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Last Chance Today to Visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here/Next Round Winners Announced

Visit here:

 Last chance to visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here. The sim is coming down Thursday evening June 30.  If you visit be sure to go into the airport welcome center and use the many teleport doors to various areas as it beats walking /flying around and takes you to the main specific locations.  Inside the big airplanes is RL photography by SL residents from around the world, some from persons I'm sure you will recognize. The fantasy skybox has two levels the lower level being a fun soundgarden. Lots to see and play on throughout the sim. It's based on making RL/SL connections with people from around the world and learning from each other more about both worlds we live in.  Thanks for everyone whose visited, blogged, took pics, came to events, contributed pictures, and hung out playing games and having fun. It's been fun. HUGE thanks to LEA for this opportunity. I'm looking forward to the next round of builds. (see below)

LEA14 Wish You Were Here

Visit the LEA site for more info. or to apply for free endowed land for artistic creativity here: and

The next round of full sim LEA winners are: Lemonodo Oh Krystali Rabeni Subversive Vavoom Tahiti Rae Storm Septimus Giovanna Cerise Marcus Parrott Lorin Tone Art Blue Mac Kanashimi Ceakay Ballyhoo Aquaglo Dame Roxan Levi Ewing Diiar Resident Mahnong Guardian Michael Wexhome Bufera Resident Fennet Medora Chevalier.  Congrats!

Now I just need to clear my land.  ; )  Thanks everyone, it's been a fun run.



Huge Ty to Cash and Kathy for the many wonderful birthday presants! Love ya! PR on the Earthstone heart locket jewelry set which also comes with matching earrings. 'Plays music, opens and closes the heart locket and scrolls through the images I've loaded upon touch.

Circle of Friends

Another great music event coming right up!  Visit here:

Circle of Friends Event

Orlando Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life

Visit here:
Info. and transparency page:

This fundraiser in SL runs through July 12th benefitting the victims and families involved in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub 6-12-16 shooting incident. The signs say 100% of the donations go to "Equality Florida".

The pretty sim features a couple of person/store auction board offering goods, services, etc. with a wide variety of fabulous deals.  The sim also has sale boards with products from over 100 top designers offering new or discounted items. For a list of items and much more related info. check out the Seraphim web site here:

Untitled Pulse Fundraising Auction Board

Sunday, June 26, 2016

LEA14 Events Today Sunday

Today Sunday 6-26-16 Live Music Events at LEA14

7pm SLT Essence in the Airport Party Room
8pm SLT Toxie in the Fantasy Area:
Help us kick off closing week for this round of LEA Artists in Region
The sim is about RL and SL connections in RL and in SL with a general airplane theme with RL pictures from SL residents including artists such as Igor Ballyhoo and Toysoldier Thor and singers like Josie Anderton and Collin Martin and many SL friends from around the world  Don't miss out as the galleries are actually inside the airplanes and there are lots of fun things to see and play on in the sim.  Thanks for visiting.  The new round of LEA artists in residence will begin July 1.
LEA14 Live Music Event Today

LEA14 Closing Week Events Today at 7 and 8pm SLT

Today Sunday 6-26-16 Live Music Events at LEA14
7pm SLT Essence in the Airport Party Room
Sorry for the the change in times from previously scheduled. Landing for Essence in the Party Room:
8pm SLT Toxie in the Fantasy Area:
Help us kick off closing week for this round of LEA Artists in Region 
The sim is about RL and SL connections in RL and in SL with a general airplane theme with RL pictures from SL residents including artists such as Igor Ballyhoo and Toysoldier Thor and singers like Joise Anderton and Collin Martin and many SL friends from around the world  Don't miss out as the galleries are actually inside the airplanes and there are lots of fun things to see and play on in the sim.  Thanks for visiting.  The new round of LEA artists in residence will begin July 1.
LEA14 Closing Week Events, see note below

Friday, June 24, 2016

Nip Pill Trap Trip in Second Life 2016: New Drug Hits the SL Roleplay Streets

Trap is Trippin’ in SL: New Drug Hits the SL Roleplay Streets

10 Nip Pills free to my readers! One each goes to the first 10 readers to contact Will Burns in SL (Aeonix.aeon) with their request. Don’t miss this freaky tripping experience and great deal!

-Persons with epilepsy or difficulties with flashing lights and colors may not want to use this.
-Possible addictions may occur, please be forewarned. Don’t become a junkie and neglect those kids or dogs or cats or people.
-For adults only

“Come with me, I’ve got some good stuff for you”, he said. And thus began my journey down the SL rabbit hole of experiencing a Nip Pill trip in Second Life.

  It was late at night and I was home alone as Cash was out of town. I was relaxing outside enjoying the solitude and some good tunes. The moon was full, reflecting off the waters around our beach home and I was just lazily contemplating what I might do to finish off my evening when the call came in. My old friend Will Burns was on the line telling me about a great new drug to hit the RP streets of SL. He said, “It’s like an LSD trip”. Of course I wouldn’t know what that’s like but decided to take his word for it and my curiosity got the better of me so we agreed to meet on the town for him to tell me more about what he has.

Will explained that his friend, Silverpup Howley (Silver Howler) and his company Wolf Tactics, has just manufactured this new synthetic street drug “Nip Pill” and while it’s in its early stages with plans for enhancements he felt it was the best street drug to hit SL yet. Like a true dealer he offered me a sample. He said he’s got a backpack full and is sharing with a few of his closest friends and offered my bloggers the deal above, first 10 to hit him up get a free one, luring us in like the true dealer he seems to be. I was in.

  We met on the dark streets of a random roleplay sim when he slipped me the pill. I explained that my system probably couldn’t handle it anyway as I have a horrible time these days rezzing stuff in and really need a new computer. But he said, “It’s ok I’ve got more, give it a try”. He explained the trip is different for everyone every time as it’s randomized, and computers vary, also the pill effects vary ranging from trips lasting between about 1 minute to up to 3 hours each (you can escape any time) with most lasting approx. 45 minn to an hour on average. He explained I needed to prepare myself by enabling RLV and bump on shaders etc for the best experience, then relax and enjoy the ride.

  Like a good friend, he offered to stay close by and help me out in case I overdosed or had a bad trip and couldn’t handle it. I swallowed back the pill (attached) and it took an immediate effect. Initially I saw waves of large square multi-colored pixel type colored squares zip across my screen then suddenly things sort of came into focus only to go back out of focus. Will explained I should walk, zoom in and out, and look around to really enjoy it and get a more authentic LSD trip feel for it. This synthetic stuff was pretty interesting and true to my curious nature I initially wanted to analyze it. Of course I had to pop on my windlight window and sure enough I could see it was auto running through the various windlight settings probably creating all the moving colors I was seeing. Surprisingly I didn’t crash like normal and after about 5 minutes of trying to analyze everything about it I started to really enjoy and get a feels for the experience. I had taken a few pictures at different stages too then popped on my fraps to record. Now mind you, I have not been recording anything for a while because my computer just can’t handle it, so the below video just doesn’t do the experience justice at all but you “sort of” get the idea of it, just not how it feels in your mind. I’m sure still images also won’t give you the feel because you really need to try to walk around, look around, and do things while on it. That is the experience. Lights and colors inworld also add a different feel to what you view. And soon you do feel very trippy. Basically it was like moving through a fog of flashing sort of pixilated wildly changing colored reality that faded in and out. Will took me home where I felt safer and the air was clearer. We looked a little like distorted morphing Minecraft characters.  At times I could see my way enough to move about without hurting myself then just as quickly my vision would blur and I’d be rendered almost helpless while seeing all the pretty colors, blocks, shapes flashing across my screen, then I’d fade back in, not quite to normal for a short period cycling through this experience. Soon I started to enjoy it and was laughing and running into things, and Will was trying to help me out telling me I’d just run into a tree which I knew but couldn’t seem to do much about for a minute, he talked me out of drowning myself in the ocean accidently, and held my hand while I slowly came back from this wild trip about 45 minutes later. To Will’s credit he didn’t try to take advantage of Kara while under the influence—he must be slipping. Your pill will tell you in local how long your random individual trip will last before you even start and also how to escape in case you get a really long one and need to go to the bathroom or feed the kids.

  The pill is designed by Wolf Tactics™  For the Wolf Haven Community Sims.  Their sim is currently under rebuild construction, but was going up pretty quickly from what I saw when I stopped by. Silverpup told me, "We created nip to give a larger perspective of roleplay for our regions without it having an alias of a RL drug."   I'm told, once ready there will be dealers and opportunities to purchase more of the drugs on the streets there. Meanwhile you can hit Will up. My new dealer.

(Silver Howler/Silverpup Howley)

Silver Howler
And that's a wrap on Trap's Trip!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

SLB13, Happy Birthday Second Life!

Visit here:
SL official SLB 13 site with daily schedules and all info.:
More SL info. :
Official landing area and welcome center on the air ship here:
MadPea SLB13 landing spot:

This year’s theme for the SL13B Community Celebration is “The Shared Adventure.”

It's that time of year again for the Second Life Birthday party!  The above first link takes you straight to the big birthday cake stage made by Mikati Slade. Inside the cake is the stage area where there is a lot of music and dancing, djs, etc.  There are various other stage areas and the place is loaded with tons of fun things to see and do and events.  The pod tours are back, as well as the free gifts.  For the schedule and all info. check out the 2nd link above. The last link is the welcome area which is a great place to start, get links, info, gifts, enjoy entertainment, etc.   The SLB13 runs today through July 3rd.

  SL13B-Happy Birthday SL!
SL13B Welcome area

(The welcome area ship above, the official logo below and MadPea at the bottom) SLB Logo

MadPea at SLB13 (MadPea ride)

Alba, Beautiful Mountain Themed Estate and Homes. An Interview with Tod Stine

Visit here:
Alba web site here:
Visit there Facebook here (including some great information by the owner and many nice pictures):

Quite some time ago a good friend Sepp Schimmer introduced me to this gorgeous high quality residential estates area for an event.  Last fall he talked to me about the long time owner who has established this impressive long-standing community.  I requested this interview with the owner/designer (Douglas) Todalerdale Stine who has a great sense of style and a great eye for detail and who graciously agreed to an interview.  Todalerdal generally goes by the name Tod.  I've kept an eye on the sims for a while and noted the gorgeous seasonal/nature, wildlife, and decoration changes, and various events around the sim. Parcels are landscaped to a very high standard and they've had great holiday events too.
Alba Alba
Special points of interest include:

** Points of interest on Alba **
- Alba Islands Estate Office.
- Castle View House & The Lobster Claw Restaurant
- The Smugglers Arms.
- St Alban's Church.
- Alba Memorial.
- Courage to Change. (Info coming shortly)
- Castle Tioram.
- Alba Lower Loch (Great for fishing)
- Canoes and Pedalo's.
- The Nookinn Dog Café.
- Estate Shops.
- Alba Fishing.

Mr. Stine answered some specific questions for me as follows:

1. How long have you been in SL, what brought you here, and how did you pick your SL name?
I have been in SL now for over 9 years and enjoyed the journey. What drew me to SL in the first instance was the idea of being anything you wanted to be and the ability to do just about anything you could dream of. SL is so versatile and if you have imagination, well. Tie this in with the ability to virtually meet new and varied people from all over the world, well, it had such an appeal to me that I couldn't resist signing up and getting started.
I've often been asked about my name and today it does seem off. However 'back in the day', you had to come up with something that could not have blank spaces or special characters. As a result, my name is double-barrelled 'Tod Alerdale Stine'. Most simply call me Tod though as it's certainly less of a mouthful.

2.  When was Alba Properties initiated and by whom—how much space did you start with and how big is it now, a little history like what inspired the initiation of the area etc.?
Alba was my first full region which was a birthday gift from my partner in real-life. He had seen me grow more and more interested in exploring SL as well as my ramblings about some of the sights I had seen and people I had met or made friends with. Perhaps he took pity on me as he occasionally watched and chuckled as I roamed and decided I needed a permanent home to call my own. He also knew that I wanted to create somewhere special where not only I, but others could live on with pleasant and hopefully more realistic and natural surroundings. Too many places at that time were there one day and gone the next.
However, when I first started in Second Life I rented a sand flat on someone else's region which was 4096 Sqm but that soon increased to 8192 Sqm. Then after 6 months of exploration, new friends, fun and building, I got Alba. For me it was a personal dream come true and from that moment it was onwards and upwards with additional regions being acquired from May 2007. Sadly however, with economies in the real-world plummeting, SL residents feeling the pinch and VAT now being charged on EU citizens, I had to downsize slightly to 4 regions leaving me with Alba, Alba Mountains North, Alba Mountains and Sunset Isle. In truth, this was a good thing to have happened as it allowed me to focus much more on quality of surroundings and people’s experience.
As a whole, inspiration for the overall ‘theme’ of the islands is drawn from real-life experiences in Scotland where my partner and I go every year. I knew I could try and emulate some of the villages, lochs and general feel around Scotland to some extent in Second Life. Indeed some of my existing residents have been here for years and thoroughly enjoy the slower pace with nature walks, small village scene and organic feel.
Of course every sim-owner knows that they can never sit back and say ‘Ok that’s done’. As such the whole estate must always grow and develop. Aside from the gradual seasonal changes, trees are cut down and re-planted, terrain is adjusted slightly or riverbanks widened/narrowed. The village and island buildings are upgraded, docks and jetties replaced to either look ‘newer’ or to look as though they would collapse if walked upon. Such changes are often subtle and done gradually so that residents and visitors alike can see something is going on. It adds realism. Only recently the paving around the village was slowly upgraded and word was spread amongst the residents that we had won some EU funding to spend on improvements. It’s all part of the very subtle roleplay that our residents enjoy and which ensures visitors want to come back.
On a side note, the name Alba is drawn from the Gaelic language which means ‘Scotland’.

3. What are the sim amenities?
The regions have various amenities but the principal region Alba, has the most for the general public. The remaining three are mostly residential but deliberately have public access and amenities too. Examples are:
- St. Albans Church where weddings and such are performed. This also includes the Crypts.
- The Nookinn Dog is a cafe on the water and has a growing coffee morning group that residents, friends and anyone can attend.
- Castle Tioram can be explored and is my tribute to the actual Castle on the west coast of Scotland.
- Camp Concord is a Scouts group, headquartered along the road leading out of Alba and they have an additional camping area north of the Loch surrounded by some ruins from an old chapel.
- Castle View House is a stately home sized building in its own grounds which hosts The Lobster Claw restaurant which has been in operation since 2008. The restaurant has over a thousand group members who enjoy fine dining. Residents enjoy free access; however land passes are required for non-residents.
- The Smugglers Arms which is a typical style small and cosy pub with its own beach for sunsets.
- Alba Loch which has amazing evening and night time views along with a variety of places to sit and enjoy a romantic evening. This also freezes over during winter months and becomes the ice skating location.
- Community Hall used by residents for hosting of Second Life or real-life groups.
- 90% of beaches are public access.
- Canoe and Pedalo boats are located throughout, allowing visitors or residents to sail around the entire estate.
- Bicycles are strategically placed, again allowing anyone to ‘free-roam’ as they wish.
- Picnic locations are dotted around and set to public use

4.  What roles do you take on as owner/member of the sim in running the community and properties?
Anything and everything really but I also have help from my SL son Aaronn who is the Estate Manager. The resident community also help themselves and organizes their own coffee mornings, meetings and such. I’m quite lucky!

5. Who builds, designs, do you have helpers etc.
I normally build most of my own cottages and terraform, landscape etc myself. On some occasions I have bought a home  and placed it simply because it suits the land and its surroundings. My main personal rule of thumb is to develop the land/foliage and then build a home to fit.
Another personal rule is to ensure that when the build is over and ready for a new resident, I stop and take a good look around, thinking on why live here, what appeal does it have, what can they see from various angles or out of a window, what is the sunrise or sunset like, what’s missing and so on. I have never set a home for rent if I was not happy with it or the surrounding area. On some occasions I have simply started again with a slightly different focus. Again though, inspiration is always drawn from real-life experiences in Scotland.
In recent months my SL son Aaronn has taken to help me out and he is a fabulous builder, having built the crypts for Halloween and does a lot more around the estate than I give him credit for. We both have a good eye for detail and what looks right, natural and organic. Both of us will always ask the question of each other “Why does it look that way” and bounce ideas back and forth. It ensures realism and perspective is maintained. Hopefully this is reflected around the whole estate and comments from visitors old and new certainly seem to reflect this. Often the same visitors come back with friends for a walk around, a sit by a fireplace or to just generally take in the slower paced ambience and explore.

6. How much time does it take to manage all you do for the sim?
This can vary sometimes dramatically on a day to day basis. Some days can be focused on background tasks such as the website, updating vendors, preparing new signs or updating old ones, re-drawing the estate map that is available at strategic points due to subtle changes or making sure notecards are accurate and to the point.
Other days can be focused on specific tasks such as repositioning the wildlife, moving plants or bushes slightly, altering or expanding the existing roads or pathways, switching out rubbish bins so they now look empty or making a lamp post light flicker so it looks as though it needs repair or replacement. The smaller things can take hours. On top of that I make frequent checks to see whether items have been updated or improved and this means visiting locations where items were bought or checking with the creators directly.
Of course there are then days when your time is spent chatting with residents or visitors and answering questions or simply altering terrain so a resident can rez their campfire. It’s all varied and thankfully no two days are the same. It all keeps me going and is exciting!
For the most part, I would say I spend about 11 hours a day on average.

7.  What is the best or some of the best Alba features you believe that have led it being so successful here?
A difficult question really as the estate doesn’t have a ‘single’ feature that I would say brings people here. Rather it pulls together many different features that culminate in the overall attraction or appeal. Of course there are the same visitors who appear daily from who-knows-where and who might sit in the church for an hour and light candles, or sit in the Nook Café by the fireplace with a friend, or who drop by and walk up to the restaurant with their entire family to dine, or the couple who wander to the Loch to dance under the trees or over to the castle to lie under the stars for a while. We even have a young orphan boy who visits to hunt for snails or pet Hector the dog inside the café, all the while saying hello and striking conversation with everyone and everyone.
Personally I’m pretty much convinced that one of the best features is probably that slow-paced feeling on arrival. You’re not bombarded with posters, advertising and the feeling you need to spend money. People arrive and quickly realise there’s no pressure, it’s relaxing and after a little exploration they understand that there’s far more to see and do than initially realised.

8.  Have you had any particularly unusual, funny, or difficult situations arise during the years since Alba's inception?
As with real-life you get those that try to push the limits or just want to spoil it for everyone, so yes I have had some incidents over the years. But in all honesty I can count on one hand the number of horrible incidents I have had. I think I’ve been lucky. People often forget that behind an avatar is a real person with feelings. 
One particular incident stays in my mind that came close to overwhelming and ruining a wedding at St. Albans Church just two years ago. Luckily the wedding party had all moved to Castle View House for the wedding reception when suddenly 20+ people dressed in bunny outfits appeared at the landing point and tried to gain entrance to the wedding reception. They were hopping around, swearing and being generally quite nasty. Thankfully Castle View House has its own security feature as well as privacy setting so the guests couldn’t see or hear them inside, apart from myself who was still following on. Needless to say, they were asked politely to leave but I received a tirade of obscenities. That was all I needed to justify an insta-ban on all of them. Naturally I do recall a couple of the more prominent leaders and their remarks to me so they stay on the banned-for-life list (hehehe).

9.  Is there anything about your real life you’d be comfortable sharing such as RL jobs, hobbies, general area you live in or time zone, etc.. whatever you want here as much or little as you are comfortable with whatever you might like to say.
I was always a creative kid at school and gained A’s in art and woodwork. Generally anything to do with practical or hands-on I was ahead. My first real-life job before leaving school was part-time cleaning at a bakery where they eventually sent me to college for my degree where I gained a distinction. This was an achievement for me as frankly, I’m more of a practical person than theory. I like to get stuck into the job at hand and it keeps me happy.
Eventually I went into the catering side of life in hotels and country clubs. Sound like a snob? Far from it, trust me. I like to get my hands dirty, knuckle down to some hard work, get creative, build something anew and take pride in what I do. Let’s face it, I started as a cleaner and ended up being a chef. The point is you have to enjoy what you do to succeed. Just like Second Life and dreams.. Enjoy Second Life, follow a dream in it and you can pretty much do what you like and achieve what you want.

10.  What are your future plans, goals, and dreams for Alba Properties?
Oh I’ve lots of plans, goals and dreams but try not to share them for fear that they may become an expectation. That said however, I do have some specific plans for the estate along the lines of an automated ferry system which will stop at key points and transport people around and through the rivers to places like the Café, Smugglers Arms, Castle Tioram and so on. As this will need to be tied in with auto-raising of bridges as well as a timed delay or start-on-demand it will require some custom scripting which I’m currently saving up the pennies for.
I would also love to be in a position to grow the estate as a whole and include another region or two along the same theme. But I would only give this a realistic consideration should I find myself in a position where the estate is at 100% occupancy most of the time. I’m sure that’s every estate owner’s dream though.
Another idea I have thought of is to have a live musician/singer come along and play/sing some Gaelic tunes once a week. Unsure how that would work but it’s been at the back of my mind.

11. Would you like to speak a little about the rentals /property?
There are currently 22 active properties (this was as of last fall) throughout the estate with two mountain peak cabins in planning. All properties are unique in so much as they have their own style of build, positioning and views as well as terrain style.  At the moment we are just over 80% occupancy.

12. Current special events etc?
 The only special events we currently cater for are weddings/vow renewal and then seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas.

One of the special public highlights; The Lobster Claw Restaurant sim information states:
"** Castle View House; The Lobster Claw Restaurant
Great restaurant & bar allowing you and your friends unfettered fine dining or relaxation with a drink from the bar. Located in Castle View House you can have the best meal in SL with commanding views of the castle or the ocean. A land pass can be purchased at the gatehouse, thereby ensuring you are not disturbed. - Ballroom, beach (must be fully clothed in the house or grounds).
(We do not employ staff, it's a self service restaurant)."

While Mr. Stine graciously agreed to this interview last fall, I delayed in blogging it as I felt it was worthy of a magazine article and I was writing for two at the time.  Unfortunately I became busy in other areas and soon after the interview resigned from the magazines and I don't typically do full interviews for this blog but this area is well worth it.  I have to apologize to Mr. Stein for the delay as he so kindly agreed to the interview and has such an amazing creation that this should have been blogged long ago and I am grateful for the opportunity.  Huge thanks to Todalerdale Stine for the interview and for enhancing our Second Life with this beautiful area.  They are celebrating their 9th year established now. Congrats!  Be sure to check out this sim for exploring, photography, special events, fine dining, and residential rentals as desired. Alba alba_007 Alba Alba

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Keys, By Cica Ghost

Visit here:
(pic below is of Cica Ghost on her sim, Keys)

Cica Ghost at Keys
Last night Cash Benelli and I ran over to see Cica Ghost's latest build, "Keys".  She never fails to impress and amuse me with her unusual immersive sims.  This one is a sort of semi-steampunk keys,  chains,  and pipe filled sim. Inside almost cage-like cargo box type structures sit and stand her creations that look like man-ghosts sort of possibly contemplating the key to getting out/or staying in, to someone's heart, to their future, or whatever one might think when alone in such a setting.  Be sure to note the letters on the keys, the chairs you may sit in, an alarm clock with animation, moving spots, the turtle, the natural and perfectly selected sim lights and music.  At the landing there is a direct link to Cica's store and a tip spot.  Do I really know what it's all about? Not really, but then maybe it's for each person to consider and question just like the dudes sitting in the rooms and the keys, wondering.  I'm guessing.  The land description simply says, "Twisted in a special way..." In a word, COOL!

Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys Cica Ghost's Keys

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Something Rotten! June 16 and 18-Back by Popular Demand!

Visit here:

Something Rotten
A Night of Musical Mayhem, Puns and Overall Silliness
Thursday, June 16th  and Saturday June 18th at 7:00 PM SLT
Save the date! The Starlite dancers will be taking he stage to perform "Something Rotten," a Broadway musical extravaganza.

"Let them take you to the Renaissance that never was, meet the William Shakespeare as you never imagined him, and prepare to be amazed, amused, and have your socks knocked off.
Seats will be limited, so do come early."

Ok, so this group has preformed this before and I missed it, but several friends told me this was a  very impressive show not to be missed and they've brought it back a couple of times so I think these two will be my last chances to finally see what everyone is raving about!  My good friend Isabelle Mavendorf is the choreographer so I know it will be as awesome as they are saying.  Join me for some fun!  And I hear they have more shows in the works I can look forward to also. 

Music Matters June 25th

Visit the venue Musicality at Key West here:  actual venue location Key Largo Island (36,81,21)

Music Matters

The lineup for June 25th thus far:
(All times are SLT and subject to change.)

"SpreadMusicNow believes that by funding programs that clearly foster an appreciation for music, children will reap the benefits of improved academic performance, awakened creativity, heightened self-esteem, and an overall sense of accomplishment."

They even have cute t-shirts!  The shirt info. I found on FB reads as follows: "
THE EVENT T-SHIRTS ARE HERE! We will be selling these at the event on June 25th for L$50. Every single Linden will be donated to help provide children's music education programs through Spread Music Now ! A huge thank you to Kiran McGowan for donating her time & talent and making the t-shirts for us. If you would like to buy a shirt prior to June 25th, please message AllieKattz Resident in world." 

 The SL Facebook Link and more info. here:
The RL Facebook link here:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

LEA 14 Wish You Were Here

Visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here:

Be sure to visit this sim I've put together before it has to be packed up the end of the month.  The idea follows Mitch and Amy, travelers who meet in an airport, hit it off and decide to send each other postcards of their travels.  Later they each are back home and want to continue a relationship so enter Second Life where they continue to explore places from around the world and finally also visit not possible in RL fantasy areas all while growing in their relationship and knowledge of worldwide places. 

The sim also has real life art /photographs from around the world by Second Life residents in postcard format with a little info about the location and the contributors name.  You might recognize pictures from some of your friends or see places near where you live.  The photography is located inside the large airplane galleries. You may also visits vignettes representative of places around the world to hang out and engage in activities, poses, games, etc with old friends or meet some new ones.  There are several sky locations including the not possible in real life fantasy area that is 2 level including a sound garden in the lower level.  Inside the airport you will find more information and direct teleport doors for ease of movement around the sim and sky.  Special thanks to:
Ryde Thor, Greg Parker, Sonicity Fitzroy, Josie Anderton, Igor Ballyhoo, JayT Foxtrot, Dido Haas, Mimi Juneau, Alles Klaar, Collin Martin, Avi Meridoc, Agatha Nowles, Frenchie25 Resident, Johannes1997 Resident, Sonrisa Seminario, Cinn Sommers, Gabrielle Swindelhurst, Toysoldier Thor, Burly Tigerpaw, and Valiant Westland.

Also while in the sim besides the many poses and things to do and play on, there are smaller postcards located in various places throughout the sim of some of my other fav SL sims with direct LMs to click and take for further SL exploring. There are many games like greedy, bowling, cards against humanity etc in the upper level of the airport for anyone to enjoy, lovely hangout areas in the woods with tv and lounging and camping, helicopter and hot air rides, a mile high club with certification giver etc. all for free for all to enjoy.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy before this sim changes out next month. 

Also special thanks to those of you have been blogging it and taking pictures there too! (there is a Flickr group for LEA14 Wish You Were Here)  Be sure to keep your eyes open for more events before the sim closes and thanks for visiting!

LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here 2 LEA14 Wish You Were Here / Fantasy Area in the Sky LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here 3 LEA14 Wish You Were Here, Inside the Airplane GalleriesLEA14 Wish You Were Here, Inside the Airplane Galleries 2 LEA14 pilots

Exposeur Pose Shop Closing Sale

Read about it here:

This long-time respected pose store is closing soon so hurry over for some sales and to say farewell.

exposeur closing sale

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Looking Glass

Visit here:
Marcus Inkpen has redone The Looking Glass sim and it's amazing.  The default sim windlight adds to the surreal feel of the fantasy sim.  There is a beautiful art gallery, things for sale, multiple unique seating areas,  performance areas, boat ride,  and of course lots of cool places to explore and things to see. The sim is remodeled and such an impressive build. I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures.

\The Looking Glass The Looking Glass The Looking Glass The Looking Glass The Looking Glass The Looking Glass the looking glass 5-23-16_011 the looking glass 5-23-16_007 The Looking Glass The Looking Glass