Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dark Moon, the Calas Galadhon's Halloween Sim Opens to the Public Oct 1,2017

Visit Dark Moon here:

Here is the official Calas Galadhon's web page:

Here we go again.. the greatly anticipated annual Halloween sim by Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith that is always unique and always a great explore and fun time.  I won't say much as it really just needs to be seen and explored by everyone.  These are always some of the best SL has to offer and not to be missed.  A few bits from the notes then some teaser pics.  A hint:  follow the guide persons and lights.  There are so many options, I'm not gonna lie, yes I did get lost in the lower passageways for quit some time. (again keep in mind my poor laptop is aging and wont do it justice and should be experienced in person, plus somewhere along the way my windlight got changed and I eventually noticed and put it back to the sim windlights so some pics look very diff in diff lighting) ....

At the landing grab the note card and enjoy their suggested windlights. Listen to the sounds, try all the passageways, savor it all... it's not about making it to the mothership quickly it's about the adventure. Oh, and don't forget to tip, it's worth it and we want to see these special sims continue for years to come. Thanks and enjoy.

"YOUR GOAL: To reach the ”MOTHERSHIP" which is our live music venue for our October performances. While there grab a copy of the October calendar of events.  All events will be costume with an alien/sci fi theme "

"This year’s Halloween build has FOUR levels:

Level One: The Cargo Ship “CS UTOPIA”. The ship is large so you’ll want to explore ALL areas of the ship. A ‘PORTAL’ to the next level is also found here.

Level Two:  The moon’s surface. Both the DARK MOON SHUTTLE TOUR & the CAVERN ENTRANCE can be found there. Arrows will help point the way. There is no Portal at this level, but the way to the next level is clear.

Level Three: ‘THE CAVERN & EGG ROOM’ the cavern is a very large one and has several levels of its own. You will want to take your time in the cavern as you travel DOWN to its floor. "

Level Four: The Mothership- at the moon's core.  Music venue and ultimate destination.

Dark Moon Calas Galadhon Dark Moon_005 Dark Moon_022 Dark Moon_016 Dark Moon_025 Dark Moon_029 Dark Moon Calas Galadhon (lots more pics on my flickr .. just click on one of the above pics to get there)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Split Screen at LEA15 For Everywhere Nowhere and The Games We Play

Visit Split Screen at LEA15 here:

My friend Dividni Shostakovich hosts LEA15 this round and currently has two exhibits there to enjoy through the end of the month.  There is The Games we Play which is like a giant room of chess pieces that are much larger than life size by Krystali Rabeni.  On anther several levels there is Everywhere Nowhere by Jade Yu Fhang. Be sure you click around as you can pose and animate in some place.  I took a few pics of course.

split screen lea15_004 split screen lea15_003 split screen lea15_007 split screen at lea_011 split screen at lea_012

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AMG Haunted Portraits

AMG Haunted Portraits in Second Life available now on SL Marketplace here:

These super cool pictures have multiple animations, sounds, and various other options.  This video does not do them justice as my poor laptop isn't so great for video any more but you can get the idea.. a must-see in person.  These are made by my friend Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon in Second life.  Halloween is coming!

Jack Slade at Boda Live

Visit Boda Live here:

Find out more about Jack Slade here:
and his FB here:

I caught a great live music set by Jack Slade at the venue Boda Live (which I"ve previously blogged) and was impressed with his fantastic smooth voice and guitar playing.  Be sure to catch him in SL and visit this cool venue too.  He's so great I wanted to get him on my blog and here he is....  

Jack Slade at Boda Live