Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lea Arts Festival Feb. 2-28, 2013

Arts Festival by Kara 2
Arts Festival, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
For all the details and schedule look here:
Visit inworld here:

Partial schedule for Feb 2
LEA by Kara 2


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Designing With Style-L'Atelier Sad's Jewels

Visit here:  Tallyman
Sad's JEWELLS SB & CO. 2007 House of Jewells. WOW! I am sooo loving Sadbad Shan's Jewelry store cum art and explore sim. I shot a little video of the this sim that not only sells amazing jewelry, but the display of the product is top notch art. The jewel boards are displayed in and around a creative gallery of sorts with beautiful scenic pictures, chairs to sit, relax and enjoy, a flower swing in front of a floating luminaries lunar area with soothing chouChou sim music, all making for a relaxing and impressive shopping experience. I've found Sadbad to be a jewelry designer, graphic designer, home builder, and furniture maker. They are deff doing all this right and have their own amazing web sites too to show and tell it best here:!__page-0 and
They are also on marketplace for easy shopping but really check out the store too, and here's the marketplace link:

Untitled by Kara 2

Sadbad was actually around the sim in doll form so we had a nice chat.  Great, person, artist and creator.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Explore SL Some More

Ok, time for a few more great explores

First my friend Raliegh pointed out Lost Town to me (not to be confused with Lost World I've recently been blogging about) Visit here:
This amazing sim has a giant mechanical circus, underwater tube passages, free cool alien avatar group gifts,  lots of dances and poses, castle, beautiful nature area, city, clubs, cafes, winter area, and so much to explore.  It has some very nice contrasting areas to explore. Very worth a visit.
Lost Town by Kara 2

Lost Town by Kara 2

Lost Town by Kara 2

Next I found Annwn Willows "Just Visiting" visit here:
This gorgeous sim is great for taking pics in shallow rocky watery, flowery, planted areas with small props and birds that teleport you from area to area including a cool little store area in the sky.  Exceptionally scenic. 
Restoring Balance by Kara Trapdoor

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

Untitled by Kara Trapdoor

I've also recently been visiting Rosemist Isle here:
For this one I had to get my fairy on.  It seems to be a very magical and beautifully landscaped place with unicorns, ship in the harbor, retreat house, giant water spewing dragon atop the waterfall, wonderful stray lights, hidden areas, magical sounds, dryads and the like, fit for my fantasy self . Tons of great photo ops.   The place itself looks like a painting in many areas and has some nice secretive finds, plenty of cuddles and fun date type areas too.
Rosemist by Kara 2
Rosemist by Kara 2

Rosemist by Kara 2

Monday, January 21, 2013

The End of Lost World The End Nameless Party in Second Life

A short time ago it was announced the Lost World sim would be closing by the end of the month. This sim by lolmac Shan, Iolanda Weidman and Seb Neox is over 5 years old and still has a huge regular draw of visitors. I think it was before it's time with the wonderful scenery, textures, hidden areas and I think it's great they allowed others to rez there which all contributed to it being a photographers favorite. At the closing party at the Nameless Coffee in the sky people danced and reminisced about their memories in the sim. Iolanda told of one person who actually rezzed a home in the sky for over 800 prim and was staying there until they found it and asked him nicely to leave. Others have had many a romantic encounter in the sim. The poses will still be available on Marketplace. There are many many picutres made in the sim to be found in Flickr and there are groups for Lost World and Nameless. Be sure to hurry over for some lasts visits before it's gone. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last Minute Last Chance Party Monday 1-21-13 2pm SLT Holiday Dreams Gallery Closing

Untitled by Kara 2
Untitled, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

Visit here:
It's about time to close down the gallery so we will have one last party before disassembling.  I hope everyone can join us tomorrow for some dancing to the tunes of DJ Calix who has some awesome mixes.  Check out the art by these well known artists and have fun! Come as you are, 2pm SLT, Dream Island. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Split Screen Situation

Split Screen Situation by Kara 2
Split Screen Situation, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

My friend Emma Portilo and I were wandering around Split Screen art installation wondering which famous artists will be having the next exhibit since they run every other month and this is the off month when the artists build their immersive installations.  Owner and curator Dividni Shostakovich was nowhere to be found but we stumbled upon this unusual pile of Bryn Oh dolls at the landing area.  We heard rumor Divi was frustrated  having a hard time maneuvering and walking on the walls and ceilings at the new Bryn Oh build, Imogen and the Pigeons, and that there was some disturbance between them but didn't know if this pile was associated with that or not.  I certainly had no problems whatsoever with the walking on the walls and ceiling in that installation and found it very amusing.  You never know what unusual sightings you will find around SL these days and the meaning behind things. Then again, there is a free Bryn Oh doll to be found at Bryn's installation so perhaps "someone" just got carried away and picked up a bunch of them, a whole bunch..... hmmm wonder why?  

Lost World will be Lost

Visit here:
See Lolmac's message here:
I logged in to my Flickr today to see a note from Lolmac with information the Lost World sim will be closing between Jan. 18th and the end of the month with a possible closing party around the 19th.  This is a huge loss for SL, photographers, and explorers, well.. everyone.  I don't even know what to post about this except express my sorrow.  I have grown used to sims disappearing and have come to accept that, with the knowledge there will be bigger and better things around the corner with all the advances, but Lost World is one I won't forget and truly feel a loss. I hope to hang out there as much as possible before it's gone.  Have a look if you have not before or explore it again if you have been there before as there are hidden areas you may not have seen before.  Truly one of the best and most loved sims I know of.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Imogen and The Pigeons-Now Open

(Bryn's trailer from Youtube)
Visit here:

Bryn Oh's latest, Imogen and the Pigeons, is now open to the public. Everything Bryn does is exceptional so be sure to hurry over for a look. Imogen and the pigeons is a immersive narrative exhibited in the virtual world called Second Life. It is a layered story told through poetry. For more info. check out Bryn's blog here:

Woot!  Just finished the whole thing with some friends.. AWESOME!  Super fun to walk all over the walls and ceilings and stuff.. don't miss that!
Bryn Oh by Kara 2
(spotted Bryn, so took a snap)

LEA6 IMAGINATION Dreams in the Space Opening Today 1-13-13

Visit here:

Imagination by Kara 2

My friend Barry Richez is opening LEA6 today at 1pm SLT.  Knowing some of his past builds I bet this will be a good one.  I did a machinima of one of his prior places if you want to see look here:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Past Present Future, Stephen Venkman at Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery Patron 1-13-13

Visit here:

Patron by Kara 2
 This "Past Present Future"  art exhibit  by Stephen Venkman will open Sunday 1-13-13 at 2pm SLT at the gorgeous Elephant and SeaDryke Gallery at Patron.  Be sure to visit and enjoy the works of this talented SL and RL artist. 

Patron by Kara 2

Mori's Mouse

Marketplace item here:

My creative and talened friend Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon gave me the cutest pressy the other day called Mori's Mouse.    How would you/neko like to have someone click your mouse mouth toy accessory and hear a squeek in local followed by: "I suppose I'm not the worst thing Kara Trapdoor has had in their mouth".  'Gotta love it!

Mori's Mouse by Kara 2
(Will's pic shows the hud)

The hud allows you to color various parts of the mouse however you like. Mori's Mouse is copy/mod/no transfer so you can make and save in several different colors.  There is even an option to have the mouse customized with up to 5 personal messages-see marketplace instructions.

If you click the mouse itself, it will squeak and show a random chat in local from 30 sayings. Sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, and every once in awhile it'll tell you a secret.   It includes some comments that reference some well know SL residents at times.  I think the custom option makes a wonderful gift idea.  Another of my favorites is " I'm really the leader of a worldwide hacktivist group called anonyMOUSE who are using me as a distraction while they buy cheese online with Kara Trapdoor's credit card".

Credits on the associated note card say, "Mori's Mouse is brought to you through the hard work of RobsterRawb Jaxxon, Jon Dragoon, and Aeonix Aeon in Second Life. I'd like to thank MoriRose for inspiring this toy and Sun Tigerfish for helping us test it before release."

So I got a little Neko and if you like this pose it's free on Marketplace here:
Mori's Mouse by Kara 2

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Explore Second Life- Some Great Explores for The Weekend

A few more recent explores I've been enjoying.... 'hope you like.

Visit here:
First I visited MadPea's Room 326 Hunt that starts in a rainy sim that is a cool explore on it's own actually. You buy the MadPea hud for 50L in the newsstand in front of the hotel and find room 326 where your profiles are hidden.  Its a "who done it" mystery that leads hunters through some fun SL stores for further clues that end at the Madpea Carnival sim that is an amazing explore than I've previously visited and blogged. If you have patience enough to find all the clues you can win a prize, but I can't tell you what it is as obviously I DON"T have the patience for that because some of the clues were hidden very well and one sim was temporarily down. madpea Room 326 Hunt Hoshi Island by Kara 2
Discover the mystery of the Silent Peacock Hotel (shown here) when 15 people spending the night there disappear.  Very cool sim, fun explore (hard hunt but good stores) ending at Madpea Carnival.   Visit the carnival here: //
madpea by Kara 2
Visit here:
Next stop is the adorable Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe and Forest owned by Yasyn Azemus.  I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and snapped a pic in the Cafe then took pics outside in the gorgeous sim.  A fantastic photo opp area. 
cheeky cafe by Kara 2
WatchTower Yasyn's Odds and Ends by Kara 2
WatchTower Yasyn's Odds and Ends by Kara 2
Caledon Brigadoon is a beautiful place to explore especially right now in their winter time.  Visit here:
brigadoon by Kara 2
This area has a lot to offer and I previously blogged about their mysterious disappearing village.  See more here:
I always thought that was such an amazing story and place.
Next stop Dryland:
Dryland by Kara 2
Jump off the diving board into the giant sand clown's navel to suspend in utero.  Note he juggles sperms?  Walk the high wires and pic up some super cool freebies.  Pallina64 Loon's "Woops... A Baby" is a very fun, interactive, and interesting explore.  The dryland also hosts other things including an art exhibit with some of SL's fav artists.
dryland by Kara 2
LEA10 is also a current worthy explore, "Tears in Rain":
I wasn't completely sure what was going on so had to go back to the destination guide for a quick hint about the place that actually is super cool to look at.  Destination guide says, "New Media Art intervention inspired in the book Tears in Rain, by Rosa Montero. 3 Stages  as 3 windows to near future, future of 2109 and far future: Making of a Replicant, 2109 and Alien Humanity."  So there you go. But then I found the landing information.  ByNoke Yuitza, " PROJECT SUMMARY
TEARS IN RAIN: Like an echo, thousands of people connected leave each day behind them a trail that remains in cyberspace while they are AFK# or Away From Keyboard. And this expands and grows greedy fueled by the social technologies of our Digital Era."
LEA10 by Kara 2
Visit here: finally I went back to MetaLES which has changed a whole lot lately and now is home to Tims Dreams by Romy Nayar,  that takes you on a winding wild dreamy path.

MetaLES Tims Dreams by Kara 2
MetaLES Tims Dreams by Kara 2
It's late and I'm sleepy.. enough exploring for now. I'm headed to bed. Perhaps now I'll have dreams like Tim.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Dreams Gallery

Holiday Dreams Gallery a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.
Visit here:

There is still a little time to viist this gallery filled with beautiful works by:
CindyS Tatham: Christmas Holiday Art
Skip Staheli: Erotic Art
Michiel Bechir: Landscapes
Roiben Sweetwater: Fantasy Art
Maloe Vansant & Burk Bode: Emotions
Questionz: Urban Art
5 Senses: Bloomy Miles & Link Bressig
Flufee Art: Superflufee
One of each: Kara Trapdoor
HUGE thanks to the artists who contributed. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

CST Designs

Untitled by Kara 2
Untitled, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

Visit here:

CindyS Tatham, a well known SL photographer, started her CST Designs clothing line a while back.  She wore this gorgeous black and white mesh pencil dress, which is her original design, to my gallery opening before Christmas and it got many compliments.  It's sleek form fit her perfectly and the positive negative space lines and coloring are great!  Shortly after seeing it I visited her store knowing I wanted to blog about it.  My Friend Kathy has been wearing one of Cindy's sweaters around for a while and when I first saw it I was asking about it surprised to learn Cindy has a store with these fantastic mesh clothes.  Considering the artist I suppose I should have expected this quality and artistry in her clothes as well.  Anyway, recently I've seen similar design with color contrasts and texturing just coming out so I guess she should know she's done a great job when others start making similar things.  At my request Cindy gave me this Black and White photo for my blog and she snapped a pic of the three of us girls (Kathy Nikolaidis, myself and Cindy) in some of her other designs.  I grabbed a shot myself of the three of us above.  I'm wearing one of my favorite things from her store which is also a gown but this off the shoulder mesh gown in brown has an almost tapestry type texture that Cindy made herself and is called Steampunk. The store has everything from casual to formal with more to come.  Check it out for some affordable and creative beautiful mesh outfits.

(bottom two pics courtesy of CindyS Tatham)
Pic by Cindy by Kara 2
 CST Designs by Kara 2

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beggar Bot Blues

~sigh~  I'm not off to a good start this year... '2nd time I've met this beggar bot in SL.  The first time I met her it was the same exact story in Belleza store as today in CatwA.  Cremmosa Resident introduced herself  sweetly indicating she was back in SL after a absence and told about how things have changed so much with mesh etc., then she moved on to tell a sad story about her ex-boyfriend from SL, then proceeded to compliment my looks and how she needs to update her inventory and reinvent herself and asked if I would give her money to help her do this. 

These begger bots are all over SL now at some of the most popular stores.  I saw the bot at Belleza first but at CatwA she was a orange ghost as Cemmosa Resident then after some girls tried for a while to push her into the water then set her on fire she eventually disappeared only to instantly be replaced by another beggar bot, Pleashure Resident, who I could not see at all. It just makes it harder to take a picture of them with their tag on or to report them if they are invisible.  None of us could see Pleashure who has a rez date of today, except on radar, but she did IM everyone.  It's a pretty interesting set up really and I have to wonder how many people have contributed to this scam.  I initially tried to offer information on a great freebie group and some info on some great free skin, etc.  but that shut her up quickly back when I was in Belleza.  This time I was on to her and just listened and watched for a while as some girls tried to damage her.  They couldn't do much.  I warned in public and contacted the sim owner.  Anyway, just beware. Everyone really needs to report these beggar bots because if this behavior continues or increases there could be resulting problems associated with our shopping inworld.

Addendum: 1-5-13 Apparently this has been fully blogged and considered and I found this interesting information

And here is my personal opinion:  I DO believe this form of begging should be against TOS on ALL lands.  It's bad enough to flat out ask someone for money, but this is predatory and deceitful.  Some may say it's just another creative way to exploit in SL by begging for financial gain but this is not basic begging.   I think it is VERY LOW of a person  to provide a pathetic back story that some might identify with, but is most likely not true in order to gain sympathy, then flatter,  and while someone who has met her before or a long time SL resident like myself may spot a cheater when they see one, some kind hearted noobs will totally be suckered in by this scam... and that is exactly what it is.. a SCAM.  NO I do NOT appreciate the person's creativity.  Not one bit.  She/he should be totally ashamed.  Just saying.

Note to Hunt Makers and Stores

Note to Huntmakers and Stores Who Participate in Hunts:
  Don't make the hunt clues so freaking hard to find especially in huge multi-level stores.  There are various points to hunts and I realize that part of grid wide hunts is to get people to look at new stores and buy products.  If I have to spend more than 15 minutes in a store only to find the hunt item hidden between walls that no normal person much less a noob or someone with poor graphics is never going to find,  I am not going to be thrilled with your store. I actually like to see new stores and products while I'm on a hunt, and if you have great products but I am on a mission to find my hunt stuff I'm either going to go ahead and look and shop then or make a landmark and come back later to shop more.  Not everyone will, but so be it.  I do think it's ok to put the hunt item toward the back or somewhat hidden so that I have to walk or cam your products to see what you have.  That is ok. Plus I enjoy a "little" bit of a challenge.  But hiding it where it's almost impossible to find without a hunt cheat hud or friends who already know whre it is, is just not fun any more.  But, come on!  I heard someone say they were looking for a hunt item for like 45 minutes.... sorry way too long.  I have a real life too.   I'm just saying!!! Thanks