Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Danse Macabre at Split Screen

Visit here:
Split Screen Dec 2012 Cherry Manga by Kara 2
Today Split Screen's Danse Macabre by Cherry Manga opened and it will run through the end of December.  There will be a exhibit opening party Sunday December 2 at 12pm SLT with DJ Izzy Mavendorf.  Cherry's installation consists of a 3 level exhibit marked with her chess pieces, bone stairways, free avatar located in the large winged black and white multi-legged figure shown above at the landing area, floating words and appropriate sounds that change from place to place as you move, and nice mix of lights darks. Cherry did a machinima for it that can be found on Youtube or on Divi's blog.  For a more detailed description and info. check out Divi's (owner/curator) blog, Division Stree here:
Untitled by Kara 2
Untitled by Kara 2

Friday, November 23, 2012

Liquid Song for 2Lei Nov 19-25

Visit here:
Capcat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur present Liquid Song for 2Lei in their usual unique and creative way. They also offer 2 free full avatars, "Mist" (seen in the center of the 2nd image) and "Frost" (seen below the two figures in the 3rd image) Turn on your sounds when visiting. Look close to see the large translucent figures ebb and flow.

Their exhibit note reads: "Arte Libera partecipate in 2LEI with "Liquid Song" an installation by CapCat Ragu and Melio Minotaur. With their usual poetic language CapCat and Meilo can be referring to women in pain desire to disappear, dissolve theirselves in water. Water is the main principle in our body, but it is tears too, it is amniotic fluid... water flows without end, it's rain, it's sea, it's river... it's an element that see human's history without partecipate in it... How can be helpful to imagine us as water when we are suffering?" [sic]
Untitled by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

2Lei Press release text by Simba Schuman: "Mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, lover, housewife, businesswoman, friend, educator. How many are the roles of a woman and in what way does she know take on them:  all with proud spirit,  with the smile. It's this smile that put on wings to the woman, making special, it's the awareness to take on many roles tirelessly.

But, there are still many women that these wings are wrenched. About the statistics, since the beginning of 2012 in Italy one woman was killed almost every two days (source Adnkronos), while it is difficult to estimate the number of those women who have locked in their houses crushed by abuses of various kinds, domestic and not.

For this reason, this year, we want to shout our anger and our support to all victims through "2Lei", the event born three years ago in Second Life with the target of highlight the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" founded by the the United Nations in 1999. It is not solidarity, it is a request to come up against, all together, men and women, hear the subdued groans , reach out to take a look frightened, for raise one's voice of those who scream with arrogance and does not allow replies. The virtual worlds are an occasion of meeting and aggregation more and more, in little time they succeed in reaching a lot of people. They can be also an important means of deepest messages, as This, in particular when it is not the single person or single group that to shout, but they are so many different realities as those that cooperate to this project. In 2Lei there are Italian groups in Second Life working on art, culture, music, entertainment, and there are artists, musicians, different personalities, both Italian and international.

Our target is to reach as many people as possible because, if our furious hoot becomes a chorus and the chorus becomes real attention to what surrounds us every day, we could be able to bring a smile and cure some injured wings."


Liquid Song
""For I am mist
For I am frost
I want to go back to my liquid form

I want to melt
I want to drop
I want to go back to my liquid form

For I am mist
For I am frost
I want to go back to my liquid form

I want to rain
I want to river
I want to go back to my liquid form

For I am mist
For I am frost
I want to go back to my liquid form"

Be sure to check this one out before it's gone.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have much to be thankful for in my RL and SL.  Thanks to all my SL friends for great times and everything. 

Explore Fotoscope

Visit here:
My friend Val and I explored a little of this very fun  interactive sim that has a ton of photo ops and things to play on.  I made a little vid of us dancing in the foamdome that is loaded wth backgrounds and effects. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday in Second Life

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving 11-22-12 and of course what happens in RL happens in SL too.  But possibly even more fun for Second Lifer's in general will be "Black Friday", the traditional day set aside following Thanksgiving 11-23-13 when a lot of people don't have to work due to the extended holiday and they go Christmas shopping.  Stores have some of the best sales of the year and often people will wait outside the stores early in the morning or even over night waiting in line to be first in to grab some special sale item before they are all gone.  SL is no exception and many of the stores will have great sales this Friday in observation.  A friend passed me her image/sale ad so I told her I'd post it here.  Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Robo-Christmas from Belinda Barnes on Vimeo.

The holidays are just around the corner and Belinda Barnes got a jump start on making a very cute winter video.  Check it out here.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Machinima Expo 2012 -Nov 16-18

Official web site and schedule of events,prizes, etc.,  here:
November 16-18 visit the machinima expo in Second Life location here:

 (Flufee/Draxtor Despres, and others)

 (Phylis Johnson/Sonicity Fitzroy, moderator/speaker-co-author of the book: "Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking)
(Media sphere/gallery and sculptures, by Thoth Anubis)

Ok, folks there is still a long lineup of speakers, events and fun machinima and things to see and do including tomorrow, so don't miss out.  I especially enjoyed Thoth's media gallery so check it out!

Isle of Adaron and Isle of Mists -Explore SL

Visit here:

Isle of Mists and adjoining sims are a fantastic beautiful explore for friends and lovers.  It's sorta of in "ElvenCeltic" style with teleporters to various highlights some of which include Ashira's Aerie tree store selling jewelry in creative presentation, there are hidden places, an amazingly detailed castle or two, dance areas, pose areas, rezzing colored butterflies or dragonflies to fly around and tour the area for one or two riders, or mata rays underwater to tour the mermaid and water explore areas, amazing scenery, boat and carriage rides and so much more.  Very well done.. thanks to Ashira Legien.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patron Christmas Trees

Visit here:
Or check them out on SL Marketplace here:

Last holiday season I lauded the Patron holiday decorations and this year I couldn't resist running over to see the Christmas trees again.  Eliza Wierwight has plenty of her Christmas decorations up already along with all her other beautiful home decor, houses, art, gifts, etc., with promises of more to come.  I love that her work is so detail oriented and I guess that is what we get from a true artist.  I can't resist her things.   Be sure to visit for some beautiful products or just to have a look, as you don't want to miss these amazing trees.

Her most recent note card reads in part...." In your PATRON 2012 Christmas Tree box you will get not one,  but TWO VERSIONS of the PATRON Classic Christmas Tree Editions 2012.

There is the HERITAGE STYLE  which is slightly more conservative at 18 prim. Also the ULTRA STYLE  (as seen displayed at PATRON SIM)  which has different twinkle lights and more ornamentation at  19prim. 

Those Customers who wish to go all out and love lots of bling I've included particle balls to hide inside your trees (or anywhere for that matter) which will shower the areas in my hand made silver or gold stars. I have supplied these in  four ranges /sizes. I hope this will ensure  that everyone's potential custom requirements are met.

All content supplied has Copy Permissions.
Christmas Trees come boxed  in size as seen displayed at PATRON.
They  can then be easily RESIZED  from tiny to MEGA (30M ) and of course all sizes  in between."

The note goes on to say pricing stays the same as last year in spite of her many hours of work put into the trees, resizing is in the skirt for a variety of perfect sizes for any event or build, and lighting and effects can be adjusted.  There is even a Flickr photo contest with prizes.  Check it all out!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Freedom Is Not Free-Remember Veterans

In observation of Veteran's Day I went to the U.S. Military Veterans Center.  Visit here: 
They have a great welcome and information center as well as a large area of a variety of related things.  SL has quite a few events listed in the events search commemorating Veternas Day.  As an added bonus I don't have to work on Monday.  This is a time to remember and thank our veterans, our heros.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Explore Second Life

I found a few quick nice explores.

Visit here:
Visit here:
Visit here:
And last but not least a Halloween sim (so I dont know how long it will last, but it's there now) visit here:   the reason I added this is because it has the BEST grave by far including a coffin that has a menu and you can get burried and all kinds of things.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MadPea Carneval

Visit here:  MadPea Carneval (yes it's spelled like that) is a super creepy cool fun place with amazing textures and is a "must see" explore.

Enter through the mouth of the mountain as shown in the pic for a crazy fun time.  Some highlights include various carnival rides, a super cool working planetarium, carnival games (I even won a funny prize in the fishbowl toss game), there are little MadPea interactive puzzle type game areas to figure out if you like to play those. a tunnel of doom, a interactive reaction room underground and plenty more to explore and enjoy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are YOU Ready to Vote in the US Presidential Election?

US presidential election battle between President Barack Obama with Vice President Joe Biden and  Republican nominee former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate Vice-Presidential Congressman Paul Ryan. It's been interesting and with just days left until the elections most polls show the two candidates essentially tied. 

Other dates to remember:
-November 6, 2012 – Election Day
-December 17, 2012 – The Electoral College will formally elect a President and Vice President.
-January 3, 2013 – The new Congress is sworn in.
-January 6, 2013 – Electoral votes are formally counted before a joint session of Congress.
-January 20, 2013 – Inauguration oaths are taken; the new presidential term starts.
-January 21, 2013 – Inauguration Day
I thought I'd check out what is happening in SL regarding the elections and visited some related sims.  First I checked out the Republican Party of SL Headquarters, that although empty seemed well organized as it was 4 years ago.  
Check it out at Sunset River here:
They have a nice area with links for additional information, schedule board with meeting times and podcast info.  (including one at 5:30pm SLT Sunday) There is also a boardwalk with small buildings that house additional information in small theater type settings that run easy to understand, although somewhat "old fashioned" educational videos on related topics like conservate greats, conservative concepts, funding and important documents, and civics, and there are social areas and other things to appreciate, check it out.   
Next I tried to head over to the SL Democrat headquarters but could no longer find an organized gathering place.  Even SL Capitol Hill is currently closed.  I'm a bit confused as 4 years ago SL was totally hopping with large groups of vocal and enthusiastic party memebers from all sides.  I expected with the race so close this would be the case once again, but perhaps I am just not quite with the program in SL and if anyone has more info, please let me know as I'd like to see what is going on in SL before the elections. Last time around it was downright exciting in SL.. hmmm.. what's up? For the life of me I can't figure this out and asked a friend whose reponse was, "Maybe we are all just tired of it all".  Could be.  Hurry up and get here Tuesday.   And btw, if you want to know who to vote for just ask me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adam Edelstein Couture "Daydream" Gown

Visit here:
I just love this gorgeous gown from Adam Edelstein Couture.  They have great customer service, gorgeous gowns and jewelry for women and a large, very handsome selection for men including elegant suits and tuxedos, Victorian style menswear, shoes/boots, and modern casual including mesh.

This sexy and elegant gown I'm wearing is called "Daydream" and I'm also wearing the "Daydream" matching rose jewelry set.  Photo taken on location in their beautiful women's main store.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Perfect Pose in a Perfect Sim and a SL Fundraiser

WetCat Poses has a super sweet new pose called "Perfect Fit", so I asked a special friend, Valiant Westland, if he'd help me out with this pose in a nice spot for my blog.  He found this really great sim, "Land's Edge", where we could rez the pose balls and take some pics.  The sim has great pose ops of its own and beautiful scenery.  He came up with my favorite shot while I made a lighter close up, so I'm posting them both.  The sim and the pose made for some sweet pics and an enjoyable afternoon.

Visit Land's Edge sim here:
Visit WetCat Poses here:
Dress: Azul, Calypso.  Hair: Truth, Blake

wetcat Flux gave me their note on a fundraiser they are involved in and it states: "Hello everyone!
We have Joined in to help the fundraider "Tommorow Today"
for matchbook monday.
For this event we have Exclusive model set and couple pose
Set for Donation!
Come grab it and help us raise the amount needed!"

Link to the "Tomorrow Today" Fundraiser: visit here to find 3 stories of some of the best shops SL has to offer,  :
This is a fundraiser for Matchbook Monday with more info here:

Yesikita Coppola Did a Great Video of the Haunted Houses.. Yay!

Children of the Night from Yesikita Coppola on Vimeo.

Yesikita Copppola does amazing machinima and I'm so pleased she visited both the Haunted Castaway Island and GAFL Haunted Castle to make this amazing memory! Thank you thank you Yesikita!  It's also up on Youtube and I'll add the Vimeo and Youtube links later so it can be viewed larger.  What a great rememberance! Thanks to everyone for all the fun!

Ok, here is the Youtube link to enjoy it larger and find all of Yesikita's great machinima!
 or on Vimeo here: