Saturday, June 11, 2016

LEA 14 Wish You Were Here

Visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here:

Be sure to visit this sim I've put together before it has to be packed up the end of the month.  The idea follows Mitch and Amy, travelers who meet in an airport, hit it off and decide to send each other postcards of their travels.  Later they each are back home and want to continue a relationship so enter Second Life where they continue to explore places from around the world and finally also visit not possible in RL fantasy areas all while growing in their relationship and knowledge of worldwide places. 

The sim also has real life art /photographs from around the world by Second Life residents in postcard format with a little info about the location and the contributors name.  You might recognize pictures from some of your friends or see places near where you live.  The photography is located inside the large airplane galleries. You may also visits vignettes representative of places around the world to hang out and engage in activities, poses, games, etc with old friends or meet some new ones.  There are several sky locations including the not possible in real life fantasy area that is 2 level including a sound garden in the lower level.  Inside the airport you will find more information and direct teleport doors for ease of movement around the sim and sky.  Special thanks to:
Ryde Thor, Greg Parker, Sonicity Fitzroy, Josie Anderton, Igor Ballyhoo, JayT Foxtrot, Dido Haas, Mimi Juneau, Alles Klaar, Collin Martin, Avi Meridoc, Agatha Nowles, Frenchie25 Resident, Johannes1997 Resident, Sonrisa Seminario, Cinn Sommers, Gabrielle Swindelhurst, Toysoldier Thor, Burly Tigerpaw, and Valiant Westland.

Also while in the sim besides the many poses and things to do and play on, there are smaller postcards located in various places throughout the sim of some of my other fav SL sims with direct LMs to click and take for further SL exploring. There are many games like greedy, bowling, cards against humanity etc in the upper level of the airport for anyone to enjoy, lovely hangout areas in the woods with tv and lounging and camping, helicopter and hot air rides, a mile high club with certification giver etc. all for free for all to enjoy.  Be sure to stop by and enjoy before this sim changes out next month. 

Also special thanks to those of you have been blogging it and taking pictures there too! (there is a Flickr group for LEA14 Wish You Were Here)  Be sure to keep your eyes open for more events before the sim closes and thanks for visiting!

LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here 2 LEA14 Wish You Were Here / Fantasy Area in the Sky LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here LEA14 Wish You Were Here 3 LEA14 Wish You Were Here, Inside the Airplane GalleriesLEA14 Wish You Were Here, Inside the Airplane Galleries 2 LEA14 pilots

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