Friday, October 2, 2015

The Photographer's Hunt Begins oct. 1

1st - 31st October 2015

The Photographer's hunt

Click here to get started, see stores included and get hints for each:

 The hunt will feature some of the best pose and furniture makers in SL, some well known brands and some new ones that you may not know about.
All items in the hunt will be related to photography - poses, props, furniture, decor. The Photographers Hunt will be a Grid Wide hunt offering hunters a wide range of items designed exclusively for the hunt.

Images of the gifts and hints will all be published on the hunt blog and on Flickr closer to the date.

Landmarks will not be in the hunt prims - you can join the inworld group 'Stuff My Inventory Hunts' for a landmark notecard or look at the blog, where the slurls will be posted.

Hunt items cost 5L each. (album showing images of the gifts)
Organisers - Evelyn Hartshon & Isabelli Anatine

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