Monday, September 30, 2013

Nitroglobus Gallery October Exhibit Features Cold Frog and CaTcHaFIRe in Madness Fantastique

Visit here:
                                              MADNESS FANTASTIQUE
Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2
(Cold Frog, and CaTcHaFIRe pose with me in their pumpkin heads) Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2

Nitrogolbus Gallery, (Dido Haas and Nirto Fireguard) has another great exhibit this October, featuring the works of Cold Frog and CaTcHaFIRe.

Their October exhibit has a lot of reptilian, doll, fantasy fun feel to it. I dropped in and Dido and Nitro were on the swing in the exhibit while many of the regular SL art patrons kept dropping in for a first look.  Nitro worked his magic again with this watery set that include a full menu high dive board and swing set, a couple of boats, fish underwater etc to also enjoy while experiencing the exhibit.  Enjoy another pleasurable gallery exhibit by this pair who always seem to find great artists and create wonderful environments in which to showcase them. 
Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2

Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rock Your Rack Sept. 26-Oct 1

Visit here:

Rock Your Rack... Models giving back fundraiser for a good cause, cancer awareness and research.  The event features exclusive Items from 31 designers with 100% of those sales going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  I happened in to the event when Noma Falta was singing and the MGB models where strutting their stuff on the runway with a huge crowd that maintained around 70 avs.  The sim is loaded with great merchandise, fun music and dancing and shows.  Check it all out for a good cause. For all the details visit the official web site here:

Rock Your Rack by Kara 2
Rock Your Rack by Kara 2

Whole-Brain Health Fair Day Today!

Visit here:

This place looks pretty amazing with lots to explore and learn and today they have a lineup of events you won't want to miss. Check it out! 

The press release info states:


    Six full hours of performances, workshops, classes and dance designed to holistically stimulate mind, body and spirit! Come be edified, entertained, engaged and expanded.
    Watch for future WBH Fair Days held monthly on a Saturday or Sunday.
    Join Whole-Brain Health group or our Subscriber kiosk at the Entrance for up-to-date information and valuable resources, or contact Lissena
                            *** PROGRAM***

SESSION 1 - Campbell's Hero Walk in Living Color
Time: 12:00pm SLT
Presenter: Ludo Merit
Host: Francisco Koolhoven
Duration: 1 hours
"We are all heroes. Every hero is needed." That is the motto of Heroes of Prism who incorporate Campbell's Hero Journey in their lives. Come learn about The Hero Walk, an interactive art display that assigns a color and a painting to each of the twelve steps of the hero journey. Prime Maven Ludo Merit engages participants with humor, open discussion, and a flair for role-play.
SESSION 2 - ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow
Host: Francisco Koolhoven
Time: 1:00pm SLT
Duration: 1 hours
Firedancing in rotating trapezes, high-wire dance, rolling dance ball and elephant firedance, all decorated with the best effects in SL. "True to The Light, Life and Love of which you are and take part in."
SESSION 3 - Simply Impossible - Free-energy Machines Demonstration
Presenter: Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
Time: 2:00pm SLT
Duration: 1 hours
Learn the fundamentals of building and using script-less animated machines in Second Life, including the first and only Free-energy Carousel, the Perpetual Garden Swing, the Free-energy Ceiling Fan, and the Script-less See-Saw.
SESSION 4 - Physical Exercises at Your Computer in SL
Presenter: Wisdomseeker (Lissena)
Host: Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
Time: 3:00pm SLT
Duration: 1 hours
You can exercise in Second Life - really as well as virtually - once you learn a few simple secrets.
Sitting at your computer can be dangerous for your body and brain health. But there are ways to combat this, even if you spend a lot of time at a desk.
Wisdomseeker will present a special exercise program developed by Virtual Ability's Gentle Heron especially for the time you spend in SL.
SESSION 5 - Increase Your Inner Harmony through Music and More
Presenter: Regis Roubodoo
Host: Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
Time: 4:00pm
Duration: 1 hours
Experience the integrative benefits of combining visual stimulation (youTube video), movement, musical beat, and lyrical expression. Share what the song stirs inside of us and how its meaning supports our life's relationships and purpose.
SESSION 6 - Salsa Dancing Social Hour
Host: Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes)
Duration: 1 hours
Get loose, socialize and enjoy as we wrap up Fair Day with sensual and stimulating salsa dance. Casual attire."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Designers United 5 and Surreal Designs

Moving texture dress-That Secret Store at Designers United: Surreal theme a video by Kara 2 on Flickr.
designers united_001 by Kara 2

Visit here:

 Designers United 5 is open now until 10-04.  There are tons of cool clothes and accessories in the "surreal" theme.  I was digging the moving textured dress by "The Secret Store.  I took a short video to show it then realized it actually shows up better without atmospheric shaders on which is the way most people run around.  So I'm not doing it justice, but you get the idea.

My UWA Prize!

UWA Package by Kara 2

UWA Package, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

I received my prize package from UWA a while back and wanted to blog it since it was a very nice little package that came in my RL mail.  This was part of my winnings along with the cash Lindens for the Reflections Art contest.

The letter says:
"Dear Kara

Congratulations: REFLECTIONS:UWA Centenary Art & Film Challenges 2013

This is to congratulate you on being a Grand Prize winner and to thank you for the part you played in making the UWA 'REFLECTIONS' Centenary 3D Art Challenges & Film Challenges the successes they were.

It goes a long way towards helping to break down the barriers in recognizing the value of virtual environments within an educational setting.

Just a little token of appreciation for you in the form of some literature very dear to the University of Western Australia.

It has been a real pleasure working with you throughout the course of the challenge.

yours sincerely,

Jay Jay Jegathesan
Manager, School of Physics & Founder of UWA 3D Virtual Presence"

Pretty darn cool!  Thank you Jay Jay and UWA!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where Has the Magic Gone Dear Diary?

Magic a video by Kara 2 on Flickr.


Dear Diary,

So, I guess it's been quite some time since I wrote to you here.  Did you know that today Sept 22. is actually Dear Diary Day?  Yep, it is.  You have a special day! Anyway, it reminded me to write to you again.  And of course you know whenever I write to you I must be melancholy about something. And I am. 
My SL bipolar surfaces once in a while. This time it's because this summer I've been sometimes feeling like I'm losing a little bit of the SL magic.  Everyone knows I'm huge on getting high on SL magic and that I don't mind not knowing how to make or do everything in great detail because then I retain some of the excitement and amazement of it all and know there is always something more I can do or learn if I want to.  But, I have been in SL many hours now and I DO know how a few things work and have seen a lot.  Also, I tend to be a little more first life during the summer months when it's more fun to be outside, so maybe it's really just a little bit of the summertime blues. 
I have lately been thinking about the SL magic and discussing it with some friends who have also been feeling the loss of a little SL magic.  You know the magic, everyone does.  It's that tingly feeling of seeing a well made sim in SL, a first dance with someone special, an exceptional store with quality merchandise, being given a gift by someone special, knowing someone came in to SL just to see you for the day, listening to some great live music or a DJ that plays some of your favorite tunes in a great setting with friends around, most any first experiences really.  The magic is still around, but it's just a little harder to feel.  I know I will never really lose my SL magic entirely. I have much to learn yet, I enjoy making magic times with friends, and I also enjoy helping new avatars.  I think helping and spending time with new SL residents can bring back some of the magic for old timers if they have the patience for this.  New avatars often are excited to see and learn even basic things and watching and helping them reminds me of some of my "firsts".  I'm glad to help bring some magic to them.  I've been thinking people who have been in SL from 6 months to a year may have it the best.  They have enough skills to get around and do things but still have a lot to see and learn and be amazed about.
Part of the blues may be because I am not working on a big SL project at the moment and have been slow picking up something new.  I do tend to go from one big project to the next normally.  I've decided to forgo a big annual Halloween sim, like I ran the past few years, in part due to my mood but also partly because there are some amazing haunted sims, carnivals, and zombie areas right now that I think I'd rather visit. 
Part of the SL blues could also in part be because one of my long time good SL friends has gone first life.  Normally I'd think it was just a break but she sort of took a trial run break already, and after briefly coming back I guess the leaving is sticking.  Another of my besties has been out a few weeks ill and said it was an eye opener and won't be back like before and only plans to pop in for a brief hello from time to time. And yet another SL couple had relationship problems and while I couldn't take sides it seems due to their breakup I'm sort of losing them both to an extent.  Another hooked up tight with his girlfriend leaving less time for hanging out or chatting with me.  This happens in SL all the time, things, people, places change and come and go all the time, but I really never thought I'd lose these who have spent a lot of hours in SL with me.  Even with RL and Skype contact it looks like I just happened to have some closer losses all at the same time lately.  As far as those leaving SL, I see this more often with newer residents, not long timers like these who I really do consider real friends.  
On the other hand I have a huge huge list of great contacts on my friends list to learn more about and also I've met a new group of friends lately who seem to be quality people, who have some amazing skills and great personalities, and who have brought in some magic for me recently.  So as the old saying goes,  "When one door closes another opens" I guess.  This won't take the place of my other friends but will help to fill in some holes I'm feeling right now.   In thinking this through I guess SL will always hold some magic for me to enjoy.  So out goes the SL blues... maybe it was just the summertime blues after all. 
Until next time Dear Diary, enjoy your special day!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Explore The Celestial Realm for Some Beautiful Fall Scenery

celestial realm_001 by Kara 2
celestial realm_001, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

The Trace, Celestial Realm has been updated for fall and I ran into several people I know when I was there also taking pics.  The place looks great and is a nice relaxing place to take a little break.  Check it out here:
The Trace is owned by Kylie Jaxxon. 

celestial realm.jpg by Kara 2

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Explore Alien Adventure: A Sensational Galactic Ride Through the Universe

Visit here:

Grab the above link for a quick fun little explore and automated ride with ET leading flying bikes around a wooded area and on up into space.  The sim is owned by MJ Entertainment, group by Queen B, bubbles naire.  My friend Enigmatic Deir and I checked this one out together.  Enjoy this entertaining little diversion and be careful at the final landing....hehe.

et_002 by Kara 2

et_001 by Kara 2

BOSL Fashion Week Is Upon Us!

BOSL Fashion Week is finally here again and I always look forward to these impressive events that not only showcase some of SL's best fashion but also the premiere artist builds, sets and effects. Fashionistas come out in groves dressed to impress and this is always a great opportunity to enjoy a show and get some good shopping ideas, socialize at the fun after parties, and mingle with friends in some very cool settings.   Be sure to join the BOSL readers group for current details and links at times of shows, visit the BOSL galleria or follow the blog.  (More details below)
BOSL Fashion Week 1.jpg by Kara 2
BOSL Fashions Week 2.jpg by Kara 2BOSL Fashions Week 3.jpg by Kara 2

The Best of Seconf Life CEO/owner, Mr. Frolic Mills announced, "Today we pay tribute to a wonderful artist. A woman of great talent that helped shape our virtual  If you open Squinternet Larnia's profile, you will see that she still has "Winner of BOSL Award 2011" - and I well remember when she opened an IM to me that day and said, "OMG Frolic I am so happy, I am crying" He said, Squinter, if you are watching, this is for you. We love you and celebrate your accomplishments today. We won't forget.

 She lived her life with perseverance and commitment, loved tightly, with fierce passion, fought when needed and forgave when expected and sometimes when it was least expected.  Boulevard Model Management models chose to commemorate Squinternet by mixing and matching her designs to give back to Donna Flora their unique interpretations of the design line.

The music provided was downloaded from Donna Flora's YouTube page by DJAFI specifically for this event.  (see more info. at the bottom of this post and linked prior recent post)

The opening show yesterday showcased the late Donna Flora's gorgeous products in a London set.  Of course all the regulars showed up for a large crowd to enjoy this beautiful and sentimental show. 

bosl_001 by Kara 2

BOSL Fashions Week 5.jpg by Kara 2

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 – 10:00 a.m. SLT: ACCESSORIZE ME! PART I….KittyCats Provided by Callie Cline.
Today's show was in a rainy set complete with free umbrellas for the attendees, many of whom popped them out creating even more ambiance to this already amazing set.  The pics can show all but hardly give the feel for how fun it was.  I was late in so took some last minute shots including one of myself.  The cats of course were some of the fun accessories by KittyCats, Callie Cline.
BOSL Fashions Week 4.jpg by Kara 2

I'm looking forward to the rest of the shows and you can find the official blog information, specific show details and schedule at this link here:

donna flora memorial area_002 by Kara 2

(More on Donna Flora)

donna flora memorial area_003 by Kara 2

I went to visit the Donna Flora Memorial Gardens after the BOSL Fashion Week showcasing her products.  Visit this  beautiful and serene memorial with a simple tp down from a central location teleporter in the store. You can find the direct link and more about Donna Flora/Squinternet Larnia in my recent blog post located here:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lest We Forget 9-11 Tribute at Moon Spirit Rising

9-11_006 by Kara 2

9-11_006, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
Visit here:

9-11_011 by Kara 2

Event info. states:
"9/11/13 September 11, Tribute at Moon Spirit Rising with DJ Sunflower 5:00 to 7:00 PM SLT
Please join us for a special set with DJ Sunflower our favorite New Yorker. As we pay tribute with all those angels we lost on that fateful day 9/11/01
Patriot Day where red white and blue. Come see the wonderful tribute display we have put together,.
God Bless America and God Bless us all." sic  The place is decorated nicely for this memorial tribute and there is a box full of free related goodies for guests to pick up. 

I'm glad people in SL are doing memorials .. it was a sad day in history and I remember most things RL about this day 9-11-2001.  It was a terrible tragedy but people united in support.   

9-11_010 by Kara 2

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Station, Grand Opening Party Monday 9-9-13

Visit here:

There is a brand new club, The Station, in Second Life with a Steampunk theme that is holding it's grand opening Monday Sept 9th, 2013.  I have been running around this sim totally impressed with the build by Enigmatic Deir that has amazing textures, great scripts and animations and fun finds throughout.  The sim not only has this great club, but it also has a dual theater that people can book for events for free, there's a variety of steampunk vehicles and many fun secret and not so secret areas to find that will be perfect for exploring, photography, and visiting with friends and couples. This is a great explore all the way around and the club is destined to be a hit.  Their press release and opening information is as follows:

"A new stream punk rock club is opening sept 9 @ 4-10pm slt.  Cj Rock Club at the Station . SL's most unique club is here with steam trains, casinos, 2 stages, a whole dead city & amp; floating city, Sling shot ride, and Rentals for u to enjoy, live here, play here, and Rock at CJS 
 Sponsored by Black Pearl.  Featuring  Black Pearls  signature designs, AVATARS, and models

           1ST PLACE 1000LS GIFT CARD
           2 ND PLACE 500L  GIFT CARD
           3TH  PLACE 250L GiFT CARD
           1000ls cash prize
          COME AS YOU ARE
          DJ Mystic and host Tai afterthought  
           6-8 m 500ls cash prize
           500LS gift card
           250ls gift card
           100ls gift card
          COME AS YOU ARE
          DJ DOUBLE D AND HOST Gokulnath
          8-10 pm 500l cash prize
          500LS gift card
          250ls gift card
          100ls gift card"

The Station by Kara 2
                                                  (Sneak peek pic of the club area)
The Station by Kara 2
(Cammed out view of the sim area-some of the balloons have rooms and fun places to find)
Chris at The Station by Kara 2
(Chris62Graybeard will be running the club with a full experienced staff)
Enigmatic by Kara 2
(Builder/sim owner, Egnimatic Deir) 
                                   Visitors tomorrow will receive the club jacket and t-shirt
 The Station by Kara 2

The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project by Kara 2

The Freedom Project, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
Press release states:

(L$350,000 in sponsorship thus far)
The Freedom Project is a 2D/3D Art & Film Event organized jointly by the University of Western Australia, along with members of the Virtual Ability group, and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses* group in Second Life. We are calling for artists and film makers from all over the world who self-identify as having a disability or a chronic illness, to create an artwork or a film/machinima on the theme of ‘Freedom’, showing how virtual worlds have in some way helped them or those around them.

Films and artwork can be submitted anytime between the 1st of September 2013 and the 28th of February 2014. Artwork should have no more than 200 prims, and films should be around 3-5 minutes (though no hard limits on film length will be enforced). Artwork will go on display immediately at the UWA Virtual Gallery, and films will be put on the UWA Second Life Blog (
The theme is ‘FREEDOM’, and we would like to show artworks and films that represent how the virtual world has helped you or those around you.

Along with your entry, we would like you (optionally) to tell us in 100-300 words how the virtual world has assisted you and/or those around you, has helped create community, or has helped you to transcend difficulties and challenges real life has posed. At the end of the event, some submissions will be selected by a panel to go into a journal to be available on the web and in print. We hope that the journal, along with all the artwork, machinima, and stories, will inspire others, and will demonstrate how virtual worlds can be used to help some people who may have had difficulties finding other means to express themselves, to believe in themselves more, or to connect with others.

No.  However as a token of our appreciation, the organizers are providing a L$10,000 award to 10 artworks or films (to be selected by a panel). The selected artists will also receive a printed copy of the online journal. If more funding is secured, we hope to extend this benefit to all artists selected for the journal. (Films/machinima will be depicted with stills and a link).

*If you are not creating an artwork or machinima, but do have an inspirational personal story to share on how the virtual world has helped you overcome some difficulties faced because of a disability or a chronic illness, do send it in as well. We will try and share your stories with as many people as we can
UWA would like to thank Gentle Heron and members of the executive team of Virtual Ability, Inc., as well as Dianne Elton and the Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses for their guidance, support and advice. Also many thanks to co-sponsors Eliza Wierwight, who also created the poster for this event, Tom Papas & Screen My Shorts Inc. (Sydney), West Australian artist, Len Zuks and Beverley Hill of UWA's Equity & Diversity Office. We thank Taralyn Gravois, who will be assisting with the filming and creation of video in support of the event. We thank AviewTV and LaPiscean Liberty, who will provide live streaming assistance for events and hosting of machinima submissions. We also thank Eleanor Medeir and The Sim Street Journal as well as Kit Guardian and Guardian 11:11 for their multifaceted commitment towards the event as well.


•    Artwork and film entries should reflect the theme ‘Freedom’, and should attempt to show how the virtual world has helped or how it could help.
•    We would appreciate an accompanying notecard with descriptions of how the virtual world has inspired something positive.
•    This event is open to all who identify as having a disability or a chronic illness (of any nature).
•    A maximum of 2 entries per artist for the art event with a 200 prim limit per artwork. (See details below.)
•    A maximum of 3 entries per artist for film/machinima (preferred length between 3-5 minutes).
•   Entries will be received beginning 1 September 2013 until 28 February 2014. (Note that the earlier work is submitted, the longer it will be on view.)

Place the artwork in the receiver (drop box) for the Freedom Project at the UWA Art Challenge platform, along with a completed Artist’s Notecard form.  (No perms required, but copy is appreciated if possible.) If you have problems with the receiver, you may give artwork directly to FreeWee Ling or Jayjay Zifanwe along with the notecard.

If you have difficulties following the receiver box procedure, you give your entries directly to FreeWee Ling or Jayjay Zifanwe.Be sure to include your name in the filenames for both your art entry and your notecard.

To submit art entries, visit the UWA 3D Gallery platform and drop your entry and notecard in the receiver. You do this by selecting the entry in your inventory (left mouse button) and then pressing CTRL. While holding down that key, drag the entry onto the prim of the receiver. When the cursor is over the poster (red outlines should appear around the receiver box), release your left mouse button and the item is received. Do this for BOTH your entry and your notecard.
1) Any artworks/objects can be submitted. They can be inanimate or have animation. They may contain scripts if you so choose. Maximum script time of 0.5ms, and anything that runs at over 0.05ms is to have an on/off on touch with time-out of 10 minutes max. (If you are unsure of your piece's script load, please contact one of the Challenge hosts to have it evaluated.) 200 prims/land impact maximum, INCLUDING temporary prims, or prims set to physics type “convex hull” or “none”. (Note that for purposes of this exhibition, we count actual prims OR land impact, whichever is higher.)
2) Please note that the use of local lights and sounds in your artwork may limit our ability to display it without interfering with other entries. We do not restrict their use, but we may have to put your work on a separate platform with a tp from the gallery floor.
3) Your art entry is not limited in size except to the extent that there is space on the sim to accommodate it without interfering with other exhibits or the normal operation of UWA programs. Media parcels may be defined under the same conditions. Please contact JayJay Zifanwe or FreeWee Ling if you have any special requirements for the installation of an artwork.
4) Note that by submitting an entry, you give permission to the University of Western Australia to place the objects anywhere on UWA owned land, and to have information you provide and images of the entries published in print and/or electronic form, and placed on UWA websites, and on websites promoting UWA or events held on the UWA SIMS, or to be filmed for machinima.
5) All work must be original.  Renderings of works by others, in part or in whole, whether or not they are under copyright, should be acknowledged and permissions secured when appropriate. This includes use of prefabricated parts, scripts, and textures. (A full accounting is not required, but you should acknowledge the fact if all parts of your work are not completely original.)
6) A valid entry is any object dropped onto the contest entry receiver that fits the theme and conforms to technical limits.
7) Do entries have to done without any assistance? No. Your submissions can be collaborations so long as the project leader or primary driving force behind the creation is clear. The extent of collaboration & assistance by others should be detailed in the notecard along with the submission, and credit given as appropriate
8) All entrants are encouraged to join the 'UWA 3D ART AND DESIGN CHALLENGE’ Group (not compulsory). To join, copy and paste the following link into local chat, then click to join the group: secondlife:///app/group/cad9c421-8b96-f9c1-fb40-dade48c43fe4/about
9) All questions should be directed to FreeWee LIng or JayJay Zifanwe.

*The Centre for ME/CFS and Other Invisible Illnesses provide resources, support and guided relaxation sessions, for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, and other invisible illnesses.  They host general and research discussions once a week on Mondays at 6pm Pacific Standard Time, and guided relaxation sessions every day, twice a day, at 8am and 8pm (Pacific Standard Time), in the Centre to help people manage their illness.  This Centre is open to all and all are welcome, including anyone with an illness, their families and carers to meet here and help each other. The Centre is located in Curtin University in Second Life."

The Viewing Room

Visit here:

Check out this super cool room... a bit confusing, hehe.  Visit this sim that is home to Whiskey Monday's art, near Crap Mariner's tree house, and home to The Viewing room.
The Viewing Room by Kara 2
The Viewing Room by Kara 2
The Viewing Room by Kara 2 
 The Viewing Room by Kara 2 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Very Blurred Lines Styled

Late Night Twerksters a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

I'm reposting the Blurred video with style info. as some people were asking where we got the goods.  The whole deal was spur of the moment and we were all goofy tired, but was very much a join effort.  Here you go:

Sim, shopping and explore--I was showing off to Bel this impressive sim, Deathrow Island (home to the awesome Deathrow products plus an amazing explore): Visit here:

Outfit--There was a variety of other little shops in the explore area and then we spotted the outfit, "The BAD SHOW Body Suit"  by DRBC which can be found here:

Then Soni came in and we all decided we must dress like Miley and do the twerk dance. 

Dance--Some time back I was talking to Bel about all the twerking and we bought the dance and she put hers into her huddles for us all to use.  We got it at A and M Mocap Danceworks here:

Hair--Soni found the hair, Chemistry "Buttons" at SL Marketplace here:

Foam Finger--I found the mesh Miley finger by SWaGGa on marketplace here:

Mic/props--We all used our own hair bows, tennis, and mics, but I used a mic prop by my friend Franklyn which can be purchased for only $5 L on Marketplace here:

Tongue--Then Soni and Bel said they already had the TA sculpt animated tongue so they showed me where to get it on Marketplace here:

More video--We all went over to Bel's World where Bel stretched a bear and I colored some prim backgrounds and Bel cranked up her huddles while Soni and I both filmed.  Soni also got some of the outtake snaps I added to mine. You can also see Soni's version on here Flickr here:

And of course thanks to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke for the music and inspiration. : ) 

Free Firestorm 3rd Anniversary Gifts

Visit here:

You too can be the proud owner of this adorable little Firestorm FireKitty free of charge courtesy of The Firestorm group in honor of their 3rd anniversary.  Just take the link above to their site and there are a bunch of links to places you can directly teleport inworld to pick up your free kitty.  It's intractable, you don't have to feed it, and its way fun.  There is also a coupon in the package for a one of those free KittyCats breedable if you like to do that.  The Firestorm site also has some other anniversary gifts so have a look. 

firestorm cat by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

Friday, September 6, 2013

Relation Tower Opening Today

Tower by Kara 2

Tower, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
(This is an ad photo taken by someone else)

Visit here:

Press release states in part:

                     "Art India Gallery opening
             Friday, September 06, 2013 at 2PM SLT
        Friday, September 13, 2013 at 2PM to 4PM S
                        Robin Moore "Stories"
                            "Relation Tower"
Curator's note:
Art India Gallery is happy to host works of Robin Moore, especially the Realtion Tower. This meaningful work has been exhibited only once in Second Life. We hope that many guests will enjoy exploring the interactive work and will be inspired to think about their own relationships."


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love Donna Flora-Rest In Peace

Please visit here:
Donna Flora store located here:

squinernet larnia by Kara 2

I'm sort of at a loss for words for once.  Someone special in Second Life and First Life has passed on to yet another life.  Squinternet Larnia/Donna Flora passed on Sept 4, 2013 from terminal breast and bone cancer, and I feel I would be amiss if I did not at least blog a little about her.  I did not know her well, but spoke with her a few times and she was very kind.  She was deeply loved by many to the extent there has been a huge fund raiser, Love Donna Flora, that started in July resulting in over 12K to help treat and ease her pain.  Please take the above link to read all the details and information including memorials that are in the works. There are even some RL music videos where Squinternet herself is singing.  It's all very touching.  I'm sure even those who didn't have the pleasure of being close to her in SL will feel this loss as she is felt through all her many lovely designs bought by so many people.  Her store is still open, although I have no idea what will come of it.  It's loaded with wonderful haute couture clothes, jewelry, hair, shoes, hats, and various accessories from a variety of periods.

I had a conversation with some random shopper in the store today and it could have been a conversations between any Donna Flora shoppers and it went something like this:
me:  hi I'm sorry to bother you but do you know.. is someone taking over the store?
her: Hi Kara ... no .. I don't know.
me:  Kara Trapdoor: ok.. thanks anyway.. so sad
her: I love her work and would like to pick up a couple of my faves just in case it closes
me: yes
her: It's so very sad .. she fought very hard I think.
me: Yes  sounds like it
me: She'll be missed.
me: I didn't really know her personally.... only of her really .. I  have talked with her though.. very nice ... but I feel a loss really .. through her things I think we feel closer. I absolutely  love her designs
her: I didn't know her ... but I so enjoy her work.
me: Prob many of us feel the same
her: I'm sure.
her: There was an ava here earlier with her name ... family, maybe, so hopefully the shop will remain open.   will miss her work, tho, and feel so badly for her family.
me: I feel the same.

And so while I was there other shoppers commiserated along the same vein.

(I swiped a copy of her profile pic to put here as the few pics of her I had are in my old computer that is no longer working-not sure who to credit for the pic-then I took the below pics in the store)

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mad Carnival Grand Opening at Deadpool with Engrama 9-6-13

Visit here;

Deadpool by Kara 2
I stopped by Deadpool today and marveled at this horror carnival with tons of cool creepy pose and play spots. Then I tp'd in my friends Bel and Soni who dressed for the occasion and held me at gun point (see pic) Anyway.. this sim has an event and grand opening Friday so be sure to check it out as it is an exceptional explore.  Their note reads: "ENGRAMA is coming to DEADPOOL!!
  8 - 9am SLT on Friday Sept. 6th
.. to get a taste of the amazement you'll be flooded with listening to this Live Streaming Duo, check out this link!
Can't wait to see you @ the Mad Carnival at Deadpool
as we kick off our Grand Opening! This show isn't one just to be listened to, but EXPERIENCED!  Do Not Miss it!!
The sim owned by Safira Tempura says, "A new experience to be explored. The bygone disco days are being reborn, or rather, rising from the dead! Zombies roam the overgrown and wistful spaces of the forgotten amusement park's edges, while in the center the old roller-disco flashes with lights"
Really it's super great.. go see. 
 Deadpool by Kara 2
 Deadpool by Kara 2
 Deadpool by Kara 2
Deadpool by Kara 2

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Very Blurred Lines

Miley a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

Someone suggested it must have been narcotics that made us do this, things did get a little blurry, but I think it was more like sleep deprivation late night 2nd wind that got everyone a little goofy.  We were just innocently shopping and one thing led to another ........ so yeah, I had to go there. Soni, Bel and myself.  SL Parody or whatever, here ya go!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Avatar Fitness Club-Get Fit Virtually and Possibly in RL Too!

Fitness Center a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.
Visit here:

I visited the new Avatar Fitness Club, officially called the Kevin J. Gamble Fitness Center,  today in SL, and asked a few friends, Bel, Soni, Kathy, and others to join me for a good workout.  The center is only a couple of days in Second Life, but has a lot of good traffic.   I was surprised to see that while it is on the destination guide, it's not run over with a lot of noobs, but rather had many avatar visitors who have been around for quite a while.  We enjoyed good conversations, a little flirting, and some earning of Lindens, as the bikes and treadmills operate like the old camping spots in that you earn cash L the longer you exercise on them sometimes. 

Other workout areas besides the popular bikes and treadmills include some great dual rock climbing walls, various workout mats that have great animations, free weights, group or individual aerobics, fitness balls, and much more.  The scale even works if that tells you anything about the quality of work put into the place.  Next door is the classy Littletown Natatorium with fun swimming and diving and a locker and changing area that has free male and female swim suits for the taking.   There is healthy educational information provided too in this fun environment.  There will be events coming up, so hop in their group, check out their Facebook,  and visit the sim.

Some of the info. on their welcome card states:  "........Club managers are Syzygy Merlin, Thynka Little, DFox Spitteler, and Extension Helix. The venue is a project of Cooperative Extension

Join the free club and try the cycles, treadmills, yoga, climbing wall, pool, weight room, aerobics, and member lounge. Check our Facebook page or SL Search for scheduled events. During some events, machines will offer L$ reward for time exercising, but not always.

"Research at Univ of Kansas, funded by the National Institutes of Health, indicates that a weight loss management program using a Second Life avatar can be as effective or even more so than attendance at a physical world clinic. This venue offers a social environment for changing habits and maintaining weight loss through regular exercise and nutrition education"."   Note the Cooperative Extension, is a service of the US Department of Agriculture.