Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Highlights: Exploring, Music, Parties

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a happy mother's day, mom's, dads, aunts, any adult who "mother's" children at time.. as it take a village and all that, and children need good adults in their lives, especially their mothers.

Next I figured I'd just blog post some of the stuff I did this weekend.  Some of the SLurls can be used for exploring and music in the future and a couple of the events were one time deals, but I figured I'd post my pics. 

Visit here:

Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost.  This full sim art installation/explore opened today Sunday, and since I love Cica's work, I ran over late once I heard about it.  It's cool, as expected, so be sure to visit. Yes, it's realistic looking (not Cica's typical style) and well done, but what is not realistic are the giant fish tanks about the island. Very interesting indeed.

Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost Life in a Bowl, by Cica Ghost

Visit here:
I visited LEA 18 by Frank Lefavre: Cocytus The 9th Circle of Hell, Dante's Inferno.  This is a cool explore.  Be sure to let the sim control your windlight, as it really makes for the ambiance. 
LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante LEA 18 Cocytus, Dante ________________________________________________________________________
Visit here:
first with Billy Thunders, as he followed DenmnyMac who I missed as I was RL, then Reggie Sunset.  We enjoyed some acoustic blues, roots and contemporary folk-rock.  While there I also enjoyed the great Steampunk style sim and the artwork by Kiesta Aljon, this month's featured visual artist, in SL's premier steampunk venue.  I love this sim and hang out here quite a big for a great explore sim, some of SL's best live musicians, friendly people, and the art.  A great combo for me.   The sim is owned and run by Lisa and Ian Witt.

The Dirty Grind _______________________________________________________________________________

 After Dark on Idle Rogue here:

Later Sunday I went to After Dark to see one of my fav Sl musicians Saramarie Philly at, Singer-Songwriter pianist performs LIVE Today's Hit Pop Covers, Originals, a great party with great people in this casual venue that's been around a is a great live music spot for a long time.  More on Sara here: Both this place and The Dirty Grind have great crowds when they have their live musicians and it's always a fun time.  Saramarie was followed by another of my favs, Redheaven who used to go by the name Dragonfy in SL.. Joel Eilde.  I've been going to hear him since he started in SL and then he took a little break and is back full force with a puts on a great show.  Red Heaven is a Canadian band which plays original, full-band rock music. He played music from his latest album Moth, hit prior album, Amplification, and a few others.  More info. here:
After Dark is owned and run by Meegan Danitz.
After Dark, Sara _____________________________________________________________________________

SL Live Radio here:
Sunday midday I hung out with my good friend DJ Sonicity Fitzroy and the gang over at SL Live Radio.  Soni's DJ gig every Sunday from 12noon -2pm SLT features some of the best of the best of SL's live musicians.  It's a nice combo of music from some of the musician's listed above and so many more.  DJ Soni's focus for her show Slowbake is the SL live musicians.  The station features a variety of DJs and music though, which can be streamed into stores or land too, but their live shows are fun so be sure to check out Soni's on Sundays.

SL Live Radio

Saturday I went to a Prince and Princess birthday party for a group of people.  I dressed at Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and there were a lot of Disney prince and princess etc.  This is a fun and nice group of people  who had this private party in a huge castle.  The princess of honor was Laure Marie Davi along with a few others with close birthdays.. the main group being:  Chloee Davi, Kathy Nikolaidis, Christopher Leon, Arwen Clarity, Kyrene Grace Glendevon, Ena Roane, Ashland Peris, Deriand Humphreys, Mercy Mangala, and Veronica Lynn Parx, I think.  

Prince and Princess Birthday Party ____________________________________________________________________________

Saturday evening I spent 4 hours with live music at Templemore's Sinister Ball at Muzik isle.  The theme was post apocalyptic/Steampunk and the venue, outfits, and music was all fantastic.  For more info., see here: Oblee at Sinister Ball Sinister Ball

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