Monday, September 30, 2013

Nitroglobus Gallery October Exhibit Features Cold Frog and CaTcHaFIRe in Madness Fantastique

Visit here:
                                              MADNESS FANTASTIQUE
Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2
(Cold Frog, and CaTcHaFIRe pose with me in their pumpkin heads) Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2

Nitrogolbus Gallery, (Dido Haas and Nirto Fireguard) has another great exhibit this October, featuring the works of Cold Frog and CaTcHaFIRe.

Their October exhibit has a lot of reptilian, doll, fantasy fun feel to it. I dropped in and Dido and Nitro were on the swing in the exhibit while many of the regular SL art patrons kept dropping in for a first look.  Nitro worked his magic again with this watery set that include a full menu high dive board and swing set, a couple of boats, fish underwater etc to also enjoy while experiencing the exhibit.  Enjoy another pleasurable gallery exhibit by this pair who always seem to find great artists and create wonderful environments in which to showcase them. 
Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2

Nitroglobus Gallery by Kara 2


  1. Wow Kara thanks sooo much for this lovely blog post. Loved having you at our gallery!
    dikke kus

  2. I always enjoy your gallery and thank you for sharing with all of SL.