Monday, May 25, 2015

Ironwood Hills and Crestwick Island Contrasting Great Explores

This weekend I visited two somewhat contrasting towns, Ironwood Hills and Crestwick Island, that were both great to explore and use windlights in for some nice atmosphere and interesting adventure.  Actually in the end I decided perhaps they have some things in common.. explore and see for yourself.

Visit Ironwood Hills here:

Owned by Cyrus Knight, Jossman2088, Ironwood Hills description states, "Ironwood Hills... breathe easy just not deeply. An abandoned town where the bomb survived but the people did not. Gas mask suggested. Photography encouraged. Postapoc, city, Silent Hill, rainy, horror, diner, graveyard, amusement park, apocalypse, creepy."  LOL, that about sums it up.  This makes for a great explore.  Windlights work great with this rainy dark sim.

Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor_006 Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor Ironwood Hills Yardley Manor
Visit Crestwick Island here:

Crestwick Island appears to be the polar opposite with all his natural beauty.  Owned by Cipher (ciphertazi.wandin) and Isa Messioptra this sim had it's grand opening party yesterday.  I found some old Flickr contacts and initially hung out in The Best Little Hair House in Crestwick for a while with them (Phillip Sidek, Rix Spyker, Isa messioptra, Ayne Eyre,  ARnnO Planer, Marie, Angel alphaville) before exploring and then dancing and listening to the dj tunes at the opening party.  Their sim info. states: "Crestwick Island is a small working class town situated on an Island in the middle of a beautiful bay. The streets are lined with with a cafe, art gallery, businesses and shops. Downtown is surrounded by parks, marsh land and other surprises including a giant hill that supports an abandoned scientific research center."
Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Opening Party Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island Crestwick Island

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