Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love Donna Flora-Rest In Peace

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squinernet larnia by Kara 2

I'm sort of at a loss for words for once.  Someone special in Second Life and First Life has passed on to yet another life.  Squinternet Larnia/Donna Flora passed on Sept 4, 2013 from terminal breast and bone cancer, and I feel I would be amiss if I did not at least blog a little about her.  I did not know her well, but spoke with her a few times and she was very kind.  She was deeply loved by many to the extent there has been a huge fund raiser, Love Donna Flora, that started in July resulting in over 12K to help treat and ease her pain.  Please take the above link to read all the details and information including memorials that are in the works. There are even some RL music videos where Squinternet herself is singing.  It's all very touching.  I'm sure even those who didn't have the pleasure of being close to her in SL will feel this loss as she is felt through all her many lovely designs bought by so many people.  Her store is still open, although I have no idea what will come of it.  It's loaded with wonderful haute couture clothes, jewelry, hair, shoes, hats, and various accessories from a variety of periods.

I had a conversation with some random shopper in the store today and it could have been a conversations between any Donna Flora shoppers and it went something like this:
me:  hi I'm sorry to bother you but do you know.. is someone taking over the store?
her: Hi Kara ... no .. I don't know.
me:  Kara Trapdoor: ok.. thanks anyway.. so sad
her: I love her work and would like to pick up a couple of my faves just in case it closes
me: yes
her: It's so very sad .. she fought very hard I think.
me: Yes  sounds like it
me: She'll be missed.
me: I didn't really know her personally.... only of her really .. I  have talked with her though.. very nice ... but I feel a loss really .. through her things I think we feel closer. I absolutely  love her designs
her: I didn't know her ... but I so enjoy her work.
me: Prob many of us feel the same
her: I'm sure.
her: There was an ava here earlier with her name ... family, maybe, so hopefully the shop will remain open.   will miss her work, tho, and feel so badly for her family.
me: I feel the same.

And so while I was there other shoppers commiserated along the same vein.

(I swiped a copy of her profile pic to put here as the few pics of her I had are in my old computer that is no longer working-not sure who to credit for the pic-then I took the below pics in the store)

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

Donna Flora Store by Kara 2

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