Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where Has the Magic Gone Dear Diary?

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Dear Diary,

So, I guess it's been quite some time since I wrote to you here.  Did you know that today Sept 22. is actually Dear Diary Day?  Yep, it is.  You have a special day! Anyway, it reminded me to write to you again.  And of course you know whenever I write to you I must be melancholy about something. And I am. 
My SL bipolar surfaces once in a while. This time it's because this summer I've been sometimes feeling like I'm losing a little bit of the SL magic.  Everyone knows I'm huge on getting high on SL magic and that I don't mind not knowing how to make or do everything in great detail because then I retain some of the excitement and amazement of it all and know there is always something more I can do or learn if I want to.  But, I have been in SL many hours now and I DO know how a few things work and have seen a lot.  Also, I tend to be a little more first life during the summer months when it's more fun to be outside, so maybe it's really just a little bit of the summertime blues. 
I have lately been thinking about the SL magic and discussing it with some friends who have also been feeling the loss of a little SL magic.  You know the magic, everyone does.  It's that tingly feeling of seeing a well made sim in SL, a first dance with someone special, an exceptional store with quality merchandise, being given a gift by someone special, knowing someone came in to SL just to see you for the day, listening to some great live music or a DJ that plays some of your favorite tunes in a great setting with friends around, most any first experiences really.  The magic is still around, but it's just a little harder to feel.  I know I will never really lose my SL magic entirely. I have much to learn yet, I enjoy making magic times with friends, and I also enjoy helping new avatars.  I think helping and spending time with new SL residents can bring back some of the magic for old timers if they have the patience for this.  New avatars often are excited to see and learn even basic things and watching and helping them reminds me of some of my "firsts".  I'm glad to help bring some magic to them.  I've been thinking people who have been in SL from 6 months to a year may have it the best.  They have enough skills to get around and do things but still have a lot to see and learn and be amazed about.
Part of the blues may be because I am not working on a big SL project at the moment and have been slow picking up something new.  I do tend to go from one big project to the next normally.  I've decided to forgo a big annual Halloween sim, like I ran the past few years, in part due to my mood but also partly because there are some amazing haunted sims, carnivals, and zombie areas right now that I think I'd rather visit. 
Part of the SL blues could also in part be because one of my long time good SL friends has gone first life.  Normally I'd think it was just a break but she sort of took a trial run break already, and after briefly coming back I guess the leaving is sticking.  Another of my besties has been out a few weeks ill and said it was an eye opener and won't be back like before and only plans to pop in for a brief hello from time to time. And yet another SL couple had relationship problems and while I couldn't take sides it seems due to their breakup I'm sort of losing them both to an extent.  Another hooked up tight with his girlfriend leaving less time for hanging out or chatting with me.  This happens in SL all the time, things, people, places change and come and go all the time, but I really never thought I'd lose these who have spent a lot of hours in SL with me.  Even with RL and Skype contact it looks like I just happened to have some closer losses all at the same time lately.  As far as those leaving SL, I see this more often with newer residents, not long timers like these who I really do consider real friends.  
On the other hand I have a huge huge list of great contacts on my friends list to learn more about and also I've met a new group of friends lately who seem to be quality people, who have some amazing skills and great personalities, and who have brought in some magic for me recently.  So as the old saying goes,  "When one door closes another opens" I guess.  This won't take the place of my other friends but will help to fill in some holes I'm feeling right now.   In thinking this through I guess SL will always hold some magic for me to enjoy.  So out goes the SL blues... maybe it was just the summertime blues after all. 
Until next time Dear Diary, enjoy your special day!

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