Saturday, September 10, 2011

Explore Second Life

I'm out doing a little weekend exploring again and found some interesting places that seem interesting enough for me to save and share here.
Grand Opening Party This Sunday 9-11-11 at 2pm SLT
Visit here: or direct link here: IslandofFearHere.
Of coure my #1 pick for the weekened is my own place, Island of Fear Haunted Mansion on Island of Fame. Partners in crime include neighbors Sonicity Fitzroy and Lowe Runo. This 4 story plus roof top dance area, graveyard grounds and tricky dungeon will be having a grand opening event tomorrow September 11, 2011 at 2pm SLT with DJ, Isabelle Mavendorf. The area is open now and has been getting quite a few visitors already since invites went out yesterday and it hit showcase-woot! I will take it down around Nov 1st, so there is plenty of time to explore and although some of the main area has products some may have seen before there are many more unique items and much that is interactive, hidden, etc for fun with exploring, posing, photos and just good fun. Don't miss the details.. click everything.

Crack Den

The Crack Den- Visit here: or direct link here: CrackDenHere. This multi sim role play area by Nadir Taov is HUGE and high detailed. Of course it lives up to it's name including sex, drugs and violence but OOC (out of character) observers such as myself seem to be well respected and I had a wonderful visit exploring. I met a helpful resident, Bernardu Guiesse, who was friendly and helpful providing a little extra info., since I/m always a little eager and didn't really check out all the info. and roles when I entered. He said he heard this sim area has been open since 2006, has 1436 group members, and visitors are accepted as long as the comply to the local RP rules. He plays an ex-cop. The place seems to have everything a real city would have from local hang outs, rental homes, various types of dwellings, arcade, hospital,a very cool court house, cinema, eating places, some cool shopping etc. You can find more information on this well organized RP here:, Twitter @CrackDen,Hathian Observer Newspaper,, Discussion Forum,, Listen to WKRK! (Radio Stream),, Flickr Pool <
Curio Obscura-Visit here: or direct link here: CurioHere. This is a really cool store filled with fun toys and gadgets and magical things such as the biggest hair ever.. OMG a fashionista's dream or nightmare IDK, fun cannons and missles that shoot people into the air, clockwork brains for your own avatar, and so so much more weird and creative working things. Some of their catagories include, cute, bodies, hairstyles, provocative, steampunk, gadgets and magic. They have a blog here: or direct link here: CurioObscurablogHere. Besides the awesome store this whole sim is filled with amazing things to explore.
I found a couple of cool new artsy sims to explore:
The Matrix Code at Danish Visions by Betty Tureaud
Visit Here: or direct link here: DanishVisionsHere.

For more info., better pics and machinima here:
or direct link here: SLArtParksBlogHere.

Secret Spheres: * Concept & design of Secret Spheres by Azee Resident (creator of the artistic sim *ZED* @ Wide World Paradise
Visit here: or direct link here: SecretSpheresHere.
Secret Spheres: * Concept & design of Secret Spheres by Azee Resident (creator of the artistic sim *ZED* @ Wide World Paradise

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