Friday, September 30, 2011

Under the Willows Music Venue 1st Year Anniversary Fun

Under the Willows

I am hanging out at Under the Willows tonight for their 1 year anniversary with a full line up of live musicians. I enjoyed listending to AcousticEnergy Nitely and now Maximillion Kleene, while attendees in pajamas dance on the giant bed that looks out the cottage into the beautiful landscaped nature area with willows based on a real life place. The venue also is providing fee cds full of music by some of Second Life's best musicians. It's a fun time and a great venue. The fun is still going strong so come on out. Check it out here: or direct link here: UndertheWillowsHere.

Under the Willows

Prism Fall Fashion Show Tomorrow October 1st at 10am SLT


Visit here for the fashion show: or direct link here: PrismShowHere. Visit the store Prism here: or direct link here: PrismHere.

A very sweet friend, Journey McLaglen, CEO and designer of Prism Designs, is releasing her fall line with a fashion show tomorrow. I have to be real life at that time, but I'm sure you all will have fun. The press release states:

Prism Designs is back and we’re bigger than ever with a Fall Fashion line that is a must for women this fall. Journey McLaglen, designer and CEO of Prism Designs, has created a beautifully designed casual chic outfits in the best fall colors using amazing fabrics she has created herself. Fabrics in wool, linen, leather and plenty of gorgeous knit to go around. Whether you are shopping, going to the best clubs in SL or just hanging with your friends – Prism will be the clothes women want to wear.
On October 1st, 2011 at 10am SL time – Journey will officially be reopening Prism Design and releasing her Fall Fashion 2011 collections with a fun time fashion show amongst the Aztec ruins on the SIM. Come by to check out the new clothes, listen to great music and make new friends."


In the photos I am wearing one of the fall line outfits "Gabrielle" paisley that comes with several top options such as short cropped top, longer narrow and also fuller top versions with a couple of neckline options.


W. T. F.

I received this funny at RL work on Monday, then yesterday my SL friend Kathy passed me the same funny inworld and I told her I planned to post that but wanted to add my work burnout list. Thankfully I have now made it to Friday and am just waiting for 5pm to roll around. Have a great weekend everyone and hope to see you inworld!

Top Reasons You Know You have Work Burnout
(Yes I made up most these myself, as I know this subject just that well)
-You hit the snooze button 15 times before actually getting out of bed in the morning.
-You are actually looking forward to that annual OBGYN apt. just to get out of a couple hours of work. (that says a lot right there)
-You check what the work cafeteria is having for lunch when you first arrive, as that is the highlight of the work day.
-You're so tired, you now answer the phone with "Leave me alone!" or “That’s not my department”
-Your friends call to ask how you've been, and you immediately scream,"Stop asking me all these questions!"
- Your garbage can IS your "Inbox"!
-You wake up to discover your house is on fire, but go back to sleep because you just don't care.
-You consider a 40 hour week a vacation.
-Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday.
-You don't set your alarm anymore because you know your pager will go off before your alarm does.
-You leave for a party and instinctively bring your ID badge.
-Your DayTimer/Work Planner exploded a week ago.
-You think about how relaxing it would be if you were in jail right now.

Ok, ok.. just kidding I am very thankful I have a job. It would be nice to come up with a plan to make a RL living in SL though… that would be the life.. SL.

And now back to my Friday dance.. thank you very much! Woot for Friday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Burn 2-October 1 through 9th

Visit Saturday here: or direct link here: Burn2Here.
Burn 2
Today was press/bloggers day at Burn 2, the SL annual answer to the RL Burning Man. I previously blogged a sneak peak here: or direct link here: KarasBurnBlogHere.
Once again this year there are a lot of very fun, interactive and impressive exhibits, freebies, shows and of course the porta potties are back.
Some of my fav exhibits are the First Responder, Wormholes, and Claudia222Jewell's ccc sacrifice exhibits but there are so many really fun and amazing exhibits. Burn 2 runs October 1 through the 19th. For press day there was singing, dancing and LOTS of fire : )
Burn 2
The Burn 2 website is here: or direct link here: Burn2WebHere.

Partial schedule of burn times
Man Burn 1: Europe Burn
Gather: SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 11:00am
Burn: SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 11:30am
Man Burn 2: USA Burn
Gather: SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 7:00pm
Burn: SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 7:30pm
Man Burn 3: Aust/Asia Burn
Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 3:00am
Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 3:30am

Temple Burn 1: Europe Burn
Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 11:00am
Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 11:30am
Temple Burn 2: USA Burn
Gather: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 7:00pm
Burn: SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 7:30pm
Temple Burn 3: Aust/Asia Burn
Gather: SLT, Mon, Oct 10, 3:00am
Burn: SLT, Mon, Oct 10, 3:30am

Burn 2

Burn 2Burn 2burn 2_058Burn 2Burn2Burn 2

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun Stores Not Possible in Real Life

Reek- visit here: or direct link here: ReekHere.
Reek is a fun store filled with novelty toy, gag, gift type fun stuff. I got a couch with my name in scrabble type pillow lettering on it and there are all kinds of clothes, hair, furniture but most importantly toys, games and fun stuff. Enter through that little hole in the middle.

Cerridwins Cauldrin-visit here: or direct link here: CerridwinsHere.

This is a super fun fantasy type store. I started on a dragon tour around the beautiful store build that was a glowy, open air castley style temple of the spirit build with volcano/lava flow nearby, both for sale in the architecture sales area along with many other things, then I took a free cloak with mask near the entry. I shopped and found wonderful complete fairys, fantasy foliage such as beautiful sporing mushrooms called pulse fungi in vibrant colors, bellows puffballs, creepy avatars like skeletons great for Halloween, and so much more. To top it off apparently there are several other locations as well.

A Touch of Ireland-Visit here: or direct link here: IrelandHere.

I think most people that have been around for a while know of this place, but it seems to just be getting better and better and I stop in regularly and especially at seasonal holiday times. The area has a Irish theme of course with quaint downtown shop area, but what really attracts me is the costume and seasonal shopping and decorations that are as good as any explore. It seems to be filled with some of the best costumes for all occasions and they have decorations that are landscaped to present a fun explore or photo ops., with products that can be purchased. Now they are showcasing Halloween costumes and items and the area includes some of the prettiest glowing fall trees and grasses I have seen around. Be sure to grab the freebies in the store.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

BOSL Fashion Week Le Rouge

How could I resist this one? My fav color. Set/stage design by Cherry Manga.
Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):
a la folie-Aleida Rhoder
Azul-Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture-Amutey DeCuir
Champagne Sparkling Fashion-Enzo Champagne
Designing Nicky Ree-Nicky Ree
Donna Flora-Squinternet Larnier
Gizza-Giz Seorn
House of Europe-Didier Rasconr
Meili Couture-Meilingr
Mohna Lisa Courture-Mohna Lisa
Morea Style-morea Decosta
My Prescious-Agnes Finney
Rfyre-Raven Pennyfeather
Soleil-ColeMarie Soleil
Tres Beau-Kimmera Madison
Ninetails VegaCelli-Bahar Vega &Tori Torricelli
Jador Fashion-Ziamela Loon

Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 Signs You Are An Internet Geek

10. When filling out your driver's license application you give your IP address.

9. You no longer ask prospective dates what their sign is, instead your line is "Hi, what's your URL?"

8. Instead of calling you to dinner, your spouse sends e-mail.

7. You're amazed to find out spam is a food.

6. You "ping" people to see if they're awake, "finger" them to find out how they are, and "AYT" them to make sure they're listening to you.

5. You search the Net endlessly hoping to win every silly free T-shirt contest.

4. You introduce your wife as "my lady@home.wife" and refer to your children as "client applications".

3. At social functions you introduce your husband as "my domain server".

2. After winning the office super bowl pool you blurt out, "I feel so "colon-right parentheses!"

And the number one sign you are an Internet Geek:

1. Two Words: "Pizza's Here!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Art And Poetry Project Now through February 19,2012

Visit here: or direct link here: ArtPoetryHere.

Art&Poetry first exhibition

The press release reads in part: "It opens Thursday, September 22, 2011, at 22.00, in Piazza Plebiscito Napoli in Second Life, and Friday, September 23, 2011, at the Museum of Metaverse in OpenSim Craft, the first of twenty-two exhibitions of the project Art & Poetry.

22-poems, 22 weeks, 22 sites, 22 exhibitions, 132 works.
1 permanent exhibition dedicated to the poet Carmen Auletta (aka Margy Ryba) and its “painted poems”."

For all the details the official web site provides details here: or direct link here: ArtPoetryHere.

Art and Poetry

Feed A Smile Fundraiser Event Now through Oct 2, 2011

Direct link to schedule of events:!__schedule or click here: EventsHere.

circle of life

memory thorne_003

Press Release states:
"September 2011 – In order to raise money and provide positive change to the extreme poor of the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya, Live and Learn in Kenya NGO and Loveli Inc would like to announce the Feed A Smile Charity Fashion Event 2011.

This year’s Event begins September 17th and runs through October 2nd. It is being held online at the FeedASmile For Loveli Sim

and features fashion shows, auctions, sales, live music events, art exhibits and more.

Live and Learn in Kenya NGO is a non-profit, charity organization working to aid the impoverished people – especially the children - living in Kenya. Loveli Inc is a fashion and art company that believes in giving back to their worldwide community through charitable work.

Together, these two dynamos of change are looking to double last year’s results which netted the 2010 Feed A Smile campaign over 2 Million Lindens. This years goal is doubled at 4 Million and the 2011 program would provide incredible strides in helping starving, sick and suffering children because 100% of the proceeds go to help the poor of Kenya and, for example, one child receives a complete, nutritious meal for a mere $0.41! or $100L. Children receive education and medical assistance as well.
Also, with LLK operating through the Second Life online virtual charity community – Nonprofit Commons, contributors can trust in the NGO’s security as the managers of Nonprofit Commons thoroughly screen every organization for validity and authenticity.

Those wishing to help make a difference in the lives of precious children in Kenya can make donations and/or volunteer time and expertise to the event as well as spread the word.

The Loveli Inc. Models CEO and Loveli Inc Partner Mellificent Juneberry says, “This year’s event will be bigger than ever before and reach even more children to put a smile on their faces. We have already had some major contributors join our efforts this year… but we need YOUR help! We can’t do it without you.”

About the Organization: Live and Learn in Kenya NGO, located in Selb, Germany, and its “daughter” organization Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO are non-profit, charity organizations. LLK works to combat desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides, etc of those living in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

You can find out more by visiting

For more information and how you can get involved Please contact Liata Exonar, Mellificent Juneberry or Brique Topaz

Join the Circle of Life!"

There is a lineup of fun events and as I danced tonight I was provided some up to date info from Liata Exonar who said, "As a matter of fact I can also tell you that this Sunday some of what we've raised so far is actually going to feed some kids this Sunday and what the LLK director called a Loveli Inc Meal party in Kenya, so that news came in this morning we've been inspired so much." Looks like a success already. Come join the fun and help out for a good cause. Check it out here: or direct link here: FeedASmileHere.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burn 2 Festival-October 1-9, 2011-Sneak Peak at First Responder Exhibit

I met up with my buddy and First Responder sim organizer Patrick Thorkveld and Iso Huet, an artist for First Responder, for a sneak peak at their Burn 2 exhibit. All I can say is WOW! What an awesome exhibit! They have successfully built a major storm in a relatively small area on their Burn 2 plot. I was lucky to get a sneak peak at it and took a few pics. The event organizers requested pre-event photos not reveal pics of large areas, full builds etc., to leave some excitement for visitors later. So, these are the pics I have come up with and although a active tornado comes through the First Responder build, I will leave that for visitors to enjoy themselves later when Burn 2 officially opens October 1st.

First Responder-Burn 2

Burn 2 First Responder

First Responder -Burn 2
(Iso, Kara and Patrick)

The 2011 Burn 2 Festival will run October 1st through the 9th. This is based on the RL Burning man annual event held this year in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Burning man is an experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. SL Burn 2 has 9 components, Art, Burniversity, Communications, Community service, Mutant vehicles, Public works, Lamplighters, Performances, and Rangers.

See the SL Burn 2 official web site at

My prior post about the First Responder Sim in SL including direct SL link can be found here: or direct link here: FirstResponderhere.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cute Commercial

I Just like this commercial.. no comment on product, etc.

Monday, September 19, 2011

BOSL Fashion Week Continues With Super Heros

Another amazing show. This show was presented by Executive Producer, CEO of The Best of SL and Miss Virtual World Organization, Frolic Mills and BLVD Models aka BLVD Super Heroes. Stage design by Mike Denneny & Willilicious Georgette. DJ and Voice Host, Sofia Diage. Chat host and Show Director Kay Fairey. Models Adonis Hansome, Amazon Silverweb, Aphrodite Brianna, Arion Vella, Blossoms Sweetwater, Carilynn O'Hare, Clyde Saunders, Daniele Eberhardt, Federica Galtier, LatrellY Flux, Liam Netizen, Maddox Kaestner, Natzuka Miliandrovic, RicoRacer Flux, rupert Larnia, Rusalka Callisto, sinontherocks, Soulful Dreamscape, Veronica Krasner, Vivien Emerald, Wicca Merlin, Frolic Mills.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BOSL Kicks Off Fashion Week With GIZZA Designs and Set by Bryn Oh- Fashion Week Continues This Week

Today I attended the initial 2011 BOSL Fashion Week show with set by Bryn Oh and designs by GIZZA. First of all everyone knows I love GIZZA designs and you can see the outfits in the pics. But one of the things I really enjoy about fashion week is the presentation. Bry Oh did it in grand style setting the standards high for the rest of the week. The audience filled before the show started and attendees were seated in shopping carts of all things! It was great fun and the comments about cart races and getting pushed around showed everyone was really enjoying this seating. Meanwhile large blocks were dropping regularly, well irregularly from the sky sometimes in large groups and other times singularly often even landing on people but soon to disappear for new random rounds of dropping blocks. I wish I had flipped on my fraps for a video. THEN to top it off Bryn made a changing stage/runway that must have been the first of it's kind. If you have seen the Linden Lab Avatar games the movement of the runway stairs was of similar design in that the models had to walk up and down winding ever changing staircase to get to the stopping destination. They all maneuvered this wonderfully, but I had to wonder if it was difficult, for as they walked the stairs in front and behind them were constantly moving, dropping out from under them etc. The stairs themselves were black and white colored resembling piano keys. The show was broadcast live on

In the end I took way too many photos for no apparent reason, so decided to just make a slide show of them. Here you go.

So BOSL Fashion Week is well under way and here is the final press release and schedule of events.

"Grab your totes; gird up your corsets, and dress to impress! The Style Armageddon is upon us! The final runway rapture is looming. Welcome to BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011! You are about to embark on a fashion journey that will inspire and rejuvenate: and nobody is immune!

The cacophony of conflicting trends, impossibly chic styles, and fashion “must haves” is bigger and louder than ever! This year we break the mould, as you witness the most titillating, tumultuous, fabulously haute couture, gloriously glam-obsessed, deliciously deranged, and relentlessly entertaining week of fashion to hit the grid!

Cutting-edge, trend-making, dazzling sets that will overwhelm the senses, built by premier SL architects and award winning artists. The grid’s top models show us their fashion-savvy styling talents and choreography, and both SL and RL fashion designers present their latest fashion designs that run the gamut from sophisticated elegance, to dark decadence, to adventurous avant-garde, to abstract couture, to “comic book couture,” to a walk-back-in-time tribute to SL’s fashion industry.

We also get our first look at the Official Candidates for the 2012 MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Pageant. It’s all here to be experienced and savoured for one week only…

You DARE NOT miss one minute of BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011!"


September 18th - 25th

For Landmarks regarding each show, please visit BLVD Agency Headquarters and click on the invitation. All landmarks will be available on Friday September 16th.

You may also join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group for more information:



➊ September 18th - 10:00 am SLT - GIZZA

A dazzling opening to this year’s Fashion Week-the cutting edge designs of GizzA.

Sexy, edgy and always on trend, the label owned by Giz Seorn and auster Elan has taken the fashion world by storm with their unique brand of fierce fashion.

Come see why they took the BOSL AWARD for best new designers of 2011!

Stage Design by: Bryn Oh

➋ September 19th - 4:00 pm SLT - VIRTUAL SUPER HEROES

Imagine if a new breed of superheroes emerged on the grid- what would their special powers be? And what would they wear?

We take comic strip couture to a whole new level with this collection of fantasy clothing.

Who knows - it might even inspire a brand new comic book!

Stage Design by: Mike Denneny &; Willilicious Georgette

➌ September 20th - 4:00 pm SLT - THE PERFECT STORM - SHAN Beachwear Collection

Real Life award winning designer Chantal Levesque brings her beach wear to Second Life and it will be presented in a VERY unique way.

Her range of swimsuits, bikinis and poolside dresses are the ultimate in vacation glamour despite the weather forecast for this date.

This will be a perfect storm of a show with strange weather fronts moving in…..we just hope you survive! Get those life rafts ready - women, children and fashion lovers first!

Stage Design by: Tricia Farella


A fabulous collection of luxurious jewelry and fine lingerie that will take your breath away! Set in a darkly decadent and highly charged atmosphere, this show is a must see.

Prepare to be transported to an exciting and dangerously glamorous world…

Belle Roussel of CHOP ZUEY premiers her new jewelry collection!

Stage Design by: Fae Varriale

➎ September 22nd - 4:00 pm SLT - AVANT-GARDE

Mix it, match it-but never settle for anything less than perfection!

This show will leave you wondering just where all the clothes were purchased from, as we witness the most fashion forward styling on the grid.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion, this show will reveal non-conformist and imaginative styles on a scale never seen before.

Stage Design by: ColeMarie Soleil

➏ September 23rd - 6:00 pm SLT - THE DIVA´S SHOW

A whole show dedicated to the outstanding creations of SL’s female fashion designers.

Ranging from the elegant and formal to chic and casual, discover how the feminine touch is always a winner in the fashion stakes.

Let’s hear it for the ladies behind the legendary labels!

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):- Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larniar>Meili Couture - Meilingr>s Ys Design - Syane Cisser>Tr Tes Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>VegaCel- Bahar Vega & Tori Torricelli

Stage Design by: Thorne Dreadlow

➐ September 24th - 10:00 am SLT - LE ROUGE FASHION SHOW

Scarlet, crimson, vermilion…whatever the shade-RED is never out of fashion.

The favorite color of the real life fashion set in 2011, RED proves its fashion credentials time and time again.

Get ready for one of the most stunning fashion shows ever to take place within SL.

An all star collective fashion extravaganza you cannot miss!

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):
a la folie - - Aleida Rhoder>Az- Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Champagne!Sparkling Fashion - Enzo Champagne
Designing Nicky Ree - Nicky Ree
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larniar>Giz za Creations - Giz Seorn
House of Europe - Didier Rasconr>Meili Couture - Meilingr>Moh na Lisa Couture - Mohna Lisar>Mor ea Style - morea Decosta
My Precious - Agnes Finneyr>RFy re - Raven Pennyfeather
[S]oleil - ColeMarie Soleilr>Tres Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>Vassn ia - VNP Ninetailsr>VegaCelli - Bahar Vega & Tori Torricelli r>Jad or Fashion - Ziamela Loon

Stage Design by: Cherry Manga

➑ September 24th - 2:00 pm SLT - Nicky Ree - ALL NEW ABSTRACT COLLECTION

The legendary Nicky Ree has crafted a brand new collection of abstract perfection sure to capture the attention of fashionistas all over.

When we saw this collection´s preview, all we could think was: Easy, breezy, beautiful ...

2:00 PM SLT

Stage Design by: DB Bailey
Live Perfomance by: Tamra Sands

➒ September 25th - 10:00 am SLT - THE DOMINO EFFECT

Always in style, the color combination of elegant black and white guarantees a mesmerizing type of glamour.

Join us as we showcase an all new couture collection in this spectacular grand finale to fashion week 2011.

Be spellbound as Miss Virtual World 2012 official candidates model a truly divine collection of monochrome couture.

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):
a la folie - Pixivor Allenr>Alei - Aleida Rhode
Anubis Style - Anubis Hartunianr>Az - Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Champagne!Sparkling Fashion - Enzo Champagne
Designing Nicky Ree - Nicky Ree
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larnia
Gallery fumiwo - fumiwo Raur>Gizza Creations - Giz Seorn
House of Europe - Didier Rasconr>Man - Mew Denimorer>Meili- Meiling Couturer>Miam - monica Outlanderr>Moha Lisa Couture - Mohna Lisa
My Precious - Agnes Finneyr>RFyre - Raven Pennyfeather
[S]oleil - ColeMarie Soleil
Son!a - Sonia28 Jier>sYs Design - Syane Cisser>Tres Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>Vassnia - VNP Ninetailsr>VegaCelli - Bahar Vegar>Jador Fashion - Ziamela Loon

Stage Design by: Nish Mip

⑩ September 25th - 1:00 pm SLT - BOSL FASHION WEEK CLOSING CELEBRATION - A Tribute to those who started it all!

We take you back in time all the way to 2007! - How did models walk back then? - How did they pose? - What did they wear? How will they do it now?
r>KMADD &; BOSL get together to close BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 with a BANG! A celebration no one in the fashion industry can miss.

Stage Design by: Maddox Dupont
Live Performance by: ColeMarie Soleil

Invitation Design: Fae Varrialer>BOSL Fashion Week 2011 Poster by: Lulu Jamesonr>BOSL Fashion Week 2011 aditional photos by: KarlH Resident r>BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 Gift Sculpture by: Cherie Manga
Fashion Director: Kay Faireyr>BOSL Fashion Week DJ: Sofia Diage and Editorial Clarity
Models Provided by: BLVD Agency and MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization
Overall Concept and Production by: Frolic Mills

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BSR Radio Soul Music Festival This Weekend

Black Music Festival

Visit mainstage here: MusicHere.

The press release states:
"The BSR Radio Soul Music Festival will be three days of live DJ events, singers and musicians. Events will be held at venues on SugarHill sim and various other sims across SL. BSRRadio DJs will be showcased but DJs from other select SL radio stations will also be invited to perform during the festival."
Soul Music Festival schedsule:
2-3PM Idella Quandry
3-5PM DJ Derrick Emerald
8-9PM Zerbie Magic

1-3PM DJ Wilplay RnB
3-4PM Ceci Dover
4-5PM DJ Chilly
5-7PM Tina Turner concert
7-9PM DJ NISA Hiphop
9-11PM DJ Rebellious1 (Shon Larsson)

1-2PM Jana Kyomoon
2-3PM Miles Eleventhauer
3-4PM Machinima Showing: "The DJ Who Jazzed Me" (Episode #4)
4-6PM DJ Clyde
6-7PM Mary J Blige Concert
7-9PM DJ MILES (after party)
Tina Turner Concert

The BSR Radio Soul Music Festival Souvenir Journal will be widely circulated during the music festival to event guests FREE of charge.

Note: some of the event locations have changed but the mainstage remains the same.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Party at NeoVictoria

I was at a fun party tonight at NeoVictoia, which is a steampunk role play area featuring machinima information and areas. I previously blogged this very cool sim here: NeoVictoriaHere.
Tonight was a big party and auction to enhance community and raise a few extra Linden for the sims. I was actually very pleased to win the services of DJ Altair Swords who I have plans to DJ at the haunted mansion for another party soon. The party theme was Dark Alice so I snapped some pics of the cool costumes.

Visit NeoVictoria here: or direct link here to the machinima section: NeoVictoriaHere.

2011 Jewelry Fair September 16th - September 25th

Visit here: or direct link here: JewleryHere.
The 2011 Elements Jewelry Fair offers 4 sims packed with more than 100 amazing booths from September 16th - September 25th. The official blog site is here: Blog: There is a charity auction included. All auction items are unique one of a kind items that will be sold only once. Money raised benefits Oxfam (
jewelry fair_001
There is also a Jewelry Fair classroom with schedule of events as follows:
Jewelry Fair Class & Demo Schedule:
Friday Sept 16th
~Midnight -12:30am Camera Controls for Jewelers (all levels) Calla Cela
~9am-10am Beginner Jewelery Rox Arten
~Noon -12:30pm Camera Controls for Jewelers (all levels)Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
Saturday Sept 17th
~Midnight -1am One prim Starburst (intermediate) Calla Cela
10 AM - 11 AM Tips to be a great jewelry maker - Lesson and Demo Deliziosa Vendetta
~Noon -1pm One prim Starburst (intermediate) Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
~3pm-4pm Beginner Jewelery Rox Arten
Sunday Sept 18th
~Midnight -12:30am Camera Controls for Jewelers (all levels) Calla Cela
~10 AM - 11 AM Choosing the right colour/texture - Lesson and Demo Deliziosa Vendetta
~Noon -12:30pm Camera Controls for Jewelers (all levels)Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
~3 pm -4 pm Sculpties and Prim Sculpt Gem Necklace Sian Birke
Monday Sept 19th
~Noon -1pm Sculpties and Prim Torture: Turtle Earrings (Intermediate-advanced) Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
~6pm -7pm Sculpties and Prim Torture: Turtle Earrings (Intermediate-advanced) Calla Cela
~Midnight -1am Sculpties and Prim Torture: Turtle Earrings (Intermediate-advanced) Calla Cela
Tuesday Sept 20th
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
~Midnight -12:30am 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners -Calla Cela
~Noon -12:30pm 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners - Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
Wednesday Sept 21st
~Midnight -12:30am 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners -Calla Cela
~9am-10am Beginner Jewelery Rox Arten
~Noon -12:30pm 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners - Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
Thursday Sept 22nd
~Midnight -12:30am 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners -Calla Cela
~Noon -12:30pm 1 Prim Unisex Hoop Earring -- Prim torture for Beginners - Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
~3 pm -4 pm Sculpties and Prim Sculpt Gem Necklace Sian Birke
Friday Sept 23rd
~Midnight -12:30am Introduction to MESH Workshop –( Mesheneabled viewer required)-Calla Cela
~9am-10am Beginner Jewelery Rox Arten
~Noon -12:30pm Introduction to MESH Workshop –( Mesheneabled viewer required)-Calla Cela
~1 pm -2pm Creating a nice ring with only prims Sebastian Dionysus
Saturday Sept 24th
~Midnight -1:30am Sculpties and Prim Torture: Turtle Earrings (Intermediate-advanced)
Calla Cela
~9am-10am Beginner Jewelery Rox Arten
~ 10 AM - 11 AM Prims, Sculpties or Meshes. What is the future of SL accessories and jewelry? - Lesson (Compatible Mesh-Viewer is Required) Deliziosa Vendetta
~Noon -1:30pm Sculpties and Prim Torture: Turtle Earrings (Intermediate-advanced)
Calla Cela
jewlery fair_001

Monday, September 12, 2011

Island of Fear, Haunted Mansion on Island of Fame Going Strong-Open through October

Visit here: or direct link here: IsleofFearHauntedMansionHere.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the grand opening Sunday, it was a lot of fun for me to see everyone enjoying the place, dancing and having a great time.. and so many super cool costumes! Maybe we'll have some more planned parties there. The place is open to the public through October so drop in any time.

The event hit SL Showcase and today someone told me it is now on SL destination guide at the top of the "haunted" category so I had to go there and check and mark "like" of course : ). or direct link here: SLDestinationsHere.

haunted house destination guide 9-12-11 2 Showcase

Today I hung around and it was a lot of fun to meet some Flickr contacts and so many interesting people. I took this shot of myself there in my Medusa costume that I love because the snakes actually move.
Come Have a Look--See What Happens

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th Remembers

Well the Island of Fame Haunted Mansion held it's grand opening today with Dj Isabelle Izzy Mavendorf. I'll post some pics later, as it was a lot of fun. But today is really a difficult day for many people and the party was a nice diversion. Now I"m back to watching the news and the 9-11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks 10 years ago on this date. It's just horrible. I can't hardly stand to watch any more. People throwing themselves out windows rather than die in flames. Horrible! I wont watch anymore. Here is a released photo take on the 17th 10 years ago .. following the incident. Moving forward but remembering.
WTC 9/11

Cart Sale

cart sale

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Explore Second Life

I'm out doing a little weekend exploring again and found some interesting places that seem interesting enough for me to save and share here.
Grand Opening Party This Sunday 9-11-11 at 2pm SLT
Visit here: or direct link here: IslandofFearHere.
Of coure my #1 pick for the weekened is my own place, Island of Fear Haunted Mansion on Island of Fame. Partners in crime include neighbors Sonicity Fitzroy and Lowe Runo. This 4 story plus roof top dance area, graveyard grounds and tricky dungeon will be having a grand opening event tomorrow September 11, 2011 at 2pm SLT with DJ, Isabelle Mavendorf. The area is open now and has been getting quite a few visitors already since invites went out yesterday and it hit showcase-woot! I will take it down around Nov 1st, so there is plenty of time to explore and although some of the main area has products some may have seen before there are many more unique items and much that is interactive, hidden, etc for fun with exploring, posing, photos and just good fun. Don't miss the details.. click everything.

Crack Den

The Crack Den- Visit here: or direct link here: CrackDenHere. This multi sim role play area by Nadir Taov is HUGE and high detailed. Of course it lives up to it's name including sex, drugs and violence but OOC (out of character) observers such as myself seem to be well respected and I had a wonderful visit exploring. I met a helpful resident, Bernardu Guiesse, who was friendly and helpful providing a little extra info., since I/m always a little eager and didn't really check out all the info. and roles when I entered. He said he heard this sim area has been open since 2006, has 1436 group members, and visitors are accepted as long as the comply to the local RP rules. He plays an ex-cop. The place seems to have everything a real city would have from local hang outs, rental homes, various types of dwellings, arcade, hospital,a very cool court house, cinema, eating places, some cool shopping etc. You can find more information on this well organized RP here:, Twitter @CrackDen,Hathian Observer Newspaper,, Discussion Forum,, Listen to WKRK! (Radio Stream),, Flickr Pool <
Curio Obscura-Visit here: or direct link here: CurioHere. This is a really cool store filled with fun toys and gadgets and magical things such as the biggest hair ever.. OMG a fashionista's dream or nightmare IDK, fun cannons and missles that shoot people into the air, clockwork brains for your own avatar, and so so much more weird and creative working things. Some of their catagories include, cute, bodies, hairstyles, provocative, steampunk, gadgets and magic. They have a blog here: or direct link here: CurioObscurablogHere. Besides the awesome store this whole sim is filled with amazing things to explore.
I found a couple of cool new artsy sims to explore:
The Matrix Code at Danish Visions by Betty Tureaud
Visit Here: or direct link here: DanishVisionsHere.

For more info., better pics and machinima here:
or direct link here: SLArtParksBlogHere.

Secret Spheres: * Concept & design of Secret Spheres by Azee Resident (creator of the artistic sim *ZED* @ Wide World Paradise
Visit here: or direct link here: SecretSpheresHere.
Secret Spheres: * Concept & design of Secret Spheres by Azee Resident (creator of the artistic sim *ZED* @ Wide World Paradise

Second Life Commemorates 9-11

10 years ago September 11th there was a series of four coordinated suicide attacks against targets in New York City and the Washington, D.C. area. 19 terrorists from the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets intentionally crashing two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City; both towers collapsed within two hours. Hijackers crashed a third plane into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Another attempt was made but thwarted by passengers who cause that plan to crash into a field instead of its' intended target. Nearly 3,000 died in the attacks according to Wiki.

Second Life residents have set up several programs and memorials to remember:

My friend Patrick Thorkveld is planning with Liz Harley this 9-11 memorial music day at Key West and he gave me these press release pics, shirt and info.
Visit here: or direct link here: MemorialHere.
Key West

"Shaya Juran, DJ , Mistress of Memorial Remembrance Ceremonies
945 am
Moment of Silence
10 am Maximillion Kleene
11 am Andreus Gustafson
12 pm Phemie Alcott
1230 pm Clairede Dirval
1 pm Anderson Parks
130pm Vladvovoide Diavalo
2 pm Shannon Oherlihy
3 pm Sassy Nitely
330 Javajoe MacIntyre
4 pm Noma Falta
430 pm Karter Stonecutter
6 pm Taunter Goodnite
630 pm Terrylynn Melody
7 pm Ed Kyomoon
Chimera Hermit, Bagpiper plays Amazing Grace

*Poster and t-shirt made by Babegurl Dreamscape*"


9-11 Memorial

key west_007
This is another good memorial at Stagg Island.
They have free candles people can use and leave a message. The
memorial ceremonies will be held on 9/11 at the following times:
6:30 AM SLT
10:30 AM SLT
1:00 PM SLT
6:00 PM SLT

Visit here: or direct link here: 911MemorialStaggHere.

STAGG International list comprised and brought in by Geena Zacherly. The walls list the names of vicitms. This memorial is already gaining a lot of traffic and attention.

And finally some real shots from Youtube MEGARA2009:


Some SL Flickr friends have been making memorial pictures and notes.. here are a few I found:
-Skye Donardson: SkyeHere.
-SelenLily: SeleneHere.

Also note free 9-11 t-shirt info a few posts down.