Thursday, September 29, 2016

Forbidden Forest at The Inner Room

:  ForbiddenForest

Visit here:
The press release states:"Come escape with us on a path to this forbidden forest.. where dangerous beauty and forbidden fruits awake your senses. Dare to run amoung the likes of fellow kind when only the very bare necessity of cloth grazes your body. It's time to experience the forbidden forest!

Essence Bilasimo - 9PM slt
Essence enchants your hearts and lets you feel the true pure emotion that you will hear within every song she sings for us, as we are an Essential part of the experience! She has an endless song list fit for everyone, and always ready to add more! An infectious laugh combined with a golden voice makes this a combination you do not want to miss!

Chillee Hernandoz - 10PM slt
Chillee started singing in SL in September 2012 and has quickly become a very popular member of the live music community. She went from a closet singer with no training to an amazing entertainer. Her excellence in performance and her wonderful humor bring so much to every performance. Chille's roots are in Jazz, but she can sing many genres such as Blues, Pop, Country just to name a few.

ATTIRE: Adam & Eve - Eden - Elven - Fairy - Drow - ect. Let's keep it on two legs please :)


Saturday, September 17, 2016


I found another SL musician I think has an amazing voice and who gives a great show. AleyKat sings beautifully.  Her bio reads, "Aley has been singing for as long as she can remember and is really excited to be able to share some of the eclectic mix of songs she's been collecting. She loves singing bluesy numbers as well as more upbeat 60s/70s soul...with a bit of pop thrown in occasionally. Her heart is with Musical Theatre too so look for some covers from her favourite musicals at some point... :)"
She is managed by Whispering Sands Live Promotions.  You can find them and more about AleyKat here:

(AleyKat at The Mason Jar)
AleyKat AleyKat at The Mason Jar (AleyKat as a venue last week) AleKat

The Future of the Metaverse

Visit here:

My friend Will is going to be speaking Sunday so I wanted to post up his info.  Should be interesting.

"ACRL-VWIG Meeting for Sunday, September 18, 2016

Noon - 2pm SLT - joint session with ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries MIG:
CVL Auditorium:

Speaker:  William Gerard Burns III, Vice-Chair IEEE Virtual World Standards Group

Program:  The Future of the Metaverse: Blueprints for the Evolution of Virtual Worlds

This presentation will provide an overview of the history of virtual worlds and phases of development. Defining the "Metaverse" and a glimpse into the future of virtual worlds will include interoperability and other key elements of design.

Join librarians, educators, and anyone interested in virtual worlds and the future of immersive learning.  The session is jointly sponsored with the ALA Virtual Communities in Libraries Member Initiative Group."

(pic below of Mr. Will Burns himself)

Wills pic by Will for my blog

Twin Cities Jam 2016: Our SL Musicians in RL


Check out Gwampa's live stream here during jam hours (hours listed below)
You can even log in to IM with a lot of other SL residents and attendees.

"3 days of live music, unscripted events, food, hydration, more hydration"

 Their Facebook page can be found here:

If you'd like to watch live stream on a big screen in Second Life you can visit Lemonaid Couture the library here;

If you are into the SL music scene you know a bunch of the musicians (and some friends) get together a few times a year in various places such as Minnesota, TX, Florida, and more.  Gwampa usually doing some great live stream for the rest of us to watch the live music and see our favorite SL musicians in RL.  They've been doing this for years and it's really gotten well organized and have a lot of attendees.  They always look like they have a fantastic time and the live stream is fun to watch.

Jam hours are:
All times listed are TWIN CITIES TIME (Central Standard Time).
THURSDAY: 6pm Setup (Mingle/Jam Party for the Early Arrivers that night)
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 11am - 10pm (Unplugged sessions start at 10pm)
SUNDAY: 11am - 4pm (Break down begins at 4pm - out by 6pm)

Jam organizers for this MN event:

:::::::::::::::{ JAM ORGANIZERS CONTACT }:::::::::::::::
Deb Haas (Taunter Goodnight)
Jess Smith (Triana Caldera)
Rob Brooks (Smidge Frimon)
Paula Wright-McClusky (Paula Leeming)
Suzen Juel (Suzen Juel)
David Devaney (David Devaney)

The musician list as of 9-2-16 but I think I saw one of the wait list persons there already so maybe everyone who wanted in made it.  Attendance was by registration only limited and closed first come first served registration on Facebook in case you are interested in attending any future jams.

Taunter Goodnight
David Devaney
Gandalf Mornington
Grif Bamaisin
Ed Lowell
MrMulti Writer
Dominoe Effect
Cryptic Harmony
Krell Karu
Benude Cleanslate
Zak Claxton
Kat Claxton
Collin Martin
Mimi Carpenter
JueL Resistance
Djembe Dragonfire
Maurice Mistwallow
strum Diesel
thknrdy Diesel
Lyndon Heart
Maximillion Kleene
Kaklick Martin
Mulder Watts
Hojo Warf
Damon Welles
Voodoo Shelton
The Follow
Smidge Frimon
Triana Caldera
heavenlei "lei" lexenstar
Gwampa Lomu
Lita Windstorm
Olyvia DeCuir
still Braveheart
Kat Chauveau
Vette Sweetwater
Desiree Margulis
Renee Bimbogami
Kate Hershey
Duskyrose Deir
ToySoldier Thor
Chelsea Indigo
GMetal Svatur
dakari harbinger
asonga strangelove
Jay Johnson
Agatha Nowes
Tara Reardon
Tyche Szondi
Alyss Whitewood
Lauren6921 "Maddi" Thespian
Bells Semyorka
Phanessa Svenska
Meegan Danitz
Jan Frenburg
Cellandra Zon
Elske Kolbu
Shalea Halostar
Andy Zifer (Pending)
Kat Vargas
Ray Weyland
Luka Mikoyan
Gina Stella
Jullianna Juliesse
Mariner Trilling
Rainstorm Quandry

Here is a snip off the live stream (sorry bad quality my computer and just the moment) of Strum Diesel.  The musicians do some individual, groups, various mixed dual, and even random pairings, they have fun theme nights and i think this evening is crazy shirt night, they are doing a lot of partying and Facebook and Flickr and Twitter are loaded with tons of RL pics of our fav SL musicans at this real event. 

And I hear the mid-atlantic jam will be held in May 2017

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Inner Room Lounge, Back to School Bash

Visit here:

Sept. 17th, 2016
Starting @ 9PM SLT


The press release states:
"Ok, all you naughty students and teachers... it's time for another fun event at The Inner Room. We are having a class reunion, and this one is going to be guaranteed hawt.. hawt ..hawt!! Come join us Saturday night and you just may learn something new or meet a new classmate. No skipping school for this event! ;)

DirtyDee Sweetwater has been around sl for a long time, but has recently returned with a new sound, adding a looper to his repertoire. He is an engaging performer that leaves the audience having a great time and laughing from his double entendres. Musically talented and charismatic DirtyDee Sweetwater offers a performance guaranteed to satisfy.

Toxic Darkmatter
What started as a bit of a joke with her performer friends, turned into a new outlet for her "musical therapy." With a collection of music that's a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty, Toxie has a rich, sultry voice that can shift gears and really soar. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop maybe? Check out her song list and bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares.

Attire: School Girl-Librarian-Teacher/Teachers pet- Principal- Professor- Babygirl ectt.
NOTE: Event is naughty/bedroom encouraged"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Second Life - Project Bento Update

On a tip from my friend Kathy, here is a great video about project Bento

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vente Silurum

Visit here:

Another great sim to explore is now open by well known SL musician Tally/Tallyesin and Kiana/kiana.Jarman.

The sim info. states"
"Venta Silurum, is an open sim created for adventure and photography. We hope you enjoy your time here.
Venta Silurum was a town in the Roman province of Britannia or Britain. Today it consists of remains in the village of Caerwent in South east Wales."

This is a beautiful sim full of nature and sweet spots to explore, sit around with friends in, or take pictures.

Venta Silurum Vente Silurum Vente Silurum Vente Silurum

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Dirty Grind and The Collection of Masks Art Exhibit by Johannes Resident1997

Visit here:

This is one of my fav venues.  The Dirty Grind owned and built by Jasmine/Lisa and Ian is home to The Dirty Grind Radio, has beautiful landscaping they change up from time to time for variety and updates, hosts live music and lots of fun has a new art exhibit by John/Johannes1977 Resident. Today is the opening for this art exhibit. Come on out for the live music-schedule below.
Jasmine's Hollow and The Dirty Grind, Fender  (37, 134, 25)

John at Dirty Grind

SUNDAY ~ SEPTEMBER 4 ~ SUNDAY 5 TO 8 THE DIRTY GRIND ~ The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community proudly presents our newest Featured Visual Artist, Johannes1977 Resident. His gallery will be opening this Sunday, the 4th of September with three hours of live music on our main stage and featured gallery artist venue. David Csiszer 5p Jamba LosAngeles 6p Phemie Alcott 7p

More info about the exhibit from the sim states: "Johannes1977 Resident is one of the grids premier artists while concurrently a first life United States Marine Corps Officer, who did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. While deployed in war zones, Johannes1977 Resident used his photography skills and his artistic outlook to capture his view of the wars and scenery. His passion for black and white photography, sepia and vintage tones are a signature glimpse into Johannes1977’s love of by-gone aesthetic. Not only found behind the camera, Johannes1977 is also an instrumental force in supporting other artists with many wildly successful endeavours such as Kultivate Magazine (formally Windlight Magazine) and Windlight Galleries. His community of artists helps raise funds for various non-profits, and he even co-founded Team Diabetes of SL. Johannes1977 has a long resume of accomplishments within SL, and it is an honour to announce him as the newest member of The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community Family of artists, supporters and patrons."

The Dirty Grind

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Taka no Sakura Estate

Visit Taka no Sakura here:

Taka no Sakura

I went to see a Toxie (Toxic Darkmatter) live music show tonight and was pleasantly surprised, actually that]s too mild of a statement for what I found when I landed in this new multi-sim area by Kim (kimberlywells).  I was told some of  the sim is under construction but I couldn't tell from all the highly detailed places I saw.  The sim opened last week and apparently I hit their 2nd live music event when Toxie was singing.  I enjoyed the music while camming and then Lee and Lori Winegarden showed me a few "other" places on the sim that can't be seen from ground level camming.  Just WOW! Seriously this is a sim to be seem and enjoyed. They explored some of the animations built into the landscape that were also very realistic and fun.  So what can I say beyond it's a must see sim? Well, there are numerous venues, built obviously in a Japanese style.  I checked the sim info. which reads: "A place of peace, contentment and love.  A recreation of the edo period of Japan. All are welcome, Kimonos are desired but not required.  No nudity except in the onsen (public baths). No sexual conduct of any sort. Violators will be sent home. Now having DJs and Live Music on the sim.  IM me for info.
(Calendar ID:"

Taka No Sakura
This build is amazing.. kudos to Kim!  There are waterways, waterfalls, beautiful boats and beautiful nature areas, numerous buildings and music venues, fishing, a few rentals, hang out areas, pose spots with unique looks to them, a gorgeous church/religious area, underwater places to be discovered as well as magical places in the sky.  This is a multi-visit explore and a place friends will want to come back to again and again for the sim and for the music events. I actually didnt even have time to make it around to see everything as it's so highly detailed and surprisingly easy to move around in for such an amazing place.  I will have to go back again to see it all, and I also look forward to seeing the areas Kim is still working on.

Kim also writes in the welcome note, in part:
 "Welcome to the Taka no Sakura Estate, a group of 4 sims at the moment.  A group built upon the ideas of the Japanese edo period using some of the structures of Ryu 竜 (ryusho Ort). A person now retired but well known his attention to detail, order, symmetry and peace of the edo period. This project has become somewhat like Disneyland to me in that it will never be completely finished.  At any rate, this estate is now open to the public. it is my fondest hope that you come in peace and harmony of spirit and that you enjoy this sim as much as I do.  Peaceful comments to the owner of the sims are always welcome.  It was built as mainly a park sim and a gift to the well meaning people of Second Life. Public event plans are most welcome........Personal Note

This Estate was re-built entirely by me and with the advise of friends.  However, it was originally conceived of by Mika chan 美香ちゃん (Sakiko Shilling) and  油原佐用利 (Sayouri Yuhara). I remain committed to keeping their vision open and alive while mixed with my own. A real East meets West sort of thing;  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy building it (my 1st sim).

-- Kim the Dragon (KimberlyWells Resident)  August 2nd, 2016"

Taka No Sakura Collage 2 Taka No Sakura Collage 1 Taka no Sakura