Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gizza, Love is in the Air, Event Starts Feb 7

Gizza is planning this great Valentine's shopping event so I figured I'd post the press release so my friends can be sure to know about it early. " GizzA Creations is proud to present "Love is in the Air". Feb. 7th, 2015 - Feb, 14th, 2015 "Come; be swept away on the gossamer wings of love!:" Please join us February 7th through the 14th, 2015 as GizzA Creations brings to you a selection of the finest brands in Second Life. Each designer has created an extraordinary “Love is in the Air” item for the event and they will be showcased on February the 8th, 2015 at 1PM SLT, by GizzA’s in-house super-models at a one of a kind runway show. The designers participating in this fabulous event are: Akeyo, Azul, Baiastice, Belleza, Build Works Decor, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture, Chop Zuey, Clef de Peau, CO57, Crie Style, D!va Hair, Deadwool, DeeTaleZ, Eclipse Designs, Eudora3D, Gabriel, Gizza, Glam Affair, Humanoid, Ionic, Label Motion, Ladies Who Lunch, LaGyo, Les Petits Details, Meghindo's, Maxi Gossamer, Mina Hair, New Faces, Posesion, Pure Poison, Redgrave, Ricielli, Shi, SoliDea FoliEs, sYs, Swallow, Tableau Vivant, Trinn, Hair, Vanity Hair, Vista Animations, Vita's Boudoir, VRSION/LODE, Wasabi Pills, What Next and Zaara, Sincerely, Designer and Owners of GizzA Giz Seorn & Auster Elan Gizza Event Management Desireme Fallen & Draakje Dailey"

Friday, January 23, 2015

Isle of View is Back for Valentines Day

Visit here:
Linden Lab's Valentine's Day region since February 14, 2008

Linden Lab's Valentine's Isle of View is back.  I went for a visit today and found it to be mostly the same as last year.  If you use the set windlight it's a tad overwhelmingly red so I switched back and forth between that and some other lightings and took some pics.  If you haven't been there before you will find nice swan boat rides, kissing booths, free Valentine Linden bears, some nice pose and relax seating, and a scenic place to visit.  There will be plenty more romantic places setting up for Valentines Day in SL, so grab someone special and enjoy.

The official info. for Isle of View states: "Looking for something romantic this Valentine's Day? The Isle of View brings together everything the discerning romantic looks for in romantic festivities: boat rides, fireworks, kissing booths, forested walks, tasteful fountains, and free gifts. So bring that special someone to the Isle of View and tell them how you really feel"

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visit ID No Limits-Another Popular SL Hangout Closing Tomorrow

Visit here:
See their super cool web site here for a lot of good info:

Hurry over to ID No Limits, SL's Hot Spot!!! Rock, Dance, Industrial Club tonight or through tomorrow evening as the doors are slated to close.  Aash Writer is founder with co-owner Hyperon Benoir and Jonathan Hayabusa of the club ID No limits (formerly known as Industrial Dreamz) and owner of the No Limits SIM. I got word this popular SL Industrial Club is about to close so ran over for some final party pics.  I remember back when it was Industrial Dreamz.  I'm sure the closure will be hard for the regulars but the owners look forward to other new and exciting things in SL.  Sadly this is yet another fun spot closing it's SL doors.  Enjoy the pics and hurry over for some last memories in the club!

(ID Couples/Singles Dance; Live DJ's & Hosts.
Genres: Industrial, Electronic, Dance, Goth, 80s, 90s, Rock & more; Humans, Demons, Furry's, shopping, mall, events, party, hang out Swagga, Vendom, Psychotic Neko, Greedy and Cards Against Humanity)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Visit here:

Saramarie Philly/Sara Tiemogo is one of my fav SL female singers and I've been trying to hit her 3 shows this weekend.  There is one left tonight at 7pm SLT at Rhi's Afterdark which is a pretty cool venue. 

I made a SL video with Saramarie back in 2011 which you can see here:

and her RL Youtube is here:
Soundcloud music to listen to here:

Her note says:

"Sunday 1/18/2015
7pm SL - SaraMarie Philly @ RHI'S AFTER DARK - Cover and original songs at a place where anything could happen. This casual indoor venue encourages creativity, so expect lots of originals and a variety of genres."

Saramarie is one of my long time favorites and I have an old bio on her that says:
"★★★SaraMarie Philly★★★
★★★Singer/Songwriter ★★★
Original and Cover Pop Music
★Piano, Guitar, Voice, Ukelele, Rubberband Box (kidding!)★
I  was born and raised in Indiana. (USA)  My parents both had factory jobs, but we also had a small rabbit farm. In college, I studied Voice, Piano, Clarinet and Violin at Indiana State University, and graduated from West Chester University in 2010 with a degree in Music Education.
Playing music for people creates a connection that goes beyond what can be expressed in conversation. For me, it's a way of sharing life experiences and expressing empathy for the experiences of the listener. These connections are what keep people interested in an artist's music, and what keep an artist interested in sharing it. As a performer, connecting to my audience is important to me."

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Follow Album Launch Party - K

The Follow album launch party has started.  Hurry here at Ground Zero Music and Art venue if you want to get in...
Check out their official web page here:

There are 107 people here on this 2 sim area now but if you get in you will hear some great music and enjoy good company.  The Album is called "K" and was released this past Thursday.   They just started and are already playing new music off the album.  If you miss the show, visit The BOSL holiday edition where my friend Sonicity Fitzroy featured them (about halfway through the magazine) here: 

7PM SATURDAY 1/17/15!
Join the Follow at Ground Zero 7pm, Satuday January 17th, as they launch their new album.  The Follow's new album is saturated with heart, tears, and struggle within its very fabric balanced with dreams, faith, and hope. After the loss of the lead singer's brother to ALS, the band found itself lost for a season. However, the grieving process has blossomed into the new record entitled K. These recordings find The Follow reproducing what its fans have come to love...the energy of the live shows. This album honors life, respects death, and insists on the exploration of the in between"

This band from Columbia Missouri consists of Powers Avon, AJ Darkwatch, and lead singer Troy Shoreland.  The band is heading out east for a jam soon so hook up with Jenna Dirval or check their web site indicated above.

(album cover above)

Josie and George in SL

Visit Josie Anderton's official blog spot for more info. schedule, and other things she likes and does in SL here:
I met Josie when I was pretty new or about 5 plus years ago.  She was into making beautiful photos in SL at that time and was just getting started singing in SL at the encouragement of friends.  I find it amazing she's not had any formal musical training yet sings like a bird.  After these few years she's one of SL's well known and highly sought after singers for events.  She sings to back tracks and has a great personality which adds to her show.  She has back up dancers now in matching outfits and some traditional songs like the can can song where regulars switch to their purple showgirl dresses and dance along.  Even her longtime boyfriend, George Downs, puts on the dress, which is quite fun since they are tiny little dresses, his complete with long braided hair and full feminine outfit. (so wrong it was right/from both sides) And he wasn't the only guy who went along with this.  Always fun times with Josie.

Speaking of George, Josie threw a great birthday party today for George who is super supportive of her shows and is also a big part of the fun with the regulars.  I stopped in and got these photos from the party.   I noted at one point there were 68 people in the sim.  It was a great party turnout.  Josie always draws crowds and she and George are well loved by many.  I've blogged her before several times but felt it was time again.  She even pretty regularly sings "In My Life" substituting Second Life at my suggestion a long time ago and does an amazing job of it.  Anyway, it was a great show and party today. Happy birthday George!

Panther Dolls

Last night I went to a UFL football game (United Football League) and filmed a little of the Panther Dolls, as I have special friends Kathy Nikolaidis, Katherine Starfall, and Lexi Brooks on the cheer team.  Their squad danced to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.   They did a great job of entertaining the crowds with their half time show as well as the sideline cheer/dance.  If you need something new and fun to check out, be sure to visit a UFL football game for the competitive games and the cute cheerleaders.  SL has had several years of football now and it seems to become more aesthetically attractive, organized,  and runs smoother all the time. 

Visit the fan /spectator area here for teams and more info. :

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dalsgaard-Another Great Weekend Explore

Visit Dalsgaard  Digital Art -Cammino e Vivo Capovolto -Digital Art -, Dalsgaard (52, 212, 22) - Moderat  here:

The half sim contains the interesting art of Mistero Hifeng on Dalsgaard.

"Benvenuto dove nessuno ti vuole bene, dove nessuno ti vuole male...
Cammino e Vivo Capovolto -
Digital art - Fotografia - Photography - Mesh - 3D - art -dreams
Mistero Hifeng"

I think the photos will speak for themselves as I took plenty and enjoyed the thought provoking pieces here and there in the rain.  If you visit be sure take a up to the store too. 
I first started seeing pictures of these unusual sculptures in Flickr.
After I visited and began blogging this, I found great blog posts by Honour McMillian and also Strawberry Signh.  They tend to think and write more than I do, so for better pics and inspiration you can check them out here: and

Timeless Memories-Weekend Explore

Visit here:

The Timeless Memories space owned by Elvira Kytori is a beautiful wintery landscape filled with little vignettes to rest, reflect, pose for photos, enjoy the gorgeous scenery, or hang out with friends. 
The sim description says: " Welcome  to Timeless Memories, feel free to wander and relax. I would love to see any photos you take here:
[ Flickr Group]
As I am unsure how long I will keep this sim let me know if you would be interested" 
So anyway, hurry over and don't miss this beautiful winter sim. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015




USA Today here for more details:

Mimi's Choic for a free T-Shirt (men's and women's) here:

See Flickr for significant SL support and see Lili's Flickr for more pics of this freebie shirt here:

 Addendum, more SL blogs on this subject with inworld relevancy:
 New World Notes here:

Min Avatar Heter Apmel here:

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

NOT my Annual New Year's Resolution List-Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolutions! This year I am on vacation so won't be doing my annual SL New Years Resolutions list like I have for the past several years. If you are interested in them you can use the search line on my blog and see the variety of things I've been thinking of in the past for this. Here are a few I easily found from my past:

I'll leave you with this picture that was on a friends Facebook though......

New Years Resolution

Happy New Year to all my SL friends!