Saturday, October 31, 2015

Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt and Gateway Launch Party Now

Visit here:

More info. here:

The Firestorm/MadPea annual Halloween party has begun.  There is a four corner party area by the stage with another area opening later and an overflow sim landmark too, so hopefully everyone can get in.  All the direct links are on the Firestorm link above.  The first is a lm right to the center of the 4 corners.  They have a lineup of great musicians, major prize giveaways, etc. The web site also talks about the hunt, sponsors, and the LL Gateway program.  Seth is singing now followed by Nance and other entertainment, light show, dj, etc. Come and hobnob and party. Firestorm_002 Firestorm_004 spooky nights hunt

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Out of The Looking Glass at The Dirty Grind

♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ 
            The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community
                    Radio Grind, Radio Grind presents...
                                The Rebakery and
                                  Jasmine's Hollow

The Press Release from Lisa Witt is as follows:
♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ
I am very excited to announce the opening of my installation celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland. From my private collection, I have curated pieces of art from Second Life artists to help me express the what wonderland is to me.
As owner of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community, I have the honour of joining our immensely talented family of artists to help us celebrate the wonder and creativity of the human soul.
We will be opening the final part of this build in a week or so, but stop by any time!
This is a limited engagement through mid-Nov.ish.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Art in Hats 2015 Opens November 4, 2015

My good friend Emma Portilo has done a lot of work on this year's Art in Hat's program.  Last year was a huge success and I anticipate much of the same and more.  I just received the press release which states:

ART in HATS and HATS in ART is back for another year of fun, whimsy, artistic expression and entertainment! There are contests open to the public with prizes, a variety of entertainment, more art and, of course, the most exciting display of hats in Second Life collectively in one spot! Art and fashion meet in hats. Good hats are art to wear and subsequently many artists love to create fantastic hats. Fashion designers often show an explosion of creativity in hats. Hats turn to fashion with the styling.
The coordinator of Art in Hats 2015 is Emma Portilo and this year ART in HATS - HATS in ART has selected Team Diabetes of Second Life (, an official and authorized team of the American Diabetes Association, as a charitable beneficiary of the event. A portion of proceeds will go to the charity and we will be holding a unique hat auction at the end of the event with exclusive designs!

The highlights of our schedule includes:

-EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW HAT COSTUME PARTY November 1, 2015 at 12 PM SLT (This evet is a private event, however, a limited number of tickets may be purchased).

-OPEN TO THE PUBLIC November 4, 2015 at 6 AM SLT

-GRAND OPENING DAY November 7, 2015 - Featuring Fashion Hat Shows and a Grand Gala Event - Open to the public

-BRING IT ON Public Styling Contest November 8, 2016 at 3 PM SLT

-FINAL DAY LINE UP November 14, 2015 Including:

The following artists and creators have generously created unique and one of a kind hats for this event:  Couture Chapeau, Hatter 'n Hell, Stone's Works, Elysium Skins & Mesh Apparel, Miss Darcy Spyralle, Lyrical B!zarre Templates, {{BSD Design studio}}}}, Sonatta Morales, F I N ES M I T H, Sascha's Designs, Bohemian Gypsy Couture, Epic Chromatic, Betty Tureaud, Wicca's Wardrobe, Wicca's Wardrobe, Barry Richez, Macabre, E.V.E, Xen's Hats, Pink Ice Boutique, K E L I N I, Romance Couture, Zanze, Snowpaws, Ghee, Deche, Paris METRO Couture, Whimsical Happenings, Lilith's Den, The Happy Hat, Bliensen + MaiTai, Oddfish Studios, Chérie, BamPu Legacies, BlueMoon enterprise, Barbara Wardell, Cica Ghost, Sina Souza, Kynne Llewellyn, ApocketfullofButterflies, Brigittacoral, Paradox Messmer, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Awesome Fallen, Johannes1977 Resident, Jamie86, Valsnia Resident, Amandamagik Resident, Cold Frog, Burk Bode and Wizardoz Chrome.

About Art in Hats:
ART in HATS - HATS in ART was founded by Quan Lavender in 2013. Quan is blogger, curator of the Art India Gallery (currently on hiatus) and member of the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) committee. While she is unable to join the team this year due to real life commitments, she is doing well and supportive of the event. The team thanks Quan for her outstanding insight in creating this unique event that focuses on such a wonderful statement piece of fashion - the hat, while promoting the arts! (

About Team Diabetes of Second Life:
Founded by Jessi and Johannes1977 Resident, Team Diabetes is the official and authorized team of the American Diabetes Association in Second Life. Functioning as an advisory board, Team Diabetes of Second Life comprises members Jessii2009 Warrhol, Johannes1977 Resident, Emma Portilo, Veruca Tammas, Sandie Loxingly, Rob Fenwitch and Earth Nirvana, with Saiyge Lotus serving as special advisor to the board. 
Some 387 million people globally live with diabetes, and the World Health Organization estimates that diabetes could be the 7th leading cause of death by 2030.
Team Diabetes of Second Life’s mission is to raise awareness of diabetes, promote greater understanding of the issues those suffering from diabetes face, and to raise funds to further research into cures for diabetes.
For more information: Art in Hats 2015 Logo

Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Top 4 Halloween Picks

There are lists of top places to visit for Halloween in SL and of course the SL Destination Guide also has tons of info. on sims, haunted houses, and all things Halloween related. 

I thought I'd just put a few of my top Halloween sim picks here that I like to tell people about.  Granted there are many fantastic haunted houses but these 4 are either full sim or much more than just a haunted house and all very worth a visit.  Enjoy.

Valyria, Calas Galadhon, :
Prevously blogged in more detail here:
This one is by Truck Meredith and Tymus (Ty)Tenk.  This is a must see for sure.  Look at my past blog post or just go and enjoy.  Be sure to ride the dragons, make it through the snow and to the huge event cavern which is the coolest thing and take the boat ride too. 

Valyria Calas Galadhon's  at Lost Stars

Halloween Town by Laura Liberty here:
Super cute fun place.. another must see with added parts each year.  Nice long fun haunted movie vignettes to play in and enjoy in a cute sim plus merchandise. 

Halloween Town 2015
The Greatest Halloween Ride in the World Ever here:
This is a long wild ride.. the house pic doesn't do it justice on the inside. It is presented by Alicia Stella. Their sim info. says: "Come ride the Most amazing Halloween Experience in Second Life! 20 Rooms of Terror! Over 15 Minute theme park attraction. Unlike any Haunted House in Second Life! Halloween Freebies available. Updated for 2015 with several new rooms! Scary horror spook"

The Greatest Halloween Ride

 Caverns of Zyn here:
This boat canal ride by Zyndyrr through the caverns is really great in mouse look. Caverns of Zyn

Step inside 'The Inner Room', Your Doorway to Discovery

Step inside 'The Inner Room', Your Doorway to Discovery
Visit here:

The Inner Room Discover your deepest desires at this new upscale adult lounge and entertainment sim.  Last night I visited the grand opening of 'The Inner Room".  This classy new adult lounge features both public and VIP sections. They uniquely offer a variety of rooms with something for everyone including a jazz bar, Roman bath house, Boho area, BDSM, gameroom, cigar room, movie theater, burlesque area, video room, main club areas, and social settings just to name a few.  The Inner Room is owned by Serenity Starfall.  I was very impressed with the classy styling and design by Tommi Bayn and Essence Bilasimo.  The animations throughout are impressive,  with smooth animations and transitions. They make great use of decor, textures, special lighting effects, some original builds and animations, seductive music, and a variety of vignette type settings in different rooms and areas.   I noted plenty of adult things to play on for singles, couples, and groups. Based on appearance and the overall quality and the clientele present for the opening  'The Inner Room' is destined to become a popular adult hangout.  We are promised special entertainment, and some decor rotation and themed areas.   Step into The Inner Room for a night of desires.   This is not just another club but a door to be discovered.  The VIP sections will open November 7th. Open 24/7.  I even had a sneak peek tour so grabbed some pics before people flowed in.  My photos don't do the ambiance justice and of course there are many many areas and I just grabbed a few shots.  Check it out for yourself and you will see the quality of the work here.  Their grand opening invitation reads:
                                ~Presented by The Inner Room Lounge~

 "You are cordially invited to the Inner Room Lounge this night of..
   ◈«-»◈ October 24th, 2015
   ◈«-»◈ 8:00 PM slt 
   ◈«-»◈ Grand Opening of the The Inner Room Lounge
   ◈«-»◈ Casual or Risqué attire
As you look out into a clear moonlit evening there's a breeze of desire gently blowing across your face, and you are wondering how to make the most of this enticing night. You stop, take a deep breath of the crisp musty air as the fog begins to roll in over the mounds of earth, and then wonder to yourself.... Is there is someone out there feeling as you do right now?...wanting, waiting to make the most of a night such as this? There is only one way to find out.
Come to a place of sensual escape or as it has been so rightfully named "The Inner Room". A place of inspiring desires that can only be fully experienced by venturing into the depths of walls within. A surreal aura around you will awaken your senses, fantasies, and imagination. How far your desires go only depending on your willingness to stimulate your natural sensual instincts.

The Inner Room

  Note: ◈«-»◈ This is an Adult sim we ask that everyone visiting represent The Inner Room as respectful adults. Sorry, NO one under 60 days of sl age permitted in the lounge. This rule is in place for a variety of reasons. NO child avatars or animal avatars in the club. NO use of gestures as they may interrupt experiences being shared in the lounge. Please show respect to all visitors ~ ABSOLUTELY NO harassment, griefing, crude actions to rejection, nor drama within the lounge. This is a 24/7 hour lounge open to the public, and will be watched over carefully to ensure a great experience for all of our visitors. "

The Inner Room The Inner Room The Inner Room

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dallas Jam 2015- Want to See Some of Your Fav SL Musicians Live?

Live Stream here:

Did you know that many of the SL musicians get together at various times of the year in different states to jam out and have some fun with a whole lot of music? Well.. they do and some have been going to these get-togethers for years.  If you'd like to see them, click into the live feed above during times they are  performing.  At other times you can find  pictures on various Flickr links some video footage on facebook.  I took a few screen shots for you.  Maybe you will recognize some of them.

Dallas jam screen shot dallas jam screen shot 2

Live Music Saturday with Whispering Sands Live Promotions

Whispering Sands Live Promotions Web Site:
If you go to their office in SL you can subscribe in the fans group by clicking on their big sign, then you too will get a note with daily events and the direct landmarks to just click and go.  They don't add a ton of words to get in the way of getting to your entertainment, just the artist, location, and lm on these helpfull notes, so you can find that here:

I'd like to take a moment/post to mention that while I love to attend live music events in SL, there are so many and it's sometimes difficult to determine exactly how to get to them even if using the live music search and SL events calendar.  Whispering Sands Live Promotions has the most organized group I have ever seen in SL Live Music.  They make it so easy for me that I've found myself promoting them too so that my friends can enjoy this ease of access in finding some of the best SL musicians.  It's also a good resource for independent musicians, fans, and even those under other mgt as they feature various services and promotions as well as information.  I am in their subscribo and as an example, they sent out this note today with the day's lineup of their events.  It has each listed with a direct link.  I can't add the links here unless I turn them into SLurls and that would be a lot of work for me to do and I'm lazy, but if you get their notes by subscribing they have the quick click lm right on it.  Also you can visit their very well organized and managed web site and look under events and you will have all the info. right there for a link in to the shows.  They even have options and thing  for fans.  So be sure to check them out.  And now here is their lineup for today:

                            Saturday, October 24th

12:00 pm: AriangelS at Acherusia Kingdom
12:00 pm: TerryLynn Melody at Prim Economy
2:00 pm: Vince Ruissatel at Say The Word
2:00 pm: PrettyBelle at The Live Cafe
2:00 pm: Quartz at Lar’s
3:00 pm: Keeba Tammas at The Refuge
4:00 pm: Parker Static at Jesterwood Bowl
4:00 pm: Greg Kat at Bourbon Street
4:00 pm: Dominoe Effect at Love Kats II
5:00 pm: Annette Wildrose at 1st Chapter Plaza
5:00 pm: Minsy at Strides Against Breast Cancer Event
5:00 pm: Vince Ruissatel at Club Zydeco
5:00 pm: AMForte at Bourbon Street
6:00 pm: Lark Bowen at Crash Club
6:00 pm: Bandit Eddingham at Acoustic Cave
6:00 pm: Keeba Tammas at VooDoo Lounge
7:00 pm: Greg Kat at Club Zydeco
7:00 pm: AMForte at Oakshire’s
7:00 pm: Parker Static at Godfather’s
7:00 pm: Toxie at Crash Club
8:00 pm: PrettyBelle at Club Zydeco
8:00 pm: Lee Winegarden at VooDoo Lounge
9:00 pm: Toxie at VooDoo Beach
10:00 pm: Parker Static at Daddy’s Babygirl Paradise

And here is their current artist list mgd by WSLP

Whispering Sands Live is a full service entertainment agency helping clients book live music events throughout SL. For more information, or to book one of these top-notch musicians, please contact Jorr Jarman 􀀍, Callie Capliano 􀀑 or Winter Fleur 􀀐.
AMForte Clarity
 Annette Wildrose
 Lark Bowen
Lee Winegarden
Nathan Price
Stickle Back
 TerryLynn Melody
Toxie /Toxic Darkmatter
 Vince Ruissatel


Halloween Dance and Theater Current Events!

Two cool dance groups have upcoming Halloween shows that you wont want to miss.  I know about and have seen both and highly recommend them.  There are other shows listed by the Dance Queens group blow too. 

First a major show will be put on by the fantastic group ExtravaDanza. Visit here:

!_ExtravaDanza Macabre _!

Press release states: "Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  ExtravaDanza is awakening and rising in the moonlit mist of Hallowed's Eve to treat you with some spookalicious tricks!  The team that brought you Christmas ExtravaDanza and Imagine! is back for some delightfully ghoulish Halloween Horror.  Macabre... the dance of the dead!  Featuring a dance themed after The Walking Dead for you zombie fans.  We have Daryl and Michonne!  We will give you nightmares before Christmas, chainsaws in Texas, 1001 corpses, ghosts, witches, scary clowns, and THE phantom of the opera plus lots more!  Come in costume to disguise yourself from the evil that will be dancing, as humans may prove to be prey for our restless depravity!
Show Dates and Times:
Saturday, October 24th at 12noon
Friday, October 30th at 9pm SLT
Sunday, November 1st at 12noon"
 I visited and spoke with Babypea and Fukuju Amaterasu.  They showed me how the unique seating or pose props and fun to play on, they encouraged sim exploration of the sim and haunted house and sang the praises of sim designer SexyS Quintessa.  The place is amazing really.  Truly a "must see."

Next we have The Night Theater's presentation of "Wonderfully Wicked" at LEA2.  This group also does a great show in a fun sim. Their shows are Sunday and again on Halloween.  Check it out here:

Wonderfully Wicked Encore 2015

The Dance Queens group often puts out info. on the current major dances /theater groups performing.  Here is their list for today:
A Trio of Dancetober Halloween Mega-Shows Today!!!
Don't be afraid!!! Go to these fabulous Halloween spectaculars today!!!

*12 pm - ExtravaDanza “Macabre”

Be afraid. Be very afraid. ExtravaDanza is awakening and rising in the moonlit mist of Hallowed's Eve to treat you with some spookalicious tricks! The team that brought you Christmas ExtravaDanza and Imagine! Are back for some delightfully ghoulish Halloween Horror. Macabre... the dance of the dead!

*5 pm - La Oro's Unleashed “Halloween Costume Contest and Home Show”
La Oro's Unleashed Halloween Fest with Audience Costume Contest
We have plenty of tricks for you, but you, my dear, will be our treat! There may be a prize if you are at your spooky best!!!

*5 pm - Main Event “Halloween Haunting”
Time to get haunted by all that sexy!  The Burlesque Dolls guarantee lots of tricks and plenty of treats!

Another show today here:
The Willowdale Dance Troupe will be performing TODAY
Sautrday October 24rd, 11am SLT
Willowdale Community Center

Kiki's House of Burlesque also always has good regular shows:

                                                    !! SHOWTIMES !!                                                           
                                              Sunday, Nov 8th 4pm SLT
                                             Sunday, Nov 15TH 7PM SLT
                                            Sunday, Nov 22ND Noon SLT

One of my all time fav theater groups at Starlite will have a show October 26th

And I just got this Dance Xcetra ad image too:

DX Halloscream N' Hell-o-Ween


A Few of My Fav "Gacha" Things

See here:

My good friend Kathy Nikolaidis started up this new blog and it's basically about all things Gacha, since she does happen to be Gacha Queen.  This will be fun to follow since she's sorta got me hooked on Gachas too now.  An added benefit of Gacha's besides being cheap, fun, usually very interesting and high quality is that you can also gift them, trade or resell since they are very popular these days. She's calling her web sight "A Few of My Fav 'Gacha' Things" but personally I think it's going to be A LOT of her Fav Gacha Things, because she does go to and have a lot of Gacha.   I took a snip pic from her blog face so you can get an idea but do check it out if you like Gachas. 

Kathy's Gach Blog Screen Shot

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Live Music in SL with The Bipolar Express

I stopped over at The VooDoo Lounge beach area where they have been having a ton of live music events lately.  They also have the regular cool club, haunted pirate ship, game area etc over there.  Anyway.. I caught this husband wife team, "The Bi-Polar Express" comprised of Soren Sixpence and Grayson Gartner.  Later I caught up with them again over at Key West, the well known live music venue that packs the house and has a history of having a lot of quality live music and many other events and fun things on the sim.  So, Soren sings with a nice bluesy voice type lead and guitar and
Grayson harmonizes and does a variety of percussion and I am not sure what else they are doing but they make a great sound together.  Their couples banter is cute too and they clearly have a comfortable stage presence and make a great show overall.   All aboard the Bi-Polar Express!

The Bipolar Express at The VooDoo Lounge Beach The Bipolar Express at Key West

Today is the Future, Or The Future is Today! Back to the Future in SL

Visit here:

Happy Back to the Future Day!  Be sure to channel into your Flux Capacitor!  Check out this fun Back to the Future Tribute Ride in SL by Alan Silvistri. 

back to the future 2 Back to the Future SL Back to the Future SL

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What If? At Nitroglobus Art Gallery

Visit here:

Today Bryn Oh sent a group notice to check out the latest Nitroglobus Gallery exhibit so off I went to see and was delighted with this exhibit by Senna Coronet and MM (Mysterr).  The exhibit consists of "What if?" pictures of nudes in various poses making fantastic use of lighting and some interesting Del May poses. Bryn was on-hand since she sent the notices in her group and Senna himself dropped in.  The gallery owned and curated by Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard has been a long time gallery I've always enjoyed.  Nitro consistently does a great job adding to the exhibit floor and surroundings and this time he's outdone himself with multiple sculpt figures, the traditional reflecting mirror floor effect and other things that compliment the guest artist pictures.  Overall I really enjoyed this exhibit a lot, so be sure to check it out. Here are a few sneak peek pics I took to tempt you.

Nitroglobus, Senna's Exhibit One of the exhibit notecards says in part....
"What if… ?
Whenever one chooses one path... there are infinite ones missed. Sometimes we can go back and pick another door, sometimes not.
What if whatever you taken for granted, suddenly was not there?
What if we could see how it would be if everything was different?
Is all we see is just an illusion and different people feel and express different emotions when living the same moment or facing the same image?
(What) If(s) are challenges to our imagination, and the engine that drives our dreams and lives. These works were inspired by this idea of infinite options and diversity of possibilities translated by two poems that guided our movements and hands when sculpting the images."
Senna Coronet & MM (Mysterr) Nitroglobus, Senna's Exhibit Nitroglobus, Senna's Exhibit Nitroglobus, Senna's Exhibit Senna.jpg (Senna) Nitroglobus, Senna's Exhibit  : Bryn Oh Nitroglobus, What If?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid Review

I'm doing a weekly little voice piece on SL Live radio reviewing events and fun stuff I like around the grid.  You can hear this 2 x during the Slow Bake show with DJ Soni between 12noon SL and 2pm SLT each Sunday.   More info. about her show at the bottom of this page.  I'm trying to post about what I say here too for readers on weeks that I get around to it.   Listen in to hear more each week from myself and DJ Soni. I hope you enjoy it and can use some of the ideas to enhance your time in SL.

Here is what I had to say this week:

Hi Slow Bake fans, It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's Korner Blogger BlogSpot here again with your weekly, "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

The Geeks N Nerds event is now open and runs to November 1st.  They always have a lot of fun techy and geeky products and clothes in a cool environment so be sure to check that out.

SL's Got Talent wraps up this week with winners to be announced on Saturday and a 25K 1st place prize to be awarded.  (Round Two, which will be held on Monday, 19th October 2015 starting at 5pm SLT at the Bluebyrd Entertaiment Resort.  The contestants moving on to Rounds two are as follows: Angela McKeenan, Cordeliasloan Resident, Hedy Patrucci, Jeffah, Katiaportugal Genesis, Khiron Ametza, Ladyrok Resident, LeeWinegarden, libertybell Lyric, Mittycoon, Miss Cast, Singsong4u Resident.  

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer opened yesterday at the Strides 1, 2, and 3 sims with a week of shopping, entertainment and more for a good cause.  My friends Dom, Toxie, and Hogman with Whispering Sands Live Promotions will be there as some of the entertainment.  Whispering Sands Live Promotions signed up yet another talented singer GregKat24 this week.  So be sure to visit his fun shows.

If you like to explore I recommend visiting 'Prison' by Cica Ghost this week for a unique contemplative experience.

Check out the SL Destination guide for a long list of great Halloween sims and events.  I've previously mentioned and blogged some of my favorites and this week I recommend the Scare to Death Haunted House Ride.

Today marks the end of the most recent art exhibit at Windlight Gallery where they are having Russell Epoynm performing live.  Keep an eye on Windlight Magazine for art exhibits, fewllowships, club times, a magazine full of art and other events on the grid, podcasts, tutorials, a haunted house, and now a vlog by myself and Emma Portillo.

And last but not least I'd like to mention a classy new adult club opening later this week called 'The Inner Room' that features both public and VIP sections. They uniquely offer a variety of rooms with something for everyone including a jazz bar, roman bath house, Boho area, BDSM, gameroom, cigar room, movie theater, burlesque area, main club areas, and social settings just to name a few.  Step into The Inner Room for a night of desires.   This is not just another club but a door to be discovered. 

That's about it for this week and now back to DJ Soni and your Sunday afternoon Slowbake radio show.   


Listen Anywhere          

Listen live,

InWorld Stream for Land
Blogs / Listen Anywhere            /

Windlight Gallery Current Exhibit Closing Event Sunday


Windlight Magazine is a new Second Life based magazine about the arts. We aim to support artists, photographers, and related events.
Windlight Gallery & Headquarters:
Google Plus:
Artist Fellowship Program:
Windlight Magazine, a new and upcoming magazine that is focused on the arts in Second Life, is pleased to announce it’s Artist Fellowship program. The Artist Fellowship program will provide free gallery space to both new and established artists for a period of 30 days. Click the link below to apply for this exciting opportunity:
Editor in Chief, Publisher, & Owner:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cica Ghost's 'Prison"

Visit here:

Be sure to check out Cica Ghost's latest installation, 'Prison', yet another unique build.  Cica keeps surprising me with totally different styles of builds.  I was alone save for a few abnormally huge blackbirds, in my visit, which seemed to be the perfect way to visit this particularly bleak build.  The solitude in this open air maze-like prison is somewhat captivating and the randomly placed chairs are perfect for resting, meditation, and consideration.   This latest Cica build incorporates great use of the set windlight and music to enhance the mood of her jail-like deserted iron grid bars arranged creatively in a way that encourages one to take the chairs that are located in various spots and to sit and ponder .... the prison of one's mind, as my friend Emma puts it.  The bars and occasional steel doors, do not hold one captive as there are many ways to slip from it's grasp, yet it seems you don't want to step out, but rather roam in a directionless way through the grid.  It is  a bit lonely so after a while, so I tp'd in a friend.  When asked what he thought I should say about it, his suggestion was for a spookier effect to tell people to set to midnight which gives that deeper feel of lostness and being caged he said. My pics are taken in the set windlight as is.  Enjoy. Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim

Burn 2 Sneak Peek... Opens Today at 12 Noon SLT

Original post with all the details, dates, events, link to official site, etc:
Link directly into Burn 2:

Roguery Camp at Burn 2 2015
Some preview photos I took: Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2 Burn 2

SU2C Fundraiser Results! Great Job Second Life!

Stand up to Cancer was another huge successful fundraiser for first life good out of Second Life.  There are some very amazing ppl in Second Life.  Check out that grand total!  Great job everyone involved!  Here is the final press release information:

                   " SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
                              36  OF YOUR FAVORITE VENUES
                                190 DIFFERENT PERFORMERS
                         COUNTLESS HOSTS  AND DONATIONS
                                 IN CANADA, THE UK, & THE US!!!!
                                    for a grand total of
                   L$3040393 or just short of $4000 for each country
                (after transfer costs the actual is $3793 USD per country)
Stand Up To Cancer is a non-profit organization formed in 2008  with the sole purpose of eradicating cancer.  they have taken a unique approach and focused everything in research as that is where the answer to ending cancer will be found.  Stand Up to Cancer is currently in three countries; The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada.  Due to Second Life being so very diverse with people all around the world, the music community did something very unique, they held the fund raiser for all three countries.
7 venues are maintaining kiosks that you can contribute through.  There are also links that allow you to donate directly to the country of your choice.  All locations and links can be found in Still Braveheart's blog at

 Due to the fact that we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent, all donations and transfers can be seen at:  "

There are a lot of great fundraisers for some wonderful first life causes.  Thankfully groups like this are able and willing to show the final results and their transparency verification. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Burn 2 Press Pass day Friday and Open Saturday Oct 17 through 25

Visit here Saturday:
Today is press pass day and I hope to add some photos here soon and then the doors open at noon on Saturday to Burn2 an annual SL event based on RL Burning Man.  There will be 6 regions to explore always filled with a variety of fun things and people to enjoy and plenty of scheduled events too. 

BURN2-Carnival of Mirrors 2015

(above pic by iSkye Silverweb from Flickr via the link below)

  Their press release states in part....

" BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors will open on Saturday the 17th of October at noon SLT with a procession by the Lamplighters, beginning at their Village which is not far from the Welcome Gate where you arrive. You are all invited to explore, experience and express the joy of the Burn and revel in the music, art and colourful constructions born out of the imaginations of creative Burners. And, of course there will be fire!

The event opens with a Lamplighters procession at 12:00pm SLT on the 17th, with another at 7:00pm SLT. Additional processions will take place at noon and 7pm SLT daily through the 23rd. On the 24th there will be no processions, but the Man Burns will be at 6am, 12pm and 6pm SLT on the 24th. On the last day the Lamplighters will perform their last processions at 5am, 11am and 5pm SLT - one hour before each Temple Burn. Also on Temple Burn day, Lamplighter processions will pause along their route at Center Camp for a short Fire Dance performance before continuing the procession toward the Temple.
More information about the event can be seen via the menu at the left side of the home page here on
Come and see the wildly festive, weirdly fun and wonderfully fiery features and
creatures awaiting you on the virtual playa!
BURN2 is the virtual extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of 
Second Life. It spreads Burning Culture and the Burning Man Ten Principles all year round.
BURN2 is one Burning Man regional, out of more than 100 first world Regional groups.

The theme of BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors, once again: 
This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. It will be a kind of magic

show that takes the form of an old fashioned

carnival. This Carnival of Mirrors asks three

essential questions: within our media saturated

world, where products and people,

consumption and communion morph into an endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the
trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are?
Classic carnivals, as theaters of illusion, upheld a very strict dividing line that separated
carnies, cast as showmen, from members of a naïve public who were labeled chumps and

suckers, marks and rubes. Our carnival, however, will perform an even more subversive trick

— its motto is Include the Rube. The wall dividing the observer from observed will disappear,

as by an act of magic; through the alchemy of interaction, everyone at once can be the carny
and the fool.
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Addendum.. so I"ve been in and its very cool.  They are making great use of windlight to get a good reflective water feel in some of the builds, of course there is the usual fire in many places, and I saw some of the decorated porta potties.  Some very cool builds.  I'll add a few teaser pics.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid with SL Live Radio

I'm doing a weekly little voice piece on SL Live radio reviewing events and fun stuff I like around the grid.  You can hear this 2 x during the Slow Bake show with DJ Soni between 12noon SL and 2pm SLT each Sunday.   More info. about her show at the bottom of this page.  Last week I didn't get the events posted here that I spoke about on the show so they got extra fun event ideas about things to do in SL.  Listen in to hear more each week from myself and DJ Soni.

Here is what I had to say this week:

Hi Slow Bake fans, It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's Korner Blogger BlogSpot here again with your weekly, "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

A quick look at last week includes my foray into the latest MadPea Productions, Peatonville Bay, and Asylum. I also attended Spotlight Production's Great show that runs Tuesdays through Thanksgiving. I highly recommend visiting both.

Yesterday Balecry sang at the United Football League's official season kickoff party.  The cheerleaders also  gave a great performance.  Balecry is with Whispering Sands Live Promotions who picked up two great new musicians this week  Annette Serenade and Nathan Price, Both excellent if you want to check out some new talent around the grid. 

Speaking of Whispering Sands Live Promotions their professional organized web site has a fan registry feature with  kiosks popping up at venues around the grid.  If you'd like one please contact Jorrdan Jarman over at WLP.

This week I recommend explorers visit Calas Galahdon's Valyria, their 2015 Halloween sim that is not just your typical haunted house.  It's filled with uniquely designed dark places to explore reminiscent of Game of Thrones.  Halloween Town and Pumpkin Town also are great lighter side fun explores.   Valyria has a schedule of live music events in their cavern for all you live music lovers out there.  Hammer Fla sang at the  opening Oct 2nd .  He's been celebrating his 4,000 performances in SL.  Pretty Impressive!

Shoppers don't forget the Seasons Story opened up last night for some fun shopping too.  Also Burn 2 Carnival of Mirrors Opens October 17th and runs through Oct 23rd.  This is an annual SL event based on First life's Burning Man.

That's all for now folks.  Enjoy your week and now back to DJ Soni with your Slowbake SL Live Radio Show.

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Grease Promo

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Completely Customized Weddings Dark Masquerade Party Night Still Going Strong

Completely Customized Weddings Dark Masquerade Party Night Still Going Strong!  Tonight the final 3 sets are by Whispering Sand's Live Musician's first, Dom, and now Balecry then Essence singing at this cool venue that is all decked out in dark formal masquerade party style.  Great décor and fun people.  Essence starts at 7pm SLT.  Visit here:


Balercry Balercry

So many beautiful gowns, masks, suits etc, then... this Untitled hmm