Sunday, June 19, 2016

SLB13, Happy Birthday Second Life!

Visit here:
SL official SLB 13 site with daily schedules and all info.:
More SL info. :
Official landing area and welcome center on the air ship here:
MadPea SLB13 landing spot:

This year’s theme for the SL13B Community Celebration is “The Shared Adventure.”

It's that time of year again for the Second Life Birthday party!  The above first link takes you straight to the big birthday cake stage made by Mikati Slade. Inside the cake is the stage area where there is a lot of music and dancing, djs, etc.  There are various other stage areas and the place is loaded with tons of fun things to see and do and events.  The pod tours are back, as well as the free gifts.  For the schedule and all info. check out the 2nd link above. The last link is the welcome area which is a great place to start, get links, info, gifts, enjoy entertainment, etc.   The SLB13 runs today through July 3rd.

  SL13B-Happy Birthday SL!
SL13B Welcome area

(The welcome area ship above, the official logo below and MadPea at the bottom) SLB Logo

MadPea at SLB13 (MadPea ride)

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