Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Top 4 Halloween Picks

There are lists of top places to visit for Halloween in SL and of course the SL Destination Guide also has tons of info. on sims, haunted houses, and all things Halloween related. 

I thought I'd just put a few of my top Halloween sim picks here that I like to tell people about.  Granted there are many fantastic haunted houses but these 4 are either full sim or much more than just a haunted house and all very worth a visit.  Enjoy.

Valyria, Calas Galadhon, :
Prevously blogged in more detail here:
This one is by Truck Meredith and Tymus (Ty)Tenk.  This is a must see for sure.  Look at my past blog post or just go and enjoy.  Be sure to ride the dragons, make it through the snow and to the huge event cavern which is the coolest thing and take the boat ride too. 

Valyria Calas Galadhon's  at Lost Stars

Halloween Town by Laura Liberty here:
Super cute fun place.. another must see with added parts each year.  Nice long fun haunted movie vignettes to play in and enjoy in a cute sim plus merchandise. 

Halloween Town 2015
The Greatest Halloween Ride in the World Ever here:
This is a long wild ride.. the house pic doesn't do it justice on the inside. It is presented by Alicia Stella. Their sim info. says: "Come ride the Most amazing Halloween Experience in Second Life! 20 Rooms of Terror! Over 15 Minute theme park attraction. Unlike any Haunted House in Second Life! Halloween Freebies available. Updated for 2015 with several new rooms! Scary horror spook"

The Greatest Halloween Ride

 Caverns of Zyn here:
This boat canal ride by Zyndyrr through the caverns is really great in mouse look. Caverns of Zyn

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  1. It really is a place you come back to more than twice ;)... or three times. I see something new every single visit! Thank you for blogging it-- I know Ty and Truck appreciate your effort and kind words!