Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fun Stores Not Possible in Real Life

Reek- visit here: or direct link here: ReekHere.
Reek is a fun store filled with novelty toy, gag, gift type fun stuff. I got a couch with my name in scrabble type pillow lettering on it and there are all kinds of clothes, hair, furniture but most importantly toys, games and fun stuff. Enter through that little hole in the middle.

Cerridwins Cauldrin-visit here: or direct link here: CerridwinsHere.

This is a super fun fantasy type store. I started on a dragon tour around the beautiful store build that was a glowy, open air castley style temple of the spirit build with volcano/lava flow nearby, both for sale in the architecture sales area along with many other things, then I took a free cloak with mask near the entry. I shopped and found wonderful complete fairys, fantasy foliage such as beautiful sporing mushrooms called pulse fungi in vibrant colors, bellows puffballs, creepy avatars like skeletons great for Halloween, and so much more. To top it off apparently there are several other locations as well.

A Touch of Ireland-Visit here: or direct link here: IrelandHere.

I think most people that have been around for a while know of this place, but it seems to just be getting better and better and I stop in regularly and especially at seasonal holiday times. The area has a Irish theme of course with quaint downtown shop area, but what really attracts me is the costume and seasonal shopping and decorations that are as good as any explore. It seems to be filled with some of the best costumes for all occasions and they have decorations that are landscaped to present a fun explore or photo ops., with products that can be purchased. Now they are showcasing Halloween costumes and items and the area includes some of the prettiest glowing fall trees and grasses I have seen around. Be sure to grab the freebies in the store.

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