Monday, August 29, 2016

Immaculate Perception-Immaculate Reflection at LEA22

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I'm loving another sim and wanted to share it.  This is LEA22, an artist in residence full sim installation that will probably run through the end of the year.  The landing info. states:

           by KRYSTALI RABENI        
There is no truth, there is only perception...immaculate perception. What you see is what you thought before you looked.

The installation is an eclectic mix of surreal art and virtually real art veiled in allegory. You will perceive the installation in your own way.

The immaculate perception of it is an immaculate reflection of the viewer. A very interesting abstraction proving that there is no truth, only perception.

Please enjoy and feel free to take photos or use for your machinima.

Krystali Rabeni"

I really could never say it better than that.  This exhibit is right up my alley.  I was amused, intrigued, delighted, entertained, puzzled (yes, I think the scrabble pieces spell honey for the bears) and the only thing I kept feeling was missing was a little more inter-activeness such as poses or maybe a ride on the string of a balloon or dandelion fluff or to be able to pose inside the bell jars or ride the elephants or something.  But the content made it interactive and immersive in it's own way.  It's large and its grand.  I love it.

LEA22 Immaculate Perception LEA22 Immaculate Perception LEA22 LEA22 Immaculate Perception LEA22 Immaculate Perception LEA22 Immaculate perception LEA22 Immaculate Perception LEA22 Immaculate Perception

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nouvelles Aventures in Second Life

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Nouvelles Aventures is an adorable photogenic homestead by Adalynne Celeste Reed (AdalynneReed). This place is well deserving of hitting all the blogs it has lately plus it's on the SL Destination guide.The beautiful scenery is great to pose in, dance in , and hang out in. My friend Kathy Nikolaidis pointed this sim out to me some time ago when it was new. I've been enjoying it a few times and am finally getting around to blogging it. Be sure to go inside the buildings too as they are well decorated. The sim is very worth visiting and is just gorgeous. I went over with Cash and took a few pictures to show here.
Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles aventures by Cash Benelli (peacock pic by Cash) Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures Nouvelles Aventures

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Library, By Cica Ghost

Visit here:

The sim description simply says....

"''The only thing that you absolutely MUST know, is the location of the library.''

- Albert Einstein""

I totally love this build by Cica Ghost, possibly because I could never get enough time in the library as a child growing up in spite of spending long summer hours in the library and then continued that love for libraries and books at each move in life.  This giant open air library that miniatures the avatars, is filled with stacks, shelves, and messy piles of books.  There are many seating/pose spots, you just have to click around to find some that are not so obvious.  There are fun things to find such as the cats that double as dance intans, and mushrooms, and various other unexpecteds, some of which are also pose spots, so click away.  The build is somewhat quirky again just like I love to see from Cica Ghost who happens to be one of my all time fave SL immersive artists.  She has quite a few great builds on her resume most of which I've blogged (check out her profile or search my search bar).  This might be one of my favorites by her too, although I might say that every time I blog her.  But this subject matter appeals to me as as does the build itself and the whimsical nature of the look about all her builds.  Be sure to visit her store and tip the sim if you can at the landing so that Cica continues to enhance our SL with her wonderful builds. Click around, cam around, run around, dance around, pose around, snap pics, play with a friend, enjoy.  The sim opened today and I have no clue how long it will run.  She often lets them run a while open ended until they are just gone and lately has been providing little to no description but this is apparently self explanatory or draw your own conclusions as to the meaning.  To me, I just enjoy it.

Library by Cica Ghost Library by Cica Ghost Library by Cica Ghost And then Cash read me a goodnight story at the Library... good night: ) Library by Cica Ghost

I Love Second Life

Hi, My avatar name is Kara Trapdoor and I’m here to tell you why I love Second Life. I find SL to be unique from other virtual platforms in the wide variety of possible activities. The imagination is the limit and because SL is by the people for the people, meaning residents develop content and whatever they want, the options become limitless. SL it not just a game, social arena, business opportunity or creative outlet- It’s all that and so much more. One of my favorite things about SL includes exploring and interacting in immersive graphically pleasing environments that mimic both first life places or fantasy, or really anything anyone can dream up. The content is such that even those who don’t want to spend a little time learning to build, can literally build off and modify content others have made. I also love the social scene from dancing to playing a variety of games, to establishing very real close relationships. The creative options in SL are also limitless and I enjoy the many talented live musicians who entertain inworld, the artists who create a variety of medium, the machinimist’s videos, photography, sculpture, and so much more. I also love to shop and style my unique avatar in endless ways, like my first life self, as some fantasy creature, or any way I’d like her to look. Some of the residents are amazing and very giving, hosting fun events raising huge amounts of real money for real first life charitable events. Others create, write, teach, host, entertain, or do a variety of things to earn very real first life money for themselves. There are support groups, events, and sims, by a variety of helping agencies such as for those cancer, autism, physical and mental disabilities such and depression and anxiety and others. There are also variety of groups and sims for religious and political congregants. There are educational venues including many universities that offer first life credits or SL learning opportunities in a variety of subjects. I enjoy the elaborate dance, cabaret, fashion, comedy, and other shows that can rival first life entertainment. There are very impressive role play opportunities for just about any subject or niche group with costuming, props, and animations to complement the ideas. Some enjoying relaxing and getting a little wild in their SL. I also love that people can be as anonymous or as open with first life information as they would like and I’ve met and personally leaned from and about people from around the world and even a few high profile first life celebrities. Some people like to focus on their hobby or specialized group but personally I love the opportunity to experience it all and that is why it stands out to me as a unique virtual platform. I enjoy blogging my experiences at Kara’s Korner, Second Life Adventures so others can see some of the many fun things I enjoy in SL. There truly is something for everyone. It’s a wonderful adventure and a place where dreams can come true. But most of all, it’s simply a whole lot of fun.

List of Some of My Favorite Things about SL
*Fundraising for RL charities (See Nonprofit Commons)
*Almost anyone can learn to build almost anything they can think up, make clothes, accessories, art, machinima, various products, build structures, photography, do landscaping, sim design, etc. and if you don’t have the time to learn you can purchase the things you want or ask for a custom job or combine things.
*Live musician concerts-great music including some who are very popular First Life Musicians and bands such as The Follow, Seth Regan, James Olmos, Sean Ryan, Sarah Tiemogo, Duran Duran, and so many more.
*Clubs, dancing and social life
*Sports and organized leagues of almost any team or individual sport imaginable
*Games-wide variety from Greedy, to SLictionaly, dominoes, backgammon, lifesize mazes, chess, chutes and ladders, Cards Against Humanity, and so many more.
*Shopping and modeling-great fashion to wear or make/styling a unique av with so much to choose from for hair, shoes, clothes and accessories
*Shows including Broadway type hits, cabaret, ballet, streaming movie theaters or home video shows, fashion shows, etc. The theatrical shows often are very professionally made rivaling some first life entertainment with the use of sets, costumes, elaborate avatars, and special effects as well as some impressive venus.
*Creativity in many other ways such as making magazines, writing, poetry, djing, photography, blogging, etc.
*Real income to be made via a wide range of paid jobs or products, land, services, etc. to make, do, sell, manage, or re-sell
*First Life College and University Presence through art or educational sims and even courses for college credit via some major worldwide universities
*Role Play –huge variety of role playing and RP sims including classes on how to RP
*Churches and a wide range of religious sims of worship, congregations, and groups (great for people who can’t get out RL)
*Large Scale Gaming including a variety of things such as racing cars, bikes, or whatever vehicle imaginable, Star Wars, various war type games, Street play, etc.
*Elaborate fashion shows complete with amazing designs, sets, and, special effects
*Fantastic animations so that an avatar can pretty much do whatever is desired and if the animations are not available someone can make them/excellent dancing both individually or as a couple or small and large groups. Animations for so many other things including realistic mocap movements.
*Support for those with various physical and mental health issues-often type specific such as autism, depression, anxiety, cancer, wounded veterans, etc. along with a variety of other support groups or sims such as weight loss and management, relationship issues, gambling, etc.
*Exploring fabulous sims-LOVE this one
*Social life and creative outlet for the lonely, those with social anxiety RL, RL high profile famous who enjoy the anonymity, depressed, those that can’t get out in RL much, etc. including a huge list of social media sites that include a great deal of SL residents. People forming real relationships.
*Comedy shows with original routines, magic shows, various other entertainments
*Tribute Concerts

My SL Pet Peeves

'Figured it was time to update my SL Pet Peeve List as the prior post reminded me there are still a few.
Listed to vent, in hopes of things improving, (there is always room for improvement in anything), or just for the sake of discussion. In no particular order.

1. Girls who don’t adhere to the “sister code” (see prior post)

Disclaimer, I feel this has to, for the most part, exclude role play some do where the common practice is polyamory or its clearly stated in someone’s profile or they make that clear from day one. It’s SL so ppl play their own way, and you just have to figure that out.

2. liars and alts who are not open with who they are if around their primary’s friends (I’m perfectly ok if someone wants a work alt, or even a play alt who doesn’t EVER cross the primary’s boundaries including taking multiple partners that are unaware of the situation, etc ) –nuff said

3. Clubs and venues that have their landing zone miles from the event location so you have to wade through tons of lag to even get to or find the event.

4. People who complain loudly to the venue owner, entertainer/DJ, or even publicly about how horrible the landing spot is, threaten to not return etc. Ok I know this sounds like I’m contradicting #2 but I’m not. Personally I don’t care for the long walks but I also understand that sim owners pay a ton of money or time to manage their sim and often have to figure out ways to pay for it possibly through having shops visitors have to walk past and maybe make a purchase or they maybe just want visitors to see the rest of their sim they’ve worked so long and hard on which I applaud. If visitors don’t care for something I’d prefer they just keep it to themselves or talk directly to the sim owner (as they could have made a landing point error) quietly and politely vs freaking and making a scene and being disruptive when people are busy with something going on.

5. Dresses that don’t include panties or at least a panty option.

6. Girls who wear tiny dresses that don’t included panties (sorry guys)

7. Griefers who grief another’s special event. It’s one thing to just be in a random sim (not during an event) playing mild jokes on someone who is somewhat enjoying the “entertainment” (public sandboxes are notorious for this) and another to attend for example someone’s big art opening or a musician’s debut show and carry on with negative comments, personal attacks, large particles causing lag or covering things or, or vulgar behaviors. This form of entertainment (?) can be done by the griefer on their own sim on their own time if they want to provide comic relief. People PAY real money for sims and entertainers and spend a lot of time and effort setting things up which should not be changed or ruined by someone who just feels like it.

8. Bloggers who critique or complain about a sim, product, specific person sometimes even in the name of protecting others from a bad product/sim etc prior to having a discussion with the designer/sim owner about what their concern is, offering to assist or how to make a better change etc. I’m ok with a polite negative Marketplace comment but even there I think a private word to a designer first can go a long way as most will attempt to fix any true issues. If it’s a matter of taste or opinion that’s a different issue. I know I’m considered a cheerleader blogger and rarely blog controversial issues as my thoughts are that I can just talk to the person or do/get something else if I don’t care for a place/things/person and move on, and I love and prefer to uplift things/people I do appreciate or think have a good thing going on. I’ve found some people LOVE to critique even if they don’t/cant make something better themselves. I usually opine this is just to make themselves feel better. Unfair.

9. SL Facebook posters who repeatedly (I’m not talking the occasional thing) rant about others, talk in detail about their multitude of “poor me” issues for attention health/exes, etc (again not talking about occasion posts letting others know how they are doing, asking for prayers or well wishes, as those I appreciate, but rather bashing others, freaking about their ex in personal detail including the laundry list of why they are now such a horrible person, etc. because often they are back with them the next week anyway. Of course many like the juicy gossip details, so again this is just me/my blog/my opinion. Some is ok, some are over the top in IMHO.

10. Persons who do things in order to gain attention vs for the love of it or feeling like they have a great thing/idea they want to share. Usually you can tell the difference. This one I’m iffy over as they’ve still done a good thing that maybe took time/effort/finances, so kudos, but meh, it’s sort of ruined a little if I determine motives are not altruistic. ‘Course I think sometimes we all can be a tad guilty of this one at times even if it’s subconscious. It’s nice to get positive feedback after a heatfelt job though. That’s a little part of why I love to blog things I love in SL, as it not only showcases something I like but gives that person involved Kudos for their efforts.

11. Profiles that say somethinhg like...'If you dis my sis, I kill you"... yeah whatever, this always makes the list.

12. Clingy and stalky .. nuff said

13. LAG, slow rez, sims that are difficult to survive

15. Jealous people in SL that try to tear down others vs uplifting SL so that others see how great our SL is that we love so much.

16. Bloggers with a holier than thou attitude …/me looks around innocently

Things ive taken off my pet peeve list….
Bad sl hands/feet.. THANK YOU THANK you designers who have resolved this issue for us.. I cant thank you enough.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Breaking the "Sister Code" One of My SL Pet Peeves and a Timely Facebook Post

I've occasionally posted SL pet peeves and always include my frustrations with girls who break the "Sister Code".  This seems to be a hot topic in SL at the moment in some circles and there have been quite a few rants, beliefs, recommendations, comments etc about some situations involving the Sister Code otherwise referred to as the "Girl Code".  I've selected one Facebook post in particular to start this blog post as I think it's a nice summary.  I actually was simply going to express my opinion as a response but got too long winded as usual, erased it, and asked permission to incorporate the original and my comments into a blog post, so here goes.
Special thanks to Kristin Craig for her Facebook post as follows (mine is after hers here) and can be found in original form with many responses here:

"I had taken this down cuz it was so long of a read and I wasn't trying to contribute to any recent dramatics on FB...this isn't meant to call anyone out...

Ramblings on a Monday morning...
" I had taken this down cuz it was so long of a read and i wasnt trying to contribute to any recent dramatics on FB... this isnt meant to call anyone out...

Been seeing the words "girl code" a lot lately. People have been making fun of it as well.. Those that do make me wonder if youre not one of those shady bitches that "girl code" is referring to.

before ANY of you get it twisted here. This post isnt referring to ANYONE in particular. So get over yourself if you think Im using this to point a finger at you. If something i say here resonates in you, then its up to you to figure out why it does. Im not going to sit here and entertain any petty bs remarks about it. Im not your mother nor am i the FB police... (sad I even have to make that disclaimer anymore)IM going to ask that if you feel the need to make a comment on this.. dont use my post as a passive-agressive way to incite an argument. Own your shit and say what you mean but dont expect me to sit here and police what you and others say on it. Ya'll are adults..act like it.

Girl code is about not being a basic bitch. Its morals and ethics.Its basic human nature... and seriosuly, to make fun of it is like youre saying you have no humanity....People act like it is something that many seem to think of as old fashioned and trite. Guess I'm old fashioned and trite. Its the whole.. "sisters before misters thing Im referring to.

We as women need to empower each other, Not tear each other down. this "code" for me while it may not be written down anywhere.. its more just a way of saying have some ethics and CLASS.

as in any friendship circle.. you look for people who have the same moral compass, the same outlook on life. I get along with those that seem to be made from the same moral fiber.

Im not here to say I am more morally correct or more ethical than anyone else is. I just know that there are certain ways I conduct myself in both RL and SL.

I dont date friends ex's. Ive had it done to me and the feeling is lousy. It ruins friendships iv'e taken time to cultivate. Any relationship that ends, you need time to grieve the loss of that person in your life. Seeing them still around you in the same circle you travel in makes it very difficult to get past the end and the hurt. Is this "code" or is it simple human nature?

If your man is hitting on me, Im going to tell you. Yes, thats right guys, we ladies talk to each other. Ive even gone so far as to call someone out on their behavior in front of the whole group of friends, just to make the point that I know what everyone else was going thru from that same person. This goes both ways tho ladies. Your bad behaviour and insidious and insipid remarks dont go unnoticed. When you act like a catty bitch behind a friends back, eventually, that friend is going to find out about it. Why? because people dont always want to see you get away with shit behavior. They enjoy the dramatics as well and will even go so far as to try and incite you to say something so they can go running back to the subject matter and stir the pot.

I don't date people I work with. Especially people who have "rank and power" over my job. Thats a recipe for disaster in the making. Relationships arent perfect, People arent perfect. Hurt people act irrationally and sometimes a little more evil than they should.

This next one is not going to be well recieved but hey, we are talking MY ethics here, not anyone elses.

I dont date married men. I dont date men in "open" relationships.

For me, thats just robbing me of any future I think I might want to have with someone I cant have. This is torturous for me. And frankly, I think its a little selfish. If something is missing in your relationship, that you have to go outside of it to get from someone else.. then why are you IN it? Its not something I understand and therefore not something I choose to indulge in.

Im not going to be your "dirty little secret" I have value and wish to BE valued. If you have to keep me hidden away from people because youre doing something you shouldnt be doing, how do you really thingk thats going to make me feel? I was once ( a LONG time ago) very much in love with a man who ended the relationship, 6 months later got married.. and then reconnected with me wanting me to be near him so we could rekindle the relationship. It KILLED me inside to say no.. because I really did love this person and it had taken me years to get over them. I once thoght I would have done ANYTHING to be able to be with them again..until that. I didnt know his wife, but I knew I wasnt going to be fair to her or to myself by indulging in that. I was setting myself up for failure right from the start should I had chosen to go that route.

more "girl code" stuff. I COMPLIMENT girls. If i like their hair, their clothing, their smile.. Im going to say so. We NEED to be more nice to people. It doesnt take much effort to be kind and find something about someone. You really just dont know what sort of day they have had and such a small meaningless act can have such a profund effect.

One thing i WONT do however, and this may go against someone's ideas of "girl code" I am not going to automatically HATE someone simply because you cant get along with them. That highschool shit is for teeny-boppers and insecure people.

One more random thought. I dont tell secrets. If i learn things about you during our friendship, and that friendship ends. I dont then turn around and spll everything you've ever said to me. In the long run, that makes me look untrustworthy in someone elses eyes, no matter how much they may have enjoyed hearing about those juicy little tidbits.

I dont know.. maybe I am just rambling on cuz I am bored waiting to go into my treatment this morning. You dont have to like what I am saying here. I am not here to judge anyone or put them down. I just know that these are a small part of the "code" that I refer to. Theres so much more that could be said or added but I think you may be tired of reading this by now. Kudos to you for finishing it all if you did!"
And here is what my reply was going to be but just kept getting longer and longer so I figure meh, I have a blog, I can say and do what I want on my blog, I'll just put it there... so if you are curious about what my thoughts, hopes, and desires for girl friends (friends that are girls) regarding relationships with exes or guy friends, in SL about this topic are, here we go with my response: :

I totally agree and very well said.

However there are times I've found that those who say they adhere to some form of what I have always referred to as the "sister code" at some point hit it off with a friend's partner, end up in friendly flirtation, and later believe it was "meant to be", "soulmates", or whatever and step in if/when the guy goes for it because the excitement of the first girl has dwindled for him. They believe they belong together and the first girl should even be happy for them that they found each other/the right partner. I've personally heard this more than once after a girl got with her best friend's ex and had even been running around with the guy behind the back of her friend for a little while before it came out in the open. They truly felt she should understand.

I THINK it's more likely to happen between women friends as it seems women hang with girl friends more than guys hang with just guy friends in SL. But no offense to anyone here as we know it can go both ways and I'm just using this as an example regarding the "Sister Code" issue. (Also using the term girl instead of women per the girl code general term, again no offense)

I totally agree with the "sister code" and more likely will pitch a little fit then totally back off if it appears a guy I've been hanging with is even looking twice in another direction vs kicking it up a notch. I figure It will just be someone else next month for him anyway most likely. Probably his next girls' best friend. There is easy access there.

In time I've even seen plenty of girls try to make friends with a guy's girlfriend so they can have more time with the guy they are drawn to and his main girl thinking all is cool friends in between them not realizing something more is happening. I call this the if you can't beat them join them plan.

But it's SL, which doesn't excuse bad behavior but some things do need to be kept in perspective. Definitions of misbehaving also differ vastly.

There are some social groups that are fairly small and paths and dating criss and cross between members. My bottom line is I do believe if two people/girls are friends and there is a break up with the first girl and her guy, some semblance of decorum should be adhered to at the very least out of respect to past said friendship and if they want to date a friend's ex there should be a reasonable waiting period. There can be many variables such as the extent of the prior relationship, length, intensity, if it went RL or not, etc and should all be taken into consideration by friends. If the girls were true friends in the first place then they will know what is too soon or can even ask how their friend feels about it.

Sometimes they've even already been dating behind the first girls back and this is even more hurtful especially when after the couple breaks up and they/the 2nd relationship then publicly hook up immediately. Most likely the new relationship also won't last forever then what will girl 2 do, go back and try to be good friends with girl 1 again?

It's SL so I wont go so far as to say never date a friend's ex ever. The dating in SL in certain circles seems to go round and round so not sure I'd go that far. . Also there is a fine line between how close friends people are like close the girls chat daily vs just being on each other's contact list and seeing each other out or talking once every couple months.

But this is just my opinion for what it's worth. In the end each person behaves by their own set of rules (some dont seem to have any) in SL and it's often hard to be sure of exactly how others are working the SL. There is also a sense of anonymity that allows some to behave differently and even worse than they might in RL. Not everyone lives or plays the same way which can make "getting" SL difficult. It's often hard for me to accept that people are not always going to play and behave in SL as I would like for them to or as I would, but that's the way it is in RL and seems there are even more extremes in SL. Some will always just say "lighten up". Fine until it happens to you.

I like the things you've said (above post) and hope everyone can get along. The breakups as well as the drama can be so hurtful and even when trying hard to behave it can sometimes LOOK like a person is not behaving but their actions might just be based on information they've been given by someone (like the guy himself possibly saying the prior relationship is not working out) about a relationship that may not be completely accurate or is changing fast, so there are so so many variables to the relationship etiquette in SL even for those who try to have good manners. Some are "playing" for fun and some are "playing" for real. I'm not trying to be on any high horse myself, Ive made my own mistakes in SL in time as I think most have but I try hard not to hurt anyone along the way and I also try to be as forgiving as possible in a bad situation because it is SL and there are others who will play nice. I feel much of the drama is extremely juvenile but some can be very real and painful because some people do get very close in SL.

I also wanted to highlight her paragraph about building each other up, complimenting and supporting each other.

I guess I just wanted to have my say too. LOL ok I almost wrote as much as your original post, so Sorry, wanted to chime in.

Thanks blog for letting me vent.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

SL Live Music Promotion by Whispering Sands Live Promotions; New SL Music Radio Station and VIP Huds

Web site and radio link here:
Visit Whispering Sands Live Promtions and Jagged Edge Music Venue here:

(pics below: Jorr, WSLP office, Karaoke night)
Jorr wslp
Jorrdan Jarman, fondly known by many as "just Jorr", owner and mgr. of Whispering Sands Live Promotions, has added yet another cool feature to his SL live music promotions. He's recently added a radio station player to his web site which benefits not only those who can't make it into SL but want to enjoy SL live music in RL, but also those who can't make it to the live music sim a particular artistic might be singing at by streaming on their land, and it also greatly benefits the live music venues.  I have even appreciated hearing a musician singing on it and announcing where they are by naming the venue then people can teleport over.  Of course his web site also does a great job of clearly stating where the musicians are singing and when.  The site is very well organized and professionally made and managed. Jorr has the ability to switch the radio station over from a live musician who is actually singing live in SL at the time or back to his live musicians stream music so it's live musicians all the time sometimes in real time live.

  I can't say enough about how well Mr. Jarman does this job. He's a very hard working professional when it comes to WSLP who not only works long hours in RL at a different career, but also in SL and RL with this as well. The musicans tend to get a lot of attention and I guess that's his job making them look good and getting their information and music out there, and that he does. But quite frankly this guy really does an impressive job and deserves kudos himself for this.  If you instant message him inworld you will auto-receive an option to get a free WSLP VIP hud with just one acceptance click.  If you pop that hud on and click a tab on it, you can go directly to their site and directly to either their radio station, daily schedule, performer list, in case you want to book them or see a bio., etc or the direct spot to contact a manger. He's got a great group of people working for him and Winter Fleur has been a great  longtime asset to his company as well as numerous others.

Whispering Sands Live Music Promotions
Jorr and Keileigh.galaxy Jarman manage the WSLP building and Jagged Edge music venue. They occasionally host parties or other events there.  Every Sunday from about 9-11pm SLT at the WSLP building they host a karaoke night.  Everyone is welcome to participate or just hang out and enjoy the music and they generally have a nice crowd including some of their professional musicians as well as those who who are new and just want to try their hand at singing live in SL or want to get off to a good start singing in SL I've never tried it myself, but I do enjoy listening to the old timers and newcomers alike. They are a very welcoming and friendly group. The office has all the info. you need about the agency too-see link above.

I've blogged this group several times before because I'm just super impressed with what they are doing, and I'm continuously impressed at the new artists they add to their group as well as the new features they add to their web site and ways they promote live music in SL.  Check out their web site if you haven't and get your free WSLP hud for ease of access. The web site has much more to offer their musicians and those who like to attend their events than I've mentioned here including services for independent or otherwise managed musicians and venue owners too.  There is also a group inworld, a Flickr group, and a very active Facebook page here:

WSLP Karaoke Night

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Pillars: Four moments of Contemplation by Oberon Onmura at Split Screen

Visit Split Screen here:

The Pillars: Four Moments of Contemplation by Oberon Onmura - @ Split Screen Art Installation Space

Per Oberon's Note regarding this exhibit: "This work is an installation which embodies terraforming, complex scripted objects, and bots. A "forest" of vertical mounds is inhabited by four avatars, each enclosed in a unique soundscape and constrained to a single animation. A plain white chair beside each avatar invites the viewer to sit and contemplate each small scene.
It looks best with shadows and water reflections enabled.

So the scene is these fog-topped large pillar like structures born up from the ground, standing in a water base that per windlight settings seems to have it's own moving design or texture.  There are birdlike objects flying overhead in a peach colored sky. There are occasional flashes or flickers of light or perhaps a slight shift in paradigm from time to time.  There are 4 bots, GuyMinion, IIlyaMinion. DanaMinion, and HanMinion each on their own small platform a portion of the way up the side of one of the pillars next to a chair visitors can sit on and contemplate while listening to the unusual sounds in the area.  Each apparently asexual nude red bot has a different repetitive movement, one writhing on the ground. another spinning with arms extended, another bent in anguish or possibly submission, etc. that left me me contemplating things most likely not intended by the artist.  Go check it out for yourself. The exhibit runs now through October.  Quite interesting.

Split Screen info;
Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

(The first photo is provided by Oberon/Split Screen at the landing and the next is one I took while visiting.)

Split Screen, Oberon Onmura - The Pillars
Split Screen. Pillars

Friday, August 12, 2016

Luanes Magical World

Visit Morning Glow, Luanes Magical World Here by Luane (Luanemeo):

"Feel the magic all around, in the magical unicorn forest or the enchanted woods. Explore every little corner to see all the secret romantic and magical spots.
Romance, romantic, cuddle, sex, magic, magical, forest, castle, beach, ruins, couple, dragon"

This is a beautiful romantic photogenic sim with plenty of pose/cuddle spots and scenic vignettes. There are beautiful beach areas, a pose store, forest areas, glowing romantic areas filled with special lighting and magical animals, ruins, fantasy, well just go check it out for yourself if you like.  It's well worth the trip.

Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Morning Glow Luanes Magical World Luanes Magical World

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Star Wars, The Untold Story LEA17

Visit here:

"Take a ride among the stars in a galaxy far, far away and witness the struggles between dark and light, good and evil in this series of dance performances inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Friday, August 19th, 9pm slt
& Saturday, August 20th, 3 pm slt"

Star Wars LEA17
This LEA AIR (Linden Endowment for the Arts, artist in residence) sim that will run through the end of the year is by Diiar Vader Shippe with assistance from  Darth Revan (royal.shippe):and the Monarchs. I ran into Darth Revan who told me "There are 4 choreographers on this one but each of us have two sets and 1 has one", ...choreographers as in builders and designers for the sets that include special effects, particles and everything. I caught a pic of Diiar and Darth Revan.  I tred to hold my exploration back for the shows though so just took a few quick pics for the blog.  There should be at least 3 show with the first two listed above. This is a cool full sim and I look forward to exploring more and enjoying the special shows.

And here is the LEA sim info. for this and the other LEA sims: Star Wars LEA17 Star Wars LEA17 Star Wars LEA17 Star Wars LEA17 Star Wars LEA17 Star Wars LEA17

Monday, August 8, 2016

LEA12, A Watercolour Wander

Visit here:

Everyone knows I love to wander around in SL, well this LEA sim is great for doing just that in a watercolory immersive land.  This artist in residence land grant sim made by CK (ceakay.ballyhoo) will be open through the end of this year 2016. There is a story that you can auto get and read upon landing that goes with the 11 sections and that can be found in the boxes by the giant easels that depict each of the 11 areas that are posed with an initial watercolor picture to literally walk through and into a setting that looks like the picture, there are resting and pose spots for pictures, and there are some odd creatures to enjoy.  Don't miss the underwater area too!  I enjoyed seeing this place that looks like a watercolor painting that includes moving things that also look like painted things such as butterflys. I also enjoyed the soothing colors that were primarily used.  This place is well worth the trip.  I saw LEA12 A Watercolour Wander on the SL Destination Guide and my friend Kathy Nikolaidis suggested I check it out saying it was just my style, and she was right!

Some of the intro info. from the artist states: "Welcome to A Watercolour Wander!

This sim has been made by Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK for short).

The idea started to form some months ago when she started to paint watercolours in RL.  She had been playing with making her own textures through watercolour paint and watercolour pencils a while before that.

The paintings are all of landscapes and as a great lover of landscapes in both the virtual and the real world, she decided to try and mix her RL and SL art.

The idea of walking into a painting has always been a very attracting and intriguing one. Ever since reading Stephen King's Rose Madder and later watching Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come, the wish to do something with that concept has been on CK's mind.

There is a story that developed with these paintings and it is provided in an NC here as well. It is an extensive read. You can also find the story, with pictures, on the web, which will provide easier reading.

There is also a flickr page for the sim:
Please feel free to add your pictures to the group!

It is suggested to read the story before or while you are wandering to have the most immerse experience possible.

For more news on LEA, openings and events, please have a look at the LEA Blog"

LEA12 A Watercolour Wander LEA12 A Watercolour Wander LEA12 A Watercolour Wander LEA12 A Watercolour Wander LEA12 A Watercolour Wander LEA12 A Watercolour Wander

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Them, by Cica Ghost

Visit here:

Cica Ghost has a new build, "Them" at Sky Atoll.  "There is no U in UFO.."  Enjoy ; )

Cica "Them" Cica "Them" Cica "Them" cica them_001 Cica "Them" Cica "Them"