is a very cool sim that you can ride a oragami crane off into the sunset or wherever you like, jump on a trampoline on the belly of a giant clown, pic up some freebies, take a magic door to a cool studio theater in the sky, and explore an overall cool sim.  Check it out some time.

Note:  (Top pic:  ran into fellow blogger and Flickr friend Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard.  To see some amazing pics check Dido's blog here:  She even put one of me in there too from when we met in this sim!)  AND now she is my 100th follower here.  Ty Dido :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Explore A Fairy Tale in Summer Garden

Visit here: Fairy Tale 239,145, 22 Periapsis, Summer Garden

Direct link here:

Adorable sim explore: Fairy Tale, periapsis Summer Garden.  This is a fun relaxing explore with a few cozy pose spots and lots of beauty.

UPDATE 8-23-12.  A friend asked me for a lm inworld as he went and told me I must have posted a  a wrong slurl, so I went back to check and it appears the place is back to basic land and up for sale.  I'm so glad I experienced and took pics before it was gone.  I don't think it was there long and neglected to check who put it together in hopes of finding more of their places like I normally do.  C'est la vie

Fashion Fix Features SF Designs

World Undercroft, Burly Tigerpaw, Rex Requiem, Brendan Macarthur, Steele Simah, and Thunder Barthelmess ruled the runway in some super handsome men's fashion from SF Designs on Fashion Fix Saturday morning.  Nani Xue was with Hezabel Blackheart, Miss Puerto Rico of Miss Mundo Virtual 2012  and prominnent SL designer Swaffette Firefly, CEO of SF designs.  I went to see my buddy Brian model (top pic). My good friend Da5id Neiro, is the show technical producer, and another long time friend and well known SL singer Josie Anderton showed up to watch too while we sat in the crowd of attendees, so this was a very fun event for me with some good friends around. The show regularly features SL's top designers with some of the best models and fun crowds.  Check them out some weekend. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sydney Fashion Week Twenty12 --August 17, 2012

Show 1: Opening Show: Friday 17 August 2012 – all designers plus Guerilla Burlesque
Director: Ananya Mai
Show time: 8amslt
DJ: Justice Topaz
Script Writer: Chamonix Boudreaux
Host: Nala Kurka
1 C’est-la-vie- Larcoco Mathy
2 [[LD Major - Loovus Dzevavor]] Vikeejeah Xevion
3 Legal insanity DATRIP Blackbart
4 House of {TORN} Torn Difference
5 blackLiquid – M s B l a c k (blackliquid.tokyoska)
6 + ezura + Ezura Xue
7 AD Creations Aliza Karu
8 Boudoir Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless
9 ·· Deesses ·· skins NatalieWells
10 [AMARELO MANGA] Luana Barzane
11 VERO MODELO Bouquet Babii
12 Kunglers Barbra Kungler and AvaGardner Kungler
13 *SoliDea FoLiEs* Mila Tatham
14 Countdown AntoniaXp
15. Vivien Emerald -Désir- Fashion
16. Treize Elyna Carver
1. Ananya Mai
2. blackLiquid Tokyoska
3. Cade Nansen
4. Cornelia Dyrssen
5. 兔 Sera (gig1)
7. NatalieWells
8. Steele Sirnah
9 Ashia Denimore
Owner: Ananya Mai
Directors and Show Producers: Nataliewells, Vanity Philly, AntoniaXp Resident and Markski Gloom

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dividni Shoshtakovich's Birthday

My good friend and owner/curator of Split Screen Installation Space had a real life birthday recently.  The gang threw me a surprise party for my birthday that was shortly before Divi's.  So when Divi said he didn't want a party for his, I immediately began scheming with the other two Divi's Divas.  Isabelle Mavendorf did an amazing job with the set and choreography/dj, Emma Portilo coordinated, and I contributed venue and ideas and in the end we ended up with a little production. We all 3 prepared roasts to last him another (how many years is it now Divi?)   I won't mention how the actual party turned out since Divi is the master at avoidance, but in the end I was able to film a little bit of the song and dance at a later date to preserve it all.  Some of it's sort of an inside joke, since we got together last year and sprung a surprise makeover on Divi ending in the fuzzy full body animal pajamas and a short machinima to preserve that event as well ... track back here for more on that:
So this year when we burst out of the cake to dance of course we had to wear those same fuzzy outfits.  Later we followed up with presenting the roasts all the while Divi sat on the hot seat, a special on fire electric chair (another inside joke, since we often drive Divi a little, you know, he wears that straight jacket).  Finally we did a little burlesque Cell Block Tango, becuase of course Divi ... had it coming. 

But he knows we all love him dearly.  A few special friends also attended the later filming date.  Thanks everyone.  The vid is small here so I'll add some stills.  Again, hope you had a great birthday this year Divi and just wait till next year. : )

In case you are wondering:   I'm in pink bunny, red burlesque, and yellow dress.   Emma is white cat (I think), white/black burlesque and red/black outfit, and Izzy is black/white panda, blue burlesque and white gown.  Also thanks for hanging out at the filming Gus, Kathy and David, and of course the man of the hour Dividni Shoshtakvich. 
As a side note, Divi's SSIS Art space ranked #3 in Levity Magazine's top 10 galleries in Second Life.  I have to say I'm proud to have been a regular supporter in it's first year and Divi has done an amazing job of keeping it going strong.  Check out his blog for all things SL art and more SSIS information here:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Malignance-Tales of Por Kar-New RP Sim Open

Visit here: or direct link here: MalignanceHere.
There are 5 houses in this all role play GCM required new sim.  I wanted to have a look and I was not disappointed in the wonderful textures and build.  Check it out if you like that sort of thing.  It seems to be very well organized and run.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Transylvania Turns 8

Visit here:
   Transylvania is celebrating their 8th anniversary in SL this weekened and into the beginning of next week culminating with an all day birthday bash at The Wall Monday August the 13th. 
The party is going strong tonight and tomorrow they have The Noscars from 6-9 tomorrow.  'Looks like round the clock fun this weekend.