Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elysion Sim and Lounge Adult Member's Only Area

Visit Elysion here:


Today I visited and then just had to join this gorgeous sim, Elysion.  This is a "Lush Adult Environment catering to the sensual, and artistic side of your second life.  An Immersive place where Adults Can Be Adults  Indulge in our  Live DJs, Creative Weekly Themed Events, Casual Social Mixers,  and Burlesque Performances." The sim, owned by Syn (Syn.Beresford), has the following info. about the place in her profile: "Members Only Adult Lounge
                     We're On Facebook and Flickr
A collaborative effort of amazing artistic talent
Joined together to bring you a lush, sensual, and creative adult tailored enviroment. unparalleled music and entertainment
          | Induldge Yourself With Our |
                         Fantastic DJ's. 
                      Themed Events
                 Monthly Burlesque Shows
                     Owner |  Managment
Syn Beresford - Owner / Sim Management/Builder
Kadlin Opal Fhang  Event Builder  & Mgmt.
Sullen Ferdinand Fhang  DJ Mgmt & General Mgmt."

The sim members were very friendly and all pronounced the events to be exceptional.  I actually caught a beach party that had great attendance.  This sim is amazing.. I spent hours just camming the details of the builds and taking pics.  Very impressive.  The one time group join fee $475, that is required in order to walk past the landing zone, is relatively steep as far as groups go but worth it alone for the explore, much less the sim and group benefits.

Elysion elysion_010 Elysion Elysion Elysion Elysion Elysion Eylsion Elysion Elysion

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Obedience" The Binding of Isaac, LEA1 Bryn Oh, and Jo Ellsmere

Visit here:

THE BOTS ARE BACK! And this time they are one of several main features of this Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere exhibit at LEA1 "Obedience" The Binding of Isaac, a modern adaptation of sorts.  At first I was just memorized by the build itself with all the great light effects and shadows in the scenery, then I focused a bit on the story to be sure I was grasping the concept, then I came upon the bots.. oh boy, super cool!  This is one that can't be missed.  Columbrum snuck in, in a few diff looks, to throw me off just enough to ask Jo who was around to be sure that yes, "Columbrum represents the devil, conceived as part human, part beast...hence the change", said Jo.  I filmed a little of that scene.. hopefully not enough to be much of a spoiler but more of a teaser.   This is the biblical story of Isaac where Abraham's love and faith is sort of tested by God.  The landing easily explains how to adjust your lighting if needed  and if possible you want to get this, and crank up sounds  too.  The "Obedience" exhibit is RL at the Judisches Museum in Berlin by Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddekke, and the SL exhibit is being shown on the walls of the museum too!  After I was done and absorbed it all I was magically sent back to the landing spot since I touched something : )  hint. touch stuff sometimes and especially in what appears to be the last scene... anyway I saw they had a big board with the whole Bible story there in the start landing in case you don't know it.  It's not long and will help with understanding, if not familiar. 


I saw my friend Divi blogged this earlier today.  Many others have already blogged it too and I've been avoiding reading them until I took the time to digest it myself.  I assumed I might need time since some of Bryn's builds are detailed and I wanted a block of time to enjoy and be sure I understand everything (btw, be sure to see Lobby Cam by Bryn right now too, previously blogged). But back to Divi, his blog review and explanation is so well done it's a must read.  Very interesting and also helpful in picking up all the details that make this exhibit so special.
Also, of course, Bryn gives her own best info. along with machinima here:

(Bryn Oh below)
As much as I always thoroughly enjoy Bryn's works, Jo's bot also are also always some of my favs and there is a big batch of them this time so the combination is great.  I was given permission to film a little.  Just a teaser above : )  Enjoy. Obedience Obedience Obedience Obedience

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Time to Remember

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces. The holiday is observed every year on the last Monday of May. Often American's also visit and decorate graves sites of loved ones passed. In Second Life I recently posted a beautiful site to remember those lost to cancer..  and on the SL Destination guide they have a whole section for memorials here: with memorials and museums for everything from deceased SL residents, to pet cemeteries, to cold war museums, to Holocaust museums, and much more.  There are also many Memorial Day events to be held in Second Life today too.  Today is not a day to mourn the loss of great soldiers, but to remember and give thanks that such men lived and also to and for those who fought for us and are fighting for our freedom America. 

Ironwood Hills and Crestwick Island Contrasting Great Explores

This weekend I visited two somewhat contrasting towns, Ironwood Hills and Crestwick Island, that were both great to explore and use windlights in for some nice atmosphere and interesting adventure.  Actually in the end I decided perhaps they have some things in common.. explore and see for yourself.

Visit Ironwood Hills here:

Owned by Cyrus Knight, Jossman2088, Ironwood Hills description states, "Ironwood Hills... breathe easy just not deeply. An abandoned town where the bomb survived but the people did not. Gas mask suggested. Photography encouraged. Postapoc, city, Silent Hill, rainy, horror, diner, graveyard, amusement park, apocalypse, creepy."  LOL, that about sums it up.  This makes for a great explore.  Windlights work great with this rainy dark sim.

Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor_006 Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor
Visit Crestwick Island here:

Crestwick Island appears to be the polar opposite with all his natural beauty.  Owned by Cipher (ciphertazi.wandin) and Isa Messioptra this sim had it's grand opening party yesterday.  I found some old Flickr contacts and initially hung out in The Best Little Hair House in Crestwick for a while with them (Phillip Sidek, Rix Spyker, Isa messioptra, Ayne Eyre,  ARnnO Planer, Marie, Angel alphaville) before exploring and then dancing and listening to the dj tunes at the opening party.  Their sim info. states: "Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined with with a cafe, art gallery, businesses and shops. Downtown is surrounded by parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an abandoned scientific research center."
Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Opening Party Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kingdom of Galanthus-Great Weekend Explore

Visit Kingdom of Galanthus here:

 This promises to be a great weekend explore as I found it in editor's picks in the SL Destination guide which happens to be a great place to find fun explores, major events, or something specific you might be seeking in SL here:

kingdom of galanthus_001  The sim is owned by Ozgur Portilo who says in the landing info: "Galanthus is a semi RP sim, meaning that it is a RP sim with very few rules. The first Galanthus was made by me and my partner Mina Pelazzi few years back. İce Keep Of Niphus is the second episode of an ongoing legacy."

 I stopped in this beautiful and magical sim and was immediately impressed with a wide cam out to a castle (ice keep of Niphus) flanked by a  giant Warrior Valkyrie Statue that is actually one entrance to Niphus.  There are dragons on the roof you can ride and they can battle with firing flames and health meters. There is also a jousting arena, underwater tunnels and city, (tunnels are great) Old arena, marketplace, Nipus, and the caves, as well as cool landscaping such as large boats and light house besides. There are a lot of helpful click and climb ladders, zipline, etc. too. Inside Nipus there are dungeons, treasure chambers, a Game of Thrones chair room, etc, but unfortunately the only draw-back to the sim I can see is that the castle is not fully furnished (although it's huge and the places that are furnished are done well and with great animations) because as it's stated in the notecard they ran out of prim.  I didn't do a good job of getting pics of the tunnels, underwater areas, inside rooms, marketplace tec.. but go explore and see yourself, it's cool.  One can travel via boats and dragons from area to area or swim and fly.  Be aware this is an adult sim and nudity and sex is allowed so child avatars are not.  Be sure to take the info. and check the map when you land to decide where you want to visit first and how you'd like to travel and more about the sim.  There are few rules, but some nonetheless.

 The story begins.... ""Winter came with draught and suffering. Lords of the north had very little choice but to retreat. So did the lord of Galanthus. A land so fertile and green. People so brave and loyal. Will so strong. But…. Winter came to Galanthus as much as it came to all.
Lord of Galanthus retreated to his ice keep of Niphus with the remaining people of his lordship.
There he hoped to return one day stronger.
Built 2000 years before his time the mighty keep of Niphus is  beautiful but old. İts tunnels are deep and mysterious. The ancient arena is still with blood and the few remaining knights still honour their lord with their lance in tournaments"".

kingdom of galanthus_004 kingdom of galanthus_007 kingdom of galanthus_008 kingdom of galanthus_009

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Fantasy Gacha is Now Open

Visit The Fantasy Gacha in Second Life here:

See their official web site here:
The Fantasy Gacha/ The Arena Men's event, Acerbus Silva (57, 96, 52) - Moderate.  May 12- June 5th.
The Rounds theme:
Goth, Demon, Elf, Black Caste, and Urt

There is a ton of really fun fantasy stuff for men and women or whatever. There are about 66 booths/designers full of fun fantasy gacha pieces to try for.  I loved the Alchemy gacha where I received a super cool lion mount and the outfit pieces easily. I found their gacha rotated quickly so I didn't have to keep trying for the parts, thankfully, and easily scored the full outfit most of which I am wearing in the pic below. But a great thing about gacha is that if you get extras you can always gift them to friends. fantasy gacha 2015 gsmysdu hsvjs_005 gsmysdu hsvjs_001

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden's of Absentia and LEA9 Barefoot Wanders--2 Good Explores

Visit here:
Garden's of Absentia by ipunin.Pera
Their sim info reads: "For a quick walk or hours of discovery, the Gardens of Absentia has something for everyone. Home for the Pool of Hope Charity, Tribute Garden and Cancer Awareness.  Visitors can find information  on Autism, Internet Bullying and Non-Violence Against Women"  Special thanks to good friend  Makkie Riegler for showing me this beautiful sim.  A person can light a luminaire on the lake for a loved one lost to cancer.  There is a lot to the area so be sure not to miss this one.

Garden's of Absentia

Who explores in a gown? I guess I do... and LEA9 is great for photos! Visit here:
This cool place is made for photography really and all you have to do is follow the arrows from setting to setting.  Then there are tvs around in a variety of sitting areas where if you submit your pics to Rosie Renfew or you can submit to Flickr:  she will add them to the tv loop so ppl in the sim will see them.  The blog site is here:
The sim info says: "The concept of Barefoot Wanders is to make an interactive environment within SL.  Skydomes are placed around the sim where people can explore and be creative with photography.  By adding these pictures to photo domes around the sim, people can see what others have created.  Ideally creating an interactive space to share and embrace photography in SL."
And thanks to Ziki Questi for this find as I saw it first on her blog.  Again, this is LEA9, one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts Land grants.  Enjoy.   LEA9 LEA9

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Forty Two Main Store at Snatch City

Visit here :

So I was out looking for a nice light skin so I could style up a Khaleesi from Game of Thrones for an event and I was having a hard time finding just the right one.  Just when I was getting frustrated I met Faedra Forty Two (Faedra42).  She passed me a light version of her skin Trillian that worked out well for what I needed and later made and gave me a hud for matching slink hands and feet and some eyebrows.  She made the skins in a variety of tones and gave me a lm to her new store.  (see above) She's also working on skins for the mesh avs too.  She has experience in SL with products in the past and is now focusing on her store Forty Two, so have a look some time.  Of course I styled mine up to look like Khaleesi but I will show her ad pic too.

Untitled Game of Thrones.jpg 42  Trillian
(bottom pic is ad pic from Forty Two for Trillian skin/I didn't take the ad pic)

And if you want the rest of my Khaleesi style info. here it is:
Skin: Trillian by Forty Two
Shape: my own
Hair: Hazel by Truth, light blonds
Gown: Kallisto by Gizza
Dragon Prop: Khaleesi by Virtual Props and Poses (ironically I've had this for years now)
White Set: The White Rooms by Exposeur
Baby Dragon: Danny Dragon by Blackburns (I got off marketplace)

SLB 12 Coming This June: Apply Now

Check out the official web site to apply to exhibit, perform, volunteer, do media and help in a variety of ways.

This June the theme of the Second Life community birthday party is "What Dreams May Come."  This comes from the soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "To be, or not to be.."  From the blog site.."We want to see your dreams, what do you imagine for the future, what are your aspirations, or what is your own personal flight of fancy?"  Hurry over to the site and sign up to be a part of this annual exciting event.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Highlights: Exploring, Music, Parties

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a happy mother's day, mom's, dads, aunts, any adult who "mother's" children at time.. as it take a village and all that, and children need good adults in their lives, especially their mothers.

Next I figured I'd just blog post some of the stuff I did this weekend.  Some of the SLurls can be used for exploring and music in the future and a couple of the events were one time deals, but I figured I'd post my pics. 

Visit here:

Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost.  This full sim art installation/explore opened today Sunday, and since I love Cica's work, I ran over late once I heard about it.  It's cool, as expected, so be sure to visit. Yes, it's realistic looking (not Cica's typical style) and well done, but what is not realistic are the giant fish tanks about the island. Very interesting indeed.

Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost

Visit here:
I visited LEA 18 by Frank Lefavre: Cocytus The 9th Circle of Hell, Dante's Inferno.  This is a cool explore.  Be sure to let the sim control your windlight, as it really makes for the ambiance. 
LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante ________________________________________________________________________
Visit here:
first with Billy Thunders, as he followed DenmnyMac who I missed as I was RL, then Reggie Sunset.  We enjoyed some acoustic blues, roots and contemporary folk-rock.  While there I also enjoyed the great Steampunk style sim and the artwork by Kiesta Aljon, this month's featured visual artist, in SL's premier steampunk venue.  I love this sim and hang out here quite a big for a great explore sim, some of SL's best live musicians, friendly people, and the art.  A great combo for me.   The sim is owned and run by Lisa and Ian Witt.

The Dirty Grind _______________________________________________________________________________

 After Dark on Idle Rogue here:

Later Sunday I went to After Dark to see one of my fav Sl musicians Saramarie Philly at, Singer-Songwriter pianist performs LIVE Today's Hit Pop Covers, Originals, a great party with great people in this casual venue that's been around a is a great live music spot for a long time.  More on Sara here: Both this place and The Dirty Grind have great crowds when they have their live musicians and it's always a fun time.  Saramarie was followed by another of my favs, Redheaven who used to go by the name Dragonfy in SL.. Joel Eilde.  I've been going to hear him since he started in SL and then he took a little break and is back full force with a puts on a great show.  Red Heaven is a Canadian band which plays original, full-band rock music. He played music from his latest album Moth, hit prior album, Amplification, and a few others.  More info. here:
After Dark is owned and run by Meegan Danitz.
After Dark, Sara _____________________________________________________________________________

SL Live Radio here:
Sunday midday I hung out with my good friend DJ Sonicity Fitzroy and the gang over at SL Live Radio.  Soni's DJ gig every Sunday from 12noon -2pm SLT features some of the best of the best of SL's live musicians.  It's a nice combo of music from some of the musician's listed above and so many more.  DJ Soni's focus for her show Slowbake is the SL live musicians.  The station features a variety of DJs and music though, which can be streamed into stores or land too, but their live shows are fun so be sure to check out Soni's on Sundays.

SL Live Radio

Saturday I went to a Prince and Princess birthday party for a group of people.  I dressed at Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and there were a lot of Disney prince and princess etc.  This is a fun and nice group of people  who had this private party in a huge castle.  The princess of honor was Laure Marie Davi along with a few others with close birthdays.. the main group being:  Chloee Davi, Kathy Nikolaidis, Christopher Leon, Arwen Clarity, Kyrene Grace Glendevon, Ena Roane, Ashland Peris, Deriand Humphreys, Mercy Mangala, and Veronica Lynn Parx, I think.  

Prince and Princess Birthday Party ____________________________________________________________________________

Saturday evening I spent 4 hours with live music at Templemore's Sinister Ball at Muzik isle.  The theme was post apocalyptic/Steampunk and the venue, outfits, and music was all fantastic.  For more info., see here: Oblee at Sinister Ball Sinister Ball