Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mad Carnival Grand Opening at Deadpool with Engrama 9-6-13

Visit here;

Deadpool by Kara 2
I stopped by Deadpool today and marveled at this horror carnival with tons of cool creepy pose and play spots. Then I tp'd in my friends Bel and Soni who dressed for the occasion and held me at gun point (see pic) Anyway.. this sim has an event and grand opening Friday so be sure to check it out as it is an exceptional explore.  Their note reads: "ENGRAMA is coming to DEADPOOL!!
  8 - 9am SLT on Friday Sept. 6th
.. to get a taste of the amazement you'll be flooded with listening to this Live Streaming Duo, check out this link!
Can't wait to see you @ the Mad Carnival at Deadpool
as we kick off our Grand Opening! This show isn't one just to be listened to, but EXPERIENCED!  Do Not Miss it!!
The sim owned by Safira Tempura says, "A new experience to be explored. The bygone disco days are being reborn, or rather, rising from the dead! Zombies roam the overgrown and wistful spaces of the forgotten amusement park's edges, while in the center the old roller-disco flashes with lights"
Really it's super great.. go see. 
 Deadpool by Kara 2
 Deadpool by Kara 2
 Deadpool by Kara 2
Deadpool by Kara 2

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