Saturday, September 7, 2013

Very Blurred Lines Styled

Late Night Twerksters a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

I'm reposting the Blurred video with style info. as some people were asking where we got the goods.  The whole deal was spur of the moment and we were all goofy tired, but was very much a join effort.  Here you go:

Sim, shopping and explore--I was showing off to Bel this impressive sim, Deathrow Island (home to the awesome Deathrow products plus an amazing explore): Visit here:

Outfit--There was a variety of other little shops in the explore area and then we spotted the outfit, "The BAD SHOW Body Suit"  by DRBC which can be found here:

Then Soni came in and we all decided we must dress like Miley and do the twerk dance. 

Dance--Some time back I was talking to Bel about all the twerking and we bought the dance and she put hers into her huddles for us all to use.  We got it at A and M Mocap Danceworks here:

Hair--Soni found the hair, Chemistry "Buttons" at SL Marketplace here:

Foam Finger--I found the mesh Miley finger by SWaGGa on marketplace here:

Mic/props--We all used our own hair bows, tennis, and mics, but I used a mic prop by my friend Franklyn which can be purchased for only $5 L on Marketplace here:

Tongue--Then Soni and Bel said they already had the TA sculpt animated tongue so they showed me where to get it on Marketplace here:

More video--We all went over to Bel's World where Bel stretched a bear and I colored some prim backgrounds and Bel cranked up her huddles while Soni and I both filmed.  Soni also got some of the outtake snaps I added to mine. You can also see Soni's version on here Flickr here:

And of course thanks to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke for the music and inspiration. : ) 

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