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Nip Pill Trap Trip in Second Life 2016: New Drug Hits the SL Roleplay Streets

Trap is Trippin’ in SL: New Drug Hits the SL Roleplay Streets

10 Nip Pills free to my readers! One each goes to the first 10 readers to contact Will Burns in SL (Aeonix.aeon) with their request. Don’t miss this freaky tripping experience and great deal!

-Persons with epilepsy or difficulties with flashing lights and colors may not want to use this.
-Possible addictions may occur, please be forewarned. Don’t become a junkie and neglect those kids or dogs or cats or people.
-For adults only

“Come with me, I’ve got some good stuff for you”, he said. And thus began my journey down the SL rabbit hole of experiencing a Nip Pill trip in Second Life.

  It was late at night and I was home alone as Cash was out of town. I was relaxing outside enjoying the solitude and some good tunes. The moon was full, reflecting off the waters around our beach home and I was just lazily contemplating what I might do to finish off my evening when the call came in. My old friend Will Burns was on the line telling me about a great new drug to hit the RP streets of SL. He said, “It’s like an LSD trip”. Of course I wouldn’t know what that’s like but decided to take his word for it and my curiosity got the better of me so we agreed to meet on the town for him to tell me more about what he has.

Will explained that his friend, Silverpup Howley (Silver Howler) and his company Wolf Tactics, has just manufactured this new synthetic street drug “Nip Pill” and while it’s in its early stages with plans for enhancements he felt it was the best street drug to hit SL yet. Like a true dealer he offered me a sample. He said he’s got a backpack full and is sharing with a few of his closest friends and offered my bloggers the deal above, first 10 to hit him up get a free one, luring us in like the true dealer he seems to be. I was in.

  We met on the dark streets of a random roleplay sim when he slipped me the pill. I explained that my system probably couldn’t handle it anyway as I have a horrible time these days rezzing stuff in and really need a new computer. But he said, “It’s ok I’ve got more, give it a try”. He explained the trip is different for everyone every time as it’s randomized, and computers vary, also the pill effects vary ranging from trips lasting between about 1 minute to up to 3 hours each (you can escape any time) with most lasting approx. 45 minn to an hour on average. He explained I needed to prepare myself by enabling RLV and bump on shaders etc for the best experience, then relax and enjoy the ride.

  Like a good friend, he offered to stay close by and help me out in case I overdosed or had a bad trip and couldn’t handle it. I swallowed back the pill (attached) and it took an immediate effect. Initially I saw waves of large square multi-colored pixel type colored squares zip across my screen then suddenly things sort of came into focus only to go back out of focus. Will explained I should walk, zoom in and out, and look around to really enjoy it and get a more authentic LSD trip feel for it. This synthetic stuff was pretty interesting and true to my curious nature I initially wanted to analyze it. Of course I had to pop on my windlight window and sure enough I could see it was auto running through the various windlight settings probably creating all the moving colors I was seeing. Surprisingly I didn’t crash like normal and after about 5 minutes of trying to analyze everything about it I started to really enjoy and get a feels for the experience. I had taken a few pictures at different stages too then popped on my fraps to record. Now mind you, I have not been recording anything for a while because my computer just can’t handle it, so the below video just doesn’t do the experience justice at all but you “sort of” get the idea of it, just not how it feels in your mind. I’m sure still images also won’t give you the feel because you really need to try to walk around, look around, and do things while on it. That is the experience. Lights and colors inworld also add a different feel to what you view. And soon you do feel very trippy. Basically it was like moving through a fog of flashing sort of pixilated wildly changing colored reality that faded in and out. Will took me home where I felt safer and the air was clearer. We looked a little like distorted morphing Minecraft characters.  At times I could see my way enough to move about without hurting myself then just as quickly my vision would blur and I’d be rendered almost helpless while seeing all the pretty colors, blocks, shapes flashing across my screen, then I’d fade back in, not quite to normal for a short period cycling through this experience. Soon I started to enjoy it and was laughing and running into things, and Will was trying to help me out telling me I’d just run into a tree which I knew but couldn’t seem to do much about for a minute, he talked me out of drowning myself in the ocean accidently, and held my hand while I slowly came back from this wild trip about 45 minutes later. To Will’s credit he didn’t try to take advantage of Kara while under the influence—he must be slipping. Your pill will tell you in local how long your random individual trip will last before you even start and also how to escape in case you get a really long one and need to go to the bathroom or feed the kids.

  The pill is designed by Wolf Tactics™  For the Wolf Haven Community Sims.  Their sim is currently under rebuild construction, but was going up pretty quickly from what I saw when I stopped by. Silverpup told me, "We created nip to give a larger perspective of roleplay for our regions without it having an alias of a RL drug."   I'm told, once ready there will be dealers and opportunities to purchase more of the drugs on the streets there. Meanwhile you can hit Will up. My new dealer.

(Silver Howler/Silverpup Howley)

Silver Howler
And that's a wrap on Trap's Trip!

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