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SL Live Music Promotion by Whispering Sands Live Promotions; New SL Music Radio Station and VIP Huds

Web site and radio link here:
Visit Whispering Sands Live Promtions and Jagged Edge Music Venue here:

(pics below: Jorr, WSLP office, Karaoke night)
Jorr wslp
Jorrdan Jarman, fondly known by many as "just Jorr", owner and mgr. of Whispering Sands Live Promotions, has added yet another cool feature to his SL live music promotions. He's recently added a radio station player to his web site which benefits not only those who can't make it into SL but want to enjoy SL live music in RL, but also those who can't make it to the live music sim a particular artistic might be singing at by streaming on their land, and it also greatly benefits the live music venues.  I have even appreciated hearing a musician singing on it and announcing where they are by naming the venue then people can teleport over.  Of course his web site also does a great job of clearly stating where the musicians are singing and when.  The site is very well organized and professionally made and managed. Jorr has the ability to switch the radio station over from a live musician who is actually singing live in SL at the time or back to his live musicians stream music so it's live musicians all the time sometimes in real time live.

  I can't say enough about how well Mr. Jarman does this job. He's a very hard working professional when it comes to WSLP who not only works long hours in RL at a different career, but also in SL and RL with this as well. The musicans tend to get a lot of attention and I guess that's his job making them look good and getting their information and music out there, and that he does. But quite frankly this guy really does an impressive job and deserves kudos himself for this.  If you instant message him inworld you will auto-receive an option to get a free WSLP VIP hud with just one acceptance click.  If you pop that hud on and click a tab on it, you can go directly to their site and directly to either their radio station, daily schedule, performer list, in case you want to book them or see a bio., etc or the direct spot to contact a manger. He's got a great group of people working for him and Winter Fleur has been a great  longtime asset to his company as well as numerous others.

Whispering Sands Live Music Promotions
Jorr and Keileigh.galaxy Jarman manage the WSLP building and Jagged Edge music venue. They occasionally host parties or other events there.  Every Sunday from about 9-11pm SLT at the WSLP building they host a karaoke night.  Everyone is welcome to participate or just hang out and enjoy the music and they generally have a nice crowd including some of their professional musicians as well as those who who are new and just want to try their hand at singing live in SL or want to get off to a good start singing in SL I've never tried it myself, but I do enjoy listening to the old timers and newcomers alike. They are a very welcoming and friendly group. The office has all the info. you need about the agency too-see link above.

I've blogged this group several times before because I'm just super impressed with what they are doing, and I'm continuously impressed at the new artists they add to their group as well as the new features they add to their web site and ways they promote live music in SL.  Check out their web site if you haven't and get your free WSLP hud for ease of access. The web site has much more to offer their musicians and those who like to attend their events than I've mentioned here including services for independent or otherwise managed musicians and venue owners too.  There is also a group inworld, a Flickr group, and a very active Facebook page here:

WSLP Karaoke Night

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