Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year my SL Friends, and the Annual New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year!

My annual New Years Resolutions here are also listed in the January 1, 2016 Windlight Magazine along with some from the other staff.  They also have 2016 predictions which are super funny, sweet, and interesting too! Be sure to check them out as those clever people have some great ones.  And now about mine, this is something I've been doing almost every year on my blog since inception that I've become redundant and a tad boring this year but the predictions are much more fun which I encourage you to look for when the mag is released tomorrow or on their website here:
Past years... in looking back I guess I have been a little different over the years more so than I thought.
2016 New Years Resolutions:
And so here we go again...... 
1. Stop getting too attached to certain people.
2. A little more RL /SL balance.
3. Clean up inventory. (this is truly an annual resolution that basically is broken the moment it's typed-and no I will no longer reveal how large my inventory is.)
4.Be a better friend and focus on the one I'm with and continue to help noobs.
5. Stop taking stuff so seriously.
6. Always remember to wear clean underwear, or any underwear, or at least an alpha.
7. Embrace my inner child as often as possible.
8. Go easier on myself.
9. Thank people more for their hard work and cool things they make and do.
10. Try something new as often as possible.
And in reality they tend to be about the same every year and never really pan out.. so my stand-by is "I'm not doing resolutions this year, nobody likes a skinny sober bitch anyway".   Can I say that bad word in the magazine?  Oh, well.  ; ) - see last years resolutions!____________________________________________________
Here is something that was posted in the UWA group today which I got permission to repost here as I found it charming and the last part so true about SL and wanted to share it with you all:
Carmsie Melodie: A thought for 2016 ... “Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realise it! Life is a game, play it! Life is love, enjoy it!” (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) I hope 2016 is your BEST year ever!
Shiloh Emmons: I would like to add:  If you can Dream it... You CAN Achieve it!!
Carmsie Melodie: ... or make it in SL ... rofl
And finally, there are MANY great New Years parties in SL but here is one that I'm sure will be fun as they always have cool stuff going on:
Thu, Dec 31 2015 2:05:35 PM PST
Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve Bash is celebrating its 8th year in SL, and is taking the party to the *NEW* Las Vegas this year! Imagine, nearly 24 hours of PARTY!! Get your glam on, we'll send the limo! Come experience.... * Times Square in SL * * Awesome light show * * SL's Original 'Ball Drop' Event * * The Party of the Year, presented by the Winner of the "Best Holiday Sim in SL"!! * Direct SLURL: Isle De Casanova (119,98,1501)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cica Ghost's: Roots

Visit here:

Today I visited Cica Ghost's latest installation, "Roots".

Cica Ghost in "Roots"

She showed up on the sim so I grabbed the above pic of Cica. Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost .
Once again I really enjoyed her sim.  She always keeps me interested with her unique and whimsical builds in her often sort of steampunky, oddly shaped homes this time with roots and trees growing through them, run down and with sim info. stating: "The people have gone... the village remains, and time and nature now live here ..."  There is a giant snail or slug with a small house atop it that moved about the sim, birds, hot air balloons you can ride around and all sorts of odd sort of run down trees, sticks, gears, etc, along with pretty flowers.  I rode a balloon a while then followed the path a ways and took a pic of myself in the sim for perspective.  The sim music and windlight settings really add to the experience so be sure to at least try her presets.  The sim opened today so you should have plenty of time to visit.
Cica Ghost "Roots" Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost

Top 3 Holiday Sims to Explore-Hurry Before They are Gone!

My top 3 Picks
 Christmas/Holiday Sims to Explore

Visit Christmas Town by Laura Liberty here:
(Be SURE to skate through the castle.. it's SO much more than it appears which you will soon see!) I blog most her "towns" as they are excellent always. Will close the day after New Years Day.. don't miss out!

Christmas Town

Visit LL Winter Wonderland here:
Previously blogged here:

Winter Wonderland by LL

Visit Calas Galahdon's "White Christmas here: previously blogged here:

White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to My Second Life Friends!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
This year I did two SL Christmas cards, .. first one taken at an excellent live music venue, Idle Rogue, After Dark and the 2nd taken at the LL Winter Wonderland amazing temporary winter sim, not to be missed. And as usual here is my Christmas song for you: My Grown up Christmas List

Grey Owl Events

GreyOwl poster dec .
                                               FUNKYFREDDY REPUBLIC 7PM SLT
                                                ISABELLA RUMSFORD  6 PM  SLT
                                                MAXIMILLION KLEENE   7 PM  SLT
                                                DOMINOE EFFECT    6 PM SLT
                                                TOXIC DARKMATTER 7 PM SLT
                                               RUSSELL EPONYM 2 PM SLT

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Would You Like a Free Live Music Show?

Visit here:

WSLP T-shirt Raffel for Free Show

Would You Like a Free Live Music Show?
I know I would.  And that's part of the reason I went over to the Whispering Sands Life Promotions Listening Library over at Kennedys and took MAlt, you know, my male alt brother MitchL, to get a guy version of their cool t-shirt, and he and I posed for a pic in front of  their promo/sale board.  When you purchase their shirts off the board there you are automatically entered into a raffle drawing and the winner gets a show of choice from their musicians in Jan. So while MitchL looks hot in his black shirt with the cool WSLP logo on back, he has a chance to win too! While there you can subscribe to get a daily list of where their musicians are playing and times for each day.  You can also relax in the couch or hang out and see more about their musicians and listen to some of their music.  The fronts of the mesh shirts are classic black in a good cut so MitchL looks great.  They have male and female versions and for L250 its a good deal PLUS the chance to win a show. These will be good to wear to their many shows as they promo a ton of the best SL life musicians and keep adding in more all the time.  Good luck! (I'm just being nice saying good luck .... cause I really want to win the show myself-LOL-but really, go get yours and we can all match and be twines at an event and show our support for the talent!) Also check out their web site for much more info. here:

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Winters Tale, Luciano Lionheart 12 19 15

Yesterday I attended this very elegant Holiday Concert by Luciano Lionheart along with Jae Sands and Viviana Houston.  Luciano was streaming live from Norway, Jae from the states and Viviana from Italy.  Where else but SL can one see and hear such a lovely concert as this with musicians around the world?  It was a gorgeous and very classy event with beautiful décor, reserved assigned seating, a lovely orchestra by The Music Island Team, and an absolutely amazing cathedral setting by Abel Dreamsceape who is working on some amazing builds we will soon see more of. Our hostess was Lola De La Tour  (lolasirena).   Some favorite Christmas songs and hymns were sung by Luciano who was joined by Jae and Viviana in a couple of them and although not planned it was going so well I turned on my recorder and captured Luciano's last song, O Holy Night, played here with his permission.  The video does not do justice to the experience, but I hope you can grasp a little of what we enjoyed and what Second Life has to offer. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Wonderland by Linden Labs

Visit here:

Tonight I checked out the Linden Lab featured news regarding LL's annual Winter Wonderland, home of the LL snowball fight and fun winter park area.  be sure to note their discount on premium membership and benefits.

linden realms portal park_013 linden realms portal park_029

First I went to Linden Portal Park (for premium members only) to find really cool landscaping and teleport areas to the places they run and picked up my free premium member gifts.   Visit here:

Then on to LL Winter Wonderland where the scenery and sounds are as impressive as the things to play in which include skiing, snowboard and snowmobile riding, free gifts, ferris wheel, many amazing sights, a village with free gifts and a glowy colored ice place at the base of the snowball fight castle area.  Beware of the rock avalanche, bouncy ice, a random giant ice lake moster, and a special fireworks display at the top of each hour.  Well worth a visit....or many, so be sure to check it out.  When I stopped in I saw Crap Mariner, then later I hung out to blog and tped in a bunch of friends and got some pics with my good friend Kathy Nikolaidis, Blake Ripley and of course the ice lake monster.

linden realms portal park_024 linden realms portal park_019 linden realms portal park_003 linden realms portal park_004 linden realms portal park_017

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Bash at The Inner Room VIP Lounge

VIPChristmasBash .

Their press release states:

"The Inner Room Proudly Presents
~Christmas Bash 2015~

Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015
Starting 9PM slt
Special Live Performance by:
Parker Static 9PM slt
Essence Bilasimo 10 PM slt

 Attire: Naughty or Nice Christmas themed attire

 PRESENTS given to the the naughtiest outfits

Join us tonight in a place of real escapes better known as our VIP Lounge. How far you go tonight only depending on your willingness to stimulate your own pleasurable appetite.

You enter the lounge, the smell of cigars and alcohol invade your senses. The music vibrates through your soul as your eyes adjust to the bodily visions dancing within. This night you are thirsty for laughs, for fun, or to find yourself something a little more sinful to indulge in. The night is yours, and you will feel it come alive as you make your way to the dance floor. Who will you notice?.. who will notice you? Your presence is felt all around the room as you eye every possible opportunity to take this night to new heights. All are Welcome
and Join our group to stay updated." @

Happening Things Around the Grid Review

Last Sunday I did my weekly events review for SL Live Radio during DJ Soni's Slowbake show and it continues to air other times during the week.  We were on location at the skating area DJ Deepert so beautifully constructed.  Once again I'll repeat most of it here minus the intro and closing.

DJ Soni & Kara  Skating SL Live Radio

Lately winter and holiday events have taken over the grid.
I've previously mentioned some of my December favs such as Calas Galahdon's "White Christmas" located here:
 and previously blogged here:
Laura Liberty's "Christmas Town" here:
and others sims like Silent Night, The North Pole and Candy Cane Lane.

There are also a lot of holiday hunts and gachas like the Falala Gacha  that runs through the 26th, the Candy Cane 7 grid-wide hunt  that runs through the 25th, and the White Elephant Gacha Holiday Fair running through the 26th and of course Arcade Gacha is open  Many more can be found inworld and online at the Get Your Hunt on Hunt SL blog.

Another fun holiday activity is checking out all the SL advent calendars where businesses and event organizers give a new freebie each day of the month and I've found the most comprehensive list of locations for these over at the Showtime blog. They are also a great source for events and shows in SL. While there be sure to submit you nominations for best entertainers by  December 31st for the 1015 Live Music Awards through Showtime Magazine.  The various categories include venues, new artists, and so forth.

I'd also like to mention I've posted a Holiday Shopping Guide ( here:  of some of my favorite gift giving ideas on my blog  filled with expected and some unique ideas such as purchasing a Whispering Sands Live promotions party t-shirt which his also your entry into a raffle for your chance to win a live music show from your choice of their musicians in January. (see
here: )

This week LEA will announce their art land grant winners so be prepared fro some great new art exhibits popping up over there.  (update:  and take special note of one named "Kara" woot!)    And if you like the art scene be sure to visit MetaLES where they are on their 3rd installation of 4.  And of course Bryn Oh's The Gathering is one of my favorites over at Immersiva here:

For you shoppers On9 December Fire and Ice is now open through the 28th featuring exclusive nongacha and gacha items from some of SL's hottest designers. Official website here:

And The Dickens Project runs through the 20th that features "A Christmas Carol" over at Brady University benefiting The Community Virtual Library.  They have various other events lined up and there are a couple today including the Raglan Shire Tinie Carolers which I love, so you might enjoy checking out their show over at Seanchai Island-visit here: .

That's was it for Sunday's review but of course there is so much more and you can tune into DJ Soni's SL Live show each Sunday from noon to 2pm SLT to hear the weekly review premiere each week or check back on this blog and sometimes I repeat parts of it here.  Her blog about it all and live music in SL is located here:

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Snowflake Serenade by The Night Theater at LEA2

Snowflake Serenade Invite The press released states:
" Its that time of year again when the world freezes over and there is just a little bit more love in the world. To celebrate, The Night Theater has prepared our 3rd Christmas show: Snowflake Serenade.
The show Premier on December 13th at noon and you can also catch it on the following dates:
19th of December @ 1pm
20th of December @ noon
Please come at least 30 min before the show starts so your computer will have enough time to load everything for smoothest show-experience possible and try to reduce lagg as much as you can by keeping your scripts low and lights off:) But most of all, let us wish you a Very Merry Christmas!"

The Night Theater group always has a great show, so I'm looking forward to this. Check it out if you can over at LEA2.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


I felt like a little peace and quiet tonight and after glancing at the SL Destination guide I decided on Furillen at Love of Life sim by Serene Footman here:

Their sim info. states: "Inspired by Furillen, an island off the northeast coast of Gotland, Sweden. Once a limestone factory, now a luxury hotel. Remote, bleak, beautiful."

 The set windlight and major live music things helped : )  ."

Flickr group:


This was a great pick for me tonight as the set windlights and serene background music was perfect in this bleak snowy area that has plenty of solitary chairs/seating to rest in and check out the sim. furillen_007 Furillen Furillen

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 34: Cheeky Pea]

This 5 minn episode of the Drax Files: World Makers ( Episode 34: Cheeky Pea) may be one of my fav yet.  I always enjoy the Drax Files featuring various high profile residents usually builders, designers, or sim makers, but this one was special in that it covered a very real and highly successful business in SL as well as the owner's relationship that began SL and has become RL and even a bit about their RL family.   Additionally there are some statements that are real gems such as: "Creativity is not a competition, it's a personal journey.  You don't have to be better than somebody else, you just have to be yourself."  She also emphasized the fun of the physical world and things you can do in your community and not neglecting that but at the same time have fun and express creativity in SL and having a balance of both.  Thanks for another great episode Draxtor Despres.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Holiday Gift Guide
Holiday Shopping Guide:
I have some super cool friends who make or do amazing things in SL and so I’m posting a  shopping guide of  10 (well more actually) cool items that would make great gift ideas for others or even yourself for the holidays and where to easily find them.  They are not in any particular order.  Guys take note as I know some of  you struggle with figuring out what to get for or do with your special lady.   I may add to this list as I find things or friends tell me of things they make or know of that I especially like, so check back here too.
1. Truthball and Chatterbox.  These can be found inworld or on SL Marketplace here: and  here:
 I totally love these with friends or when meeting new people.  You get to know a whole lot more about people often in a funny way as they play sort of like a true or dare or would you rather question/answer format with the product asking the questions and participants answering.  They both come in various categories so can be for friends, lovers, a wide range of party styles, etc.  There is pretty much something unique for any social setting and always tons of fun.  One of my fav things to do is sit around in a hot tub playing these.
2. Whispering Sands Live Promotions is holding a special raffle this season and for the 250 Linden purchase of one of their cool t-shirts you are entered for a chance to win a show by the WSLP musican of your choice to be held sometime in January.  You can enter as many times as you like and although the t-shirt is yours, if you win, this could be the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.  The drawing will be on the 30th of Dec. at noon.  The shirts are very nice, and fun to wear to their many shows or anywhere really.  They can be seen and purchased in their listening lounge here
To see the many great musicians they represent check out their web site here:
3. You Play Ball Like a Girl designs by EnaRoane is a fun store for female sports fans.   She has a wide range of team gear and sweats, sportswear, and accessories for almost any team.  She also has a line of nice dresses too with one version currently being featured at FAB.  Her marketplace is here:
4. You just can’t go wrong clothes shopping for anything for the ladies in the Lenox Co. sim area home to Blueberry, Just BecauseVinyl, Lennox, and Breathe clothing stores that make amazing handcrafted mesh clothes for regular or mesh avatars.  Folks if you can’t figure out what to get your lady/man in this shopping area I’m sure it’s only because there are so many great things to choose from and you can always hand out a gift card someone special will love.  The shopping district is located here:
5. Will Burns (Aeonix Aeon) makes the cool Polybius arcade game which can be purchased on marketplace here: This interesting game makes a great addition to any game room in SL and can also be used as a token to exchange for 15 other well known arcade games.   Not only do they look great (made of mesh) but they are very playable and they have poses for one or two avatars for photos or just more fun playing. A visit to the marketplace is worth a look just for the story/history on this alone.  Check it out.  
6. A homemade gift (ok this #6 covers a lot so read on).  You can’t go wrong with a home-made gift from the heart.  In SL many people can buy for themselves what they want but something made especially for someone else or even a group gift made special for the holiday is very nice.
  Last year I made a picture/poem book for my friends.  If anyone wants a copy just ask me.  Another year I made home-made calendars. These items can be made with the Intelli systems which you can purchase.  The system to make them might be out of budget if just used for a once a year gift, but you can continue to use these systems to make other books/magazines, calendars  etc. and could be a fun hobby to make unique items created by you.   You can see and purchase this product here:
Another  homemade idea is to buy clothing templates online and texture them yourself, just be careful about re-gift/resale rights and instructions.  This way you make one of a kind or unique or personalized items that are special.
Plan “special times” (multiple ideas listed here and if you need links just ask me or use my blog search bar):  A special date night or maybe a sim explore package for friends including a new location they can visit unique to their personality or better yet together with you, with possibly a fun play place (skating, sailing, duck races, surfing, game areas, football game, wrestling match, carnivals)  or romantic dance or nature area, possibly a dining experience, some role play sim, an adult experience, a tribute concert, a night out dancing at some new/different club or live music show, some new art gallery tour, or maybe a combo of the above.  For a cheap date some of the animation stores like Abranimations is also fun to just visit with someone special.  They have a lot of fun things to play on and I actually still enjoy doing this and getting silly.
Couples might just enjoy some quiet at home time in the Jacuzzi filled with rose petals, some candles, and a nice movie and some pose balls-heck this is fun with friends too and you can break out the floaties and girls night out products with girl friends.  These itmes can be made even more special if planned right, buying ahead some things like pillow fight systems, facials, pose props and take pictures and post to Facebook or Flickr.   There are plenty of video stores in SL or even TV viewers that offer a wide range of movies/shows, youtube, etc.  I used to play youtube with a friend and we’d go back and forth showing each other funny videos or music videos we especially loved.  I have my current TV set up in a mini skybox theater that I love and can have friends over to watch the many shows it offers from current movies to HBO series. Also these things can easily be found on SL Marketplace in regular and adult versions.   My fav TV/video player "XControl" is inworld or Marketplace here:
Sometimes it’s fun to step out of the comfort or usual zone too and try something different. If you do these things together your individual attention and time is also a gift.   Check out the destination guide here:
If you can’t think up anything to make or are broke, a home-made holiday card is always welcome and many people like to collect and display them in their homes too.  I used to have one of these.. you could slide your Christmas card images/textures friends gave you into this holiday card holder that was a wall decoration but it's now lost in my inventory and for the life of me I cant find another one. I even asked some builder friends who said they never saw any and dont' make them. OMG.. someone needs to make me one and I'll blog it.  If they hurry there could prob. be a good market for it if its cute.  In the mean time I'll put my cards into a multi picture frame and add some Christmas décor of my own next to it. 
7. Gacha gifting… always fun and can be inexpensive.  The Dec. round of Gacha Arcade is now open, here: and has a ton of great items that can be transferred.  For more Gacha info. check out my friend Kath’s blog about all things Gacha, "A Few of my Fav Gacha Things" here:
8. Games! - SLictionary, Greedy, Spades, Cards Against Humanity,  etc. All can be found on marketplace here:   These make great gifts and continue to provide hours of enjoyment when playing. 
9. And of course gift cards are always nice and now days you can find them in most busy stores.  Marketplace also has a nice gift giving feature too. 
10.  Come play with me! 

Another great idea is to buy something for yourself, but now you might not have to.  Just visit Strawberry Signh's wonderful blog and check out her annual gift giveaway contest.  You might be able to win a significant gift card from Catwa just for entering. Check it out here:

Also along the lines of gifts for yourself be sure to grab all the many Advent Calendar gifts in many sims... a pretty good list of where to find many of these can be found on the Showtime Magazine site here:

(Disclaimer: These are my SL recommendations, not those of Linden Labs. I have not been bribed or even requested to blog these products or ideas and most of the designers/builders of these products are not even aware I am recommending them.)


    Sunday, December 6, 2015

    Burn 2 Santalarity Dec. 12-13

    The Burn 2 press release states:

    "Like a fable borne upon a mist of time, a magical, mysterious transformation is wrought upon the
    ancient dry lake bed we know as the playa. When the mist clears you see an alpine wonderland of
    mountains, hills and valleys.

    Oh, but that is not all! As you draw in for a closer look, you notice something incredible: everything is small in size. You are surrounded by miniature villages and diminutive trains, with LIlliputian creatures and beings populating the scene. But don't let their small sizes fool you things
    are rarely as they appear.

    Great Things Come in Small Packages

    This is the theme and vision for our next adventure at BURN2 Santalarity, taking place
    December 12-13,2015 . Doesn't that just stir all sorts of things in your mind? Petites, Tinies,
    Micros...miniature camps and minimutant
    vehicles, the world goes small! And of course we
    will have a fun little Burn! And you are invited to participate!
    We especially invite creatives of the petite, Tiny and other small avatar communities around
    the Second Life grid to come build, DJ and perform.
    BURN2 2015"

    Burn 2

    "BURN2 is the virtual extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of
    Second Life. It spreads Burning Culture and the Burning Man Ten Principles all year round.
    BURN2 is one Burning Man regional, out of more than 100 first world Regional groups."

    Want more information? Check out these resources:
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group:
    Regional Page:
    Contact people:
    Steering Committee:
    BURNING MAN Regional Contact:

    Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase Opens Dec 7

    Visit here:

    Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase


    The event is seven days of live djs, performers, tribute concerts, art exhibitions, contests, shopping, a hunt, a gingerbread building contest, skating, advent calendar and gifts,  and more all on this nicely decorated sim!  The art show is sponsored and produced by Windlight Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery and features some amazing artists including some of favs such as Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, Skip Staheli, Wicca Merlin, and more.  There is also great shopping with some great name brands so it really has something for everyone including nice photo ops.

    Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase

    Saturday, December 5, 2015

    GregKat24 Rocks Second Life!

    Greg Kat 24

    Today I was over at Helle's Angels venue to hear GregKat24 and brought out a sign I made for his shows.  Greg has a HUGE list of songs he sings and plays guitar to.  It's very impressive he can play so many and sing them vs using tracks.  He has a good variety of song genre on his song list and is heavy on classic rock and some 80s stuff I love, some oldies and other things.  I made the sign because, well, basically he's a great rocker, but also I love to request "Rock Me Gently" and he also sings "Rock Me Like a Wagon Wheel" pretty regularly too.  He also does my all time favorite last dance song, "Lights" by Journey and a lot of others I really like such as Blink182, Ozzy, Ramones, Guns N Roses, The Romantics, Creed, Sheryl Crow, etc.

    Greg has been into music RL for years and has been in SL for a while but just recently started singing inworld.  He is managed by Whispering Sands Live Promotions and you can find his profile, soundcloud music to listen to, calendar, profile, history and for booking got WSLP website here:

    The Whispering Sands Live Promotions bio on him states: "In the world of solo acoustic performers GregKat24 is somewhat of a musical chameleon. Performing well over 1000 RL shows at many diverse venues ranging from college nooners, orientations, and night shows to major resorts as well as headlining club shows and opening for National acts in his native Pittsburgh, PA, he is as comfortable in front of thirty people as he is in front of three hundred or three thousand!

    Greg’s solo acoustic show combines intoxicating party rock from the “big 80’s” Hot modern rock from the 90’s and today and enough classic tracks to keep everyone happy. With charm & musicianship Greg uses every trick (fair & unfair) to get the crowd joining in, singing along, and (God forbid) having fun! He is totally audience fueled, leaving plenty of room for requests and guaranteeing that on two show are ever alike!

    “Greg Iskat is a hard working enthusiastic entertainer
    who won’t do you wrong”
    Jim Krenn, Pittsburgh Legend

    “Greg Iskat has one of those earnest voices that immediately reminds you of the Eagles’ Don Henly”
    Tony Norman, Pittsburgh Post Gazette""

    Sage Naughty or Nice Sweaters at the 2015 Christmas Expo

    Visit Sage here:
    Visit the 2015 Christmas Expo Sage location here:

    Sage logo I've previously blogged about the Christmas Expo benefitting Relay for Life that runs through the 14th a couple of posts back but now I'd like to show you one of the items you can find there that I enjoyed with my good friend Kekoa.  We are wearing the his and hers Christmas sweaters from Sage.  The 100% DONATION "NICE OR NAUGHTY" SWEATER SET comes with huds that allow the wearer to easily switch back and forth between naughty or nice.  Kekoa and I both tried each version, but I told him of course I needed to model the "nice" version for the photo!  Although Naughty is always just a hud click away ! ~winks~ Anyway.. enjoy the expo and Sage. 

    Sage Sweaters at The Christmas Expo

    Thursday, December 3, 2015

    Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase



    The Windlight Winter Art Show and Winter Showcase runs from December 7-13 in support of Team Diabetes and there press release info. states: " WINDLIGHT WINTER ART SHOW & WINTER SHOW CASE IN SUPPORT OF TEAM DIABETES OF SL
    Team Diabetes of SL is pleased to announce the first annual Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase! This event will take place from December 7 to December 14 and will include seven days of live djs, performers, tribute concerts, art exhibitions, contests, shopping, a hunt, a gingerbread building
    contest and more!
    The art show is sponsored and produced by Windlight Magazine and Windlight Art Gallery and will feature the following artists and photographers:  Bryn Oh, Cica Ghost, Skip Staheli, Wicca Merlin, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, JudiLynn India, Kayly Iali, Saoiriseheart Resident, Warm Clarity, Eeraftr Resident, Honey Bender, WrenNoir Cerise, Roffellos Resident, Layachi Inhen, Richie Narstrom, Ilyra Chardin, Bluesrocker Resident, Sparkie Cyberstar, Tripleplaynitely Resident, Inara Pey, and Johannes1977 Resident.

    The 2015 Winter Showcase is sponsored by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions and will feature the following brands:  Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, Moonstar, Feyline Fashions, Wiccas Wardrobe, Zuri Rayna Jewelry, Spyralle, Kittycat’s Creations, The House of Avro, An Lema, Park Place Home Décor, Pink Ice Boutique, A Little Bit of Everything by Neck, Jamie Wolf Photography, Potomac Signature Homes, Lyrical B!zarre Templates, [JOH], Hearthaven Photography, Kaerri, and Meshopotomia.
    The modeling firm, Solaris, will also produce a winter queen themed fashion show, featuring jewelry by Chop Zuey.

    About Team Diabetes of Second Life:
    Windlight Magazine is a publication about the art and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. John nee Johannes1977 Resident is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Windlight Magazine and Gallery. The magazine is published on a monthly basis.
    For More Information:

    Wednesday, December 2, 2015

    2015 Christmas Expo December 3-14

    Visit the official website here:

    2015 SL Christmas Expo
    Be sure to take the link above to their blog for all the detail about the fundraiser, events, sponsor, coordinators, etc  Their blog states in part:
    "The 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo will consist of both holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life, spread across 8 sims!  The Expo will feature special events, including live performances, djs, skating parties, a Snowman Building Contest, Hunt For the Bells, Naughty Or Nice, a Christmas Tree Lot, holiday raffles and gotchas, and of course photos with Santa!   The Holiday Of Hope Ball, for the 5th year running, will be held at the Christmas Expo. And returning to the Christmas Expo as a special event this year is the  Avi Choice Fashion Awards."

    The have multiple daily events and Thursday's special events include:
    Location: Xmas Expo Frozen – Entertainment Stage:  Click Here To TP
    • 2pm to 3pm slt -Mihaere Shamen
    • 3pm to 4pm slt -Shaye Dezno
    • 5pm to 7pm slt – Rock N Roll Stew with Nuala on T1Radio
    • 8pm to 9pm slt -Gibson"

    Monday, November 30, 2015

    Happening Things Around the Grid

    Here is part of my "Happening Things Around the Grid" event review piece:

    (edited to bare bones)

    Some December 1 openings the I know are great:
    *"White Christmas" Calas Galahdon (see next post)
    *The Gathering, by Bryn Oh
    *The Arcade Gacha
    *Night moves annual formal winter gala with Sassy Nightly , James Olmos, and Voodoo Shilton. 
    Dec 2:
    *Christmas Town by Laura Liberty
    Dec 3:
    *2015 Christmas Expo running through the 14th

    Also One Billion Rising in SL in associated with 2 Lei presents Safe Night Phase 2 in LEA1.  This installation is for the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women, with 6 new art installations.

    For all you music fans out there Whispering Sands Live Promotions is holding a raffle and with the 250L purchase of a WSLP t-shirt you are entered for a chance to win a fee show some time in January with the WSLP performer of your choice.  The shirts are great too, and you can enter as many times as you like.

    The Thanksgiving parade over in Las Vegas at The Rio ran through Sunday but a Christmas version will begin Dec 5th. I had a blast playing on the parade that runs24/7 with almost 100 interactive floats you can ride on and be animated and some even give cool props and costumes.  (See prior recent post"

    There are also some weekly fun events you might enjoy such as Sunday evening speed dating, or Tuesday evening comedy hour at Lauren's place followed by live music.

    Here as a fun piece of news for old timers in SL who might remember Midnight Reflections that was a favorite romantic dance and explore areas, well there is a new Midnight Reflections and it's a similar design with the surround, water falls, nature and walkways with dance areas.

    And there are a bunch of  cool holiday events, sims, and things going on so remember to check SL events as well as the SL Destination guide.

    (Ok, highly edited version done.  I'll add some links tomorrow maybe but I'm tired right now)

    The Inner Room VIP Lounge Party

    Relax Lounge Party  with DJ Little

    White Christmas at Calas Galahdon, Open to Group Members Now and Dec 1st to the General Public

    White Christmas, the 2015 Calas Galahdon annual Christmas sim, opens to the public December 1st but group members were granted early access today.    Owners/sim designers Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith  will release the landmark/SLurl at that time.  Check out their official web site for more information.  They also have some great live music events lined up beginning December 2nd with Luciano Lionheart at 6pm SLT.  See their site here:

    White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

    I was delighted to see some of last years sim content present again including the choice of long relaxing sleigh rides around the sim for single, couples, and groups.  Walk, ride, skate, ride the flying reindeer, and this year enjoy a hot air balloon ride up up and away through some magical atmosphere to a 2nd level North Pole where the little village under the northern lights is home to Santa's elves workshops, the reindeer depot and other lovely things to see and enjoy.  The ground level once again has beautiful dark winter scenery, the skating lake, the Christmas pavilion that is home to that huge beautiful tree, classic holiday décor and seating areas.  There are also dance options with decorator intans all about that do not detract from the peaceful ambiance. 

    White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

    This sim is a annual favorite to many and especially nice for couples but a lot of fun for friends and even to enjoy a peaceful feeling when exploring alone.  I did have a good friend with me for part of my early visit as you can see in some of the pictures and it was nice to share the experience.  Be sure you don't miss this beautiful sim that is temporary for the holiday season. 

    White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon