Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The PATRON House-New Release

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"When an Artist designs a home..."

 Eliza Wierwight, a well known SL artist, has just released her latest masterpiece, this time in the form of the PATRON house.   Not only is Eliza an exceptional artist, she is an exceptional builder and she has some of the loveliest things available in SL.  Her eye for style and detail is reflected in her works, and I know people line up to get her new releases.  Line up is not exactly the word, maybe nag is more fitting. (yes, I've witnessed some nagging.... even participated in some naggin myself last Christmas when I wanted some of her gorgeous garland she used for decoration then put for sale after so many people begged to buy it) It amuses but doesn't surprise me to learn people pre-order her products sight-unseen.  Eliza has a huge showroom full of  a variety of beautiful items,  a large outdoor gallery and several homes available for sale, so you would think that would satisfy, but the problem is her products are so good many people buy most of it and hunger for more including this lastest "Patron" work of art.

The newly released PATRON House is sold with copy and modify permissions and is a quality 748 prims with furniture available for sale separately.  The footprint is 115x115 in a rezbox with surrounding landscaping and water features included plus a small retreat island.   Eliza did include some special items such as wall seating, outdoor BBQ kitchen bank, fire pit, sculptures, art, etc.

(above photos taken by Eliza)

The price is L$16,500 and well worth it for this kind of quality and style. The warm woods, all the details, the special sounds and impressive textures add to the class of the home. Some of the various rooms and build areas include the Entry with sculptures, the main room with fireplace etc., and 4 amazing looping sound files that can be turned on or off.   There is a beautiful dining area, butler pantry, and an outdoor kitchen bank.  The home has a spa area with animations, a gorgeous master bedroom and one of the most impressive rooms in the house, the master bathroom.  I have some photos because as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and I'd need a lot of words to do this place justice. There are steps leading down into the sea and off to the island retreat with a variety of animations, a separate set of environmental sounds,  and a fire pit on slabs.  This really has to be seen to be fully appreciated but Eliza took some pictures for me and I snapped a few candids while on a sneak peek tour.  (my pics below)

                                                                    (Gotta love the details)
My friend Emma and I received a sneak peek prior to release and we all oogled the spacious bathroom with his and hers sinks, stone tub and I was really impressed by the thick stone tiling in the shower stall and on the tub shelf.  It looks so real and damp or "wetish" as Eliza said and when I asked agreed  I could quote her on that impression of the flooring.  I hope she wasn't joking.  Then  she fell out on the floor and I took a photo asking if she is finally resting after making such a beautiful house.  She said it did take her 3 months to build but she had a huge laundry list of SL and RL obligations and interruptions that took time away from building this too.  In the end it's something she can truly be proud of and SL patrons can thoroughly enjoy.  
(Here is  Eliza all worn out on her bedroom floor after working so hard on this labor of love house rushing to meet everyone's demands. I bet she didn't think I'd post this one. .hehe)  Anyway .. be sure to see this house, even if you aren't in the market right now as it's a great build to visit.  Fantastic job again Eliza!


  1. Undoubtedly, hands down, one of the most beautiful labors of love I have seen. Eliza is amazing and this build reflects her dedication and talent in every way. I admit I was one of those nagging, but it's only because I knew the kind of detail and beauty she would be putting into it. The wait was worth it! Congrats, Eliza, on achieving such a beautiful work of art.

  2. Laughing here. Don't know whether to slap you or hug you Miss Trapdoor. I DO know thanks are highly appropriate and you certainly have my gratitude for highlighting & complimenting this work.

    Quite an unusual evolution as I designed this home room by room starting right at the front entrance. The finale for me being the Master bathroom which we both know is my favourite room of all. I suspect the process itself though haphazard as a formal design technique leads well to virtualisation of environments. Always the internal debate, what makes a space you want to linger in ? I won't create a list of what does it for me, it's evident in my designs at any given time.

    I've mentioned a few times in the day and a bit since the release that I am absolutely floored by the avalanche of positive response this work has had. Apparently in more ways than one looking at your candid image above ahem. Ahem. That's ACTUALLY me revealing my artful technique for getting out of the frame when taking images Inworld. Last time I share a seKret technique with you Madam !!!

    Again my thanks Kara.

    PS Emma behaveeeeeeeeeeeee. She's so kute.