Sunday, May 3, 2015

Second Life Reddit and Other SL Social Media

I recently discovered that Second Life has a subreddit to easily filter for Second Life Reddit posts.  I had to try to it out of course and posted a link to my most recent blog post.   It will be yet another quick and easy way to see what is new in SL.  I noted tons of  posts related to SL going back to past years and of course many many up to date posts of all variety.  You can find it here:

If you like to stay on top of Second Life news and events, etc. or have questions, need help with something, want friends, or just like to discuss things or are curious about what others are talking about in SL don't forget the Second Life forums too here:

The Second Life Friends Facebook is also a great source for up to day SL information with over 19,000 memebers now.  Check it out here: Second life friends

I've also posted before about social media sites that I use related to Second Life so if you like quick info. you can connect to them.   Here is the link to a list of 11 sites I use and their links:


  1. Just a reminder...

    The /r/SecondLife subreddit has a lot of breadth and depth beyond just blog posts. We've got discussions, people sharing pictures, videos, and more. Some other 'blog' posts come in marked as "Destination", "Fashion", "Event", "Performance" and "(news) Article" too, and of course we regularly have people starting up discussions (without linking to a blog post) asking for help in SL and so on, so be sure to give a browse of all the post types every once in a while.