Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grand Opening of the Island of Fear Haunted Mansion -Sunday Sept. 11th 2011 at 2pm SLT

Grand Opening Party This Sunday 9-11-11 at 2pm SLT

Please join us for fun, dancing and a creepy yet humerous explore Sunday, September 11th at 2pm SLT for the grand opening of the Island of Fear Haunted Mansion on the Island of Fame sim. Dj Izzy Mavendorf will be spinning tunes for rooftop dancing while guests can dance or explore this large 4 story very interactive haunted mansion that will then remain open through October. I'd love to see all my blog followers at the party. There is even a group for photos and machinima made there. LInk here for the opening party: or direct link here: HauntedMansionHere. and here for the Flickr group:

Yes.. I put this haunted mansion together along with the help of some friends. Lowe Runo and Sonicity Fitroy are partners in crime. Drake Huet helped with the privacy walls. I love to explore SL and have been wanting to do a haunted house since I joined SL so this is a chance for me to give something back after enjoying all the live music, art, fashion, products and constructs everyone else has provided me with for hours of fun. Please join us,bring friends and if you cant make the opening feel free to visit and explore through the end of October at which time it will be taken down for other things to be announced.

The visitor's note card reads:
Long long ago two young girls, twins in fact, resided on this island with their grandmother who was quite the prankster. While their grandmother found it amusing to play jokes on the young girls, they grew to fear and despise her. As years passed and the girls grew into adults they both had daughters themselves. The girls inherited their great-grandmother's home and spirit for pranks. The young great grand-daughters return to the homestead each fall for a so-called vacation and to practice their own form of trickery which has grown darker and more sinister over the years. The locals are aware the girls visit but only because of rumors and the lights seen in the windows at night but no one ever sees them in town. Some say the girls have become evil and won't set foot on their property..... others, more daring souls are curious and sneak onto the land and into the old run down house by night to see if they can summon the girls... many visit but few escape unchanged. Visit if you dare. Mwahahaha
Island of Fear Haunted Mansion located on Island of Fame is a very interactive 4 story plus rooftop dance haunted house area. To fully appreciate this build please dim lighting and be sure to click on everything.

Take a landmark, tell your friends and return to the haunted mansion any time through October 31st or for some of the special events to be announced. Keep an eye open for all kinds of strange creatures and characters showing up.

Photos and machinima are encouraged and welcome and we’ve created a Flickr group to post to as we’d love to see anything made here.
Some of the many Interactive spot cheats:
-Use magic teleporters to gain access to the attic and rooftop dancing.
-Be sure to sit in all the kitchen, dining room and study chairs for extra fun.
-There are some special tombstones in the grave yard along with gallows and a grave that are interactive.
-The dungeon is a bit tricky to enter through the external cave entrance but once in there enjoy all the “toys” in the large area. Well worth the visit.
-Try clicking on various items around all the rooms for extra fun, jump and sit in spider webs., etc. Some pose balls may be hidden-try typing … 1/show …in local chat to see.
-The child’s bedroom offers free dolls to keep and play with at the interactive doll house. Click child’s head and bed if not moving.
-The master bedroom bed has various animations and the large room picture has a menu for couples.
-Rez and ride an eel under the water which can only be easily accessed at one small spot straight out from the stone path.
-Free candy on the landing stairs in a cauldron
-Explore, click, and have fun
For questions or comment please contact Kara Trapdoor
Note: This is a mature sim and while there are places with full menus please no nudity or couples acts directly in front of others. Have fun but be respectful of others at all times. Thanks and enjoy!

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