Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun Freebie Isetta Micro Car At Cold Media

Fun Freebie by Kara Trapdoor
Fun Freebie, a photo by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.
This super cute super fun Isetta car is free at Cold Media.  It has many speeds including super fast! LOL, I won't even say where mine ended up when I switched it quickly into top gear, and I love how the doors open from the front. Go grab it for some crazy cute fun! Visit here:

Update, someone told me today this freebie car moved and now can be found here:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Once Upon A Fairy Tale Events and Weddings

Happy 6th Rez Day Mr. Mills!

froic partyFrolic.jpg by Kara 2

Mr. Frolic Mills celebrated his 6th rez day in a beautiful garden party surrounded by many friends and entertainment provided by DJ Sofia Diage-Goodnight, singer,  Antonio Gallaway, first official runway walk by Ms.Virtual World 2013, Ms. Natzuka Miliandrovic, followed by DJ A.F.I. and dancing on the dance floor in the garden.
frolicpartygirls.jpg by Kara 2

I dropped into the party with my "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" wedding and events sim business partner, Emma Portilo, to a huge crowd of Frolic fans dancing to the 80's tunes Frolic likes best.  At one point Sofia Diage, Belinda Barnes, Peace Edenflower and I all grouped together for a great shot of our matching dresses, deemed the official Frolic Mills rez day party dress by us, and made by the amazing ZAARA, mesh dress AAmani.  We all survived many crashes which is a sign of a fantastic party and many guests for a fun party.  Happy 6th rez day Mr. Mills, The Best Of Second Life owner, CEO. Great party!

frolicpartycollage3.jpg by Kara 2

frolicpartypics.jpg by Kara 2

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Love and Other Bruises Opening may 25th

The press release states:
"Another great group show, sponsored by LUMIPro and curated by Morgana Nagorski, opens @ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex this weekend.
Love & Other Bruises is about love... lies... deceit... selfishness... indifference... jealousy... betrayal... infidelity....  Love gone bad, if you will.   Heartbreak!"

There are 20 artists involved
Amona Savira, Annie Klavinham, Belba, Burk Bode, Corinne Helendale, Dantelicia, Ethaniel, Harbor Galaxy, Isa Messioptra, Kato Salyut, Leeleu Lemondrop,  Maloe Vansant,  Morgana Nagorski, Miuccia Klaar,  Paola Mills, Sare Ethaniel, Senna Coronet,  Stephen Venkman, Tess Falworth, Whiskey Monday,  Zandy Oh             
love and other bruises exhicit at palais_001 by Kara 2

The show runs 25 May to 21 July 2013.
Opening events
6:00-8:00pm Saturday 25 May
and 10:00AM-12:00PM Sunday 26 May.

SL Home and Garden Expo May 24 through June 2

Visit in Second Life here:
once upon a fairy tale couple_025 by Kara 2
Visit their official web site here:
once upon a fairy tale couple_024 by Kara 2
For the 6th year,  the annual Home & Garden Expo is returning to Second Life, from May 24th to June 2nd, and features the wonderful creations by some of SL's best Architects, Builders and Landscapers with 130 exhibitors in 11 regions--all to benefit the Relay For Life in Second Life.  I've set the landing in the entertainment area which is near the main information center with map and teleport spot.  There is also a raffle and hunts. The entertainment lineup is as follows:

Thursday, May 23rd
Party for Expo Builders
2 pm sl - Rhiannon Yuhara
3 pm sl - Samm Qendra

Friday, May 24th
4 pm - Mankind Tracer (Seth Regan) - Marie Bauleri
5 pm - Gina Stella - Marie Bauleri
6 pm - Jukebox Diesel

Saturday, May 25th
9 am - Lyn Carlberg
10 am - Gabryel Nyoki
5 pm - Tamra Hayden
6 pm - Rock Doghouse

Monday, May 27th
2-4 pm - DJ Titianna Omizu
4-6 pm sl - DJ Nuala Maracas

Tuesday, May28th
9-11 am - DJ Red Ryder
11 am - Engrama
3-5 pm sl - DJ Fiz Underwood
5-7 pm sl - DJ Dee Wolfe

Thursday, May 30th - Anna to host
9 am - Jean Munro
10 am - Steely DeCosta
3 pm - Lisa Brune & Maximillion Kleene
4 pm - Chillee Hernandoz
5 pm - Jacqueline Luik

Friday, May 31st
Country Music Day
8 am - Johnny Paramour
9 am - Franck Molko
5 pm - Anek Fuchs
6 pm - ELiz Watanabe
7 pm - Stephanniyah Sinatra

Saturday, June 1
2 pm - Neal Hoffmann
3 pm - EricSteffensen Mistwalker
4 pm -  DJ Iain Lordhunter
5 pm - DJ Amy Ferguson - tbc

Sunday, June 2
9 am - Pippa Exonar
10 am - Lexus Melodie

once upon a fairy tale couple_023 by Kara 2

(Meeroos in the breedable area, Alice in Wonderland set)

Purple Moon at The Gypset Market

Visit here:

85L... a steal for this gorgeous form fitting Purple Moon earth tones mesh mini-dress. The dress, "Brandy" comes in 5 sizes and fits like a glove with some great natural wrinkles in all the right place.  Here is a pic I took standing in the shop in front of their display.  There are some other great deals in the Bestyle Gypset market as well as nice stores surrounding.  Well worth a visit for this dress alone, besides all the sales and other great shopping.  Check it out!
pm dress_001 by Kara 2

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Second Annual I Do Wedding Expo Begins Today May 23, 2013

Visit here:

The Second Annual "I Do" Wedding Expo in Second Life begins today!  I'm excited because our amazing "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" wedding and events sim is hosting a booth at the expo, complete with gorgeous hunt item, and an impressive display.  (for which I can take no credit as I am not a builder, but I can pretend to be a part of since I'm part of the sim-Kudos to Perky Buttons, Emma Portilo and Greg Parker.)  Anyway, please visit and check out our booth. I think we are number 40 in the hunt that is associated. 
Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_002 by Kara 2

The event opens May 23rd at 7pm SLT  with performance by Taunter Goodnight, then runs 2 weeks through June 8th.   The full event calendar and more information is listed on the official web site here:

Visit our booth here:

The web site states "One way we have implemented this is through The I Do Wedding Expo. It is a 2 week event with the top wedding professionals showcasing their services and products along with live entertainment, tribute bands, and SL DJ’s. This year we are proud to be bring back A Night of Flirtation – an exciting night of meeting new people through speed dating. In conjunction with the Expo, we will be having the I Do Wedding Expo Wide Hunt with gifts created for couples looking to tie the knot." 

OMG, I get to see pretty stuff and flirt!  Yay... come join me : )

Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_005 by Kara 2

And if you are wondering how our new wedding and events sim is going, come and visit and find out.  We have been having a lot of fun with weddings, bachelorette parties, the Trap club which is regularly staffed with entertainment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 pm SLT (come on out tonight and party with us!) and many other special public events to come. Contact us to book your private events too on this full service sim.  It's an amazing place! Located here:

Once upon a fariy tale wedding expo_006 by Kara 2

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reality, merely an illusion..

Visit here:
Snapshot_009 by Kara 2

Today, which really means yesterday since I'm still up for the night but it's a new day, a new sim, Reality, merely an illusion, in Flocke, opened up to the public. I have it on good authority, from my friend Peter Jackson, that this sim will continue to change and evolve over time, or at least that is the plan.  Creator Joanna Corith,  who also put together, Annwn Willow, that I previously blogged as a great nature sim explore along with creator Pale Illusion, are at it again with yet this new place for us to hang out, explore, and take pictures.  It's really gorgeous, go have a look!

Snapshot_008 by Kara 2

kathy cheer 5-22-13_019 by Kara 2

Snapshot_009 by Kara 2

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sea Hole... Final Days and Huge Sale!

Visit here:
Sea Hole by Kara 2

This well known store, The Sea Hole, is closing and having a sale with all items 50L right now through May 31 when everything will then be gone.  Hurry on over for some cute clothes at great prices.

Monday, May 13, 2013

RL/SL live Jazz and Blues Show 5-14-13 in Chicago RL and The Trap Club SL

                          !! LIVE MUSIC !!
                    Tuesday, May 14 , 2013
                    Starting at 7 pm SL PST
        ~ Studebaker John performs LIVE ! ~
        ~ from the Harlem Avenue Lounge,
           located on the outskirts of Chicago ~
                            in Berwyn, Il.
Studebaker John by Kara Trapdoor
GRT Productions present a coming together in real time, between the blues legend Studebaker John and SL ~
Thundergas Menges will be on location LIVE ~
streaming it into Second Life !!
Live streamed at a newly built LM ~ The Trap Club !
Not able to get into Second Life for this show?
Watch GRT's Live stream on your web browser ~
To learn more about Stubebaker John ~
To learn more about The Harlem Avenue Lounge ~

Bringing the blues and other performances to audience across the world and using the 3-D virtual world to create memorable performances and events is what Global Real Time Productions do.
For more information about live shows visit GRT's Second Life office ~
OR contact Thundergas Menges or JadaBright Pond.

A Beautiful and Intriguing Wedding Saga

Visit Once Upon A Fairy Tale:

Kate and Bang's big wedding day went off beautifully!  But....... there were a few twists and turns getting there.  Emma Portilo of Once Upon A Fairy Tale lays out the saga in story format for all to enjoy here:

The Wedding of Kate & Bang Wierwight by Emma Portilo

(All photos courtesy of Emma Portilo as I was at a RL graduation and unfortunately was not in on the excitement)
Kate's Wedding by Kara 2

Here is an excerpt and some pics Emma provided: "
Congratulations to the newlyweds, Kate & Bang, who were married today at Once Upon A Fairy Tale at the beautiful tropical beach venue.

Telling the story of their celebration of love…."
......"The bride and her bridesmaids heard a sound as they awaited the moment, and decided to investigate.........."

Follow the link to find out what happened.

Tropical Venue Reception by Emma Portilo
The Wedding of Kate & Bang Wierwight by Emma Portilo

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale by Adorkable Peapod

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale, a photo by Adorkable Peapod on Flickr.

This longstanding and loved pose shop is closing it's doors with a sale and promise that most the products will still be available on marketplace. This is a great place so calling all posers to this grand sale and farewell to the inworld shop!

The info. about this closing reads: "It’s been a long time coming… it’s time to close Adorkable Poses.  I have had an amazing four years of making poses and getting to know some wonderful people.  My real life has just gotten so busy that I am not able to keep up with my store as I would like.    Thank you all for your love, support and friendship.  I never dreampt that what started out as a fun little hobby for a stay at home Mom could turn into something that actually helped my family financially.  I couldn’t have done it without my amazing customers and I appreciate it so much.  Thank you to the bloggers that have also been so kind to blog my poses.  You all are such an asset to store owners and I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.  A special thank you to my friend and biggest supporter, Sasy Scarborough.  Without you, I would never have even had a store to begin with.  I will forever treasure our friendship and every bit of business and personal advice that you ever gave me.
Everything in my mainstore is 50% or more off, now through June 9th.  I will do my best to get everything up on Marketplace.  If you have any unused store credit, now is the time to use it as it will be gone after June 9th.  You can check your rewards balance at the front of the store.  Single poses are on the first floor and couples and props are on the second floor.
I do hope that I can periodically create something for fun or for an event here and there but I guess we’ll see what the future holds.   I still have commitments to a few more events that I will be keeping.    Thank you all  from the bottom of my heart for everything!  I’m off to have a good cry as I feel like I’m losing a limb or something!!"
<3 adorkable="" nbsp="" p="" peapod="">

It All Starts With A Smile ... And Ends Wednesday May 15th.

Visit here:

Untitled by Kara 2

shark_006 by Kara 2

Last night I visited the beautiful sim, "It All Starts With A Smile" on Onyx Isle, with a friend and had a little time to look around, then revisited with another friend, Belinda Barnes today.  We noticed sim owner Kaelyn Alecto and I spoke with her a bit about the sim, since I fell in love with it right away.  Sadly, she advised me that she is closing the sim this Wednesday, May 15, due to tier costs.  I'm happy to have had a chance to visit though and she said I could blog it so others can visit before it closes.  Upon landing I was in a small village-looking area with a fun pose carousal and ferris wheel on the board walk and a cute coffee shop and other stores, but over the back hill I found a beautiful haven of flower fields, cute and beautiful pose spots all over in the form of a piano plateau, car with  mini camper poser, tree house, fairy ring, ruins, and so much more.  Bel and I found a nice cabin to explore and pose in and around yet another bend I found a beach area with even more beautiful photo ops and poses.  It's very much worth the rush and visit over there before it closes.  The Huge lettering on the hill says it all, "Smile"... and you will.

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

Bel by Bel by Kara 2

(pic of Bel by Bel)

Untitled by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Adventures of Bel and Soni: Unleashed Dreams, A Steampunk Tale of Untimely Significance

Check it all out online here for easy reading:
The Adventures of Bel and Soni: Unleashed Dreams, A Steampunk Tale of Untimely Significance

Untitled by Kara 2
My friend Sonicity Fitzroy who writes for Retropolitan Magazine in SL began writing a serial drama last February 2012 as an exclusive to Retropolitan with all rights reserved to Sonicity Fitzroy and Lowe Runo Productions.   Each month since then a new chapter has graced the pages of the magazine and in this month's episode 15, the little girls are growing up much faster than is natural by crossing over into the as yet mysterious realm 13.  This creative and exciting story has fresh twists and turns each week with past steampunk, present, and futuristic aspects all woven in.  Soni is a RL published author taking her writing skills to a different level with this fiction chapter story. 
Untitled by Kara 2

A couple of times I've sat in as an extra for photos including playing the role of an elderly woman and also that of a man. Sonicity plays herself as Soni and Belinda Barnes has the role of Bel.  Bel also takes many of the photos for the series. Their personalities are such that Soni is the brains of the couple and Bel is the brawn and together they are a strong team.
Untitled by Kara 2
Untitled by Kara 2

The Retropolitan magazine is a fun periodical in SL and this series has been a great addition that I look forward to continue reading to find out how the rest of their saga unfolds in the future.  Don't miss out, have a look at it if you have not already.  This is just another creative way stories are played out in SL and shared with others.
Untitled by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New World Enlightenment, Masters of the Singularity

Visit here:

So I visited this wild place and had to share.  check it out at the above link which might take you right in the middle of it all.  And by "It all"  I mean a bizarre, almost maze like, area of various rooms or places that make for a great explore, photo ops, and some fun freebie finds. The giant ant in the tunnels can grab you if you are not careful or you could get stuck in an area  (well if you forget to tp back to start)  You really have to be a good explorer to find some of the passages to progress and other times you might just fall through some invisible hole in a floor or something. I was confused when I walked out into an upside down area and couldn't get my camera to right things for me until I found the hidden door to move on to another area.  Then when I was done I was dropped to a ground level to find a large fun spot with various games, activities and things to play on that was also super fun. Good luck!
( Maybe some pics will show some of the excitement: )
explore 5-9-13 by Kara 2

Monday Meme on Thursday!

Getting back to Berry's memes..... this week it's to write a Haiku about my SL.  They go like this: 17 syllables total with lines 5,7,5.  Ok, so I can't say I've ever written one before, or maybe back in grade school, but here we go.. mine is quite boring if I don't TRY to be ornery about it all.

Kara runs a lot
Finding places and cool things
Having fun with friends
(Yeah I know, very easy and boring, but it fit perfectly, so I won't try to get all clever about)
Then my mind drifted off to some fun limericks that have always tickled me:
She frowned and called him Mr.
       Because he fondly kr.
         And so in spite
         That very night
             That Mr.
(I can't remember who wrote that one, prob could google it)
And then one of my fav party pics:  
"Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker."
(That's by Ogden Nash)  
And if anyone wants to write me some gushy poetry bring it on..... that's always lovely to receive. Just saying.

LuvSong Writer at The Trap Club 5-2-13

Luvsong Writer at The Trap Club  5-2-13 by Kara 2

Luvsong Writer at The Trap Club 5-2-13, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

The Trap Club has been open a few weeks now and we've been having a blast with regulars such as DJ Calix drawing crowds with some of the hottest house mixes in SL on Thursday evening from 8-10 pm SLT to various live musicians such as Alex Mays, Lindimoo, and Starrfish Ohmai, DJs Thunder, David and Izzy and one of SL's hottest rising stars, LuvSong Writer, AKA: Hamilton Marshall in RL, who stopped in last Thursday and offered to sing a few songs much to our enjoyment!  This week he was featured in the SL Enquirer and there is an exclusive interview there, so I'll just direct readers for more details here:  A lot has been happening over at The Trap club and lounge in a short time.  The club is staffed Tuesday and Thursday evening, Tues. for regular jazz, blues and classic rock 8-10pm SLT and house mixes 8-10 pm SLT on Thursdays with some live music on occasion.  Soon we will have additional events and entertainment hours so stay tuned.  Club goers have enjoyed seeing themselves on the giant video wall, wallowing in a dancefloor sea of  throbbing foam, and riding the 10 passenger motorcycle among other fun things at that trap.  During quieter times there is a greedy table, a avatar pinable giant AFK board, or a fun photo booth.  Friends tend to drop in off and on any time to stir up something.  While visiting be sure to check out the Once Upon A Fairy Tale wedding and events sim.  The place is gorgeous and ready for any event.  There is also shopping with some exclusives to the sim.  Once Upon A Fairy Tale is looking forward to hosting it's first big wedding this weekend for Kate and Bang.   Check it all out some time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo at The Trap Club in Second Life

Cinco De Mayo at The Trap Club in Second Life a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

Hanging out at The Trap Club one thing led to another.  Thanks to Belinda Barnes for the great dances on her huddles.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Water" in Dryland, May 5th

Visit here:

Water in Dryland.... interesting concept.  May 5th opens the "Water" art exhibit in Dryland.  Visit to see some great art work and explore this impressive sim I've previously blogged as a great explore in and of itself.

Alles Klarr, Tess Falworth, WuWai Chun and Kynne Llewellyn - are opening a show at Anita Witt's Artspace on Sunday, May 5th at 7am

Alles poster by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

Water, Dryland by Kara 2