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BOSL Kicks Off Fashion Week With GIZZA Designs and Set by Bryn Oh- Fashion Week Continues This Week

Today I attended the initial 2011 BOSL Fashion Week show with set by Bryn Oh and designs by GIZZA. First of all everyone knows I love GIZZA designs and you can see the outfits in the pics. But one of the things I really enjoy about fashion week is the presentation. Bry Oh did it in grand style setting the standards high for the rest of the week. The audience filled before the show started and attendees were seated in shopping carts of all things! It was great fun and the comments about cart races and getting pushed around showed everyone was really enjoying this seating. Meanwhile large blocks were dropping regularly, well irregularly from the sky sometimes in large groups and other times singularly often even landing on people but soon to disappear for new random rounds of dropping blocks. I wish I had flipped on my fraps for a video. THEN to top it off Bryn made a changing stage/runway that must have been the first of it's kind. If you have seen the Linden Lab Avatar games the movement of the runway stairs was of similar design in that the models had to walk up and down winding ever changing staircase to get to the stopping destination. They all maneuvered this wonderfully, but I had to wonder if it was difficult, for as they walked the stairs in front and behind them were constantly moving, dropping out from under them etc. The stairs themselves were black and white colored resembling piano keys. The show was broadcast live on

In the end I took way too many photos for no apparent reason, so decided to just make a slide show of them. Here you go.

So BOSL Fashion Week is well under way and here is the final press release and schedule of events.

"Grab your totes; gird up your corsets, and dress to impress! The Style Armageddon is upon us! The final runway rapture is looming. Welcome to BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011! You are about to embark on a fashion journey that will inspire and rejuvenate: and nobody is immune!

The cacophony of conflicting trends, impossibly chic styles, and fashion “must haves” is bigger and louder than ever! This year we break the mould, as you witness the most titillating, tumultuous, fabulously haute couture, gloriously glam-obsessed, deliciously deranged, and relentlessly entertaining week of fashion to hit the grid!

Cutting-edge, trend-making, dazzling sets that will overwhelm the senses, built by premier SL architects and award winning artists. The grid’s top models show us their fashion-savvy styling talents and choreography, and both SL and RL fashion designers present their latest fashion designs that run the gamut from sophisticated elegance, to dark decadence, to adventurous avant-garde, to abstract couture, to “comic book couture,” to a walk-back-in-time tribute to SL’s fashion industry.

We also get our first look at the Official Candidates for the 2012 MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Pageant. It’s all here to be experienced and savoured for one week only…

You DARE NOT miss one minute of BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011!"


September 18th - 25th

For Landmarks regarding each show, please visit BLVD Agency Headquarters and click on the invitation. All landmarks will be available on Friday September 16th.

You may also join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group for more information:



➊ September 18th - 10:00 am SLT - GIZZA

A dazzling opening to this year’s Fashion Week-the cutting edge designs of GizzA.

Sexy, edgy and always on trend, the label owned by Giz Seorn and auster Elan has taken the fashion world by storm with their unique brand of fierce fashion.

Come see why they took the BOSL AWARD for best new designers of 2011!

Stage Design by: Bryn Oh

➋ September 19th - 4:00 pm SLT - VIRTUAL SUPER HEROES

Imagine if a new breed of superheroes emerged on the grid- what would their special powers be? And what would they wear?

We take comic strip couture to a whole new level with this collection of fantasy clothing.

Who knows - it might even inspire a brand new comic book!

Stage Design by: Mike Denneny &; Willilicious Georgette

➌ September 20th - 4:00 pm SLT - THE PERFECT STORM - SHAN Beachwear Collection

Real Life award winning designer Chantal Levesque brings her beach wear to Second Life and it will be presented in a VERY unique way.

Her range of swimsuits, bikinis and poolside dresses are the ultimate in vacation glamour despite the weather forecast for this date.

This will be a perfect storm of a show with strange weather fronts moving in…..we just hope you survive! Get those life rafts ready - women, children and fashion lovers first!

Stage Design by: Tricia Farella


A fabulous collection of luxurious jewelry and fine lingerie that will take your breath away! Set in a darkly decadent and highly charged atmosphere, this show is a must see.

Prepare to be transported to an exciting and dangerously glamorous world…

Belle Roussel of CHOP ZUEY premiers her new jewelry collection!

Stage Design by: Fae Varriale

➎ September 22nd - 4:00 pm SLT - AVANT-GARDE

Mix it, match it-but never settle for anything less than perfection!

This show will leave you wondering just where all the clothes were purchased from, as we witness the most fashion forward styling on the grid.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion, this show will reveal non-conformist and imaginative styles on a scale never seen before.

Stage Design by: ColeMarie Soleil

➏ September 23rd - 6:00 pm SLT - THE DIVA´S SHOW

A whole show dedicated to the outstanding creations of SL’s female fashion designers.

Ranging from the elegant and formal to chic and casual, discover how the feminine touch is always a winner in the fashion stakes.

Let’s hear it for the ladies behind the legendary labels!

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):- Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larniar>Meili Couture - Meilingr>s Ys Design - Syane Cisser>Tr Tes Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>VegaCel- Bahar Vega & Tori Torricelli

Stage Design by: Thorne Dreadlow

➐ September 24th - 10:00 am SLT - LE ROUGE FASHION SHOW

Scarlet, crimson, vermilion…whatever the shade-RED is never out of fashion.

The favorite color of the real life fashion set in 2011, RED proves its fashion credentials time and time again.

Get ready for one of the most stunning fashion shows ever to take place within SL.

An all star collective fashion extravaganza you cannot miss!

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):
a la folie - - Aleida Rhoder>Az- Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Champagne!Sparkling Fashion - Enzo Champagne
Designing Nicky Ree - Nicky Ree
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larniar>Giz za Creations - Giz Seorn
House of Europe - Didier Rasconr>Meili Couture - Meilingr>Moh na Lisa Couture - Mohna Lisar>Mor ea Style - morea Decosta
My Precious - Agnes Finneyr>RFy re - Raven Pennyfeather
[S]oleil - ColeMarie Soleilr>Tres Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>Vassn ia - VNP Ninetailsr>VegaCelli - Bahar Vega & Tori Torricelli r>Jad or Fashion - Ziamela Loon

Stage Design by: Cherry Manga

➑ September 24th - 2:00 pm SLT - Nicky Ree - ALL NEW ABSTRACT COLLECTION

The legendary Nicky Ree has crafted a brand new collection of abstract perfection sure to capture the attention of fashionistas all over.

When we saw this collection´s preview, all we could think was: Easy, breezy, beautiful ...

2:00 PM SLT

Stage Design by: DB Bailey
Live Perfomance by: Tamra Sands

➒ September 25th - 10:00 am SLT - THE DOMINO EFFECT

Always in style, the color combination of elegant black and white guarantees a mesmerizing type of glamour.

Join us as we showcase an all new couture collection in this spectacular grand finale to fashion week 2011.

Be spellbound as Miss Virtual World 2012 official candidates model a truly divine collection of monochrome couture.

Featured Designers (in alphabetical order):
a la folie - Pixivor Allenr>Alei - Aleida Rhode
Anubis Style - Anubis Hartunianr>Az - Mami Jewell
Bliss Couture - Amutey DeCuir
Champagne!Sparkling Fashion - Enzo Champagne
Designing Nicky Ree - Nicky Ree
Donna Flora - Squinternet Larnia
Gallery fumiwo - fumiwo Raur>Gizza Creations - Giz Seorn
House of Europe - Didier Rasconr>Man - Mew Denimorer>Meili- Meiling Couturer>Miam - monica Outlanderr>Moha Lisa Couture - Mohna Lisa
My Precious - Agnes Finneyr>RFyre - Raven Pennyfeather
[S]oleil - ColeMarie Soleil
Son!a - Sonia28 Jier>sYs Design - Syane Cisser>Tres Beau - Kimmera Madisonr>Vassnia - VNP Ninetailsr>VegaCelli - Bahar Vegar>Jador Fashion - Ziamela Loon

Stage Design by: Nish Mip

⑩ September 25th - 1:00 pm SLT - BOSL FASHION WEEK CLOSING CELEBRATION - A Tribute to those who started it all!

We take you back in time all the way to 2007! - How did models walk back then? - How did they pose? - What did they wear? How will they do it now?
r>KMADD &; BOSL get together to close BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 with a BANG! A celebration no one in the fashion industry can miss.

Stage Design by: Maddox Dupont
Live Performance by: ColeMarie Soleil

Invitation Design: Fae Varrialer>BOSL Fashion Week 2011 Poster by: Lulu Jamesonr>BOSL Fashion Week 2011 aditional photos by: KarlH Resident r>BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 Gift Sculpture by: Cherie Manga
Fashion Director: Kay Faireyr>BOSL Fashion Week DJ: Sofia Diage and Editorial Clarity
Models Provided by: BLVD Agency and MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization
Overall Concept and Production by: Frolic Mills

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