Thursday, August 25, 2016

My SL Pet Peeves

'Figured it was time to update my SL Pet Peeve List as the prior post reminded me there are still a few.
Listed to vent, in hopes of things improving, (there is always room for improvement in anything), or just for the sake of discussion. In no particular order.

1. Girls who don’t adhere to the “sister code” (see prior post)

Disclaimer, I feel this has to, for the most part, exclude role play some do where the common practice is polyamory or its clearly stated in someone’s profile or they make that clear from day one. It’s SL so ppl play their own way, and you just have to figure that out.

2. liars and alts who are not open with who they are if around their primary’s friends (I’m perfectly ok if someone wants a work alt, or even a play alt who doesn’t EVER cross the primary’s boundaries including taking multiple partners that are unaware of the situation, etc ) –nuff said

3. Clubs and venues that have their landing zone miles from the event location so you have to wade through tons of lag to even get to or find the event.

4. People who complain loudly to the venue owner, entertainer/DJ, or even publicly about how horrible the landing spot is, threaten to not return etc. Ok I know this sounds like I’m contradicting #2 but I’m not. Personally I don’t care for the long walks but I also understand that sim owners pay a ton of money or time to manage their sim and often have to figure out ways to pay for it possibly through having shops visitors have to walk past and maybe make a purchase or they maybe just want visitors to see the rest of their sim they’ve worked so long and hard on which I applaud. If visitors don’t care for something I’d prefer they just keep it to themselves or talk directly to the sim owner (as they could have made a landing point error) quietly and politely vs freaking and making a scene and being disruptive when people are busy with something going on.

5. Dresses that don’t include panties or at least a panty option.

6. Girls who wear tiny dresses that don’t included panties (sorry guys)

7. Griefers who grief another’s special event. It’s one thing to just be in a random sim (not during an event) playing mild jokes on someone who is somewhat enjoying the “entertainment” (public sandboxes are notorious for this) and another to attend for example someone’s big art opening or a musician’s debut show and carry on with negative comments, personal attacks, large particles causing lag or covering things or, or vulgar behaviors. This form of entertainment (?) can be done by the griefer on their own sim on their own time if they want to provide comic relief. People PAY real money for sims and entertainers and spend a lot of time and effort setting things up which should not be changed or ruined by someone who just feels like it.

8. Bloggers who critique or complain about a sim, product, specific person sometimes even in the name of protecting others from a bad product/sim etc prior to having a discussion with the designer/sim owner about what their concern is, offering to assist or how to make a better change etc. I’m ok with a polite negative Marketplace comment but even there I think a private word to a designer first can go a long way as most will attempt to fix any true issues. If it’s a matter of taste or opinion that’s a different issue. I know I’m considered a cheerleader blogger and rarely blog controversial issues as my thoughts are that I can just talk to the person or do/get something else if I don’t care for a place/things/person and move on, and I love and prefer to uplift things/people I do appreciate or think have a good thing going on. I’ve found some people LOVE to critique even if they don’t/cant make something better themselves. I usually opine this is just to make themselves feel better. Unfair.

9. SL Facebook posters who repeatedly (I’m not talking the occasional thing) rant about others, talk in detail about their multitude of “poor me” issues for attention health/exes, etc (again not talking about occasion posts letting others know how they are doing, asking for prayers or well wishes, as those I appreciate, but rather bashing others, freaking about their ex in personal detail including the laundry list of why they are now such a horrible person, etc. because often they are back with them the next week anyway. Of course many like the juicy gossip details, so again this is just me/my blog/my opinion. Some is ok, some are over the top in IMHO.

10. Persons who do things in order to gain attention vs for the love of it or feeling like they have a great thing/idea they want to share. Usually you can tell the difference. This one I’m iffy over as they’ve still done a good thing that maybe took time/effort/finances, so kudos, but meh, it’s sort of ruined a little if I determine motives are not altruistic. ‘Course I think sometimes we all can be a tad guilty of this one at times even if it’s subconscious. It’s nice to get positive feedback after a heatfelt job though. That’s a little part of why I love to blog things I love in SL, as it not only showcases something I like but gives that person involved Kudos for their efforts.

11. Profiles that say somethinhg like...'If you dis my sis, I kill you"... yeah whatever, this always makes the list.

12. Clingy and stalky .. nuff said

13. LAG, slow rez, sims that are difficult to survive

15. Jealous people in SL that try to tear down others vs uplifting SL so that others see how great our SL is that we love so much.

16. Bloggers with a holier than thou attitude …/me looks around innocently

Things ive taken off my pet peeve list….
Bad sl hands/feet.. THANK YOU THANK you designers who have resolved this issue for us.. I cant thank you enough.

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