Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cica Ghost's 'Prison"

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Be sure to check out Cica Ghost's latest installation, 'Prison', yet another unique build.  Cica keeps surprising me with totally different styles of builds.  I was alone save for a few abnormally huge blackbirds, in my visit, which seemed to be the perfect way to visit this particularly bleak build.  The solitude in this open air maze-like prison is somewhat captivating and the randomly placed chairs are perfect for resting, meditation, and consideration.   This latest Cica build incorporates great use of the set windlight and music to enhance the mood of her jail-like deserted iron grid bars arranged creatively in a way that encourages one to take the chairs that are located in various spots and to sit and ponder .... the prison of one's mind, as my friend Emma puts it.  The bars and occasional steel doors, do not hold one captive as there are many ways to slip from it's grasp, yet it seems you don't want to step out, but rather roam in a directionless way through the grid.  It is  a bit lonely so after a while, so I tp'd in a friend.  When asked what he thought I should say about it, his suggestion was for a spookier effect to tell people to set to midnight which gives that deeper feel of lostness and being caged he said. My pics are taken in the set windlight as is.  Enjoy. Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim Prison by Cica Ghost  in Blackmoore sim

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  1. Very Nice Kara, you have some wonderful thoughts on this work by Cica. It was a great Sim.