Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patron Christmas Trees

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Last holiday season I lauded the Patron holiday decorations and this year I couldn't resist running over to see the Christmas trees again.  Eliza Wierwight has plenty of her Christmas decorations up already along with all her other beautiful home decor, houses, art, gifts, etc., with promises of more to come.  I love that her work is so detail oriented and I guess that is what we get from a true artist.  I can't resist her things.   Be sure to visit for some beautiful products or just to have a look, as you don't want to miss these amazing trees.

Her most recent note card reads in part...." In your PATRON 2012 Christmas Tree box you will get not one,  but TWO VERSIONS of the PATRON Classic Christmas Tree Editions 2012.

There is the HERITAGE STYLE  which is slightly more conservative at 18 prim. Also the ULTRA STYLE  (as seen displayed at PATRON SIM)  which has different twinkle lights and more ornamentation at  19prim. 

Those Customers who wish to go all out and love lots of bling I've included particle balls to hide inside your trees (or anywhere for that matter) which will shower the areas in my hand made silver or gold stars. I have supplied these in  four ranges /sizes. I hope this will ensure  that everyone's potential custom requirements are met.

All content supplied has Copy Permissions.
Christmas Trees come boxed  in size as seen displayed at PATRON.
They  can then be easily RESIZED  from tiny to MEGA (30M ) and of course all sizes  in between."

The note goes on to say pricing stays the same as last year in spite of her many hours of work put into the trees, resizing is in the skirt for a variety of perfect sizes for any event or build, and lighting and effects can be adjusted.  There is even a Flickr photo contest with prizes.  Check it all out!


  1. Karaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~laughs~ you SO adore me huh. Thanks again sweetheart for your support of my work. I really enjoy designing & creating Holiday content for the beautiful people of Second Life. Hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee marketing though, which we all know is a necessary evil. It can not go without saying how much I appreciate your highlighting PATRON stuff :) You rock ~nods~

  2. Hehe.. you know I LOVE all your stuff : ) I love to blog your trees and products because they look so amazing. Thanks so much for all your generosity and dedication to making quality products.

  3. Just saw your Christmas trees at RoseWould Plantation and they are amazing! I love the gold and red textures. Thanks for making amazing Christmas trees!!