Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Memory of Nitro Fireguard

Saturday Nitro Fireguard passed from this world SL/RL.  There have been many remembrances all over Facebook and blogs and I've waited a while to make a post because while I didn't know Nitro all that well, I've known him for a very long time and he was a sweet soul and awesome artist, so his passing touched me as well as many in SL.  I met him and his 4 plus year partner Dido Haas in Flickr, then in their long standing exceptional gallery The Nitroglobus Gallery, and around the grid out exploring and at art events. They are on my off time zone so that mostly consisted of infrequent brief encounters.  But one only had to meet them and visit their gallery to feel close to them.  Dido and Nitro played well and worked well together in SL and Dido wrote a dear memorial on her blog here: http://exploringslwithdido.blogspot.com/

She wrote in part....
"Saturday, 7 November at 2.10 pm Paris time my beloved Partner Nitro Fireguard passed away.
Although I knew this was inevitable, it still was a shock. After all nobody wants to loose a loved one.
The only redeeming thought is Nitro doesn't have to suffer these horrible pains anymore. You will always be in my heart.
I thank you for a wonderful 4 years together in Second Life, in which we had so much fun and joy working together in building Nitroglobus gallery, and more.
gros bisous mon cheri and rest in peace

Nitro is a creative, talented, and well respected artist who enhanced their gallery exhibits with 3d sculptures and other surroundings and he and Dido both have some exceptional images in other parts of their gallery.  They've hosted many of the top SL artists over time.  I borrowed Nitro's profile pic made by Dido and made it into my own little memorial.  My condolences go out especially to Dido. 
Nitro Memorial

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  1. thank you sooo much Kara for these words. They mean to me.
    hugs you tight