Saturday, October 17, 2015

SU2C Fundraiser Results! Great Job Second Life!

Stand up to Cancer was another huge successful fundraiser for first life good out of Second Life.  There are some very amazing ppl in Second Life.  Check out that grand total!  Great job everyone involved!  Here is the final press release information:

                   " SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
                              36  OF YOUR FAVORITE VENUES
                                190 DIFFERENT PERFORMERS
                         COUNTLESS HOSTS  AND DONATIONS
                                 IN CANADA, THE UK, & THE US!!!!
                                    for a grand total of
                   L$3040393 or just short of $4000 for each country
                (after transfer costs the actual is $3793 USD per country)
Stand Up To Cancer is a non-profit organization formed in 2008  with the sole purpose of eradicating cancer.  they have taken a unique approach and focused everything in research as that is where the answer to ending cancer will be found.  Stand Up to Cancer is currently in three countries; The United States, The United Kingdom and Canada.  Due to Second Life being so very diverse with people all around the world, the music community did something very unique, they held the fund raiser for all three countries.
7 venues are maintaining kiosks that you can contribute through.  There are also links that allow you to donate directly to the country of your choice.  All locations and links can be found in Still Braveheart's blog at

 Due to the fact that we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent, all donations and transfers can be seen at:  "

There are a lot of great fundraisers for some wonderful first life causes.  Thankfully groups like this are able and willing to show the final results and their transparency verification. 

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