Monday, November 30, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid

Here is part of my "Happening Things Around the Grid" event review piece:

(edited to bare bones)

Some December 1 openings the I know are great:
*"White Christmas" Calas Galahdon (see next post)
*The Gathering, by Bryn Oh
*The Arcade Gacha
*Night moves annual formal winter gala with Sassy Nightly , James Olmos, and Voodoo Shilton. 
Dec 2:
*Christmas Town by Laura Liberty
Dec 3:
*2015 Christmas Expo running through the 14th

Also One Billion Rising in SL in associated with 2 Lei presents Safe Night Phase 2 in LEA1.  This installation is for the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women, with 6 new art installations.

For all you music fans out there Whispering Sands Live Promotions is holding a raffle and with the 250L purchase of a WSLP t-shirt you are entered for a chance to win a fee show some time in January with the WSLP performer of your choice.  The shirts are great too, and you can enter as many times as you like.

The Thanksgiving parade over in Las Vegas at The Rio ran through Sunday but a Christmas version will begin Dec 5th. I had a blast playing on the parade that runs24/7 with almost 100 interactive floats you can ride on and be animated and some even give cool props and costumes.  (See prior recent post"

There are also some weekly fun events you might enjoy such as Sunday evening speed dating, or Tuesday evening comedy hour at Lauren's place followed by live music.

Here as a fun piece of news for old timers in SL who might remember Midnight Reflections that was a favorite romantic dance and explore areas, well there is a new Midnight Reflections and it's a similar design with the surround, water falls, nature and walkways with dance areas.

And there are a bunch of  cool holiday events, sims, and things going on so remember to check SL events as well as the SL Destination guide.

(Ok, highly edited version done.  I'll add some links tomorrow maybe but I'm tired right now)

The Inner Room VIP Lounge Party

Relax Lounge Party  with DJ Little

White Christmas at Calas Galahdon, Open to Group Members Now and Dec 1st to the General Public

White Christmas, the 2015 Calas Galahdon annual Christmas sim, opens to the public December 1st but group members were granted early access today.    Owners/sim designers Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith  will release the landmark/SLurl at that time.  Check out their official web site for more information.  They also have some great live music events lined up beginning December 2nd with Luciano Lionheart at 6pm SLT.  See their site here:

White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

I was delighted to see some of last years sim content present again including the choice of long relaxing sleigh rides around the sim for single, couples, and groups.  Walk, ride, skate, ride the flying reindeer, and this year enjoy a hot air balloon ride up up and away through some magical atmosphere to a 2nd level North Pole where the little village under the northern lights is home to Santa's elves workshops, the reindeer depot and other lovely things to see and enjoy.  The ground level once again has beautiful dark winter scenery, the skating lake, the Christmas pavilion that is home to that huge beautiful tree, classic holiday décor and seating areas.  There are also dance options with decorator intans all about that do not detract from the peaceful ambiance. 

White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

This sim is a annual favorite to many and especially nice for couples but a lot of fun for friends and even to enjoy a peaceful feeling when exploring alone.  I did have a good friend with me for part of my early visit as you can see in some of the pictures and it was nice to share the experience.  Be sure you don't miss this beautiful sim that is temporary for the holiday season. 

White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon White Christmas at Calas Galahdon

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Gathering by Bryn Oh

 Visit here:

"The Gathering", a current immersive build by SL/RL artist Bryn Oh, opens Dec. 1.  Bryn made this video which makes for a great teaser.   Bryn invited some people in for an early entry sneak peek and I was able to go in explore, and take some pictures.  Once again Bryn amazes me with not only a imaginative build, but exceptional use of light, sounds, materials, shadows, optional unique travel mode (wall walking), story, and this super cool projector room.   Be sure to follow the simple directions on how to enable sun/moon/shadows and instructions on how best to enjoy, including how to use the wall walkers if desired.  I desired and enjoyed.

As usual, initially I was a little confused about the overall goal, but who really needs a goal when it comes to exploring Bryn's builds. The gist of "The Gathering" is a story in poem format with a series of 2 /3 D hand draw picture scenes about a party crashing creature who has some odd behaviors.   I'm a permanoob so the wall walker took a minute to get under control but once I did it was a lot of fun and I played around excessively with them repeatedly just for the heck of it in various areas.  There is a whole lot to do besides making ones way around the build successfully (avoid the rolling balls that send a person back to the start) including finding places that enhance the whole experience such as the projector room which may have been my favorite part of the place.  I also really love the rainy room that house umbrella girl and mechanical tentacle thingy.  I was able to successfully maneuver my way around, enjoy it all plus catch a lot of other little fun things around that could be missed if not paying close attention.

I  love love love this and highly recommend everyone visit.  Turn up your sounds, follow the simple instructions for optimal enjoyment and grab some cool gacha items associated with the build at the landing.  I took a ton of pics and while this is something one really has to fully experience as an immersive build to appreciate, I don't want to  even begin to spoil with my simple pictures so I'll just show a few I took and recommend everyone go and visit to get the full feel of the place.  The video gives you an idea of how eerie the place feels when traveling the shadowy dark area, hearing the sounds, and seeing the giant deadly balls come rolling toward you while trying to make your way to the safety of the interesting areas to explore. 

December 1st. 

The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh The Gathering, Bryn Oh

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Virtual World of Second Life

Ok, here is a little sample video as promised.  A super fun parade in the virtual world of Second Life over in Las Vegas at The Rio.  Almost 100 different floats anyone can jump on, some magically give props and costumes too and they have animations for a lot of fun.  I just clipped several as an example and to save as part of my SL fun collection.The sounds, animations, props, costumes, etc. are all part of it.  It runs through Sunday... fun fun!

Friday, November 27, 2015


I caught up with Krysania Kjeller Eramos (Krysaniaa) at Completely Customized Weddings music venue singing the Cupcakesaurus song in the virtual world of Second Life. She sings a wide variety of cool songs well, but again I picked a silly one to record.

I had never heard her before and she sang a few songs I requested... diff genre.... and did them very well.  When she started to sing this I new I had to turn on the recorder and share her here. 

Her bio states: "Showtimes!

(Use this if the first link doesn't work: )

Krysania's Bio!
Krysania Eramos is an acoustic musician, singer, and artist hailing from the beachy suburbs of Los Angeles, California.  Her sound is primarily dubbed as eclectic, with acoustic covers that range from oldies to 90's, 2000's, Disney, Comedic, Top 40s, and indie-folk music. Krysania plays a few originals as well, and really enjoys interacting and making friends with her audience members

In RL, Krysania is an interdisciplinary artist pursuing an MFA in Interdiscplinary Art and Media. She hopes to one day be a professor to allow artists to express like they have never expressed themselves before.

If you would ever like to book Krysania for a performance, she may be called on request. PM Krysaniaa Resident with times and rates if you would like to get connected!"

The Macy's Interactive Thanksgiving Day Parade Runs Through Sunday

Visit here:

Ok, I found something somewhat unique and really fun to do today for Thanksgiving and I hear it runs 24/7 through 5pm SLT Sunday and celebs show up at 6 and 8pm SLT each evening, so this evening I ran over and actually ended up staying most my evening.  From around the area I heard there are almost 100 floats to enjoy.  Then Dec. 5th the Christmas parade begins in similar fashion.  The sim is pretty much lag free and rezzed well at least for me which is uncommon for me in busy places.  I jumped on many of the floats and played with friends on them.. they are click and ride for anyone.  There were also spectators and some celebs for a while when I was there.  Some of the floats even have menu giving props and costumes which magically get on your if you accept and disappear when you hop off the float.  All was super fun and a cool new thing to see and try.   Here is what their press release states:

Isle De Casanova (121,233,23)

Be the STAR of the PARADE or watch as this amazing presentation actually drifts down the Las Vegas Strip thanks to the talent of FrannyDJ Dean! YOU bring the floats ALIVE with the astonishing animations as this parade is a TOTALLY INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE! Hop on each float and away you go! Unbeatable Holiday Photo Opportunities so bring the entire family, but do keep your scripts LOW!
The Parade runs 24/7 and lasts over AN HOUR and a HALF long, with special performances by some special people at 6pm & 8pm slt each day!
Picture yourself as the STAR on each of the almost 100 floats - DROP EVERYTHING AND HOP A TP TO THE *NEW* LAS VEGAS! And take time to shop at Macy's, cause you know the kids will want to visit with SANTA CLAUS!
The Rio, MGM Grande, The Paris, LuxXxor, Bellagio.. are open and ready for you to visit, and Yes, there are rentals available!

I took a bunch of pics and also some video but I'm too tired to mess with the video at this point so will post some pics to make sure everyone has plenty of time to go play in this area. 

thanksgiving parade at the rio_018 thanksgiving parade at the rio_001 thanksgiving parade at the rio_013

Happening Things Around the Grid

misc. Happening Things Around the Grid I haven't gotten posted yet.

First of all I'd like to mention a pretty comprehensive web site called "Secondrater" that lists SL musicians.  There is a resident rating feature that assists the sit in being a source of information on Performers and includes artist web info, genre, ratings, comments, and more.  The iste includes information on 700 plus live music artists.

The 7th annual Toys for Tots  season has started in SL with a kick off at the Toys for Tots breedables expo and fair that features live performers, raffles, and auction.  So far since they started in SL Toys for Tots has raised over $90K real dollars for the program.

Some of the SL destinations are changing to winter holiday sims and Two Moon Paradise is a good one to check out while enjoying live music.  blog including events and info.:

  There's also the Fun Fantasy Creators Yuletide Showcase 
And Candy Cane Lane is back in it's 11th year.
 I also looking forward to Calas Galahdon's "White Christmas" sim opening Dec. 1 with Luciano Lionheart December 2nd.
And Laura Liberty opens her amazing Christmas Town about that time too.

For all the fashionistas out there be sure to check out Lelutka's new "swish" hairin 6 new styles of mesh hair that has a nice subtle movement to it for a natural look.

And by new you probably know Linden Labs has started their Lab Chats with Ebbe Linden who discusses LL and answers questions posed by residents.  If you want to get your questions answered read the official lab chat blog and submit your questions there.  The chats are also online in audio format.

That was last weeks rundown but there are a whole lot of new things coming up starting the first of the month that I will note on this blog soon. 

Radio Days at The Far Away

I attended Radio Days, at the The Far Away sim by AM Radio and hosted by Ziki Questi on Nov. 21.  You can read all about it on her blog here:

Ironically I had just done an article on AM Radio for Windlight Novermber magazine which you can see here:

Visit The Far Away here:

AM Radio was an early popular artist/build maker who is rarely seen in SL anymore but this, his first build, remains a popular site and has become a part of SL history thanks to Ziki for keeping it's presence in SL.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sea Chanteys at Innsmouth Harbor

Innsmouth Party

Visit here;

at the Innsmouth Waterfront!
Featuring Musician/Singer Wald Schridde!
Friday, Nov 27, at 7pm SLT!

Press release states: " Join us at the Innsmouth Waterfront for an evening of classic LIVE music and singing from "Ye Olde Days of the Ancient Mariners!"
This is a show not to be missed!
Wald Schridde - folk singer and player of guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, autoharp, recorder and penny whistle - comes to present a collection of oldtime sea chanteys and other music on the Innsmouth Waterfront! "

Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs

This is Keeba and her Tiny Maniacs at a benefit event for "Homes for our Troops" at the US Military Veterans Center.   She said if she hit a certain amount donated she'd sing this song.. and so there we have it!  She actually does a wide range of genre very well, but this whimsical song happened to be the one that struck my fancy so I clicked on the recorder.  With her permission I share it here.

Visit the Veterans Center here:

Keeba's full profile with Whispering Sands Live Promotions is as follows:
"Keeba Tammas streams from the Midwest and serves up an extremely eclectic repertoire of music: jazz, blues, rock, pop, disco, punk, folk…
“At the age of four my mother plopped me on a stage, at the age of 15, I began recording voices for cartoon and commercial work. I put myself through college by recording jingles,traveling the country performing at fairs, malls, and amusement parks I spent the 80’s singing lead in bands. Real Life called me away from music but now this amazing world we call Second Life gives me the opportunity to perform once again”.
With my husband’s help I have created the vast majority of tracks I use and those that are not my own have been “enthusiastically tweaked”. I have been performing in SL since 2007 and most recently have been performing with my backup band, “The Tiny Maniacs” ! Actually, I am starting to wonder if they perform with me–or I perform with them!! I invite you to watch my descent into dementia!"

They really do make a fun and unique show, check them out around the grid or for booking, her calendar, and listening samples visit the official web site here:


Last night Tuesday 11-24-15 at 5pm SLT I was at the Night Moves venue which is part of the well known Key West area and they had a lineup of live music, as the area very frequently does.  So, there it was I finally got to see and hear the 4 man group QuadRadiX comprised of Maximillion Kleene (Niagra Falls Canada) on guitar and lead vocals, Sabian Inglewood (New Hampshire) on drums, Benude Cleanslate (Austin TX) on base guitar, and DennyMac (New York) on lead guitar and it sounded like the guys sort of all joined in a various times/songs for the vocals. There are a lot of musicians sharing their music in SL now days and more and more seem to be collaborating either dual streaming, there is a group of 3 guys also often singing/playing together and now we have QuadRadiX this group of 4 men each who have established themselves in SL individually as musicians now coming together for some fun times for all.  When they introduced themselves they stated where they were streaming from so you can see they are across the country coming together in SL as a band... how cool is that!  And they did a great job too!  Large groups of the musicians meet up periodically in RL in various places around the states (most recent was in TX as I previously blogged) for some jamming together fun social time.  Anyway.. now these guys are doing it in SL too.   As you can see from the pics they drew a very large crowd too.  Great job guys, I look forward to more!

QuadRadiX QuadRadiX

Sunday, November 22, 2015

2015 Holiday Spectacular

Holiday Spectacular The press release from  Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman) Producer states in part.....

A Broadway inspired event with Live Music, Custom Built Sets, Dancers, Custom Costumes and more!
There will be only 3 performances at the following venues:
December 5, 2015
2pm slt - The Rose Theatre
December 12, 2015
6pm slt - The Grey Owl
December 19, 2005
8pm slt - Key West
Franklee Anatra
SaraMarie Philly

Kage Stratten
Kalli Birman (Brandy Maltas)
JennyLynn Capalini
Manfred Hancroft
Andee Cooper
Blaize Batra
JennyLynn Capalini
Kage Stratten
Manfred Hancroft
Monty Talbot
Rhylea Bravin
GizzA Creations
Cynful Clothing
Vanity Hair
This production has come together through weeks of hard work and dedication. It is meant to be the epitome of the spirit of the winter holidays. We want the public to enjoy the performances with love, caring, belief and festive nature that is the holiday spirit. You bring yourself and your friends and we will provide the magic.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

LEA16 The Blasted Heath, West of Arkham- by Miasnow Myriam

Visit here:

I visited LEA16 today and found:
The Blasted Heath. The grey desolation sprawls open to the sky like a great spot eaten by acid. This is a build inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" which  first appeared in Amazing Stories in 1927.  The build by Miasnow is oddly cool like most H.P. Lovecraft stuff.  Be sure to click on thing as there are some freebie mementos and some links including one to the audio story via Youtube.  There's is not a lot to do but it is fun to visit and I went quick to the main building and started the story while I did the rest of my exploring around the area.   There are some other cool new LEA builds now too, so it's time to check it all out again.

The Blasted Health West of Arkham LEA16 The Blasted Health West of Arkham LEA16 The Blasted Health West of Arkham LEA16 The Blasted Health West of Arkham LEA16

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid

Here is this weeks "Happening Things Around the Grid" for SL Live Radio

Hi all you Slowbake SL Live Radio fans.  It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's Korner Second Life Adventures Blogger blog spot here again with your weekly "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

There are plenty of great shopping events going on right now including the garden themed Liaison Collaborative through November 30th.

liaision collaborative

  We also have the Alluring Autumn Swank event with designers from all over the grid bringing exclusive items for 300L or less.

Swank Nov. Poster

  Collabor88 and The Gacha Garden are open now too.

  Sad November by Flair for Events has over 80 designers in a cool landscaped sim open thrugh November 22.

  "The Event" Home and Garden event with Love to Decorate/LTD also runs through November 26.

  The FaMESHed November round is open too, featuring 46 mesh designers.

For all you art lovers out there Ziki Questi is hosting Radio Days honoring AM Radio at The Far Away Saturday Nov. 21st from 1-3pm SLT.

Radio Days Poster

If you are looking for a new charity event now that Art in Hats is over be sure to check out  The Greatest Good, The Forgotten Game by Fair Play benefiting Relay for Life and Team Fox for Parkinson's research.

If you are searching online for a variety of events and things to do I highly recommend checking out the Windlight and Showtime magazines online. and

Speaking of Windlight Magazine their November-December gallery exhibit opens today Sunday Nov. 15th.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Second Life I recommend taking in the Tuesday evening comedy hour at Lauren's Place followed by some live music or try out the Duck Races and dancing in the GOS sim or maybe take in some live music or visit Escapades Island for lots of fun and games.

This week I really enjoyed a young new, yet clearly experienced singer, Nathan Price, who is with Whispering Sands Live Promotions  who gives a great show.

Well, that's about all I have time for so be sure to check out Kara's Korner blog for more info. and links and now back to DJ Soni and the Slowbake show on SL Live Radio.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Umbral Photography-Explore Second Life

Visit here:
This beautiful nature sim by Vlady Vleeper, is great for photography so grab a friend or lover or just go alone for some peace and beauty.
The sim description states: "A place created for photography, including seasonal landscapes, lakes, full house, animated bridges, free permits to rez your own poses."

Umbral Photography Umbral Photography Umbral Photography Umbral Photography Umbral Photography

Condolences and Peace to Paris and The World -We Stand Together

Visit in SL here:

RL News:

RL News Subsequent Timeline:

Paris SL

(The below pic is being shown all over the internet, no idea who took it, but not me. Shows the lights out in Paris and on in support around the world) Paris lights

Thursday, November 12, 2015

2 Upcoming Weekend Events, at Idle Rogue, and The Inner Room

Here are a couple of entertaining things to do this weekend in SL both at excellent venues, one for Friday and one for Saturday.  Enjoy

HVE - Nine Inch Nails at Idle Rogue - Friday Nov 13 at 8pm ~ No Shirts - Short Skirts ~

Nathan Price at The Jagged Edge

Learn more about Nathan here:

Visit the venue Jagged Edge here:

Nathan Price at Jagged Edge Venue 11-12-15

Tonight I'm hanging out at the sweet Jagged Edge venue listening to one of SL's newest live musicians, Nathan Price, whose been around in SL for almost 8 years but has just recently begun doing full shows.  This talented young musician is an awesome singer and guitar player with a good stage presence too.   His Whispering Sands Live Promotions profile states: " Nathan Price, professional singer/songwriter, brings to sl his amazing raw acoustic voice with guitar and mixed genre. This seasoned, multi-instrumental musician can also play not only his guitar but ukulele, piano, harmonica and always a possible extra too. You will enjoy this fresh voice, face, personality and charm. Follow this unique musical path in song of his life journey and broken heart. Be ready to be delighted!"  Go to their web site at the link above for his RL picture, to listen to some of his Soundcloud music, see his SL calendar and see his song list.  Check him out on the grid, as he's really good!  And be sure to visit this pretty nature setting venue too for some live music.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2015 SL Veteran's Tribute Sim and Events

Visit in SL here:

I'd like to thank all the veterans who've served or given their life for our country and freedoms (others) .  There are a lot of things going on in SL in remembrance and to pay tribute and I found one place I especially like that I want to share here.  Not only do they have a name wall area, flags, vignettes, information, things to leave in remembrance/honor on the wall memorial, nice décor etc., they also have events.  (see 2nd pic for events schedule)

Their landing note states: "Welcome to the 2015 SL Veteran’s Tribute which will be set up until  November 13th.  This is the 8th annual Veteran’s Tribute that we have put together.
The Tribute itself is non-political and serves one purpose and one purpose only and that is to honor all the men and women that have given willing of their time to protect the lives we enjoy today.
The goal of the Tribute is to provide a non-political, content filled, educational, interactive SIM inside Second Life where men and women of all walks of life can visit and provide remembrance and honor to those who have served in the Armed Services.
The tribute operates on a zero dollar budget and are non-profit; the entire tribute is built, funded, organized and executed on a purely volunteer basis. We have an organized group on SL called the “SL Veteran’s Tribute” if you would like to look it up.  This group will be used as the basis of our planning and scheduling for the Tribute.

With Kindest and Best Regards,
The SL Veteran’s Tribute Group"

SLVT 2015 Veterans Tribute SLVT 2015 Veterans tribute_002 SLVT 2015 Veterans Tribute SLVT 2015 Veterans Tribute SLVT 2015 Veterans Tribute SLVT 2015 Veterans Tribute