Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Obedience" The Binding of Isaac, LEA1 Bryn Oh, and Jo Ellsmere

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA1/128/128/23

THE BOTS ARE BACK! And this time they are one of several main features of this Bryn Oh and Jo Ellsmere exhibit at LEA1 "Obedience" The Binding of Isaac, a modern adaptation of sorts.  At first I was just memorized by the build itself with all the great light effects and shadows in the scenery, then I focused a bit on the story to be sure I was grasping the concept, then I came upon the bots.. oh boy, super cool!  This is one that can't be missed.  Columbrum snuck in, in a few diff looks, to throw me off just enough to ask Jo who was around to be sure that yes, "Columbrum represents the devil, conceived as part human, part beast...hence the change", said Jo.  I filmed a little of that scene.. hopefully not enough to be much of a spoiler but more of a teaser.   This is the biblical story of Isaac where Abraham's love and faith is sort of tested by God.  The landing easily explains how to adjust your lighting if needed  and if possible you want to get this, and crank up sounds  too.  The "Obedience" exhibit is RL at the Judisches Museum in Berlin by Peter Greenaway and Saskia Boddekke, and the SL exhibit is being shown on the walls of the museum too!  After I was done and absorbed it all I was magically sent back to the landing spot since I touched something : )  hint. touch stuff sometimes and especially in what appears to be the last scene... anyway I saw they had a big board with the whole Bible story there in the start landing in case you don't know it.  It's not long and will help with understanding, if not familiar. 


I saw my friend Divi blogged this earlier today.  Many others have already blogged it too and I've been avoiding reading them until I took the time to digest it myself.  I assumed I might need time since some of Bryn's builds are detailed and I wanted a block of time to enjoy and be sure I understand everything (btw, be sure to see Lobby Cam by Bryn right now too, previously blogged). But back to Divi, his blog review and explanation is so well done it's a must read.  Very interesting and also helpful in picking up all the details that make this exhibit so special.  http://dividni.blogspot.com/2015/05/obedience-by-bryn-oh-and-jo-ellsmere.html
Also, of course, Bryn gives her own best info. along with machinima here: http://brynoh.blogspot.com/2015/05/obedience-artwork-opening-at-judisches.html

(Bryn Oh below)
As much as I always thoroughly enjoy Bryn's works, Jo's bot also are also always some of my favs and there is a big batch of them this time so the combination is great.  I was given permission to film a little.  Just a teaser above : )  Enjoy. Obedience Obedience Obedience Obedience

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