Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Visit ID No Limits-Another Popular SL Hangout Closing Tomorrow

Visit here:
See their super cool web site here for a lot of good info:

Hurry over to ID No Limits, SL's Hot Spot!!! Rock, Dance, Industrial Club tonight or through tomorrow evening as the doors are slated to close.  Aash Writer is founder with co-owner Hyperon Benoir and Jonathan Hayabusa of the club ID No limits (formerly known as Industrial Dreamz) and owner of the No Limits SIM. I got word this popular SL Industrial Club is about to close so ran over for some final party pics.  I remember back when it was Industrial Dreamz.  I'm sure the closure will be hard for the regulars but the owners look forward to other new and exciting things in SL.  Sadly this is yet another fun spot closing it's SL doors.  Enjoy the pics and hurry over for some last memories in the club!

(ID Couples/Singles Dance; Live DJ's & Hosts.
Genres: Industrial, Electronic, Dance, Goth, 80s, 90s, Rock & more; Humans, Demons, Furry's, shopping, mall, events, party, hang out Swagga, Vendom, Psychotic Neko, Greedy and Cards Against Humanity)

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